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getting to the bottom of things with occasional pontification...

getting to the bottom of things with occasional pontification...


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getting to the bottom of things with occasional pontification...




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Jun 30: Capitalists and Psychopaths!

The Samantha Clemens Show, Saturday mornings at 10 am EDT on AM1510 in Boston, streaming live at This week: Part 1: Commentary and interview with Bill Deresiewicz about the pathology of capitalism (interview begins at about 7:40) Listen now. Part 2: Commentary about right-wing reaction to Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act. Listen now. Are all […]


May 5: “99 to 1” author Chuck Collins!

Part 1: Commentary on jobs 2012-05-05-samantha-clemens-p1-commentary-jobs.mp3 Part 2: Chuck Collins 2012-05-05-samantha-clemens-p2-chuck-collins-99to1.mp3 Part 3: Commentary on inequality 2012-05-05-samantha-clemens-p3-commentary-inequality.mp3 Have you been wondering about how wealth inequality is wrecking the world and what you can do about it? Then you should join Samantha Clemens on The Samantha Clemens Show this Saturday at 10am as she welcomes Chuck Collins of the Institute […]

Apr 21: Shareholders Revolt(ed) against Citibank Exec Pay

Sam commentary: 2012-04-21-samantha-clemens-p1-commentary.mp3 Todd Wallack: 2012-04-21-samantha-clemens-p2-todd-wallack-liberty-mutual.mp3 Paul Dorf: 2012-04-21-samantha-clemens-p3-paul-dorf-exec-comp.mp3 Is a sleeping giant waking up?? “Citigroup’s shareholders recently took advantage of the new “say-on-pay” provisions of the Dodd-Frank law to vote DOWN CEO Vikram Pandit’s $15 million pay package.” Woohoo… And here in Boston, the Liberty Mutual CEO has been under fire for collecting $50...


Apr 7: Chris Mooney on The Republican Brain

On the Samantha Clemens Show, Saturday morning from 10 to 11am, Samantha welcomes Chris Mooney to talk about his new book “The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny the Science — and Reality” 2012-04-17-samantha-clemens-chris-mooney.mp3 From Amazon: Best selling author Chris Mooney uses cutting-edge research to explain the psychology behind why today’s Republicans reject […]


Mar 31: Presidential candidate Governor Buddy Roemer on campaign finance

On the show: Samantha on the Supreme Court hearing on Obamacare 2012-03-31-samantha-clemens.mp3 Presidential candidate Governor Buddy Roemer on why he’s running, why he’s focused on campaign finance reform, and why he’s the best candidate. He recently dropped out of the Republican primary and is now a declared candidate with Americans Elect 2012: 2012-03-31-samantha-clemens-gov-buddy-roemer.mp3 The proposed […]


Mar 24: 99 Problems but this book ain’t one…

2012-03-24-samantha-clemens-chris-faraone.mp3 Chris Faraone joined Samantha to talk about his new book “99 Nights with the 99%,” a compilation of Chris’ articles for The Boston Phoenix and other unpublished material he wrote as he traveled the country late last year from Occupation to Occupation. The discussion ranged from the occupy movement to how down and dirty […]