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The nationally syndicated progressive talk radio and television program hosted by David Pakman


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The nationally syndicated progressive talk radio and television program hosted by David Pakman




5/12/21: Liz Cheney Getting CANCELED by the Anti-Cancel People

--On the Show: --Republicans are poised to cancel fellow Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney because she accepts the 2020 election results --More than 100 Republicans, including former Republican officials, threaten to leave the Republican Party and start a third party --COVID-19 cases plummet 85% in the United States as deaths are down 81%, and vaccinations start to tick back up after a brief lull --The FDA authorized the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for 12-to-15 year olds --Dr. Anthony...


5/11/21: Biden Approval New High, But Unemployment "Free Riders" in Focus

--On the Show: --Jamal Greene, Professor of Constitutional Law at Columbia University and author of "How Rights Went Wrong: Why Our Obsession with Rights Is Tearing America Apart," joins David to discuss rights, freedom, liberty, and much more. Get the book: --President Joe Biden's approval rating climbs further, now to 63%, buoyed by high approval for Biden's handling of the pandemic, and the economy --Donald Trump published six erratic and delusional blogs posts...


5/10/21: National Optimism Grows as Fauci Prepares to Ease Indoor Masking

--On the Show: --The portion of Americans pleased with the general direction of the country has already doubled since the departure of former President Donald Trump --With zero Republican Senate votes in sight for Joe Biden's infrastructure bill, Senator Bernie Sanders says it's time to go ahead and pass the bill without any Republican support --Dr. Anthony Fauci says in an interview that it will soon be time to start easing mask guidelines for many indoor settings --A bizarre interview...


5/7/21: Critical Race Theory Becomes New Front in Cultural Battle

--On the Show: --Despite being absolutely furious about Critical Race Theory, it appears many right-wingers have absolutely no idea what it is --A National Guard soldier is charged for his participation in the January 6 Trump riots in Washington DC --Caller asks David why he does what he does --Caller doesn't know if they should still wear a mask outdoors --Caller talks about media literacy and a Producer Pat OnlyFans --Caller talks about anti-protesting bills --Caller doesn't think...


5/6/21: Closing in on COVID as Biden says LIFT Vaccine Patents

--On the Show: --Cal Newport, Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University and author of several books, including most recently "A World Without Email: Reimagining Work in an Age of Communication Overload," joins David to discuss email and culture. Get the book: --COVID cases and deaths now down more than 80% in the United States with new evidence that current vaccines work well enough on all major coronavirus variants --President Joe Biden announces full...


5/5/21: Vaccination Slowdown Raising Major Issues

--On the Show: --At least 19 are dead in Colombian protests over a pandemic-related tax proposal --Anti-vaccine sentiment has been so damaging to the COVID vaccination effort that President Joe Biden is forced to announce a new strategy --Donald Trump's ban from Facebook has been extended for a least a few months, to be reviewed again in the future --Anti-mask protesters explode at a Yukon, Oklahoma school board meeting, and some are even applauded for their delusional rants --Donald...


5/4/21: Anti-Biden Propaganda Turns Stupider as Antivax Escalates

--On the Show: --Daniel Goleman, author and science journalist, joins David to discuss emotional intelligence, the psychological impacts of the pandemic, meditation, and much more --Facebook will decide whether to allow Donald Trump back onto the platform after his ban of many months --Fox News runs a segment asking whether the American economy is doing so well that Joe Biden is wrong to be doing things economically --Republican Senator Mike Braun devolves into nonsense talking points...


5/3/21: Border Patrol Facilities Empty as Country Most Optimistic in 15 Years

--On the Show: --The number of children at the US border at Border Patrol facilities declines 84% since the previous month --Americans are the most optimistic they have been in the last 15 years --More than 100 colleges enact COVID-19 vaccination requirements, while multiple states "ban" vaccine requirements, which do not apply to colleges, and are causing endless confusion --In a bombshell letter, Matt Gaetz associate Joel Greenberg claims that he and Gaetz, together, paid a minor girl...


4/30/21: Fauci Says No to Tucker, Vaccine Conspiracies Rise Again

--On the Show: --Dr. Anthony Fauci rejects Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson's bogus claims about masks --Don Wagner, a Republican elected official from Orange Country, California, asks a doctor during a hearing whether COVID-19 vaccines contain a tracking device that is injected into vaccine recipients --Caller wonders how long it will take to get the world vaccinated --Caller thinks there should be more than one minimum wage --Caller suspects Joe Biden is benefiting off of low...


4/29/21: Biden Speaks, Republicans Barely Listen

--On the Show: --Ann Neumann, author, columnist, and visiting scholar at The Center for Religion and Media at New York University, joins David to discuss Operation Warp Speed, the global vaccination effort, and who "owns" the COVID vaccines --President Joe Biden delivers his first speech before a joint session of Congress, and makes it a policy-heavy speech with numerous specific proposals --Republicans and right wing media are highly triggered by President Joe Biden's first speech before...


4/28/21: Masks Coming Off (Outside) As Biden Proposes Package

--On the Show: --COVID-19 cases are finally declining again in the United States, although globally they continue to ravage multiple countries --The United States' popularity has immediately surged after the departure of Donald Trump and inauguration of Joe Biden as President --The CDC and Joe Biden announce an easing of mask guidelines, which no longer need to be worn outdoors by vaccinated people in most situations --Joe Biden shuts down NBC News reporter Peter Alexander for asking a...


4/27/21: Biden's 1st Hundred Days Graded

--On the Show: --Mike Rinder, former Senior Executive of the Church of Scientology and the Sea Organization, joins David to discuss his time in the leadership organization of the Scientology cult --Evaluating Joe Biden's 100-day promises against his actual accomplishments --Joe Biden has the best first 100-day stock market performance of any President in 75 years, dating back to the World War II era --Are we seeing the death of so-called "fiscal conservatism?" --Radical former...


4/26/21: Fake Biden Scandals Spread as Approval Remains High

--On the Show: --The country of India is collapsing under the coronavirus pandemic, with skyrocketing cases and deaths and a lack of oxygen in many parts of the country --Europe will start to allow vaccinated American travelers into Europe sometime this summer --A new report finds that Donald Trump's administration blocked Puerto Rico from receiving much of the Hurricane Maria aid that was supposed to be sent --False rumors spread that Joe Biden plans to ban or severely limit steak and...


4/23/21: People Climbing Over Trump's Wall as Scams Continue

--On the Show: --Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn has announced they are dramatically scaling back a project for a factory in Wisconsin after being treated with huge fanfare in the Trump White House --People are using $5 ladders to scale Trump's southern border wall --Caller talks about systemic racism and police brutality --Caller wants to change their parents' minds on the police --Caller is shocked by the right-wing reaction to the Derek Chauvin verdict --Caller has a friend who is...


4/22/21: Vaccine Slowdown, Employment Rebound

--On the Show: --Damon Centola, Professor of Communication, Sociology, and Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania and author of the book "Change: How to Make Big Things Happen," joins David to discuss myths and realities about achieving social change. Get the book: --Vaccinations start to slow down as supply exceeds demand in some parts of the United States due to anti-vaccine sentiment --New unemployment claims drop to a pandemic low, coming in lower than...


4/21/21: Derek Chauvin Guilty on All Counts, Right-Wing Media Melts Down

--On the Show: --Former police officer Derek Chauvin is found guilty on all three counts for his killing of George Floyd and now faces more than 40 years in prison --The Derek Chauvin guilty verdicts are accountability, but they are not the end of racism in America, just as Barack Obama's presidency did not end racism --Right-wing pseudo-intellectual Candace Owens is absolutely off the rails in response to the Derek Chauvin guilty verdict in the killing of George Floyd --Right-wing media...


4/20/21: Full Vaccine Eligibility as Chauvin Case Goes to Jury

--On the Show: --Joseph Westphal, former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and Senior Fellow at the Wharton Leadership Program at the University of Pennsylvania, joins David to discuss the rise of Mohammed bin Salman in Saudi Arabia, the history of US-Saudi relations, and much more --As of April 19, every American adult is eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine --Attorney Eric Nelson, representing former police officer Derek Chauvin, charged in the killing of George Floyd, delivers a bizarre,...


4/19/21: Vaccination AND Anti-Vax Both Accelerating

--On the Show: --A new report from the Treasury Department confirms more Trump Russia entanglements, further destroying the notion of a "Russiagate hoax" perpetuated by some --Dr. Anthony Fauci destroys the hypocrisy of "paradoxical" Republicans who want to end the pandemic, but don't want to get vaccinated and refuse to wear masks, which would speed up ending the pandemic --The Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine is expected to resume usage later this week after a pause over 7 cases of...


4/16/21: Republicans Refuse Vaccines as Democrats Try to Pack the Court

--On the Show: --A new Monmouth University poll finds that 43% of Republicans don't want a COVID vaccine, whereas only 5% of Democrats and 22% of independents will refuse the vaccine --House Democrats are working on a bill that would expand the Supreme Court by four seats to a total of thirteen --Caller talks about media literacy and fixing stupidity --Caller debates David on the cost of Joe Biden's programs and the national debt --Caller discusses reasonable gun control...


4/15/21: Jobless Claims Way Down While Vaccine Disinfo Still Spreads

--On the Show: --Catherine Liu, Professor at the University of California, Irvine and author of the book "Virtue Hoarders: The Case Against the Professional Managerial Class," joins David to discuss the managerial class and whether it stands in the way of social justice and economic redistribution. Get the book: --New weekly jobless claims hit another pandemic low, with the stock market reaching record intra-day highs as retail sales dramatically increase --A Fox...