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Two Progressive Midwestern Moms talking politics (and parenting) in the Age of Trump.

Two Progressive Midwestern Moms talking politics (and parenting) in the Age of Trump.
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Two Progressive Midwestern Moms talking politics (and parenting) in the Age of Trump.




0059: Build the Wave with Nate Lerner and Ryan Knight (4/20/2018)

Kelly speaks with Nate Lerner and Ryan Knight about Build the Wave. Build the Wave is a grassroots Democratic organization with the mission to connect activists, volunteers, and donors with Democrats running in the races that matter the most. In the Conor Lamb race in Pennsylvania, Build the Wave volunteers sent/received over 90,000 texts to voters. More recently, they texted unregistered 18-30 year olds to help them register to vote. And starting tomorrow, they will be texting voters in...


0058: The Politics of Indiana (4/18/2018)

In this episode, Kelly and Sophy talk about the Politics of Indiana with guests: Lindsey Beckley, from the Indiana Historical Bureau and host of the Talking Hoosier History Podcast (1:05-25:36); Jim Harper, Democratic candidate for Indiana Secretary of State (26:23-47:00); Courtney Trich, Democratic candidate for Congress from the 3rd Congressional District of Indiana (47:43-1:03:42).


0057: One Vote at a Time with Sarah Ullman (4/13/2018)

Kelly speaks with Sarah Ullman, the co-founder and co-executive director of One Vote at a Time, a team of female filmmakers who are traveling to ten states in 2018 to make political campaign ads for 250 progressive pro gun safety candidates for state legislatures.


0056: Gerrymandering (4/11/2018)

In the first segment, Kelly speaks with Nicholas Stephanopolous, a professor at the University of Chicago Law School and an Attorney in the North Carolina and Wisconsin partisan gerrymandering lawsuits currently under review in the US Supreme Court, about using the efficiency gap to measure partisan gerrymandering. In the second segment, Sophy and Kelly talk to Catherine Turcer, the Executive Director for Common Cause Ohio and a leader of Fair Districts=Fair Elections in Ohio, about efforts...


0055: Congresswoman Robin Kelly (4/9/2018)

In this episode, Kelly speaks with Congresswoman Robin Kelly, a Democrat representing the second Congressional district of Illinois, about the 2014 Kelly Report on Gun Violence, the first-ever Congressional analysis of the nation’s gun violence epidemic that offers a blueprint for ending the crisis, and the 2018 update to that report.


0054: Blue Wave Ohio (4/6/2018)

In this episode Kelly speaks with three Democrats running for office in Ohio: Rick Neal, who is running for US Congress from OH-15 (00:25); Jill Schiller, who is running for Congress from OH-02 (21:50); and Tina Maharath, who is running for Ohio State Senate in District 3 (41:12).


0053: The Politics of Idaho (4/4/2018)

In the first segment, Sophy and Kelly talk to Teuvo and Alex, hosts of the Real Cd'A podcast, a progressive political podcast in northern Idaho (00:48). Then they chat with Aaron Swisher, Democratic candidate for Congress from the Idaho second Congressional district (20:29), and with Kelly Mitchell, candidate for County Clark in Ada County (37:54).


0052: Run With Pride & Sharice Davids (3/30/2018)

In the first segment, Kelly talks to Jordan Valerie Allen, the National Communications Director for Run With Pride, a PAC with a mission to elect LGBTQ+ Democratic candidates to Congress. In the second segment, Kelly talks to one of the candidates endorsed by Run With Pride, Sharice Davids, who is running for Congress in the Kansas third district.


0051: Public Health

In this episode, Kelly and Sophy discuss public health and the role that government plays in public health. Guests: Reid Wilson, Correspondent at The Hill and author of the newly-released book *Epidemic: Ebola and the Global Scramble to Prevent the Next Killer Outbreak* (16:22); Dr. Hiral Tipirneni, candidate for Congress from the Arizona 8th congressional district (44:01); and Dr. Christine Eady Mann, candidate for Congress from the Texas 31st congressional district (56:43).


0050: Blue Wave Alabama (3/23/18)

In this episode Kelly speaks with three Democratic women running for office in Alabama: Heather Milam, who is running for Secretary of State (00:49); Felicia Stewart, who is running for Alabama House, District 46 (19:31); and Amy Wasyluka, who is running for Alabama Senate, District 2 (40:06).


0049: The Politics of Alabama (3/21/2018)

In this episode Sophy and Kelly speak to Alabamanians about the politics of Alabama, including the history of the Democratic party and the start of the Civil Rights Movement, gerrymandering, racial politics, the role of the church in politics, brain drain, and the renewed energy of Democrats in the wake of the Doug Jones Senate race. Guests include: activists Lori Feldman and Kayla Sloan from Indivisible NW Alabama/Shoals Area Young Dems/Lauderdale County Democratic Executive Committee...


0048: BallotReady (3/16/2018)

In this episode Kelly talks to Alex Niemczewski, the co-founder and CEO of BallotReady, a nonpartisan voter information company that has created a website where users can look up their individual ballot to see what candidates and issues they will be voting for and save their ballot to take with them when they vote.


0047: The Politics of Millennials (3/14/2018)

In this episode, Sophy (millennial) and Kelly (Gen-x) discuss the Millennial generation: how do we define the generation; what are the characteristics of millennials; what effect are millenials having on American politics; and do millennials really ruin everything. They are joined by millennial guests: Kristen Soltis Anderson, Republican pollster, cohost of The Pollsters Podcast and author of The Selfie Vote (15:52); Amanda Litman, co-founder and executive director of Run for Something...


0046: Save the U.S. EPA (3/9/2018)

In this episode, Kelly speaks with John O'Grady, president of American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) National Council #238, representing over 1,000 bargaining unit employees at the U.S. EPA Region 5 Office in Chicago, and spokesperson for Save the U.S. EPA. They discuss Save the U.S. EPA, a national campaign led by the employee unions to stop the Trump Administration and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt from passing a budget that will virtually decimate the U.S. Environmental...


0045: Veterans for Gun Reform (3/7/2018)

In this episode, Kelly & Sophy speak with several veterans with combat experience about why they support stricter gun laws and why they think arming teacher is the wrong way to protect students. Guests (in order by segment, with time stamps listed): Daniel Riley and The Warax from Vets for Gun Reform (00:54); Red T. Raccoon (28:05); Chris (50:05); Michael DeVito, candidate for Congress from the 11th District in New York (1:15:30).


0044: Holly Figueroa O'Reilly (3/5/2018)

In a special Monday mini-episode, Kelly talks to Twitter Activist Holly Figueroa O'Reilly (@aynrandpaulryan) about being blocked on Twitter by Trump, about her Candidate of the Day campaign on Twitter, and about creating Blue Wave Crowdsource Strategies to help Democratic candidates all over the country access resources to amplify their messages and find campaign volunteers.


0043: Michigan Students for Gun Legislation (3/2/2018)

In this episode Kelly speaks with three high school seniors from Kalamazoo Central High School in Michigan--Jenna, Jake, and Julia--about a group they founded, with several other students, in the wake of the Parkland school shooting, called Michigan Students for Gun Legislation. The group started a petition called "Students Fighting Guns Since Adults Won't, which has collected over 170,000 signatures, and traveled to Lansing to speak at a rally for gun legislation and meet with their state...


0042: The Politics of Florida (2/28/2018)

In this episode, Kelly & Sophy talk to guests in Florida about gun laws, climate change, the rising cost of healthcare and housing, restoring voting rights for people who have served time for felonies, the movement of people from Puerto Rico to Florida, and races to watch in Florida in November. Guests (in order by segment, with time stamps listed): Patty Farley, President of the Democratic Women's Club of Florida (0:56); Margaret Melanie Gold from Indivisible Central Florida (23:20); Pam...


0041: The Moms Running for Congress (2/23/2018)

In this episode, Kelly speaks with three women running for US Congress against unresponsive Republican men: Liz Watson in the Indiana 9th District (01:21); Tiffany Bond in the Maine 2nd District (18:00); and Allison Galbraith in the Maryland 1st District (39:49). All three women are highly qualified; all are running for office for the first time; and all three are mothers of young children.


0040: The Politics of Gender Identity (2/21/2018)

In the first segment Sophy and Kelly speak with Molly Woodstock (they/them), the host of Gender Reveal Podcast, about the difference between sex and gender, how to properly use pronouns, and why gender is less important than people think. In the second segment Kelly talks to Lewis Wallace (he/him or ze/hir), journalist and editor of Scalawag Magazine, about so-called bathroom bills, healthcare issues for trans folks, and media coverage of transgender issues. In the third segment Sophy and...


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