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The nationally syndicated progressive talk radio and television program hosted by David Pakman


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The nationally syndicated progressive talk radio and television program hosted by David Pakman



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3/3/21: Vaccines for All Promised by May as Radicals Stay Radical

--On the Show: --President Joe Biden advances the COVID vaccine timeline, promising enough vaccines for every American by the end of May 2021 --Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott announces the end of COVID guidelines, that all businesses can open at full capacity, and ends the state mask mandate --Joe Biden's nominee for running the Office of Budget and Management, Neera Tanden, withdraws her nomination after it becomes clear she would not get confirmed by the Senate --It is revealed...


3/2/21: Cancel Culture the New Obsession, COVID Cases Continue Down

--On the Show: --Michael Moss, New York Times bestselling author, joins David to discuss his latest book, "Hooked: Food, Free Will, and How the Food Giants Exploit Our Addictions." Get the book: --COVID cases are down 73% from their peak, deaths are down 42%, and nearly 7 million vaccinations were done in three days --Cancel culture is the latest ruse from the right to attack the left and try to regain a foothold in American politics --Right wing media and...


3/1/21: Trump Back at CPAC, Biden Bombs Syria

--On the Show: --Joe Biden launches air strikes against Syria, reportedly in response to attacks against American troops in Iraq, and at roughly the same time, it appears the $15 minimum wage will be removed from the COVID relief bill --Republicans launch 253 voter suppression bills across the country, realizing they didn't suppress enough votes in the 2020 election --Donald Trump delivers a delusional first speech since leaving office to close out the 2021 Conservative Political Action...


2/26/21: A Really Bad Day for Ted Cruz & Marjorie Taylor Greene

--On the Show: --Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz's approval rating collapses by more than twenty points among Republican voters after the Cancun fiasco --It is revealed that a close ally of radical Trumpian Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene actually participated in the January 6 Trump riots in Washington DC --Caller asks how a country gets beyond propaganda --Caller wonders whether Donald Trump will announce a 2024 presidential run at CPAC this weekend --Caller suspects...


2/25/21: Cuomo's New York Scandal, Missing COVID Relief Bill

--On the Show: --Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA) joins David to discuss the COVID relief bill, Joe Biden's accomplishments so far, radical Republican members of Congress, firearms at the Capitol, and much more --A full review of the Andrew Cuomo scandal, including the allegations about COVID deaths, sexual harassment, bullying of employees, and more --75% of the country supports Joe Biden's COVID relief bill, but it's still not clear when it will pass --Notable discussions from the David...


2/24/21: COVID Cases Leveling, Or Not?

--On the Show: --Coronavirus cases are now down 72% from their peak, while deaths are down 38%, but we've seen a leveling off in the last few days, possibly due to reporting inconsistencies as a result of bad weather in some states --David confronts an anti-vaxxer who emailed into the show, and it doesn't go very well --According to the latest poll from the Economist/YouGov, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are the most liked national politicians in the United States --Republican Senator Ted...


2/23/21: Green New Deal Becomes the Scapegoat

--On the Show: --Chris Smalls, former Amazon employee who has become a leader of the e-commerce labor rights movement, joins David to discuss his activism, time working at Amazon, and much more --Vaccine alarmism from those in favor of vaccines is counterproductive and holding down interest in receiving vaccinations, and it should stop right away --Republicans, including Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz, continue to blame the Green New Deal, which hasn't been passed or made law, for the...


2/22/21: Texas Recovering, No Thanks to Ted Cruz

--On the Show: --Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Beto O'Rourke, and other Democrats spend their weekends fundraising for and offering relief to victims of the Texas storms and power outages, doing Senator Ted Cruz's job far better than he has --Joe Biden's biggest broken promise so far is his failure to stop immigration removals and deportations --Fox News' coverage of the Ted Cruz Texas/Cancun fiasco is beyond parody, including whataboutism, misdirection, lies, and more --Ted...


2/19/21: Is Texas Approaching a Failed State?

--On the Show: --Beto O'Rourke declares Texas "almost a failed state" in light of the total mismanagement of its energy grid related to the recent power outages --Donald Trump returns to Fox News for his first prime time post-presidency interview with Sean Hannity --Caller discusses prejudice against Asian people over coronavirus --Caller from Denmark asks about voting rights in the United States --Caller discusses Bernie Sanders's "Raise the Wage Act of 2021" --Caller didn't want to...


2/18/21: Republican Disasters Blamed on Dems as Trump Returns to TV

--On the Show: --Chris Smalls, former Amazon employee who has become a leader of the e-commerce labor rights movement joins David to discuss his experience at Amazon and his current activism efforts --Disasters in Republican strongholds continue to be blamed on Democrats, most recently the power outage disaster in Texas --Former Republican Governor Rick Perry volunteers Texans to keep having no power in exchange for keeping the federal government out of their energy market --Republican...


2/17/21: Power Outages Becomes Propaganda Nexus

--On the Show: --Many Republicans, including Tucker Carlson, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, and others, falsely claim that the Texas power outages are a direct result of Texas being too reliant on "unreliable" wind power --Texas officials knew that their power grid was vulnerable and at risk for at least a decade and refused to do anything about it --Republican Senator from Texas Ted Cruz is exposed as a hypocrite once again on the issue of federal disaster relief funding in the wake of the...


2/16/21: COVID Trends Down as Border Wall Funding Cut

--On the Show: --Ariel Rubinstein, Professor of Economics at Tel Aviv University and New York University, joins David to discuss game theory, real-world incentives, rationality, and much more --Coronavirus cases are now down 64% from their peak on January 11th, deaths have started to come down, and the US vaccinated a record 2.2 million people on each of two consecutive days in the last week --Joe Biden cancels Donald Trump's funding for the US-Mexico border wall, a project which never...


2/15/21: Trump Acquitted AGAIN, Time for COVID Relief

--On the Show: --Moments after voting not guilty in Donald Trump's second impeachment trial, Senate Minority Leader Republican Mitch McConnell gives a perfect speech explaining why Trump is guilty --One of Donald Trump's impeachment lawyers, Michael Van Der Veen, is instantly triggered by Senator Bernie Sanders asking whether Donald Trump did lie about having won the 2020 presidential election --It's time to pass the COVID relief bill immediately, and now that Donald Trump's second...


2/12/21: Future of GOP in Question as Biden Approval Soars

--On the Show: --100 anti-Trump conservatives are plotting a possible breakaway party to separate from the Republican Party --A new study reveals that 40% of COVID deaths during Donald Trump's presidency could have been avoided with better policy --Joe Biden's initial approval of 62% is the highest for any President in the last 28 years --Caller asks about right-wing media in the post-Trump era --Caller is worried Joe Biden will die in office --Caller talks about left-wing dog...


2/11/21: Sleepy Republicans Sit Through Trump Impeachment Trial

--On the Show: --Michael Kinch, Associate Vice Chancellor at Washington University in St Louis, and author of "Between Hope and Fear," joins David to discuss the history of vaccines and anti-vaccine movements. Get the book: --Republican Senators slept, played video games, read, and even left the Senate chamber during the second day of Donald Trump's second impeachment trial --Donald Trump is under criminal investigation in the state of Georgia for his phone call...


2/10/21: Impeachment Day 1 an Embarrassment as Biden Moves Forward

--On the Show: --John Mark Hansen, Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago, joins David to discuss what it would actually take to steal an American Presidential election --The first day of former President Donald Trump's second impeachment trial showcases a performance so humiliating by Trump's lawyer Bruce Castor that Trump was furious and even Fox News propagandist Sean Hannity criticized it --A man charged for his role in the January 6 Trump riots has held a top...


2/9/21: Impeachment #2 Starts as COVID Cases Collapse

--On the Show: --COVID-19 cases are down 56% from their average peak on January 11th, deaths start coming down, and the US does 2 million vaccinations per day each day this past weekend --Donald Trump's second impeachment trial starts, and Donald Trump should be unanimously convicted, but he will be acquitted again --Donald Trump sends a deranged letter about his impeachment, claiming he cannot be tried because he is now a private citizen --Donald Trump's lawyers will make the case that...


2/8/21: How Far Will Republicans Go?

--On the Show: --President Joe Biden's approval rating is higher in Texas than that of Texas' own Republican Governor Greg Abbott --Joe Biden will ban Donald Trump from continuing to receive intelligence briefings, a courtesy afforded to former Presidents --Donald Trump's Republican Party has become nothing more than performative outrage over misunderstandings or imaginary controversies --White House reporters continue to insist on asking failed gotcha questions rather than serious...


2/5/21: Romney Comes to the Table, But Is Stimulus Closer?

--On the Show: --Donald Trump has been writing out insults from his Mar-a-Lago residence and asking aides to tweet them --Republican Senator Mitt Romney introduces a bill to provide $3,000 to $4,200 per child as part of a coronavirus stimulus effort --Caller discusses Joe Biden's willingness to work with Republicans --Caller doesn't like virtue signaling --Caller warns about Joe Biden thinking Republicans will work with him --Caller wants states to make a push for Medicare for...


2/4/21: They Don't Know What To Do About Biden

--On the Show: --Thom Hartmann, progressive radio host joins David to discuss his new book "The Hidden History of American Oligarchy: Reclaiming Our Democracy from the Ruling Class." Get the book: --Fox News host Maria Bartiromo and former Donald Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow suggest that Joe Biden's dementia may be so serious that he doesn't understand the Executive Orders he's signing and that Susan Rice might actually be a shadow President --Joe Biden's...