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Bert Broadhead & guests explore developing themes in innovation, technology & futurology in real estate and the built environment.

Bert Broadhead & guests explore developing themes in innovation, technology & futurology in real estate and the built environment.


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Bert Broadhead & guests explore developing themes in innovation, technology & futurology in real estate and the built environment.






Pradyumna Pandit | Buildings With Minds of Their Own

What are “smart” buildings & how will they change the way we design, build and use our built environment? Pradyumna Pandit is the Vice President UK & Ireland of Digital Energy, a at Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management and automation. He previously worked at Honeywell for 18 years where he held roles in Asia, the Americas and EMEA. In this podcast: Pradyumna’s favourite building is Land Sec’s 80 Victoria Street at Cardinal Place, London HQ of Schneider Electric and...


Nicholas Boys Smith | Building beautiful, building better

Nicholas Boys-Smith left a job in banking to set up Create Streets, a research institute that supports "community-led regeneration" and prioritises high-density, low-rise buildings over tower blocks. He is a Commissioner of Historic England, a senior research fellow at the University of Buckingham, a Fellow at the Legatum Institute and an Academician of the Academy of Urbanism. In this podcast: Living with BeautyNicholas’s favourite place is Gold Hill in Shaftesbury; made famous by Hovis...


Dror Poleg | Rethinking Real Estate

How can we navigate technology’s impact on the world’s largest asset class? Dror Poleg is the author of Rethinking Real Estate and the Co-Chair of the Urban Land Institute’s Technology and Innovation Council in New York. He is a former real estate and technology executive who now dedicates most of his time to researching the impact of technology on urban life and the way physical assets are designed, used, and valued. Dror advises executives across the real estate universe on emerging...


Andrea Pizziconi | Real estate as a catalyst for social change

Can real estate development deliver social justice? Andrea Pizziconi is a singer, songwriter and social entrepreneur. She is the founder of the Christie Company (a pioneer in affordable, mixed-use developments) and of Africa Integras (financier of education infrastructure in Africa) as well as the co-founder of Compositions for a Cause, which creates cause-related music to inspire activism for social justice. In this podcast: Andrea’s recommended books are: The Death and Life of Great...


Vanessa Hale | the changing shape of the real estate industry

Breaking down the barriers: the built environment in a post-digital world where sectors, silos and boundaries are increasingly blurred. Vanessa Hale is Director of Research at BNP Paribas Real Estate and brand-new, and youngest ever, chair of ULI UK. Vanessa has 20 years of experience in global strategic research across all real estate sectors in the UK and the US. In this podcast: Vanessa’s recommended book is Good to Great, Jim Collins. Her favourite building is the Monadnock building...


Mike Bristow | Can P2P lending boost UK housing production?

Can P2P lending boost housing delivery numbers by financially enabling SME house-builders? What does the P2P market need to learn from recent history to ensure a fair & transparent market of risk / reward for investors? Is technology the right answer? Mike Bristow is CEO & Co-founder of CrowdProperty; a specialist property peer-to-peer lending platform facilitating loans between private individuals and UK professional property businesses. Lending is focused on the SME property developer...


Indy Johar | The Great Rotation and the Built Environment

What is the great rotation and how will it affect the built environment in the years to come? Indy Johar is an architect, co-founder of Project 00 & Dark Matter Labs and Senior Innovation Associate at the Young Foundation. Dark Matter Labs is a field laboratory focused on radically redesigning the bureaucratic & institutional infrastructure of our cities, regions and towns for a more democratic, distributed great transition. Project 00 is a collaborative studio of architects, strategic...


Ben Gleisner | How to shape the built environment by better understanding social & ethical preferences

Can technology help the built environment better reflect people’s changing social and ethical consumption choices? Ben is an economist, environmentalist and social entrepreneur. He has founded several businesses and charities, and worked for 6 years at the New Zealand Treasury - where he led the development of the Living Standards Framework. He co-founded CoGo while working at the New Zealand Treasury, and has grown the social enterprise to a thriving New Zealand movement with over 20,000...


Alexandra Steed | Building Better Cities through Landscape Architecture

How can well-designed landscape & public realm help create better cities for people? Alexandra is a chartered landscape architect in the UK, and also worked for a number of years in Canada where she was responsible for a series of innovative public realm projects for the City of Vancouver. In 2013, Alexandra founded URBAN with the stated aim of creating better cities for people through a synthesis of art, landscape and sustainability. Before starting her own practice, Alexandra led the...


Charlie Wade | UK Managing Director, VTS

Charlie Wade is UK Managing director of PropTech giant, VTS. In their own words, VTS is the commercial real estate industry’s leading leasing and asset management platform. Landlords use VTS to maximise portfolio performance by transforming their leasing and asset management process and unlocking real-time insights – enabling them to convert leads to leases faster than ever before, and build informed data-led strategies. Brokers can manage their deal pipeline and get tenants into empty...


Mark Pilkington | Retail Therapy;Why the retail industry is broken - and what can be done to fix it

Is there really a Retail Apocalypse? Why is the retail industry in the state its in and how can property owners help to rebuild towards a brighter retail future? Mark Pilkington is author of the newly-released book, Retail Therapy: why the industry is broken and what can be done to fix it. Mark has enjoyed a successful and varied career in retail. After graduating from INSEAD, he joined Cortaulds, later becoming CEO of Gossard where he was responsible for initiating the huge global success...


Savannah de Savary | Founder & CEO, Built-ID

Can technology nurture greater community engagement in the shape of develop projects and will this help “democratise” real estate? My guest today is Savannah de Savary, founder and CEO of Built-ID; a prop-tech platform that “showcases the built environment projects of today and transforms community engagement to better shape the projects of tomorrow”. Built-ID connects architects and consultants with potential clients on an online hub which has been described as the Shazam of...


Fiona Fletcher-Smith | Group Director of Development & Sales, L&Q

Building communities at the scale needed to meet the challenges of the UK’s housing shortage. In 2018, Fiona Fletcher-Smith left City Hall (where she was Executive Director of Development, Enterprise and Environment) to join L&Q where she is Group Director of Development and Sales, responsible for delivering the Registered Provider’s stated aim of constructing 100,000 new homes in the next decade. One of L&Q’s flagship projects is Barking Riverside, an 443 acre site where the vision is to...


Dr Lee Bofkin | Co-founder & CEO, Global Street Art

One man’s mission to live in painted cities; how can street art transform both buildings and communities? Holding a PhD in Evolutionary Mathematics from Cambridge, Lee was a former break-dancer with the Soul Mavericks Crew where he represented the UK and he has travelled the world extensively documenting street art world-wide. In 2012, he co-founded Global Street Art with a mission to live in painted cities. This is achieved in three ways: an agencyIn this podcast: Lee’s favourite...


Antony Slumbers | Founder,

What is Artificial Intelligence and how is about to reshape our approach to work? Will this mean that SpaceAsaService becomes the new normal for the build environment? Antony is a renowned speaker in the property world and a globally recognised expert on PropTech, Artificial Intelligence & SpaceAsaService. A pre-eminent blogger in the world of AI, he’s recently been voted as the number one non-US person to follow on Twitter. Having founded several PropTech companies, he still retains an...


Ros Pomeroy | Co-founder, Brainy Birdz

Do we give enough thought to the impact that the design and layout of our workplaces has on our individual & collective productivity & well-being? I delve into the world of workspace science to find the answers. Ros Pomeroy is a co-founder of Brainy Birdz; a consultancy specialising in the unpronounceable (for me, anyway) ‘zusammenarbeit’ - that’s to say, how people work together. Together with co-founder Dr Kerstin Sailer, Ros is at the forefront of using data to help diagnose what makes a...


Justin Shee | Founder & CEO, The Kohab

Can we better serve our ageing population through a new model of inter-generational co-living? Justin Shee is the founder of The Kohab; a new inter-generational retirement living company, bringing old and young adults together under one roof to live in mutual support. The Kohab is both a potential answer to the age ghettos created by retirement living and a solution to the loneliness epidemic faced by both young and old adults in the UK. In this podcast: epidemic of lonelinessJustin’s...


Gemma John | Founder & Director, Human City

Can the application of traditional social sciences to big data help better tailor the future of the built environment to societal needs? Gemma John is an anthropologist, helping to influence urban planning and development. After ten years in academic research, Gemma spent five years working for engineering, planning, and architecture firms, including AECOM & Foster + Partners, before establishing her own consultancy business, Human City. Human City helps property developers to create...


Gabrielle McMillan | CEO, Equiem

Can technology bridge the service gap between buildings with amenity & space-as-a-service? Gabrielle McMillan is the founding CEO of Equiem and has led the Equiem business and team from inception in 2011. In her previous role as Director and General Manager of Advance Marketing, Gabrielle oversaw significant business growth (9 x revenue), expansion into New Zealand and the UK and international operations, including 180 staff. Equiem catalyses communities, using technology to turn...


Lara Marrero | Studio Director & Retail Practice Leader, Gensler

Are brand engagement & media overtaking transactions as the primary purpose of bricks-and-mortar retail? Where else in the build environment is brand influencing building design and utility? Lara Marerro is a Studio Director & Retail Practice Leader at Gensler, the global architectural practice. Rather than specialising in a specific sector, Lara is interested the power brand and how it relates to consumers and built environment. With an education that spans psychology, advertising,...