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Two progressive Midwestern Moms talking politics, activism, feminism (and sometimes parenting) with expert guests. Wednesday episodes are longer thematic dives into a topic. Friday episodes are shorter profiles of inspiring activists and organizations.

Two progressive Midwestern Moms talking politics, activism, feminism (and sometimes parenting) with expert guests. Wednesday episodes are longer thematic dives into a topic. Friday episodes are shorter profiles of inspiring activists and organizations.
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Chicago, IL


Two progressive Midwestern Moms talking politics, activism, feminism (and sometimes parenting) with expert guests. Wednesday episodes are longer thematic dives into a topic. Friday episodes are shorter profiles of inspiring activists and organizations.






0085: The Politics of Oregon (6/20/2018)

Kelly talks to Rebecca Cohen and Megan Cleland from Indivisible Oregon and the End Times Pep Talk Podcast about the politics of Oregon, including automatic voter registration and universal voter by mail, the urban-rural divide, the balance of power in the state legislature, and the intransigent State Senate President Peter Courtney. Starting at the 28-minute mark Kelly talks to Jamie McLeod-Skinner, Democratic candidate for Oregon 2nd Congressional District (currently the only...


0084: The Women of Ohio (6/18/2018)

Sophy and Kelly talk to three Democratic candidates in Ohio: Lorraine Wilburn for Ohio House District 48; Rachel Crooks for House District 88; and Lauren Friedman for State Senate District 29, about the issues facing Ohio voters, including healthcare and the opioid crisis, education, state and local budgets, and roads and infrastructure. They also discuss candidate training and networking and the underestimation of women and first-time candidates. Lorraine Wilburn segment: 0:31 - 20:10...


0083: Kelda Roys (6/15/2018)

Kelly talks to Kelda Roys, Democratic candidate for governor in Wisconsin, about her background in the State Assembly and how it prepares her for working across the aisle to get bills through the legislature. They discuss the crowded late primary, and Kelda's preparation to pivot quickly to the general election to take on the Koch brothers-funded Scott Walker. And they talk parenthood and Kelda's decision to keep her family central in her campaign.


0082: The Politics of Missouri (6/13/2018)

Kelly & Sophy talk the politics of Missouri with Beth Newman in Indivisible St. Louis, including the recent election of Democrat Lauren Arthur to the Missouri State Senate in a formerly Republican district, the strength of grassroots liberal groups, the scandal with the recently-resigned governor and his Republican replacement, and the Republican supermajorities in the state House and state Senate. Then they speak with two Democratic congressional candidates: Renee Hoagenson in the...


0081: Peter Joffrion (6/11/2018)

Sophy and Kelly talk to Peter Joffrion, Democratic candidate for Congress in Alabama's 5th Congressional District, about his background as Huntsville City Attorney and how the Women's March inspired him to run for office. They discuss science, healthcare, education, faith, and his endorsement by Indivisible.


0080: Edie Hardcastle & Poonam Gill (6/8/2018)

Sophy and Kelly talk to two Democratic candidates in Indiana: Edie Hardcastle for Indiana State Senate District 49, and Poonam Gill for State House District 88, about the issues facing Indiana voters, including jobs and the economy, safety, and education. They also discuss representation in the state legislature and how they will defeat well-resourced long-time incumbents.


0079: Cam Davis (6/6/2018)

Kelly and Sophy talk to Cam Davis, Democratic candidate for the Cook County Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, about what the MWRD is and why he's running, how he ran a successful write-in campaign to win the Democratic primary and get on the general election ballot, and how Governor Rauner is trying to steal the seat.


0078: Gays Against Guns (6/4/2018)

Kelly and Sophy talk to Lou Markert, a founding member of Gays Against Guns NY, an inclusive direct action group of LGBTQ people and their allies committed to nonviolently breaking the gun industry's chain of death—investors, manufacturers, the NRA and politicians who block safer gun laws. They discuss how and why Gays Against Guns started and what their methods are for breaking the chain of death.


0077: Brett Pransky & Amber Daniels (6/1/2018)

Kelly talks to two Democratic candidates for the Ohio House of Representatives, Brett Pransky in House District 77, and Amber Daniels, in House District 78, about the issues facing Ohio voters, including corruption in the state house, public education, the opoid epidemic, stagnant wages, and lack of broadband access in rural areas. Brett Pransky segment: 0:34 - 21:22 Amber Daniels segment: 22:17 - 37:30


0076: Steph Leary from IMUNURI (5/30/2018)

Sophy and Kelly talk to Steph Leary, singer and flutist for the band IMUNURI and Philosophy professor, about the political messages in their music, the relationship between politics and art and the responsibilities of artists and consumers of art, and how to think about objective moral truth in relation to political issues of our time.


0075: Women Who March (5/28/2018)

Kelly talks to Adena Raub Dershowitz, author of the children's book Women Who March, which is an illustrated depiction of the 2017 Women's March to introduce kids to the reasons behind the march and what the marchers stood for, with a call to action for the kids to find their own ways to lead the change. Each month royalties from the book are donated to organizations working for the values of the March. Past recipients have been the National Organization for Women Foundation and Postcards...


0074: Natalie Weaver (5/25/2018)

Kelly talks to Natalie Weaver, co-founder of Advocates for Fragile Kids NC and founder of Sophia's Voice. Natalie became an advocate to fight to protect the healthcare of her daughter, Sophia, and other children with disabilities and complex medical needs. She has recently founded a nonprofit called Sophia's Voice to help people with chronic illness and disabilities get their various medical needs met by providing medical equipment (not covered by insurance) and to help with other needs of...


0073: The Politics of California (5/23/18)

In the first segment (1:06-20:54), Kelly talks to Heather Young, from Indivisible Sonoma County, about issues of immigration, net neautrality, police transparency, and offshore oil drilling, as they affect California, and about how elections are run in California. In the second segment (21:30-39:27), Kelly speaks with Andrew Janz, Democratic candidate in the California 22nd Congressional District. In the third segment (40:11-1:06:23) Kelly speaks with Regina Bateson, Democratic candidate...


0072: Stamp Stampede (5/21/2018)

Kelly talks to Edward Erikson, the Campaign Manager for Stamp Stampede ( Stamp Stampede is a non-profit organization, started by Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, of over 100,000 people legally stamping money to build a momevent to get money out of politics.


0071: Sister District Project (5/18/2018)

Kelly talks to Gabrielle Goldstein, Co-Founder and Director of Political Strategy and Policy at Sister District Project ( Sister District pairs volunteers in blue districts with Democratic candidates for state legislatures in districts that need volunteers. Volunteers with Sister District call and text voters, send postcards, fundraise, and even go to the district to help get out the vote.


0070: The Politics of Illinois (5/16/2018)

In the first segment (1:17-34:11), Sophy and Kelly speak with Jessica Mostinger from Indivisible Metro East and Beth Malone of Indivisible Carbondale & She Votes Illinois about issues in Illinois politics, especially the budget, the Illinois gubernatorial and congressional race, gun laws in Illinois, and the Chicago/not Chicago divide. In the second segment (34:39-53:22), Kelly speaks with Lauren Underwood, Democratic nominee in the Illinois 14th Congressional District. In the third...


0069: Chalis Montgomery (5/14/2018)

Kelly talks to Chalis Montgomery, Congressional candidate in the Georgia 10th District, about her daughter's chronic illness and her husband's loss of his health insurance, about the moral imperative of the Poor People's Campaign, about the beauty and diversity of the 10th district, and about what it means to Fight Like a Mother.


0068: Jess Phoenix (5/11/2018)

Kelly from Two Broads Talking Politics and Matthew from Treknobabble talk to Jess Phoenix, volcanologist, Trekkie, and Congressional candidate in the California 25th district, about running for Congress, the politics of the 25th District, money in politics, Star Trek, what's going on in Hawaii, whether we should be afraid of a Yellowstone eruption, climate change, and science education.


0067: Voicemails from Listeners (5/9/2018)

We asked our followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, to leave us voicemails talking about the ways they've gotten involved in politics since 11/8/2016. We were overwhelmed by the responses, and we hope you'll give it a listen!


0066: David Yankovich (5/7/2018)

Kelly talks to David Yankovich (@DavidYankovich on Twitter), a digital campaign advisor, about running for Congress against Paul Ryan, about directing social media for the Doug Jones Senate campaign, and about how social media will change the way political campaigning is done.