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Mickey Huff is co-host of the Project Censored Show with former Project Censored director Dr. Peter Phillips. It airs on the out of New York City

Mickey Huff is co-host of the Project Censored Show with former Project Censored director Dr. Peter Phillips. It airs on the out of New York City


New York, NY


Mickey Huff is co-host of the Project Censored Show with former Project Censored director Dr. Peter Phillips. It airs on the out of New York City




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Project Censored - 06.30.20

Mickey's guest for the hour is Nolan Higdon; their subject is fake news and Higdon's forthcoming book, "The Anatomy of Fake News." Their discussion includes a look at the long history of fake news, as well as Higdon's proposed checklist for identifying a story as fake news. Notes: Nolan Hidgon teaches teaches history and media studies at California State University, East Bay, and is a frequent contributor to the annual Project Censored books. He and Mickey Huff are the...


Project Censored - 06.23.20

As the concept of "defunding the police" is discussed nationwide, this week's program offers an example of how to replace policing and discipline with community-based approaches. Mickey's guests explain the theory, practice and benefits of using 'restorative justice' in the context of public schools. Notes: Amber Yang is a Restorative Justice & Wellness Coordinator at Novato High School in Marin County, California. Phoebe Smith is a long-time public-school teacher and...


Project Censored - 06.17.20

Author Dan Kovalik joins the program to explain why the "humanitarian" wars of the U.S. and its allies only make life even worse for the people they ostensibly protect. Then free-press advocate Chris Finan produces evidence that police around the US are deliberately attacking journalists covering the recent Black Lives Matter demonstrations. Notes: Dan Kovalik is a law professor and author; his latest book, "No More War," is from Skyhorse Publishing. Chris Finan is executive...


Project Censored - 06.02.20

Mickey's first guest this week is Robin Andersen, who explains the misleading consequences of portraying the coronavirus crisis as a "war;" she and Mickey also review the media treatment of the police murder of George Floyd. Then Eleanor Goldfield returns to the show to describe her new documentary "Hard Road of Hope," a look at the history of labor and environmental-health struggles in West Virginia. Notes: Robin Andersen teaches communications and media studies at Fordham...


Project Censored - 05.20.20

50 years have passed since Ohio National Guard troops opened fire on Kent State University students protesting the Vietnam War. Four students were killed and nine wounded. On this Part II of our two-part Kent-State series, Mickey and his guests reflect on the Kent State massacre's effect on history. Notes: Joel Ies was a labor and antiwar activist in Fresno, CA in 1970. David Ziegler is a filmmaker and the creator of the "Sir, No Sir" documentary. Ira Shor was a...


Project Censored - 05.12.20

50 years have passed since Ohio National Guard troops opened fire on Kent State University students protesting the Vietnam War. Four students were killed and nine wounded. On this week's program, Mickey and his guests review the event and reflect on its impact, then and now. Notes: Peter Kuznick is Professor of History at American University in Washington, DC, and coauthor of The Untold History of the United States. In 1970, he was a Rutgers University student and an...


Project Censored - 05.05.20

This week's program focuses on the media's response to the Coronavirus epidemic. Mickey's first guest, Nicholas Baham, outlines his "Covid Chronicles," a continuing collection of interviews from people around the US -- especially from communities neglected in corporate media -- about how the coronavirus is affecting their lives. In the second half of the program, Anthony Dimaggio explains how big media has been unable to hold Trump to account on the epidemic; he also examines why...


Project Censored - 04.28.20

Historian Peter Kuznick returns to the Project Censored Show to discuss his latest project: working with a team of other scholars and activists to create and publicize a "Covid 19 Solidarity Manifesto." It demands that world governments redirect resources away from war and armaments toward serving the needs of all people, by way of universal health care and education, a basic income for all, and other vital reforms. Notes: Peter Kuznick is Professor of History at...


Project Censored - 04.21.20

For the first half of the program, Andy Lee Roth describes his research indicating that Google and other internet giants are filtering out material from LGBT publications, yet allowing anti-gay hate 'speech.' Then attorney Peter Obstler explains a federal lawsuit against Youtube that he filed on behalf of several gay or lesbian video producers -- a case that might clarify whether internet platforms like Youtube have First Amendment obligations. Andy Lee Roth is Associate Director of...


Project Censored - 04.14.20

Mickey's guest for the hour is media scholar Steve Macek of North Central College in suburban Chicago. Macek also compiled Chapter 2 of Censored 2020, "Media Democracy In Action." He summarizes some of the victories for transparency, press freedom, and worker perspectives that are described in that chapter. Among the organizations and individuals cited are freelance journalist Kathryn Foxhall, transparency campaigner Russ Kick, and...


Project Censored - 04.07.20

Mickey's guest for the full hour is media scholar Victor Pickard of the University of Pennsylvania. They discuss Pickard's latest book, "Democracy Without Journalism?" Pickard describes the dimensions of recent years' precipitous drop in the employment of reporters, and its likely consequences for society. He explains the historical roots of this new crisis, and offers remedies that center on building publicly-supported journalism institutions that aren't coupled to commercial...


Project Censored - 03.31.20

For the first half of the show, Mickey's guest is comedian Lee Camp, host of "Redacted Tonight" on RT Television, and author of the new book, "Bullet Points and Punch Lines." Then Craig Aaron of returns to the show and explains his proposal that Congress fund a fiscal-stimulus plan for US journalism, to begin restoring the nation's depleted corps of local reporters. Notes: Web sites mention on this...


Project Censored - 03.24.20

In the first segment of this week's program, Nolan Higdon and Mickey Huff discuss how the Democratic primaries reflect a struggle for control of the party's future. Then Emil Marmol returns to the show to present some of his evidence that corporate media (especially cable-news hosts) -- instead of providing fair coverage -- have gone to bizarre extremes to try to undermine the Bernie Sanders campaign. Notes: Music-break Information: 1) "Spirits in the Material World"...


Project Censored - 03.18.20

How does the constant presence of smart phones and other digital devices affect the developing brains of young children? Media scholar Mary Rothschild has investigated this question, and offers her surprising conclusions, as well as suggested strategies for parents and teachers to manage children's use of these devices. Mary Rothschild has taught at Fordham and Adelphi Universities, and now offers consultations for parents and educators on managing children's media...


Project Censored - 03.10.20

Political / historical writer David Talbot's latest book is also his first work of biography. Between Heaven and Hell is an account of the stroke he suffered, and its aftermath. This Project Censored Show presents a talk Talbot gave in January 2020 at Copperfield's Books in Petaluma, California. In a candid – yet often humorous – presentation, Talbot describes the 'otherworldly' sensations he experienced, the caregivers he met in a month-long hospitalization, notable moments in his...


Project Censored - 03.05.20

Mickey and Chase host an hour dedicated to climate change, and how the world can move toward a low-emissions economy. This week's guests are climate organizer Robert Manning, nuclear-energy expert Arnie Gundersen, and Andrew Kodama, director of the Mt Diablo Peace & Justice Center. Notes: Web sites mentioned on this program: Music-break Information: 1) "The Resistance" by 2 Cellos 2) "Ride Across...


Project Censored - 02.25.20

Mickey begins the show with a conversation with academic colleague John Corbally; their topic is "Why History Matters." Corbally has just completed a new textbook on 20th Century history, one that endeavors to include the perspectives of third-world nations, and of everyday people, rather than only the deeds of leaders and elites. In the second half-hour, Chase Palmieri rejoins the program as a guest, to offer an update on the latest developments at, a web site that...


Project Censored - 02.11.20

Mickey's first guest, author Rosa del Duca, recounts her personal journey from teenage National Guard recruit to conscientious objector, and the maze that all would-be-COs must navigate. Then Nolan Higdon revisits the show to discuss a new study of corporate-media bias against the Bernie Sanders campaign. Notes: Rosa del Duca is an author and singer-songwriter; her web site is Her book about her National Guard experiences is "Breaking Cadence," from Ooligan...


Project Censored - 02.04.20

As Northern California communities tally the toll of disastrous fires and repeated power shutoffs, Peter Phillips and Tim Ogburn say it's time to replace the investor-owned Pacific Gas & Electric Co. with a public power authority. They say the recent installation of a new board of directors at PG&E won't solve the problems, because the new directors, like their predecessors, represent the global one-percent, not the utility's customers. Notes: Peter Phillips is Professor of...


Project Censored - 01.21.20

Andy Worthington and Kristina Borjesson make return visits to the Project Censored to update listeners on their work. Andy Worthington, a long-time campaigner for the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, shares what he's learned about conditions for the men still locked up there. In the second half of the program, journalist Kristina Borjesson summarizes the turns her career took when her investigative work went beyond what her corporate media employers wanted. She also explains...