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News, politics and commentary from Daily Kos Contributing Editor David Waldman


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News, politics and commentary from Daily Kos Contributing Editor David Waldman






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Kagro in the Morning - May 27, 2022

David Waldman brings us Friday, and it’s about time. Today in Uvalde, Texas, the ones hiding under tables are the police hiding from accountability. Uvalde had prepared for school shootings, just not one with scary guns and real bullets. Uvalde’s cosplay cops aren’t paid to face danger as if they were some “elementary school teacher”, you know. Last Tuesday the “serve and protect” part was self-serve. The cops aren’t the only ones running for cover. Lee Greenwood, Larry Gatlin and Don...


Kagro in the Morning - May 26, 2022



Kagro in the Morning - May 25, 2022

Today’s weather report: Under the cloud of a mass shooting. Again. Unlike some other places we could name. Greg Dworkin, who has some experience with these things (which are not rare), helps us get through the morning with his news roundup, plus some suggestions about how to change the way the media covers these events. Or even (dare we say it?) reduce their number. Not that Republicans can be expected to help. If anything, you should expect them to try to make things worse. The only thing...


Kagro in the Morning - May 24, 2022

David Waldman catches us up on several items, including the continuing recovery efforts from collateral damage inflicted upon Loudoun County schools by the Glenn Youngkin’s campaign for Virginia Governor. Walmart is recalling their Juneteenth ice cream, not for health reasons, but because of bad taste... Theirs, not their product. No shortage — plenty of yummy Juneteenth red food is still available! Republican voter fraud was discovered in Michigan. Well, not exactly, but there was plenty...


Kagro in the Morning - May 23, 2022

Victoria! Victoria! Victoria… Victoria Day! David Waldman and Greg Dworkin celebrate an undying monarchy, but mostly Canadians’ embrace of all the summer they can get. Allegheny County election officials are sorting through 1,900 provisional and mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania, and neither Mehmet Oz nor David McCormick feel like calling any vote fake. That’s strange, considering at least 357 sitting Republican legislators in battleground states have used the power of their office to...


Kagro in the Morning - May 20, 2022

David Waldman empties Pocket for our KITM Friday News blow-out Special. Stock up now for the weekend! You heard it here first, and because you did, you will hear it everywhere this weekend. The GQP in Colorado want a phony-bologna state electoral college to give them a chance of ever winning again. House Republican Barry Loudermilk loves giving tours so much that he made one happen on January 5, 2021, as the January 6th Committee will show. Dumbest MF in DC, Madison Cawthorn, is calling...


Kagro in the Morning - May 19, 2022

King of KITM, Local President David Waldman asks: What's next for Madison Cawthorn after his primary loss? Also: Who cares? Mads is certain to be forgotten much more quickly by Republicans than Democrats, for whom he’ll be a wistful memory like Aaron Schock, who may have a few things in common with Cawthorn, but definitely better fashion sense. Greg Dworkin talks about the growing significance of Tuesday’s elections. We are witnessing the birth of Fettermania! Soon all Democratic candidates...


Kagro in the Morning - May 18, 2022

How will Madison Cawthorn ever go back to his North Carolina cocaine orgy life after two years rubbing elbows in DC? Who cares, he’s going. Chuck Edwards, whoever he is, gave Mads the key bump he wasn’t hoping for last night. David Waldman and Greg Dworkin drop off the takeaways on Tuesday’s primary elections. Cawthorn was an insurrectionist maniac, but that didn’t hurt him, as insurrectionist maniacs were the hot ticket for Republicans last night. Check out the results in Idaho, Oregon,...


Kagro in the Morning - May 17, 2022

Today, David Waldman announces that Joan McCarter is moving! No, not from Tuesdays on KITM, but from Idaho, where her family has lived for generations, to reunite with kith and kin in Oregon. Also, it might be a good time for her to leave Idaho, away from the far-right extremists taking over the GQP and the state. There’s one Democrat left there to turn off the lights, and he’s running for Governor. Well, there are others who say they are Democratic but are actually Republicans looking to...


Kagro in the Morning - May 16, 2022

We are under the cloud of another mass shooting, or two, again. David Waldman and Greg Dworkin discuss the one Fox News will need a while to refocus upon, as it is based on the heart of their business model. The murders are Tucker Carlson’s fault, and each one pays his salary. Tucker’s long been pushing the “great replacement theory”, not only the shooter’s raison d'être, but pretty much the GQP platform for some time. Replacement theory is nothing new, but neofascist muscle is now taking it...


Kagro in the Morning - May 13, 2022

David Waldman successfully dodges all the machetes to bring us today’s Friday the 13th KITM: The January 6th Select Committee waited until the perfect time to subpoena five members of Congress. Perfect for whom is up for debate, along with the interpretation of the speech and debate clause in the Constitution. For Perjury Traitor Greene, the challenge to her running for office is now but a long-lost memory as Marge has been allowed a chance to insurrect again. Women in the US who are...


Kagro in the Morning - May 12, 2022

Not to underestimate you, but David Waldman and Greg Dworkin probably deliver as much KITM as you can handle today. Russia continues to not win in Ukraine. Some would say they are losing. Some, like the Institute for the Study of War. Some, like Ukrainian soldier on the ground in charge of blowing up stuff, Максим. Sanctions are turning Russia into a place Borat would be ashamed to work for. Russia is pulling electronics out of their washing machines in order to keep...


Kagro in the Morning - May 11, 2022

David Waldman strictly follows the KITM plan for Wednesday success: A. Find out what Greg Dworkin wants to talk about. B. Profit! Greg advises to always check with your doctor first before attempting to bury anyone in your backyard. Donald Trump is almost too stupid for words. The guy who wanted to nuke hurricanes planned to bomb China for shooting them at us, when all Trump really needed to do was to redirect a Jewish Space Laser at them. Mark Esper continues to come up with words on how...


Kagro in the Morning - May 10, 2022

Sorry to disappoint our many new listeners tuning in to KITM today, but David Waldman’s talk in analysis of the oeuvre of seminal icon Steven Seagal concluded yesterday. In its stead we offer a smörgåsbord, a mélange, a salmagundi if you will… of stuff: A man bought a dog for protection, he bought a gun for protection, the dog attacked him, and he shot and killed his mom, on Mother’s Day. Many die with equal irony every day. Lisa Murkowski’s faith in humanity was shattered last week. She...


Kagro in the Morning - May 9, 2022

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are back broadcasting from the KITM booth for the 77th annual Victory Day Parade and it sure is a beautiful day today, just not so much for Vladimir Putin, who needed to reach back, way back, to find a victory worth talking about. If you want real heroes and real fireworks, check out Ukraine. Oooooh! Ahhhhhh! In the US, Pro-Roe mobs roam the streets calligraphing buildings implying to hint at an allusion to proto-violence, causing a few Republicans to reach...


Kagro in the Morning - May 6, 2022

David Waldman tosses us into the maw of another weekend, but not without packing us a little KITM to remember him by: No one is more understanding and forgiving than Republicans. Grace and tolerance have always been conservative hallmarks, but never more so than since their embrace of Donald Trump. Trump does have some “foibles” that might earn him condemnation, ostracization, prosecution, or execution in some other groups, but Republicans still open their arms and welcome him back again...


Kagro in the Morning - May 5, 2022

May the fifth be with you today. It’s America Gets Drunk Celebrating September 16 Day! David Waldman and Greg Dworkin break open a 2-hour piñata of news and information: Say what you will about Louie Gohmert, but there’s probably no video of him in his impetuous 20’s, naked, humping his buddy’s head… well, maybe a reel of Super 8. As for Madison Cawthorn, presently in his impetuous 20’s, there’s no such luck. Madison now holds the title of Dumbest MF in DC, not for the things he has been...


Kagro in the Morning - May 4, 2022

The leak of a draft majority opinion overruling Roe v. Wade might have knocked Ukraine out of the headlines yesterday, but it wasn’t the cause for yesterday’s KITM disappearance. That was due to an almost completely planned errand by honcho-host David Waldman. Greg Dworkin spent yesterday constructively, loading up his ever-loving raft o’ stories detailing the uproar. Or, “uproars”… The Right is still fighting to say the N-word, but they finally got to shout “Insurrection!” from every...


Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - May 3, 2021, airing May 3, 2022

Whoops! What a day to be out! But maybe it's for the best, just for today. Maybe you'd rather just wrap yourself up in the comfort of an old show. Like our May 3, 2021 episode. David Waldman and Greg Dworkin were back together again! Their pent-up news energy threatened to explode at any minute (as did Greg’s computer). Good news! The world has emerged victorious over influenza this year! COVID-19, not yet. India is calling their pandemic response a crime against humanity. In the US,...


Kagro in the Morning - May 2, 2022

Kagro in the Morning Worldwide licensed merchandise continues to hit snags. Our KITM-embossed ashtrays have been underscoring in focus groups, and now our Kagro-blooey! ™ unexploded artillery shells have run into an indefinite shipping delay. Where David Waldman comes up short in self-marketing though, he more than makes up in dropping dope bars. Hey, it’s Monday so Greg Dworkin is here to lead the roundup: The cringe of the White House Correspondents' Association dinner has been rebooted...