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Kagro in the Morning - July 22, 2024

David Waldman is away on holiday! I am away on holiday! Greg Dworkin isn’t away on holiday, but I don’t believe he has an office key… What will we do now? For the first time in KITM’s storied history we will present a pre-recorded ALL-NEW KITM, and this ALL-NEW summary of same. Why not? It’s summer, nothing much is happening… J.D. Vance is an insignificant suck-up in an insignificant position at a very significant time, at a very young age. Vance is the tip of the spear of Project 2025. Black women are squarely behind the Biden-Harris ticket, and approve of Kamala as much as Joe, which is somehow seen as a problem. School vouchers are said to save taxpayer money, but only by the dishonest to the credulous.


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Kagro in the Morning - July 19, 2024

David Waldman is both away, and back today for a paradoxically ALL-NEW KITM! The challenge for David will be determining what… or who might still be around and relevant by our release dates. J.D. Vance is as opportunistic and aggressive as Covid. Don’t expect J.D. to be gone anytime soon. Vance is only 39, but he’s had grifts going for years. He once sold an anti-opioid effort to hill… Appalachian areas in southern Ohio that ran through its cash in a couple of years by hiring reps from the pushers to sleuth out the culprits in their addiction crisis. J.D. is all set to be the perfect heir to Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin’s anti-globalization peace plan. Meanwhile, a federal appeals court blocked all of President Joe Biden’s student debt relief. Are Donald Trump and Republicans finally sick of winning? Will they win so much that they’ll forget to win in November? Probably not, but it’s nice to think about.


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Kagro in the Morning - July 18, 2024

The Biden drop-out bus still has a lot of gas left in the tank. Although no one is sure of its schedule. And some riders may be refusing to pay the fare. Polls show that Democrats remain Democrats, nervous as always. Black voters, who may have more reason to be nervous than most, remain steady supporters. And everybody’s still happy that Biden’s ready to entertain a discussion of SCOTUS reform. Meanwhile, too many are buying into the Gop’s fake “unity” claims, even as delegates wave “Mass Deportation Now!” placards. Although it may be that they’re talking about unity with Russia. Either way, Republicans are (as usual), all too pleased with themselves. Not a good look! But you can still find some Republicans, even at this convention, who know an a-hole when they see one. Especially when the a-hole is Matt Gaetz! Speaking of a-holes at the convention, Peter Navarro traded his jump suit for a monkey suit, and Miami for Milwaukee. Meanwhile, weirdo Bannon-coddler Guo Wengui may take Navarro’s place in the slammer. And if you were anxiously awaiting the fall of Rudy Giuliani, we’ve got you covered. Plus, he got booted from bankruptcy court and his judgment creditors can finally start “grabbing his assets,” in the non-Borat sense. Ever wonder what happened to, like, the news? Whither the “right to know?”


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Kagro in the Morning - July 17, 2024

Today, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin deliver all of the up-to-the-minute RNC coverage we want and demand, which is none. Into the annals of history (Wikipedia) with Abscam, the Keating Five, and uhm “Rubbergate”, now goes Senator Bob Menedez, judged qualified to headline his very own corruption scandal and maybe even a couple hundred years of jail time. Getting Bob into history books and prison is easy though, compared to getting him out of Senate. That might take some effort. J.D. Vance got into politics for more than the bread. Vance has proven to be a zealous believer in whatever gets him to the next rung, just like his idol-idolizer Tucker Carlson. Tuck and J.D. understand that the quickest way to Donald Trump’s heart is up his ample behind, that soft spot that Donald reserves for his most ardent parasites. MAGA will tell you, Donald Trump can’t lose this election. He. Can. Not. Lose. There is no alternative, to them. But, if that inconceivable event to them happens, they will just add more enemies to their enemy list. Democrats can win still, and will hopefully resist running their own Trump in 2028. Hey, remember when Donald Trump was shot, or almost shot, maybe? Well, it turns out that the shooter just might not be the only one that ever thought of shooting Donald Trump! Donald was caught on tape reminiscing about his courage in the face of danger with Robert F. Kennedy's son, along with discussing the real terror facing the world, baby vaccination.


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Kagro in the Morning - July 16, 2024

It’s Tuesday, so David Waldman and Joan McCarter are here to reminisce on the good old days back when Donald Trump was a convicted felon… Oh, he still is? Well, it is only Tuesday. Yes, it’s another Donald Trump miracle. Could it be… God who keeps doing it? After all, He does have a dark sense of humor. Who else would place three snipers under the roof that the rally shooter was climbing upon? Or suggest the shooter and his family to the Trump campaign as prime 2A voters? (Btw, has anyone broke it to Donald that one of his props was damaged at the rally?) It could be that He needsTrump to stick around to keep J.D. Vance from moving up. Yale-Yokel Vance might seem as American as apple pie, following the release of his book “Hillbilly Elegy” (Both pandering and condescending towards MAGA in just two words), but there’s a lot more than his press release to the guy. Donald might soon need more than Matrix-level ducking skills once the election’s over and Project 2025’s man is impatiently second in line.


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Kagro in the Morning - July 15, 2024

Tragic news. Media icons Dr. Ruth Westheimer and Richard Simmons passed away this weekend. They say these things ”happen in threes”… Wait! You... wouldn’t think that… No! ...David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are both alive and well and here to bring us a brand new KITM this morning. Whew! In other news, Hell can wait. Donald Trump got yet another pardon Saturday afternoon. Not only is Trump totally exonerated again and has officially attained his long-awaited turning point toward presidential behavior, but Joe Biden, along with anyone left of J.D. Vance, received a million new opportunities to fail. Political assassinations are a time-honored tradition in the United States. It’s 2024 though, so there’ll be a thousand Zapruders, and now a Jack Ruby can arrive in under 20 minutes. Of course, every Trump rallier has already been interviewed hundreds of times over the years: “I hollered over t’ Ethel, I said ‘Don’t look Ethel!’ but it was too late...” Firefighter Corey Comperatore (Corey would have preferred “fireman”) died a hero, but lived a Trumper. Gunman Thomas Matthew Crooks was no angel either, you know. When Donald Trump is soon elected CEO of America he plans to cut back intel sharing with Europe, because he’d rather be intel selling. In response, Russia is expanding into assassinating CEOs. AOC understands that Clarence Thomas and Sam Alito constitute a clear danger to our democracy. Clarence Thomas understands that democracy constitutes a clear danger to him, so he threw Aileen Cannon a bone, and Donald Trump one more get out of Hell free card. Alec Baldwin didn’t need Clarence Thomas to make him a free man, just a confused prosecution.


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Kagro in the Morning - July 12, 2024

Today David Waldman welcomes Ian Reifowitz, Distinguished Professor of Historical Studies and author of three… almost four books! Ian takes a break from his analysis of stereotypes in Donald Trump’s rhetoric to chat about the election and lend his distinguished air to our airwaves. Hell no, Joe won’t go. President Joe Biden’s successful press conference last night, coupled with his general successes as a civil servant and human being have honed down the voter’s choice between Biden and… well, it’s the easiest decision anyone could ever make in a voting booth. Even the New York Times can't bothsides this anymore. Not that it matters, at all, to how the election will come out. Russia planned to assasinate the German CEO of an arms manufacturer selling weapons to Ukraine. The potential future CEO of USA Inc., Donald Trump, would see a better ROI partnering with like-minded country bosses over ones that his employee-citizens might prefer. It’s just good business sense.


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Kagro in the Morning - July 11, 2024

Due to scheduling conflicts today, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin will present a One-Hour Fun-Size KITM Special. All the stories, half the raft! Tonight, President Joe Biden has one more chance… to fail. From this point on, each of Biden's appearances will be examined as a potential point of failure, just as each of Trump’s has been examined as a pivot towards being presidential. In fact, if Joe ever succeeds again, the media will consider it an act of betrayal. I mean, you wouldn’t want to make a fool out of George Clooney, would you? But… What if Biden were to become less old? Or even more unlikely, if fewer voters were to care about how old Joe was? Well, pollsters... generally as accurate as entrail readers or divining rod dowsers, but paid better… have determined that the race is still even-ish. Kamala Harris does have the edge on Trump, as probably does Tom the Mime and the Hawk Tuah girl. But what about Project 2025? Donald Trump doesn’t know a thing about it, but that’s okay, the authors don’t need Trump to, and frankly, won’t need Trump shortly after the election. Already, Gops casually abuse the power that Dems were once afraid to even look at. Trump is now diverting money from Get Out The Vote into You’ll Never Vote Again.


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Kagro in the Morning - July 10, 2024

Today on KITM, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin mark the 5,459th Wednesday of Donald Trump’s villainy. Who’d guess that the overriding concern of voters since 2019 on Joe Biden would continue all the way out to 2024? Us Dems, warmly ensconced in our comfy media bubble, had kind of an inkling for a while, but had no idea of how harsh it actually was outside. Maybe, if we got back inside really quick, it might all work out? No. That’s it. Joe has made his decision. (Unless he makes a better one.) Remember, in case of emergency, there has always been a Vice President, who in a perfect world with perfect people would be the perfect choice right now. More people are identifying as Republicans recently, especially in the youth vote… a little worrisome to establishment Democrats for some reason… Shut up! Joe Biden is our candidate! Look at how well he’s done with Israel and Gaza! I mean, he did the best he could, and that’s all we’re asking for, right? Joe Biden will not be implementing Project 2025, even as that might mean untold numbers of incels won’t get laid. Anyhow, the guy President Joe Biden is running against, what’s his name, coward, bully, cad, thief, and arch-enemy of democracy. When will that guy be brought to justice… and stay there? Ah, but that’s “old news”, which nobody talks about, unless it’s old news that everyone is talking about, which would be news.


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Kagro in the Morning - July 9, 2024

Justice Putnam threw us a curve ball this morning, with word that Marla Maples is ready to accept the mantle of the vice presidency. It could happen! Prepare yourself for the next stage of The Convicted Felon’s obstruction of justice: blocking his trial judges from carrying out their orders from SCOTUS. So… ready for Supreme Court reform? Here’s a new angle on it, that seeks to build a little more fairness into the system. Super-perv Donald Trump surrounds himself with under-pervs, as you well know. A.J. Delgado, whose face was eaten by a leopard, knows it too. And has the texts to prove it. Oh, and RFKJr. is a f-ing wackadoodle. When Joan McCarter stops by, she helpfully explains that I’ve misunderstood the latest Gop conspiracy theory, but not to worry, because the one she was talking about is just as dumb as the one I was imagining. And speaking — as we were before — about the need for SCOTUS reform, Joan’s been talking about that since forever. So we talk about it some more. In what might be a sneak preview of a future post, Joan entertains us with the story of the caucus that one day hopes to kick all its own members out: the House Freedom Caucus.


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Kagro in the Morning - July 8, 2024

David Waldman joined our sad lot who watched the first debate. Although with a little bit of space David decided that the debate wasn’t the worst that could be imagined. Greg Dworkin filled his Raft O’ Stories™ at ports around the world to reveal what we (hopefully) have in common. Sacre bleu! France blocked the takeover by their far right, even when it meant sacrificing their own to do it. Blimey! The British rejected its right wing as well, even if they couldn’t accept a Prime Minister who looks like John Oliver portraying Thurston Howell III. Around the world, Gen X drives the right, but the rest of us are wising up to the ultraright takeover. How about the U.S. of A., land of the free, home of the brave? The more people learn about Project 2025 the less they like it. Which is why Donald Trump will let the states… or the federal government decide… or the Supreme Court, who cares? Whatever exonerates him the most. Donald will have people to take care of that, and you. But, what about Joe? And/or Kamala? Well, buck up buttercups, Biden’s back, baby.


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Kagro in the Morning - July 5, 2024

Something, something, US and UK, July 4th, yadda yadda. Only this time, the UK was having elections (while the US was thinking about maybe not having them anymore). And guess what? There was a weird, hard to read outcome. But the bottom line is, Labour “wins.” Their guy will be PM, and with a strong hand. And maybe more to the point, an exceptionally weak one for the Tories. Having a hard time keeping up with developments in our “special relationship?” Maybe you can stop, now. Meanwhile, we fully intend to have an election here. Though Republicans are embroiled in a fight over just what it will mean. Or, you know, maybe they really aren’t. Or maybe LOL YOLO, nothing means anything but what The Convicted Felon says it means. Project 2025 is an example of something that’s done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I notice. And once it’s in place, along with his newfound “presidential immunity,” there won’t be any reason anymore not to do foreign deals like this one while in office. Uh-oh! Somebody in the boardroom thought Twitter was the real world, and now they’re in trouble… with the real world. For your weekend consideration: Biden’s fine! No he isn’t!


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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - July 5, 2023, airing July 4, 2024

It's time to pretend we're already back from the July 4th holiday! Here's how we did it on July 5, 2023: Another day after another National Lee Greenwood Day, and just like last year David Waldman is presenting a yet another KITM under the cloud of more mass shootings and the rain of falling celebratory bullets. Greg Dworkin believes that it’s time to rescue those freedoms that we celebrate. A rogue, corrupt, and dumbass Supreme Court abolishes freedoms and strangles democracy. President Joe Biden could do something about it, and he probably is, but talking about things sometimes gets in the way of doing things. Joe is happy to do either, and is pretty adept at picking the right choice. Biden is on to Plan B for student debt. Bidenomics is turning out great, but not enough people know that. The markets feel it though. One form of affirmative action is no longer available because of SCOTUS, so maybe we should look into the others. Like it or not, Biden vs. Trump II is on. And like usual, Trump is losing. Not like DeSantis is losing, but still. Some Republicans believe a dozen or so impeachments will turn everything around. Donald Trump figures a dozen or so sets of gallows might do the trick. The White House might want to fight the forces of disinformation heading into this election, but a federal judge won’t let them. On the good side, Jack Smith is still picking through the classified document crime scene, and no one has stopped the prosecution of January 6 insurrectionist-tourists. Hey look! A Good Guy With A Gun citizen-shot a mass shooter! Except that the Bad Guy With A Gun only a shot a window before his gun jammed. And the GGWAG only then returned and shot the BGWAG… but a win is a win, right?


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Kagro in the Morning - July 3, 2024

Well, Greg Dworkin tells us that there aren’t a lot of minds changing about what the debate’s fallout means. There’s nothing yet that tells us definitively that the electorate is moving. But that’s actually something that still had to happen in order to win, so no movement isn’t very helpful. Neither are we seeing any changes in the campaign’s strategy to counteract the debate’s effects. And elected Dems are starting to go on the record about it now. Also not great! Naturally, you can’t look to the press to help. Even if it was their job. No, this job — and it’s a big one — belongs to that most curious mix of people, “the Democratic coalition.” And it’s unclear how efficiently its members can work together under pressure and short deadlines. Meanwhile, on the good news/bad news front: Rudy got disbarred! And Trump got his criminal sentencing delayed, parlaying his SCOTUS win into… well, who knows what? For July 4th: Hey, ever wonder why The Founders seemed like such a unique generation of super shiny leaders?


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Kagro in the Morning - July 2, 2024

You know that they say it is darkest before the dawn... We must be pretty close to dawn. David Waldman and Joan McCarter help light our way. In a surprise ruling, the Hand of the King decreed that the King’s power is immutable, as long as the crown is upon his head and his head is upon his shoulders. His rule and God’s can not and will not be distinguishable. After all, it’s how the Founding Fathers would have wanted it. Pre-wrong pre-heretics Justice Elena Kagan and Justice Sonia Sotomayor should be picking out the wood for their pyres right about now. Mike Littlefinger Johnson sees no better reason for Joe Biden’s ouster than whatever today’s reason is. Whatever anyone has on Donald Trump, he did it, or her, or them out of his deep love of his country… Well, as long as Trump won’t be convicted by anything, we all can talk about all of it, unless it becomes illegal to mention, of course. President Joe isn’t getting out of this race if the Heritage Foundation has anything to say about it. The final person to ever go to jail for complicity to Trump crimes, Steven KG Bannon, can rest easy in his prison bunk knowing that Marjorie Taylor Greene’s BBBBBB has his back.


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Kagro in the Morning - July 1, 2024

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. David Waldman and Greg Dworkin beseech us — Into July, KITM’s afoot! You are probably aware that Donald Trump and Joe Biden got into a televised snit last week. It seemed mostly about golf, and yet our President aptly demonstrated that he was fully capable of not only meeting but exceeding the expectations and predictions of every (Republican) pundit. Democrats, however... were surprised. One thing’s for certain, whoever was responsible for Joe acting the way he did should be immediately fired! Well, not all of Biden’s staff should be fired; he still needs a few extra for the next two debates. The Philidelphia Inquirer wrote down everything Mr. Biden might have said during the last debate. A few of the things we didn’t know then (9:00 AM ET) that we do know now are the latest SCOTUS rulings. Well, as with Joe, we always had a good idea of where they were heading. Trump’s immunity now seems to be a matter of royal intent. New Jersey has seen enough, and has taken Trump’s golf club liquor licenses. Steven KG Bannon heads to prison to receive his coveted Trump Team Felon tattoo. Oh, and France might go under Nazi occupation again.


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Kagro in the Morning - June 28, 2024

KITM listeners are the luckiest people on earth. Where else could you tune in to a political newscast of any stripe that isn’t talking about the debate this morning? Bless David Waldman. For the sake of argument, let’s say that Donald Trump still finds he has a hard time being reelected president. Across the nation, Republicans have learned the error of their ways, and are now planning to rig the vote better for their candidates and block the vote better against their opponents. Mikhail Gorbachev was able to destroy the USSR in only 6 years. Can Trump beat his time? Vladimir Putin believed in a Trump Yalta ahead of 2016, and he’s doubling his bets this year. Vlad and Donald should be able to divvy up the US much easier than Germany... After all, most of the hard work has already been completed. Centrists from Biden to Macron are having difficulty finding anyone remaining in the center to work with. On January 6, Tommy Tatum strived to remove officers’ helmets with their heads still inside, and has been on vigil for his imprisoned confederates in Washington ever since. Finally, Tommy can wait inside with the others.


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Kagro in the Morning - June 27, 2024

The late-breaking flood of SCOTUS decisions (and especially, a new-to-us kind of sort-of non-decision) captivated Greg Dworkin this morning. Though it really started yesterday, with one case they meant to release, but which got what we’ll call varying treatment in the media, and one case they didn’t mean to release, but did anyway. That led us to something new for the day: the Supreme Escape Hatch known as the “DIG.” Thankfully, someone had already done some digging. Specifically into just what a DIG is. Those cases that were actually decided and released today generated some heavy social media traffic of their own. Oh, right. There’s also the earliest presidential “debate” in history, coming up tonight. Maybe. If you can call it that. And we haven’t even had the conventions yet. Not that anyone will notice. About that suit “filed” by the Missouri Attorney General, saying The Convicted Felon’s NY trial was itself “election interference?” Did anybody check the paperwork? Then again, who cares about paperwork if you can just rewrite history? House Gop leadership looks to un-contempt Steve (K.G.) Bannon, now that they think they’re Congress. Speaking of history, here’s a guy with some: Felix Sater is back! By which we mean back… in trouble!


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Kagro in the Morning - June 26, 2024

David Waldman welcomed Greg Dworkin for the first time this week, and they sure had a lot to talk about this morning. Mostly the discussion centered around yesterday’s primaries, primarily Jamaal Bowman taking away a loss after he stepped away from the herd once too often. Let that be a lesson to you uppity minorities. Not that iconoclasts fare better in the other party. All three female Gop state senators who filibustered an abortion ban in South Carolina lost their primaries. Lauren Boebert however reached down to where the Republicans run thick and held on with both hands to reach a happy ending. Donald Trump’s hands, apparently smaller than Bobo’s, had a few of his favorites slip through, including Pastor Mark Burns, who lost his primary even after promising to execute Lindsey Graham. Mark owes about a million dollars for his campaign. May God provide, because Burns has a better chance getting a check from Him than Donald Trump. Nancy Mace racked up $17 thousand in fines, but will pay about a tenth, which is how conservative economics and justice usually go. That is, until lately. Fortune 100 CEOs don’t want to see Donald in their clubhouse anymore. Jack Smith might move the scene of the crime from Mar-a-Lago over to Bedminster where Aileen Cannon is not available to sludge up the works. The Supreme Court hasn’t laid down anything earthshattering yet, but give them time, the debate isn’t until tomorrow. Oh, that debate. The pain of those two hours is only matched by the anticipation of them. What drugs does Ronny Jackson prescribe for the audience? We all know what to expect from Trump (SNIFFF!), but some MAGA-Qs wonder which Joe Biden will arrive… uhm, literally.


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Kagro in the Morning - June 25, 2024

It's Tuesday, so David Waldman and Joan McCarter are at it again, here to say a thing or two about this and that, and always in a timely and relevant fashion. Donald Trump will commence his fifth week as a convicted felon at this Thursday’s debate. He will probably take that as his cue to plead the fifth on his debate questions, especially if they are unfair and rigged, such as questions about the past, what he believes, or facts. Judges have been conspiring to take away Donald’s right to free lying speech,and his handlers want to take away his stupid vileness. What would even remain after that? A discussion of policy? There would be nothing left for Trump to do besides that constant debate sniffling and eye dilation of his. Of course, if the Trump Supreme Court announced that Trump has absolute immunity on Thursday morning, that could liven up the debate a bit. We’ll need to look out for what flags Martha-Ann is flying for the next couple of days. Six insurrectionist electors slipped from the grasp of justice in Nevada due to a technicality, which is how law works and such. The Select Subcommittee to move the Overton Window on Weaponization of the Federal Government kicked off this week. The problem is, Gops are fighting about where to move it to. Today’s primaries are set to separate the screwballs from the wackadoodles. In Congress, Mike Johnson’s prayers that Democrats will save him might go unheeded this time.