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Full cast audio drama productions and audiobooks from the award winning Wireless Theatre Company. Look for our other podcasts, or see our full catalogue at wirelesstheatrecompany.co.uk


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Full cast audio drama productions and audiobooks from the award winning Wireless Theatre Company. Look for our other podcasts, or see our full catalogue at wirelesstheatrecompany.co.uk




Geezer Bird

Erotophobe ladette Sammy (24) is unexpectedly thrown on-air under the mononym 'Angelique', where she naively takes on the persona of an audio dominatrix. Set in the late 1990s with ladette culture in full swing, and the pre #metoo assumption that all young women are obsessed with sex, this semi-autobiographical audio drama from Tash Desborough hits a zeitgeist nerve, and questions misogyny in the workplace and assumed attitudes on sex and sexiness. Suitable for adult audiences 18+ Trigger warnings - Depiction and talk of experiencing indecent exposure, panic attacks, anxiety, sex addiction.


Love for Menabilly

Love for Menabilly is an original audio play written by Jo-Ann Challis, exploring the relationship between Daphne Du Maurier and the house she loved. Menabilly is a house with a past, but seemingly no future. Hidden away from prying eyes on a Cornish peninsula, Mena's been abandoned by its owners and left to rot. It's hurting and lonely, and embarrassed by its shabby appearance.


Open Air

Ruby leaves her beloved, pandemic struck theatre company and takes the long drive back to her father's Devon farm to find him struggling. Ruby has a lot more empathy for her obstinate father's situation than he has for hers, and spends a solid two weeks cleaning the farm house. Searching for a job, she stumbles across the magical Minack Theatre and the story of it's creator, the inspirational Rowena Cade. A spark of an idea changes everything for Ruby, her father, and their Devon community.


The Unravelling Fantasia of Miss H

The Unravelling Fantasia of Miss H is a fusion of theatre, opera and in the stage performance, dance, telling the story of music mistress Mary, incarcerated in an asylum for 41 years. Samplers stitched by Mary, on display in the Wakefield Mental Health Museum, inspired writer and composer Red Gray to tell her powerful and tragic tale.


Rum Runner Sue - A Diamond in the Roughing it

Rum Runner Sue - A Diamond in the Roughing it. A spoiled Minneapolis family lose a priceless diamond brooch while enjoying Sue's hospitality.


Rum Runner Sue - Ouef is Enough

Rum Runner Sue, prohibition-era bar owner and skilled amateur detective. Sue and Mary are enjoying a rare day off on horseback, until they stumble across an unpopular local in a bad way...


Rum Runner Sue The Lady And The Lug

Rum Runner Sue, prohibition-era bar owner and skilled amateur detective. Things started to go south that night when a bootleg rum shipment, and the bootlegger, failed to arrive... Starring Billie Jo Konze as Sue, Justin Kapla as Big Ben Taylor, your announcer, and Al from Chicago, Trelawney Erwin as Mary, Jim Yount as Beau and Jeffrey Adams as the Mayor.


Bog Girl

A boy with an incurable illness longs to experience peace and solitude on a final adventure. His wish is granted by an online Genie who arranges his dream trip to a place no-one has ever been to before. Yet as Aldo wanders the deserted wetlands of Lithuania, he finds he is not alone after all.


Ground Up

October 2019: environmental protests are erupting all across London. Extinction Rebellion protesters have blocked roads, glued themselves to aeroplanes and banks, and taken over Trafalgar Square. But this isn’t a story about XR. Scattered by movement through and around the protests, five objects go unseen on the city streets, and each has a story to tell. These unexpected narrators share very different perspectives, looking from the ground up. Looking from the angle of disposable things; gum, glue, chalk; ‘Ground Up’ shows how ‘throwaway’ objects are often grounded in timescales far beyond humankind. ‘Ground Up’ opens up large questions of permanence and purpose, by sharing the stories of small and everyday things. Ground Up by Fiona Glen Fiona Glen is an emerging writer and artist from Edinburgh, based in London. Her writing has been published in various periodicals and anthologies, and she has read at the London Science Museum and galleries across London. Her audio and multi-media projects have recently been commissioned by BBC x ICA New Creatives and Robert Young Antiques. Ground Up Written & Directed by Fiona Glen Produced by Nikta Mohammadi ‘Gum’ – Esme Boggis ‘Teabag’ – Olivia Brady ‘Glue’ – Fiona Glen ‘Moss’ – Greg Esplin ‘Chalk’ – Ellora Torchia Sound Design & Composition by Babak Mirsalari Foley Recording by Kaveh Soori Script Consultancy by Molly Morphew & James Ireland Ground Up was originally commissioned by BBC New Creatives programme in partnership with the ICA. Many thanks to both organisations, and Arts Council England for funding the production. Top ten audio dramas



Cake, an audio drama starring Maggie Turner. 73-year-old retired Betty was absolutely overjoyed when she recently became employed as a taste-tester at The Marigold Meadow Organic and Gluten Free Bakery, after answering an advertisement in the Hillingdon Recorder. However, a couple of weeks ago she was given some news that will change everything… MAGGIE TURNER IN CAKE Written, Directed & Produced by Simon James Collier, Evcol Entertainment Music & Soundscape Design: Zachary Elliott-Hatton Co-Producer: Adam Dechanel Graphic Design: Clockwork Digital Studios Engineer: Callum Mirames Recorded at Umbrella Sound, London More Audio Drama “A beautifully written and exquisitely performed piece of theatre” BroadwaytoVegas


1101 Wellington Way

1101 Wellington Way. New audio drama from Vivian Lermond. A nosey neighbour and a watermain burst brings an unpleasant revelation for the new tenant at Wellington Way in this new play by Vivian Lermond. Performed by Glen Dickson, Karen Fraser and Titch McClean 1101 Wellington Way by Vivian Lermond Vivian is an award-winning playwright who has penned more than 100 plays and monologues that have entertained audiences in the US, Mexico, England, Scotland, Canada and Australia. Her full length drama/comedy, Back to Bethlehem (PA), premiered Off Broadway in 2006 at the Manhattan Theatre Club. In addition to her stage plays, Vivian has also written two full length screenplays that were awarded first place in two highly competitive screenwriting contests. She has taught playwriting at a local college and has facilitated playwriting workshops at writing conferences. Vivian has lent her talents to Gallagher Literary, an LA talent management company, where she evaluated pitches and screenplay submissions. She also has freelanced for afilmwriter.com, where she was a script analysis specialist for stage plays. Vivian has been a proud member of The Dramatists Guild since 1998. More audio drama


The Benjamin Peel Collection

Three audio dramas from Benjamin Peel; in turns funny, light hearted, dark and gently satirical. The Packsaddle Librarian In depression era America, a scheme was set up to deliver books on horseback to isolated remote families of the Appalachia region. A young woman recounts her very first house call to her horse Betsy Girl. The Interrogator A seasoned inquisitor tries every trick he knows to extract a confession and ‘turn’ his prisoner. A psychological battle of wits ensues. Retired Upstage Retired actors Ian and Pat wait for the evening meal in their residential home. The Packsaddle Librarian Written by Benjamin Peel Performed by Karen Fraser Produced by Glen Dickson The Interrogator Written & Produced by Benjamin Peel The Interrogator – Edward Peel The Prisoner – Stacey J Gough Recorded at County Linx Studios by Steve Kent Retired Upstage Written and Produced by Benjamin Peel Ian – Edward Peel Pat – Richard Simpson All music and SFX sourced from free to use sites. Benjamin Peel Benjamin Peel’s play Not a Game for Girls, published by Oberon Books in 2018, has been performed many times. His play The Interrogator was performed as part of the New Short Play Festival at the John Cullum Theatre at the American Theatre of Actors, New York in 2019. The Long Player featured in Ragged Foil’s second podcast season with The Fastest Ever Singer appearing in the same company’s lock down Isolation Sessions. Four audio dramas were commissioned by the online SOfa Fest 2020, produced by Breakwater Theatre Company. Several of Benjamin’s short audio plays have been broadcast as part of Writer’s Block Radio Hour by Super Sound Radio Scotland and the BBC Radio Lincolnshire Upload show. Benjamin wrote the screenplays for the short films The Runner and Silence in the Library both of which were selected for the Fear in the Fens Festivals of 2018 and 2020 respectively. His play Singin’ for Engerland was performed live via Zoom in May 2020 during lock down and presented by Up ‘Ere Productions. In February 2021 a series of Benjamin’s audio dramas featured in the Hastings Virtual Fringe Festival, under the umbrella title The March of the Women. Benjamin’s audio dramas can be heard at https://soundcloud.com/benjaminpeel New Releases


DELETE Episode 2

Sue is dating. Mostly men with beards. Sue is Tanya’s parole officer. Tanya needs to stay clean. Tanya needs to serve her community sentence by teaching Patricia how to use the internet.


DELETE Episode 1

Sue is dating. Mostly men with beards. Sue is Tanya’s parole officer. Tanya needs to stay clean. Tanya needs to serve her community sentence by teaching Patricia how to use the internet. Online harm may come to any one of them. Audio Drama with strong language exploring the themes of women and the internet, and intergenerational friendship. Written by Nina Millns, starring Saffron Coomber Illona Linthwaite and Balvinder Sopal


Wild Elusive Butterfly Act III

John and Peter surprise the Furies with an invitation and shocking suggestion


Wild Elusive Butterfly Act II

Tom finds life after death on a South Sea Island, and Jill confronts the unexpected consequences of childbirth


Wild Elusive Butterfly Act I

In Act One of Wild Elusive Butterfly, cargo vessel Turmoil prepares to set sail for the Southern Ocean. Shipowner Daisy Ballantyne and cargo owner Tom Devine negotiate terms and conceal desire. Pregnant Jill and husband Jack explore the limits of marriage. John and Peter enjoy contentment. Primordial spirits feel undervalued, and a tornado is approaching. This play contains explicit sexual language and adult content.


The Kiss

The Kiss tells the story of the first interracial kiss on television, between Nichelle Nichols and William Shatner in Star Trek. Recorded live at The Pleasance King Dome at the Edinburgh Festival. In a moment the wall between people of different skin colour began to crumble.


Turning the Tide

Ever since he was young, Larry has tried to avoid confrontation. Recently widowed, he tries to be a good father to his son Toby. When Toby is suspended from school for fighting a bully Larry faces a dilemma: how can he be a good father in Toby’s eyes if he doesn’t stand up for him? At the same time his work colleague Sarah faces constant harassment from her overbearing boss Robert. Which situation will make him fight back first, or will it be an untimely mix of the two?


The Ceremony

The Ceremony. On a quiet coast lie the seagulls, a distressed ship and the home of a lonely lady and her gardener. Then the quiet is broken by the doorbell, the peace shattered by the past. Starring Jack Bowman, Jenny Runacre and Anthony Sargeant, directed by Prunella Scales.