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Brit-Pop, Baggy, Indie podcast out of Denver, CO

Brit-Pop, Baggy, Indie podcast out of Denver, CO


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Brit-Pop, Baggy, Indie podcast out of Denver, CO




Episode 31: Tyler’s Pandemic Playlist

Has it been a year already? Crazy – only felt like 12 years. Episode 31 is a mix of songs that kept me comfort through the pandemic (so far), new bangers, and some that are classics. Give it a spin. Share it with a friend. PLAYLIST: Ambulance Ltd – Country Gentleman Morrissey – Ordinary Boys … Continue reading "Episode 31: Tyler’s Pandemic Playlist"


Episode 30: There’s something in the water down under

THE BIG THREE OH! Yes, we know we’re the sweethearts of the the “wildly consistent output” genre of the America’s exploding Brit-Pop and Shoegaze podcast scene – but for this Jake Ryan curated episode (and probably at least one more episode in the future) the focus shifts somewhat (not entirely) below the globe’s belt buckle … Continue reading "Episode 30: There’s something in the water down under"


Episode 29: New Year – New Jake Episode

2020 is over – what better way to celebrate than with a playlist from Jake Ryan? PLAYLIST: The Flowers – Origami The Mary Onettes – Lost Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart Shader – Don’t You Forget About Me Crushed Beaks – History Tamaryn – Heavenly Bodies The Depreciation Guild – November Fazerdaze … Continue reading "Episode 29: New Year – New Jake Episode"


Episode 28: Santa Delivers A Jake Ryan Episode.

The physics behind St. Nick delivering presents to every boy and girl dictate that Santa would burst into flames. So, clearly, that calls Santa’s existence into serious doubt. I mean, it’s probably bullshit, right? But, then, he delivers the first Jake Ryan episode in like 9 months via the internet, and it’s a gift for … Continue reading "Episode 28: Santa Delivers A Jake Ryan Episode."


Episode 27: I stole most of this from YouTube

The response to the last episode was so fantastic that I couldn’t wait to get another one out. Odd how much of this came from posts in my Facebook feed – but, listen, there are no rules on the road to discovery. No matter how uncool the path is, as long as the destination is … Continue reading "Episode 27: I stole most of this from YouTube"


Episode 26: F Bombs Away!

If the language offends you more than… well, frankly, anything in 2020 – you’re banned from listening to our show. You can (edited) right off. -Tyler PLAYLIST: The Clash – The LeaderCarter USM – Sheriff FatmanGrooms – Skating With GirlRide – PulsarGraham Coxon – Don’t Let Your Man KnowThe Wedding Present – Shake ItRingo Deathstarr … Continue reading "Episode 26: F Bombs Away!"


Episode 25: Phil Said There Was Too Much Talking on 24

Aside from a quick bit after the first track, it’s all chunes! Warm nostalgia and new turn ons. PLAYLIST: The Stratford 4 – TelephoneThe Clientele – Never Anyone But YouUnrest – West Coast Love AffairModesty Blaise – Sounds Like LovePhoebe Bridgers – KyotoFilm School – Meet Around 10Asteroid No. 4 – Swiss Mountain MythThe Strypes … Continue reading "Episode 25: Phil Said There Was Too Much Talking on 24"


Episode 24: Tyler Clicks “Stream Now”

The first ever live broadcast of the Casual Sound on Twitch. Thanks to the 327 people who watched someone else’s twitch channel and the 9 who watched ours. Be sure to follow Tyler on Twitch because we’ll do this again (with Jake and Lenny) Tyler runs the show solo and I think he did a … Continue reading "Episode 24: Tyler Clicks “Stream Now”"


Episode 23: Jake Makes It Worth The Wait

Behold, something to look forward to. It’s not all dark spot in 2020. That light at the end of the tunnel isn’t always a train – sometimes it’s Jake Ryan on his Samsung, scrolling through tunes, deciding what to share. Lenny? Tyler? Maybe they’re lost in the woods. There’s no way of knowing. It matters … Continue reading "Episode 23: Jake Makes It Worth The Wait"


Episode 22: The Jake Ryan’s Shelter In Place Playlist

As we record and publish this, much of America is under some sort of “shelter-in-place” order so we don’t infect each other with coronavirus. Jake felt that it would be inhumane to deprive you of some of the great new music he’s come across. Here it is. The Powder Room Plan – MarionVoice Box – … Continue reading "Episode 22: The Jake Ryan’s Shelter In Place Playlist"


Episode 21 – The End of a Decade

There’s no commentary on this episode, so you’ll just have to imagine Tyler at the wheel, Jake riding shotgun, and Lenny in the back, traveling up to the casino town of Central City, Colorado, listening to this playlist that we all contributed to. It begins with Northside’s “A Change Is On Its Way”, as both … Continue reading "Episode 21 – The End of a Decade"


Episode 20 – The return AKA the Third Coming

Jake Ryan takes the wheel after far too long of being out of gas. All two fans have told us you want some more and with a chorus like that hammering away – how could we say no. Happy 2019. The Casual Sound lives up to its name. Jake has dedicated episode 20 to our … Continue reading "Episode 20 – The return AKA the Third Coming"


Episode 19 | It’s not all British music. In fact…

Episode 19 contains what Lenny calls “The most Australian thing that has ever happened.” To be fair, the video has a lot to do with it (maybe everything to do with it.) PLAYLIST: Lush – De-Luxe The Chats – Smoko Clinic – D.T. Adorable – Sistine Chapel Ceiling Suede – My Dark Star Sulk – … Continue reading "Episode 19 | It’s not all British music. In fact…"


Episode 18 | It only took us 4 months to make this.

I think we’re beyond expecting this to garner a massive audience. So I’m not going to put a lot of time into optimizing these posts. Sure, call it lazy – cos it is. But if you’re in – you’re in. If you know someone who should be in – that’s how they are gonna find … Continue reading "Episode 18 | It only took us 4 months to make this."


Episode 17 – Double happiness to end the year.

Where else are you going to get Clinic, Echo & The Bunnymen, Noel Gallagher, Scott Walker, and Lee Hazlewood in the same episode? Nowhere. Well, maybe somewhere. I really haven’t looked. Keep it together while everything falls apart. Kisses and wishes for the new year. We will see you on the other side. PLAYLIST: Cornershop … Continue reading "Episode 17 – Double happiness to end the year."


It’s Episode 16 allofasudden!

In this episode, Tyler says something that just pissed Jake Ryan right off. But you’ll never know what it was cos his anger occurred off air – and it wasn’t really anger – more like just a general disgust in humanity. It didn’t help that the irons had just a draw. I don’t know about … Continue reading "It’s Episode 16 allofasudden!"


Episode 15 | The Casual Sound

Episode 15, we make predictions from the past about a future that took place last Friday. Also, this is the Bob Seger episode, and no, we don’t play any Bob Seger – but, finally, we get a few good rants out of it. Only took us (maybe just Tyler) 15 episodes get really long winded … Continue reading "Episode 15 | The Casual Sound"


Episode 14

The episode in which Lenny airs his discontent with thematic episodes, and in which Tyler picks three songs that sound similar to start the episode. Are these ideas related? PLAYLIST: Le Femme – Exorciseur Allah-Las – Don’t You Forget It Deep Sea Arcade – If The Devil Won’t Take You Revolver- heaven sent an angel … Continue reading "Episode 14"


Episode 13 | The Casual Sound Podcast

After a long absence… well, not that long, really. Did you even miss us? Seriously, we recorded episode 13 a couple of weeks ago… and again this past weekend. And again. Aren’t you curious as to why? Explanations are forthcoming when you press play. PLAYLIST: Kitchens of Distinction – When In Heaven Morrissey – Last … Continue reading "Episode 13 | The Casual Sound Podcast"


Episode 12 | The Casual Sound Podcast

A bit of an old-school episode – but who said there was anything wrong with that? (was it you?!) Last week to enter to win tickets to see The Pixies. Click here to enter. PLAYLIST: Boo Radleys – Lazarus Pond – Colder Than Ice The Wedding Present – Dalliance Super Furry Animals – The Placid … Continue reading "Episode 12 | The Casual Sound Podcast"