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Full cast audio drama productions from the award winning Wireless Theatre Company. Look for our other podcasts, or see our full catalogue at wirelesstheatrecompany.co.uk

Full cast audio drama productions from the award winning Wireless Theatre Company. Look for our other podcasts, or see our full catalogue at wirelesstheatrecompany.co.uk


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Full cast audio drama productions from the award winning Wireless Theatre Company. Look for our other podcasts, or see our full catalogue at wirelesstheatrecompany.co.uk




1101 Wellington Way

1101 Wellington Way. New audio drama from Vivian Lermond. A nosey neighbour and a watermain burst brings an unpleasant revelation for the new tenant at Wellington Way in this new play by Vivian Lermond. Performed by Glen Dickson, Karen Fraser and Titch McClean 1101 Wellington Way by Vivian Lermond Vivian is an award-winning playwright who has penned more than 100 plays and monologues that have entertained audiences in the US, Mexico, England, Scotland, Canada and Australia. Her full...



Cake, an audio drama starring Maggie Turner. 73-year-old retired Betty was absolutely overjoyed when she recently became employed as a taste-tester at The Marigold Meadow Organic and Gluten Free Bakery, after answering an advertisement in the Hillingdon Recorder. However, a couple of weeks ago she was given some news that will change everything… MAGGIE TURNER IN CAKE Written, Directed & Produced by Simon James Collier, Evcol Entertainment Music & Soundscape Design: Zachary...


The Benjamin Peel Collection

Three audio dramas from Benjamin Peel; in turns funny, light hearted, dark and gently satirical. The Packsaddle Librarian In depression era America, a scheme was set up to deliver books on horseback to isolated remote families of the Appalachia region. A young woman recounts her very first house call to her horse Betsy Girl. The Interrogator A seasoned inquisitor tries every trick he knows to extract a confession and ‘turn’ his prisoner. A psychological battle of wits ensues. Retired...


Ground Up

October 2019: environmental protests are erupting all across London. Extinction Rebellion protesters have blocked roads, glued themselves to aeroplanes and banks, and taken over Trafalgar Square. But this isn’t a story about XR. Scattered by movement through and around the protests, five objects go unseen on the city streets, and each has a story to tell. These unexpected narrators share very different perspectives, looking from the ground up. Looking from the angle of disposable things;...


DELETE Episode 2

Sue's latest relationship takes a nasty turn, and as Tanya struggles to stay clean, Patricia wants to change the world... but it’s not the 60s anymore and the rules are different online. A funny, poignant and ultimately shocking play about an unlikely friendship between three women in a world saturated in online abuse, sexual violence and addiction. "DELETE" Written by Nina Millns Tanya… Saffron Coomber Patricia / (Agnes) Illona Linthwaite Sue… Balvinder Sopal Arthur… Nick...


DELETE Episode 1

DELETE Audio Drama by Nina Millns DELETE is a play about women, friendship and the Internet. Tanya needs to serve her community sentence by teaching Patricia how to use the internet. Sue is Tanya’s parole officer, and she’s dating. Mostly men with beards. A funny, poignant and ultimately shocking play about an unlikely friendship between three women in a world saturated in online abuse, sexual violence and addiction. A funny, poignant and ultimately shocking audio play about an unlikely...


The Kiss

The Kiss is the story of the first interracial kiss on television, between Star Trek’s William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols. Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura defy orders from studio executives and become the first inter-racial couple to kiss on an American TV series. Recorded live at The Pleasance King Dome (fluffs and all!) as part of the Wireless Theatre ‘Couples Who Changed The World’ season at Edinburgh Festival 2014. The Kiss examines a point in history when racial tensions in America...


The Ceremony

On a quiet coast lies the seagulls, a distressed ship and the home of lonely lady and her gardener. Then the quiet is broken by the doorbell, the peace shattered by the past. Starring: Jack Bowman, Jenny Runacre and Anthony Sergeant, Directed By: Prunella Scales Written By: Anthony Sergeant, Edited By: Jeff Moreno, Directed By: Prunella Scales, Music By: Daniel Brett


Turning the Tide

Ever since he was young, Larry has tried to avoid confrontation. Recently widowed, he tries to be a good father to his son Toby. When Toby is suspended from school for fighting a bully Larry faces a dilemma: how can he be a good father in Toby’s eyes if he doesn’t stand up for him? At the same time his work colleague Sarah faces constant harassment from her overbearing boss Robert. Which situation will make him fight back first, or will it be an untimely mix of the two? Starring: Stuart...


The Ballad of C3.3

Oscar Wilde Irish Poet The Ballad of C3.3. Oscar Wilde was incarcerated in Reading after being convicted of homosexual offences in 1895 and sentenced to two years’ hard labour. During his imprisonment, he wrote the poem ‘The Ballad of Reading Gaol’ which was published by Leonard Smithers in 1898 under the name C.3.3 which stood for cell block C, landing 3, cell 3. This ensured that Wilde’s name – by then notorious – did not appear on the poem’s front cover. It was not commonly known,...


Silver Wedding

After 25 years Barbara is determined to celebrate her Silver Wedding Anniversary in style with a black tie dinner for 60 people at The Metropole. And nobody, but nobody, is going to spoil it for her. Written and performed by Fiz Marcus Edited By: Lester Barry “Black Comedy Funny” Broadwaytovegas.com



Harold and Joan, an elderly, loving couple, are settling down into retirement for the end of their days together. However, as time moves forward, it soon becomes clear they will be torn apart sooner, and more tragically, than they realise. Timothy West and Prunella Scales star. Starring: Timothy West, Prunella Scales, Ann Theato and Emily Wright Written By: Gareth Parker, Edited By: Lester Barry Directed By: Tom Brazier Music By: Francesco Quadraruopolo Timothy West and Prunella Scales...



When Patricia visits the grave of her recently deceased husband, Richard, the last thing she expects to find is another grieving woman. Realising she is in the presence of her husband’s mistress, Vanessa, she is suddenly forced to face up to the double blows of bereavement and betrayal. A story of love, loss, betrayal and forgiveness, ‘Shared’ plots Patricia’s journey, as she struggles to come to terms with her husband’s infidelity and the part she unwittingly played. Will Richard’s...


Redder Than Roses

Redder than Roses is an intense intimate drama based on the lives of Mary Queen of Scots and the French poet Chastelard. No British monarch was more glamorous than Mary Queen of Scots. No one was more spellbound by her than the Pierre de Boscol de Chastelard. But as he yearns for an intimacy impossible given Mary’s position – especially under the watchful eye of the puritanical Earl of Moray – Chastelard is driven to ever more desperate measures. Celebrity stalker? Poet uncompromising in...


Running to Stand Still

Running to Stand Still is an audio drama about M.E. This is an original 60-minute audio play (with songs), featuring professional actors, with cameos from presenters on BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Gloucestershire and Sky Arts 1, that deals with the illness M.E. as its focal point. It is written by a sufferer and it specifically addresses what happens to relationships around an individual who is stricken by the illness and should educate those that don’t know much about this life-threatening...


Peace and War

Peace and war is a factual drama based on a WW1 nurse diary. Inspired by the author reading her mother-in-law’s diaries of her times in Germany in the early 1900’s and as a nurse in France during World War 1. ‘Evelyn’ was a remarkable woman who lived through a fascinating time of change in the lives of women during both peace and wartime experiencing a freedom that is surprising even today. Peace and War explores the extraordinary life of a young woman, Evelyn, who at the start of the First...


Purple Moon

Purple Moon is based on the life of Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca. Actors Avi Nassa, Andrew Ward and world renowned guitarist Esteban Antonio, who has been playing the guitar since the age of three, combine talents and collaborate to throw dramatic light upon the intense and shocking life of perhaps Spain’s greatest modern poet, Federico Garcia Lorca. Purple Moon and Federico Garcia Lorca Purple Moon celebrates the genius that Lorca was, 76 years after his assassination by Franco’s...


Lie Detector

A suspect is questioned by a secret service agent using sophisticated polygraph equipment with surprising results. Starring: Reuben Anderson and Mariele Runacre Temple. Written By: Peter Yates Directed By: Neil Frost


Laying Ghosts

When Connie’s beloved husband Jack dies after 27 years of marriage, Connie hopes that her only son Gary will console her. Gary, however, finds that level of commitment a bit, well, too much of a commitment. Connie is left with interfering neighbour Val until Gary’s girlfriend Sandra rings with some unexpected news. This sets Connie on a journey from a village in the Midlands to Hackney and eventually to Ghana as she finds a way to come to terms with her grief and to forge new friendships...


Karen's Town

It’s 1965 and a pregnant Karen and her two children are moving to a new estate. It looks like the future – but what does the future have in store? Spanning six decades, Karen’s Town takes us from 1960′s London, through the turbulent 1980′s, the dawn of a new millennium and back to the present day. Karen’s Town by Michelle Bonnard Written for The Market Estate Project 2010, Karen’s Town follows the life of resident Karen Frost, which runs in strange parallel to the life of the estate...