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News from the City of Accidental Wonders






Ep. 034a – CreedCast #3

Sandrel has been given the run of the Underground’s data system, since no one seems to be able to stop zir. Ze takes a look at the architecture of the Glitchbuster GO! game servers, the patterns of the Nibirite ley stones set up throughout the City, and the colossal structure… Continue reading


Ep. 034 – Greymind

Glenn is out of Greyspace and back on the air, but he’s got lots and lots of bad news. He may not be doing the broadcast much longer, and the future of the Underground does not look good. Also, more from Sandrel Creed. Make them remember you! — Glenn SevenFiftyFive: Michael… Continue reading


Ep. 033a – CreedCast #2

The Underground’s feed is once again interrupted for the opinions and observations of Sandrel Creed – but ze is interrupted by yet another voice from zir own past. Also, “Bloodmoon Fury.” Please survive and flourish! •∂∆∑£ª¶¡ — Sandrel Creed: Zirself — Grodan Rix: Itself — Narrator: Maya Kralovna — Episode Thirty-three-a,… Continue reading


Ep. 033 – Greyspace

Sandrel Creed’s information was correct, and the Underground has recovered some emergency “breadcrumb” data recorders from Glenn SevenFiftyFive. Doesn’t look like they will be much help finding him… Plus, Prime Cybercaster Surrus MacAllen is not a very nice man. Resist the invaders! Keep your story straight! — Glenn SevenFiftyFive: Michael O’Brien —… Continue reading


Ep. 032a – CreedCast #1

The Managlitch City Underground has a guest on Zed-Frequency 23.08, whether they like it or not. Who is Sandrel Creed? •∂∆∑£ª¶¡ Resist the invaders! Keep your story straight! • Sandrel Creed: Zirself • Narrator: Michael O’Brien • Episode Thirty-two-a, “CreedCast #1”, was written by Michael O’Brien and script-edited by Maya Kralovna. Our… Continue reading


Ep. 032 – Extended Range

The ether waves are crowded with news, rumor, and blatant falsehood about the future of Managlitch City, but Glenn SevenFiftyFive has an open period to tell you the very latest. The City may have allies it never expected, and ordinary citizens are taking up arms to join in. Plus, Avrela… Continue reading


Ep. 031 – “The Magicks of Castle Dogforts”

—– Recorded Live at PotterVerse 2017 —– Glenn SevenFiftyFive is on the track of important war intelligence! Until he can broadcast, here is another audio-only recording of one of the Lost Episodes of space opera “Captain Shadow” – and this one has a magical twist! Stay out of Banelight! Resist the invaders! Keep your… Continue reading


Ep. 030 – Banelight

Your patience has been rewarded, cohorts. After a delay with no open periods, Glenn SevenFiftyFive is back on the air. The war is not going well – though both sides are scoring odd victories. In addition, a new planet-wide glitch has changed the look of Managlitch City, and fighting violent… Continue reading


Ep. 029 – Fury From the Fog

The City is at war! The malevolent tentacled Chosen have invaded from an Indecision zone in south Managlitch, and the armed forces of the Ministry of Order can do no more at the moment than slow down this surprise attack. One of the mysterious Catfolk calls into the show with a… Continue reading


Ep. 028 – Shots Fired

The demonstrations in the streets of Managlitch turn ugly, and no one can quiet them. Terrorists strike at a proud new building in the heart of downtown, but do we truly know who’s to blame? On that note, Glenn SevenFiftyFive gets some startling news from an old acquaintance. Fight the monsters. Save… Continue reading


Ep. 027 – Shockwaves

Angry crowds demonstrating against Primus MacAllen. Rock formations moving in the South Continent Mangle. Chosen appearing in the streets of Managlitch. But Princess Swiftstorm is coming back soon, and we can all look forward to a peaceful resolution to all this unrest. … right? Right? Right. Stay strong, cohorts. • Glenn… Continue reading


Ep. 026 – Holiday Special

Happy Sunbottom’s Eve! Back home once more, Glenn SevenFiftyFive wraps up the year 716 with a quick review of the good and the bad from the last twelve months as the sun goes low in the sky. Hope for a better 717 comes when least looked-for; and we give a shoutout to… Continue reading


Ep. 025 – Cat House

Glenn SevenFiftyFive is safe, and no one is more surprised than he. Now he knows exactly what’s been hiding inside the Indecision fogs spotting the City, and has a plan to get back home with help from unexpected friends. Also, the scoop on what’s sure to be Managlitch’s latest fashion craze!… Continue reading


Ep. 024 – Black Fog

Thanks to the Miracle of Technomagic, Glenn SevenFiftyFive is able to send us some messages from the first glitchers’ expedition into the foggy darkness of Indecision. The natives may not be friendly! Luckily, the expedition is assisted by a surprising ally – if that’s the right word. Keep your scryPhones and… Continue reading


Ep. 023 – Unexpected Choices

—– Recorded Live at Intervention 7 —– Glenn SevenFiftyFive is AWOL. But the Underground has unearthed a totally-not-bootleg recording of one of the Lost Episodes of space opera “Captain Shadow”, and presents the episode to their listeners for the first time in decades! And, uh… let us know if you hear from Glenn, okay? •… Continue reading


Ep. 022 – Glitchlings

Managlitch is haunted by its barely-remembered missing citizens. Plus: at least one of the City’s wonders has also gone missing, Primus MacAllen has some new construction plans, and a popular mobile game is working again – when it shouldn’t be. Time for more praxinoterasol. • Glenn SevenFiftyFive: Michael O’Brien • Narrator: Maya Kralovna • Episode Twenty-Two,… Continue reading


Ep. 021 – Revision

Season Two begins! The incredible techno-magical spell cast by MacAllen has changed Managlitch drastically. Up to four million glitchers have disappeared, and not everyone who remains realizes they are gone. There’s barely controlled chaos across the City, impenetrable zones of darkness, and Glenn’s invited to a conspiracy. • Glenn SevenFiftyFive: Michael O’Brien… Continue reading


Ep. 020 – Operation Overwriter

Season Finale! The Royal Family is missing after a demonic attack on the Palace, and Prime Cybercaster MacAllen calls a press conference to answer some questions Glenn SevenFiftyFive never expected to ask. Guest starring Mako Allen as MacAllen, Kara Dennison as Artema Sable, and Lisa Thivierge as Mistress Messiér. • Glenn… Continue reading


Ep. 019a – Interference Pattern

The ether around Managlitch City is saturated with distortion and chaotic auras, making broadcasting from the Underground impossible at worst and very weird at best. Or perhaps we have that backwards… puzzles abound. • Glenn SevenFiftyFive: Michael O’Brien • Narrator: Maya Kralovna • Episode Nineteen-A, “Interference Pattern”, was written by Michael O’Brien and… Continue reading


Ep. 019 – Existence Failure

Glenn and friends do some science by shooting things with lasers! Just like the Glitchbusters, except without the merchandise endorsements. Carefully controlled mayhem ensues. and a theory becomes terrifyingly real. Meow, meow-meow, prrrrt hhff. Guest starring April Walters as Avrela Singer, and Lisa Thivierge as Mistress Messiér. • Glenn SevenFiftyFive: Michael O’Brien • Narrator:… Continue reading