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A news and public affairs program about Wyoming and the West.

A news and public affairs program about Wyoming and the West.


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Wyoming PR


A news and public affairs program about Wyoming and the West.




Open Spaces May 7, 2021

On this episode, vaccine hesitancy is high in Wyoming and Natrona County. That has meant a huge surplus in shots. Wyoming State Superintendent Jillian Balow is pushing back on a federal proposal that seeks to include more diverse sources and perspectives in history and civics classes. And we remember the famous artist Neltjie. Those stories and more.


Open Spaces April 23, 2021

On this episode, we will look at how COVID-19 impacted Wyoming over the last year. Many say that health orders went too far and harmed many businesses, but others say the state health officer helped the state. COVID-19 has brought public health employees into the spotlight, and they are getting burned out by the amount of work and verbal abuse. Nonprofits across Wyoming have been impacted by COVID-19. Now it's time for them to move forward. Those stories and more.


Open Spaces April 16, 2021

On this episode, Wyoming has invested a lot of time trying to find ways to save the coal industry. Many years ago that let to the state embracing a technology called carbon capture. Wyoming Public Radio's Cooper McKim has developed a podcast looking at the effort. We will bring you one of those episodes and learn why former Governor Dave Freudenthal latched onto the idea many years ago. Also we remember a Wyoming father of five who died of COVID-19.


Open Spaces April 9, 2021

On this episode, the Wyoming Legislature faces an interesting future following a session that saw $430 million in budget cuts. We will also review legislative activities impacting education and local government. The wide open spaces of the west used to be viewed as a stronghold for butterflies. But new research calls that role into question. Snow may still be falling in certain parts of the Mountain West, but there's one sure sign that the seasons have changed: the spring bird migration....


Open Spaces April 2, 2021

On this episode, Catherine Wheeler will join Bob Beck to discuss the happenings from the Wyoming legislative session. Cuts to arts teachers has some in Cody concerned. In Wyoming, agriculture is a way of life. But climate change is threatening one of its most important resources. Those stories and more.


Open Spaces March 19, 2021

On this episode, the pandemic has shone a light on the capacity of meat packing facilities in Wyoming. Potentially propelling state and federal money towards the industry that has not been seen for awhile. American politics are as polarized as it has ever been. But at least one issue appears to be a growing exception to that. Sorting fact from fiction is proving difficult as Albany County debates wind development. And the Wyoming Cowgirls won the Mountain West tournament championship and are...


Open Spaces March 12, 2021

On this episode, Wyoming lawmakers are pushing back against the public health orders issued in the last year. The Wyoming legislature is considering a voter identification bill. A taxpayer-funded study gives a grim forecast of the economic impacts of Biden's climate plans relating to oil and gas. A new investigation between Wyoming Public Radio and The Guardian uncover an important detail. Those stories and more.


Open Spaces March 5, 2021

On this episode, usually segregation in school is something you heard about in the south. But it turns out Wyoming had segregated schools as well. The son of late Japanese artist, Paul Horiuchi, shares how his father used art to stay resilient under challenging times. And we will bring you an episode from our popular podcast The Modern West about a ghost town that died for a troubling reason.


Open Spaces February 26, 2021

On this episode, we speak with Governor Mark Gordon and one topic we talk about, what to do about education funding. Speaking of education, Deb Haaland's confirmation hearings were must-see TV for many young Indigenous people. The Powell School District is dealing with an influx of special education students. The administration is concerned about how to deal with this in influx in the future. Join us for these stories and more.


Open Spaces February 12, 2021

On this epsiode, today legislators will consider cutting education funding this session, possibly by 100 million dollars. But not everyone agrees. Meanwhile, Wyoming's School funding debates bring up conversations about the place of extracurriculars in budget cuts. The pandemic has complicated efforts to revitalize Indigenous languages. But the move to online learning has opened doors for far-flung tribal citizens. Those stories and more.


Open Spaces February 5, 2021

On this episode, Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney survived an attempt to remove her from House Leadership and she says she's now focused on the future. Wyoming businesses received more than a billion dollars in government aid to weather the pandemic. But it was still a difficult time for many small businesses. Plus conversations with the state health officer about vaccines and State Superintendent Jillian Balow about how budget cuts could impact education. Those stories and more.


Open Spaces January 15, 2021

Today on the show we will hear from one of many Public Health Officers who've received pushback during the pandemic. The pandemic has also left many women out of work, at a time when the recession continues a downward trend. But some good is coming from it. In Sheridan, an anonymous baker is leaving freshly baked loaves of bread on strangers' doorsteps. And a research scientist decided to provide a human perspective to the mule deer's season migration -- by running the 92 mile route. Those...


Open Spaces January 8, 2021

The COVID-19 vaccine has been touted as the light at the end of the tunnel for the pandemic. But the rollout has been slow including here in Wyoming. And some think that's because there have been no federal guidelines. As Wyoming was distributing CARES Act funding, the issue of rental assistance wasn't properly addressed. The federal government unexpectedly signed off on unprecedented support for carbon capture technology. Wyoming hopes it will save coal. Plus our Washington reporter tells...


Open Spaces December 18, 2020

On this episode, we'll take a look at how funeral homes in the state have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. U.S. Senator Mike Enzi is finishing up his time in Washington. The festival of lights, better known as Hanukkah is upon us. We speak to a religious studies professor about the holiday's special meaning this year. And people prepare to spend Christmas alone. Those stories and more.


Open Spaces December 11, 2020

On this episode, in Wyoming man are anxious to see if the Biden administration will keep true to its word and limit energy extraction on public land. School districts across are facing substitute teaching shortages. And we visit with a former reporter who's involved in a trial for a COVID vaccine. Those stories and more.


Open Spaces December 4, 2020

On this episode, we will speak with the state health officer about growing numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths. It turns out there may be at least one positive that comes out of the pandemic, access to telehealth in rural areas. And we will learn about a new form of poetry that was invented with the help of a Wyoming poet. Those stories and more.


Open Spaces November 27, 2020

Hospitals are filling up with COVID-19 patients across the Mountain West, and some are leaning on neighboring states to help. This may frustrate some, but others think nation-wide cooperation will be key going forward. Finding the perfect guide this holiday season is that much more complicated if you want to shop local or in person. One of our communities has found a way to help people know which businesses are doing what to keep customers and employees safe. And we will speak with a younger...


Open Spaces November 20, 2020

On this episode, COVID-19 numbers are skyrocketing in Wyoming and hospitals are facing an unprecedented demand for their services, as cases, hospitalizations and the need for care continue to skyrocket. As COVID-19 surges, Campbell County is feeling some of the effects of a high spike in cases. We take a look at why public health officials are asking people to follow social distance guidelines whether they have COVID-19 or if they may have been exposed to it. Those stories and more.


Open Spaces November 6, 2020

On this episode, a series of stories about race. Teton County finds a solution to a problem that they didn't know existed until the pandemic hit. The University of Wyoming wants to be more diverse but ongoing racism makes that hard. There were once multiple Chinatowns in Wyoming. But today, they're buried underground along with much of the history of Chinese heritage in the state. Those stories and more.


Open Spaces October 30, 2020

On this episode, the University of Wyoming has unveiled its proposal for steep budget cuts. Businesses across Wyoming face difficult decisions when an employee tests positive. As the pandemic heats up, many business owners are worried for their survival. An expert in energy law talks about what a Biden versus Trump presidency would mean for coal. Also a couple of stories on the election. Those stories and more.