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Reading. Writing. Relentless self-promotion.




SPPC episode 45 - Summer Vacation

Hello Outlets! It's summer and your awesome co-hosts are going to take a little vacation to spend time with family and the oppressively hot weather. We. Will. Be. Back. with the same interviews and writing info and maybe a few surprises. See ya soon!


SPPC episode 44: DK Marie Interview

OMG. Can you believe we've got author D.K. Marie on the podcast this episode? Well believe it! She's here and she's taking about her new book Fairy Tale Lies.


SPPC episode 43: An Interview with Alexander Thomas

Hello Outlets! This episode we are joined by our favorite Dungeon Master Alexander Thomas. He wrote a book too! We talk about both and how it feels to write, direct and produce a play when you weren't expecting to do any of it. Say wha? Also, go buy The Magician's Sin. ​


SPPC episode 42: Shameless Storytime with Ryen Lesli, D.K. Marie and Alexander Thomas

Shameless Story Time! These are some of our favorite episodes and this week we are excited to feature a few authors with recent or upcoming novel releases! Ryen Lesli reads an excerpt from her upcoming novel River. D.K. Marie reads an excerpt from her upcoming novel Fairy Tale Lies. Alexander Thomas reads a short story set in the same universe as his recently released novel The Magician's Sin. Enjoy, Outlets!


SPPC episode 41: Prompt Pieces Challenge Part 2

Are you ready Outlets? It's time for our #PromptPieces Challenge episodes! This episode and the one that aired on April 29th featured the stories we received. In this episode you get the joy of listening to: Mark Dubovec - "The Devouring Beast" Viola Dawn - "The Psychic Hours" Michael Nadeau - "Finding Rose" Samantha the Writer - "You, Growing Up" Authors features in the April 29th episode: Steven M. Nedeau, Stephen Coghlan, Garon Whited and J.A. George.


SPPC episode 40: Prompt Pieces Challenge Part 1

Are you ready Outlets? It's time for our #PromptPieces Challenge episodes! This episode and the one airing on May 6th will feature the stories we received. In this episode you get the joy of listening to: Steven M. Nedeau - "Marla's Message" Stephen Coghlan - "Cold Vengence" Garon Whited - "Frank and Ted" J.A. George - "Shooting Stars" Upcoming authors (May 6th episode): Mark Dubovec, Viola Dawn, Micheal Nadeau and Samantha the Writer


SPPC episode 39 - Poulomi Sanyal Interview

We've got another interview. In this episode we talk with the lovely Poulomi Sanyal. Poulomi is author of Colour Me Confounded and Thought Warriors: The Coming of Kalki. She's an incredible person, writer and our first international guest! What made Samantha the Writer make her "I love love" face? Why does J.A. George want to hang out with previous guest Mark Dubovec? Is there a writer's crush in the air? Guess you should listen to this episode now, right?


SPPC episode 38 - #PromptPieces

Hey! Are you ready for a new kind of writing prompt? Check out our latest episode to play along.


SPPC episode 37 - Mark Dubovec Interview

On this episode, J.A. George and Samantha the Writer chat with Mark Dubovec. Mark and J.A. are scarily similar when it comes to their love of movies and Samantha is pretty sure she's going to get left behind while the other two go make a podcast of their own. Which would be sad for Shameless Plugs . . . and for you, Outlets. Can Mark steal J.A. away? Listen to our latest episode to find out! Mark is a movie buff and you can learn more about his thoughts and opinions by visiting his blog...


SPPC episode 36 - Shameless Story Time with Ryen Lesli

Shameless Story Time returns! J.A. George and Samantha the Writer are joined by their favorite witch Ryen Lesli. Check out Ryen's website and keep an eye out for upcoming novel, River, direct from Kyanite Publishing this summer. J.A George reads "Bump in the Night." Ryen Lesli reads "Pain." Samantha the Writer reads "The Encounter."


SPPC episode 35 - B.K. Bass

We are excited to have another guest on Shameless Plugs Podcast. Outlets, say hello to BK Bass! BK is a science fiction, fantasy and horror writer. His latest series is the Ravencrest Chronicles. BK is also part owner and Acquisitions Director of Kyanite Publishing. We discuss everything from speculative fiction to being a publisher!


SPPC episode 34 - Criticism

Criticism. On this episode we are talking about it. J.A. George and Samantha the Writer discuss tips for giving and getting criticism because let's be honest, it can suck!


SPPC Episode 33 - Steven M. Nedeau

Shameless Plugs sat down with all-around fantastic guy and talented writer Steven M. Nedeau to talk about his novel The Soulweb, and found out just how similar he is to J.A. George.


SPPC episode 32 - Writer Resolutions (#WriRes2019)

Happy New Year Outlets! We've made it another year and want to take this opportunity to say thank you, again. On this episode, we share our Writer Resolutions for 2019 and invite back some of our favorites to do the same. This episode features former guests: Mark Dubovec: author and movie guru. Find him @duboduke Lillian Blaire: author and lovely lady. Find her @lillianblaire And future guest: Steven M. Nedeau: author of The Soulweb. Visit his website to meet Steven before his episode airs...


SPPC episode 31 - Lillian Blaire Interview

In this delightful episode we interview Lillian Blaire. Yay! You can find her @LillianBlaire on Twitter.


SPPC episode 30 - Holiday Prompt Redux

J.A. George and Samantha the Writer decide to throwback to one of their favorite episodes the Holiday Prompt Challenge! For those of you who missed it, enjoy.


SPPC episode 29 - Author Appreciations 2018

Happy Thanksgiving Outlets! This Thanksgiving, J.A. George and Samantha the Writer just want to be thankful. So we are thankful - for our families, books, writers and our guests. Speaking of guests, we are giving our former and future guests the same opportunity. This episode features former guests: Mark Dubovec: author and movie guru. Find him @duboduke M.L Keller: author of Your Novel, This Month. Find her on The Manuscript Shredder Ryen Leslie: author of the upcoming novel River. Visit...


SPPC episode 28 - M.L. Keller Returns!

M.L. Keller returns to Shameless Plugs to discuss her new book "Your Novel, This Month" designed to help you reach your 50,000 word NaNoWriMo goal.


SPPC episode 27 - Shameless Storytime Halloween!

J.A. George and Samantha the Writer are joined by writer Mark Dubovec to share some scary stories for our favorite time of the year - Halloween!


SPPC episode 26 - The 1st Anniversary

Interested in learning more about your Shameless Plugs co-hosts? Then this is your episode.