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Episode 10 : The Capture

Tara Bay checks in after a harrowing ordeal that lasted a few weeks. From being taken into police protection to going into full witness protection, Tara tries to keep you in the loop on everything that's happened with some major breaks in the case of The Scientist.


Tara Bay checks in

Tara Bay was able to upload some final thoughts prior to entering police custody. We should have a larger update for you next week.


Michael Madera Checks In

Michael Madera updates us on breaking developments. Tara Bay has been taken into protective custody.


Episode 9: The Rebirth

Hey listeners. Tara here. I'm updating the feed on my own today due to some... let's say legal logistics with the station. Not sure how long they'll leave this up, so download it quick and tell your friends. There was an incident with Dusty during our phone interview. Our legal team probably won't want this aired, but I think it's important.


Episode 8: The Trial

Charlene "Dusty" Fowler, AKA Jane Doe, has her first interview with Tara Bay since becoming a free woman. Tara wants to explore how she's adapting to life on the outside, and to give Dusty the chance to talk about important things she discovered while a prisoner of the serial killer known as the Scientist.


Episode 7: The Death of Jane Doe

Host Tara Bay is back, detailing the harrowing final days of Jane Doe in the underground killing facility. We search for clues left behind by the final victims, and stay with Jane Doe as she finally breaks under the pressure of The Scientist. A warning to sensitive listeners - this episode contains explicit audio from one of the Scientist's final murders.


An Update on Jane Doe's Case

There have been some delays in Jane Doe's journey to freedom. Some legal proceedings have been delayed due to winter weather and the holiday season, but we anticipate that Jane Doe should be a free woman sometime in the New Year. Tara Bay gives you a small update on the case.


Episode 6: The Reunion

Host Tara Bay examines the days following Jane Doe's failed escape attempt from the serial killer known as the Scientist. Jane had resigned herself to die in the facility, and tried to subtly convince the Scientist to end her life. Instead, he took her down an even darker path, until she found the one line he wouldn't forgive her for crossing. Jane discovers a way to break the Scientist's hold on her - but would he end her life, or abandon her to fate?


Holiday Break

The staff of Plainview Public Radio is getting some much needed time off. Producer Michael Madera drops in with a quick note on the show and a promise that in two weeks, we're back on track until Jane Doe is a free woman. Thank you for listening and have a safe and happy holiday.


Episode 5: The Escape

Host Tara Bay reveals her first jailhouse interview with Jane Doe from her days starting with the innocence Coalition. Jane discusses her life in captivity. The discussion turns to the night she tried to escape from the serial killer known as the Scientist. Audio from that night is presented alongside Jane's firsthand account as she finally manages to break free, however briefly, from a madman.


Episode 4: The Helper

Host Tara Bay details the night that a young man named Frankie Zuniga was dragged into the Scientist's world. Frankie was convinced he was helping Jane Doe get sober. Jane was brainwashed into helping the Scientist kill Frankie. You'll hear excerpts from actual audio journals recorded by the Scientist as well as interviews Jane Doe gave to Colorado state investigators. With Jane Doe getting closer to attaining freedom, we take you back to the day she first sealed her fate.


Episode 3: The Observer

Host Tara Bay explores Jane Doe's abduction and transport from Illinois to Colorado. Piecing together records and journals, you'll hear how the killer known as the Scientist slowly groomed her as they traveled, erasing her personality and breaking her spirit. You'll also hear recordings of her first encounter with Frankie Zuniga, the young man she would eventually help murder.


Episode 2: The Taking

Host Tara Bay walks you through the night of Jane Doe's abduction before a chance encounter at a college bar brings her into the clutches of a killer. You'll hear from those who last saw her, and hear excerpts from her journals detailing her terrifying first encounter with the serial killer known as The Scientist.


Episode 1: The Discovery

Host Tara Bay introduces you to Jane Doe, the subject of Larkspur Underground. In late January 2014, Jane’s body was discovered alone with almost a dozen other murder victims in an underground killing complex outside the tiny town of Larkspur, Colorado. When police started to remove her body from the facility, they were startled to discover she was still alive. She was clinging to life and unable to communicate. Jane was airlifted to Denver for urgent medical care, where she remained in a...


Larkspur Underground - Trailer

Larkspur Underground investigates the mystery surrounding Jane Doe, the only known survivor of a brutal serial killer. Join host Tara Bay as she examines Jane's life, how she came to be trapped by a madman, and the quest for justice that continues today.