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Looking for an edge in the real estate investment market? Not sure which markets or market segments offer the best opportunities or which strategies to implement? You have come to the right place….Hosts Eric Odum and Steven Silverman blend decades of combined experience in the real estate investment market along with their expert guests covering topics in lending, investment strategies, property management and development…. giving you actionable investment ideas each and every episode you can use to learn and grow….all with a Florida twist.




Looking for an edge in the real estate investment market? Not sure which markets or market segments offer the best opportunities or which strategies to implement? You have come to the right place….Hosts Eric Odum and Steven Silverman blend decades of combined experience in the real estate investment market along with their expert guests covering topics in lending, investment strategies, property management and development…. giving you actionable investment ideas each and every episode you can use to learn and grow….all with a Florida twist.




Ep. 271 Jim Lee: Leveraging Syndication to Do Larger Deals

Leveraging Syndication to Do Larger Deals Jim's family migrated from Taiwan. It's the classic immigrant story, building a great business from ground floor. Learn about his strategies to grow from tenants, toilets and trash to managing a successful syndication company. Key Discussion Points [01:07] Introduction by Eric & Steven [03:19] About our guest: Jim Lee [04:33] How did you end up doing Syndications? [07:33] Is the American dream still alive, even for immigrants? [08:20] How did you get started on your first deal? [09:52] Tell us about your first Synidcation deals in Florida [15:33] What were the mechanics of the deal? Cash? Investors? etc... [18:03] In depth discussion: syndication, waterfalls, preferred return, etc. [20:33] How did you find your business partner? And why did you start doing business with him? [23:13] Talk about the underwriting aspect of this deal and the property management. [25:44] Do you have onsite managers for all your properties? How is maintenance handled? [28:39] Are there amentities you provide in the units to add value to the renter? [32:44] Who were you using to put your documents together? [35:14] How can folks contact you? [35:42] Closing comments by Eric & Steven About Our Guest Jim is a real estate investor and founder of Formosa Investing. Jim received his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics in 2010 from UCLA and started his career as an inside sales rep for Loopnet and CoStar. By winning a $50,000 sales incentive bonus he used that savings to purchase his first two-bedroom one-bath condo and learned the importance of having multiple streams of income. Now, through real estate syndication, he has invested in over 600 units in the past two years where he has participated as a general partner and a limited partner GUEST CONTACT INFO Website: Twitter (X), LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook: @formosainvesting


Ep. 270 Matt Newton: Changes in Tally will Affect Availability of Residential Land for Development

Matt is a local attorney that practices real estate law. He has been on top of a law that recently opened non-residential properties up for residential development. The law came out of Tallahassee and is being dictated to the local municipalities. This could be a great opportunity for people looking to build to rent. Key Discussion Points [01:11] Introduction by Eric & Steven [11:15] About our guest: Matt Newton [12:43] Give us your background and why you got into real estate law [19:27] The Live Local Act: Trying to make housing more affordable [20:48] Explain the Live Local Act and how it helps create affordable housing [28:15] Under the Live Local Act, is it true that for workforce house, you can you bend the zoning rules? [34:11] Talk abou the timeline for Live Local - is it on the books right now? [38:14] How would you guide an investor who feels they have a parcel they could use Live Local for? [45:37] How can folks reach you? [50:58] Closing comments by Eric & Steven About Our Guest Matt Newton is one of very few private-sector attorneys board certified in City, County, and Local Government Law in the Tampa Bay area. Matt received his J.D., cum laude, from Stetson University College of Law in 2014 and has dedicated most of his career to assisting clients with matters in the areas of local regulation of land through planning and zoning, sovereign immunity, state-local preemption, open government, and the defense of both property and civil rights. Matt writes about legal, political, and urban planning issues in a weekly column for Tampa’s La Gaceta Newspaper entitled “The Reasonable Standard.” Super Lawyers® has recognized Matt as one of Florida’s Rising Stars® in 2022, and Best Lawyers® has named him as One to Watch® annually from 2021-2023. Matt is licensed to practice law in both Illinois and Florida. He is admitted to practice in the U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Florida, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. In addition to his Board Certification, Florida’s Supreme Court has certified Matt as a mediator for civil cases pending in Florida’s circuit and appellate courts. A dedicated member of the community, Matt Chairs Community Tampa Bay’s Board of Directors, is a member of Midtown Tampa’s Kiwanis Club, and is a regular volunteer for Tampa’s Stageworks Theatre. GUEST CONTACT INFO Email: MattNewton@olderlundylaw Website: Google Search: Matt Newton in Tampa


Ep. 269 Joe Seagle: The Many Benefits of Land Trusts

The benefits of Land Trusts Joe Seagle is a is an attorney based in South Florida. He focuses on providing services that help real estate investors purchase, protect and pass on assets. He is going to discuss Land they are work...why they are better in many instances than LLCs and other forms of ownership of real estate. Key Discussion Points [01:22] Introduction by Eric & Steven [08:25] About our guest: Joe Seagle [12:47] Advantages of having a land trust vs a LLC? (asset protection, etc) [20:23] Money Lending [25:56] Can you have a land trust without having any property in it yet (like is required for an LLC)? [27:58] How might a land trust fit into estate planning? [30:51] Hiding the purchase price [33:35] If a property is already owned, is it too late to turn it into a land trust? [37:03] Buying properties subject to the mortgage [46:01] How can people reach you? [46:36] Closing comments by Eric & Steven About Our Guest Joe Seagle is a legal GPS for the real estate and hospitality industry. His firm works with clients helping them to discover where they are, where they want to be and how to get there legally. The firm does this by assisting clients with the purchasing, protecting and passing on of assets vital to financial independence. Under one roof, Joe has assembled a law firm and a land trust company that can act as a central source of information and service for clients in pursuing their goals. The firm's representation is concentrated on real estate investors, developers, brokers, property managers, hoteliers, restauranters, private lenders, and for their needs regarding land trusts, private lending and equity and entity formation. Joe has been practicing law since 1996. He has been licensed in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and the District of Columbia. He is also a licensed Florida title insurance agent and a real estate broker. His company, My Land Trustee, holds title over 2000 Florida properties and trusts to maintain owners' anonymity. GUEST CONTACT INFO Website: Phone: 833-4FL-TRUST


Ep. 268 Doug Faron: Overview of the Florida Market & Discussion of Build to Rent Investing

Doug is a seasoned real estate investor who KNOWS the State of Florida. Through his firm, Shoreham Capital, Doug engages in building residential properties to rent. He discusses how it is easier to reach critical mass with build to rent as opposed to sourcing one-off deals and spends a lot of time discussing the Florida market...where he likes and what he looks for. Key Discussion Points [01:20] Introduction by Eric & Steven [10:20] About our guest: Doug Faron [11:32] How did you get into this side of the business? And what's your vision? [14:30] Which areas were you focusing on doing your "build to rent"? [15:31] What led you to focus on residential? [21:05] What are you seeing in the residential market with regard to rent / prices? And where do you see the future headed? [25:12] What market conditions are you seeing in south Florida? What about with office / commercial? [31:23] Re: the "build to rent", when you develop, how do you determine your holding period before you sell? [35:43] Which areas of Florida do you like? And what areas are you a little uncomfortable with right now? [37:19] Do you see any reprieve on constructions costs? [42:08] What is your capital stack looking like right now? [45:13] How can folks reach you? [47:30] What's the cost per "door" for single and multifamily home? [49:51] Closing comments by Eric & Steven About Our Guest Doug Faron is a co-founder and managing partner at Shoreham Capital. He is a real estate leader and skilled dealmaker specializing sourcing, capitalizing, structuring, and executing debt and equity transactions throughout the United States. Doug oversees all aspects of his firm including the acquisition, capitalization, development, and management of their projects. Doug graduated from Brown University with a dual concentration in international relations and economics and received his MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management. He lives in Palm Beach, Florida with his wife and two children. GUEST CONTACT INFO Email:


Ep. 267 Adam Rosen: Using Cold Email Sequencing to Find Deals

Email is NOT dead. With more rules coming out about cold texting, it might be time to revisit how investors source deals. Emailing is not only tried and true, it is also less invasive and professional when prospecting. Adam discusses how to set up...what are the to find and clean data. Adam has a special deal for you: A.I. Cold Email Mastermind: Use code "FL50" for 50% off. Key Discussion Points [01:20] Introduction by Eric & Steven [03:51] About our guest: Adam Rosen [07:22] Tell us about your data / cold email sequencing system [10:34] How do you go about gathering your data? [12:15] Do you use other providers like Seamless AI? [16:01] How likely is it that your emails actually make it to the intended user? [22:16] Regarding email, what works and what doesn't? [26:03] Do you do followups after sending out emails? [30:05] For the Real Estate investor, how do you build trust through the email? [36:48] Is your Mastermind still open to people? [39:45] How can folks reach you? [40:12] Closing comments by Eric & Steven About Our Guest: Adam Rosen Adam Rosen is an entrepreneur with a heart for supporting fellow business owners. Having led a tech startup that was eventually acquired, Adam learned the ropes of the entrepreneurial world hands-on. He led multi-million dollar real estate sellouts and loves to share his experiences through speaking engagements, podcasts and coaching small business owners. His primary focus is on helping startups get more sales appointments through cold calls and his emails outreach company. GUEST CONTACT INFO Website: Email: Social Media: adamirosen


Ep. 266 Charlotte Dunford: Making it Big with Mobile Home Parks

Making it Big with Mobile Home Parks Charlotte is an impressive person. The first thing you notice about her is her positive can-do energy. She migrated to the USA at 16 from China, searching for a better life. After graduating from Georgia Tech, a few short years later, she is the Managing Partner of John's Creek Capitol, which has purchased 28 parks under her leadership. Find out how she did it! Key Discussion Points [01:08] Introduction by Eric & Steven [06:03] About our guest: Charlotte Dunford [10:08] How did you get started in real estate? [12:59] As a young graduate, how did you overcome the lending obstacle? [14:13] Tell us about the syndication business and how that works [16:02] How did you overcome not having a track record? [17:49] What do you bring to the table in order to get the "upside"? [20:40] What are the key indicators that tell you if it's a good investment? [22:21] How are you finding deals? [25:22] Do you get a deal under contract first, and then syndicate? Or are you assembling a blind pool of investors? [28:27] Are you buying older mobile home parks? Or newer one? [30:26] What is the cost of a mobile home? [32:14] What do you think about Florida with regard to the real estate business? [36:21] Are new mobile home parks still being developed? [39:01] How can folks reach you? [39:40] Closing comments by Eric & Steven About Our Guest Today we have with us Charlotte Dunford. Charlotte is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology. She earned her B.S. in business with a focus on business analytics and technology. She came from China at the age of 16 without her parents. Charlotte's strong drive to succeed led her onto a path to build her own company, along with her business partner Rick. Charlotte started Johns Creek Capital in 2020 with only two investors. At the beginning of the firm's founding, Charlotte and her team led the company to a total investor subscription of over $5 million. Charlotte is also a certified associate in project management and speaks fluent Mandarin. In her spare time she enjoys playing the piano and doing equestrian sports. GUEST CONTACT INFO Website: Email:


Ep. 265 Listen to this Before Investing in Florida Condos!

John Cadden from Condominium Advisory Group joins us today to discuss big changes that have occurred in the Florida condominium arena. The collapse of the Surfside condo 2 years ago led to significant rule changes. Find out what they are, along with a bevy of other changes that are affecting go-no-go decisions for investing in Florida condos. Key Discussion Points [01:11] Introduction by Eric & Steven [05:22] About our guest: John Cadden [07:23] Is there a lot of density of investors in the Condo market? [11:50] What should Condo investors look out for that might trip them up? [15:16] What is a condo conversion? [20:01] Given that Florida insurance rates are sky high, how is this affecting investors? [21:55] So condo investors might not be holding their assets for appreciation if prices start to slow down [26:40] Condo reserve and structural reporting [33:59] Talk about the affect of the new rule passed in March by the Federal Legislature [42:13] Discussion about Florida insurance increases [45:42] Discussion about condo board members having liability [50:40] How can your business help others? [52:02] How can folks reach you? [53:06] Closing comments by Eric & Steven About Our Guest Today we have with us John Cadden. John is the managing principal of the Condominium Advisory Group. After graduating from Boston University with a bachelor's degree in accounting in 1984, John joined Continental's equipment leasing division in the workout group. Later on, he took a position at the Commercial Real Estate Banker with the Friedman Group in Chicago. In 1988, John formed Century Funding Corporation to provide commercial real estate banking and real estate investment services to third party real estate developers and investors. After a decade of heading up Century Funding, he joined American Invsco as chief investment officer in 1999 with a primary role of overseeing acquisition, financing, and ongoing real estate operations of various condominium and mixed use developments. Under his tenure, the company acquired and developed over $2 billion in real estate projects. In 2008, John formed CF Capital Holdings. Since its inception, they have provided asset advisory management, restructuring, and consultancy services to the condominium development, multifamily rental, and single family for sale housing industries. Such services include determining optimum repositioning of assets that had gone insolvent during the economic downturns, many of which were condominium conversions that had not sold completely. GUEST CONTACT INFO Phone: 312-890-3338


Ep. 264 Calvin Roberts: Some Reasons Why Florida Property Insurance is Such a Mess

Calvin Roberts, besides being an insurance agent, likes to study issues in his industry for fun! Florida property owners are experiencing record insurance increases....the increases are starting to become crippling. We discuss the main issues. They might not be what you think they are....the main issues are actually very manageable. Find out what can be done. Key Discussion Points [01:10] Introduction by Eric & Steven [06:11] About our guest: Calvin Roberts [07:23] Is the rest of the country (outside Florida) also feeling the pain of increased property insurance? [09:13] Why is Florida's property insurance so high? [13:07] Are the attornies and roofing contract companies on contigency basis? [15:35] What are other states doing that Florida is NOT doing to help mitigate some of the cost to the consumer? [17:35] What effect did the legislation that was passed have on helping to lower property insurance? [21:56] Is Florida's Citizens Insurance helping to plug the gap in the insurance costs? [24:18] What are some other issues Florida should address to make things better for their citizens [29:11] What are your thoughts on investors pooling their investment properties? [33:53] How can people reach you? [34:17] Final thoughts from Calvin [37:26] Closing comments by Eric & Steven About Our Guest Calvin Roberts is a nationally licensed commercial insurance broker, and the principle of Falcon Insurance Agency of Michigan, a botique insurance brokerage specializing in multifamily, commercial real estates and mergers and acquisitions, pre-acquisition, and insurance guidance. Calvin has been active in the field since he was nineteen years old and built a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. He serves real estate investors throughout the united States. Calvin is a trusted resource for creative real estate, risk management, and insurance placement. GUEST CONTACT INFO Email: Phone: 734-887-9110


Ep. 263 Hank Balevic: Importance of Background Checks on Tenants and Potential Investment Partners

Importance of Background Checks on Tenants and Potential Investment Partners Hank Balevic is a former FBI Special Agent and Director of Corporate Security. His lifetime experience deal with security gives him a unique perspective for his current company, running background checks and due diligence on tenants and potential investment partners. The arena is a landmine for investors and Hank walks through and discusses the potential issues all investors need to know to stay out of hot water. Key Discussion Points [01:22] Introduction by Eric & Steven [07:02] About our guest: Hank Balevic [11:36] How do background check companies sometimes miss criminal backgrounds? [17:42] What's the best type of background search to do? [21:46] What are pitfalls of the Fair Credit Act? And what are your thoughts on the cheap background checks? [25:15] How should apartment landlords properly handle their screenings? [27:07] What is the average time it takes for a proper background check? [27:44] Do you come across errors on credit reporting? And if so, what steps do you take to help mitigate that? [30:40] From a multi-family owner perspecitve, what do you charge for a standard tenant background check? [36:51] How can people reach you? [38:36] Closing comments by Eric & Steven About Our Guest As a former FBI Agent and Director of Security for two corporations, Hank brings over 25 years experience to Fidelity Data Service. While with the FBI he handled hundreds of background investigations including over one hundred SPIN (Special Presidential Inquiries), investigating officials for high government positions including cabinet posts. He also investigated fraud and embezzlement schemes involving banks, insurance companies, automobile and heavy equipment dealerships. Hank is a board member of a Condominium Association and a Home Owners Association, as well as being a Licensed Community Association Manager (LCAM). As a Board member, he saw the need for effective background screening techniques in order to lessen vandalism, theft, assaults, misconduct and substance abuse. To that end, he founded Fidelity Data Service. GUEST CONTACT INFO Website: Phone: 561-371-3324


Ep. 262 Dr. Chau Ong Talks Corporate Rentals

Dr. Chau Ong joins the Invest Florida show to discuss corporate housing arbitrage. It's not long term rentals and it's not AirBnB. It's a combination of the 2 and his strategy allows you to ramp up cash flow fast, and you don't need the capital you think you do to get involved. Dr Chau is a Vietnamese immigrant and comes from humble beginnings. He has a fascinating story. Check it out! Key Discussion Points [01:03] Introduction by Eric & Steven [05:03] About our guest: Dr. Chau Ong [06:13] How did you get to where you are today? [10:03] How does it work to use other people's property? [10:54] So for a particular property, what would you rent it for, and what would you lease it for? [13:12] With regard to short and long-term rental, what has been your experience with the market in Florida? [14:51] What does a typical corporate Florida resident look like for you? [16:40] How do you find the people who will lease you their home? [18:43] Where do you get the furniture when renting out the leased properties? [19:51] How do you deal with neighborhoods who don't want short-term rentals in their neighborhood? [22:20] Which works best for your business: Single family home? Townhome? Apartment? [25:55] What type of landlord would want to rent to you? [27:52] How can people reach you? [28:59] Motivational story [38:37] Closing comments by Eric & Steven About Our Guest Dr. Chao Ong is an immigrant from Vietnam. He came to America aspiring to live the American dream. He worked hard for eight years and earned his MBA and doctorate in pharmacy. And he was well on his way to the American dream. And then he discovered the American dream was not what he thought it was going to be. He was determined to have financial freedom, so he explored a variety of businesses and opportunities. He had an epiphany one day and discovered a method called OPP using Other People's Properties to master lease and sublet it out to companies. And that's how he achieved success. And after just two years in this business, he's been able to achieve time and financial freedom and retire in his early thirties. GUEST CONTACT INFO Website: Instagram / TikTok: drchaubnb Facebook: chauong LinkedIn: Dr Chau Ong


Ep. 261 Eric & Steven Return from an Involuntary Leave of Absence and Talk the Florida Market

Eric & Steven Return from an Involuntary Leave of Absence and Talk the Florida Market Good to be back! Eric Odum and Steven Silverman took an involuntary break for a few weeks while Eric healed. They return to discuss what happened...and what is going on in the Florida market since they have been away. Key Discussion Points [01:11] Introduction by Eric & Steven (discussion about Eric's accident / why they've been away for 2 months) [04:00] Recap of what's been going on in the market (banks collapsing, etc) [07:50] Why Florida is more insulated from economic issues relative to other parts of the country [10:33] Discussion about the residential market [13:54] Discussion about the commercial side [14:52] What's been going on in the Office Market? [20:58] Cap rates [23:49] What does the future hold? [29:43] Closing comments by Eric & Steven About Our Eric and Steven Florida Investment Real Estate provides turnkey real estate investment solutions for our clients. With a diverse background in Florida’s commercial real estate markets, Florida Invest Real Estate offers investment services for individual and institutional investors seeking retail, multifamily, and medical office properties of $500k to $10m. Florida Investment Real Estate provides comprehensive investment services beyond basic real estate brokerage, assisting clients with deal sourcing, property management, and disposition Website


Ep. 260 Riley Oickle & James Svetec - Canadian Investors Talking the Vacation Rental Market

James Svetec is a knowledgeable AirBnB operator. He got his start in the short-term rental market by managing properties in Downtown Toronto. Riley Oickle is a specialist and mentor in multi-family residential market. Both now assist vacation investors find success across North America. They check in with the show today to talk about what they are seeing in Florida and share some hacks on the vacation rental market. Key Discussion Points [01:06] Introduction by Eric & Steven [05:19] About our guests: Riley Oickle & James Svetec [06:25] James: How did you get to where you are today? And why are you doing what you're doing? [07:29] Riley: How did you get to where you are today? [08:10] So you're based in Canada but you work with people in the Florida market, correct? [08:49] What are you seeing with the B&B market in Orlando? [10:42] What are 2 or 3 big things to keep in mind for investors considering purchasing property for a vacation rental? [12:22] How do you deal with maintenance and property management? [14:07] What's the differential in the investment return of a typical 3 bedroom condo rental vs an air B&B rental [15:33] What is AirDNA and how does it help investors succeed in the vacation rental market? [18:35] What do you look for to decided if a property is a good deal or not? [20:43] With Florida hotels coming back strong, and AirBnB growing also, how do you see this all moving forward? [24:38] How do you help potential investors overcome objections to AirBnB? (i.e. marketability, maintenance, etc) [31:52] How can people reach you? [32:27] Closing comments by Eric & Steven About Our Guests Today we have with us James Svetec and Riley Oickle. They are the co-owners of BnB Inner Circle based in Canada. James is an Airbnb expert. He is an investor and a coach. He got his start in short term rental space by managing so me of the most successful short term rental properties in downtown Toronto. Riley is also a Canadian real estate investor and he specializes in multifamily residential investing. After building a successful maintenance company, Riley transformed into real estate investing and started buying income properties around the southwestern area of Ontario. Today, they both have a coaching company where they help people be successful in Airbnb and short term rentals. GUEST CONTACT INFO Website:


Ep. 259 Land Flipping with Pete Reese

We have been seeking someone to discuss land flipping with us. Land is a bit of an "outsider" asset class. Why? Because it is not typical cash flowing real estate. Finding investors to partner with or borrow from can be challenging. But that does not mean the asset class cannot be lucrative. Pete has been investing in the East Coast for over a decade and is now dipping his toe in the Florida market. Find out how he does it! Key Discussion Points [01:14] Introduction by Eric & Steven [07:02] About our guest: Pete Reese [12:40] How did you get to where you are today with land flipping? [15:35] Tell us about your Raleigh, NC connection [16:31] What types of property to you focus on? And what's the sweet spot? [17:56] When you reach out to people via letters, what do you say in those letters? [18:48] What is the response rate for the letters you send out? [21:29] Do you take possession of the property when you decide to flip it? [22:53] How do you get other folks to invest with you? [24:48] How are you using data to find the properties you want? [27:25] How do you determine what areas to send out mail to potential investors? [28:57] Walk us through a typical deal [32:31[ Do you have a profile of who your tyicall seller is? [34:10] How can people connect with you? [37:05] What advice would you give to newbies getting into land flipping with regard to finding money partners [38:01] Closing comments by Eric & Steven About Our Guest Today we have with us Pete Reese. Pete is the president of Real West Properties, a land development and investment company. ?With nearly two decades of real estate experience as a broker and investor, Pete has successfully purchased and sold hundreds of pieces of real estate for profit over the years for himself and behalf of his clients. He is on track to earn $4 million of revenue in 2022 with his land flipping and development business. Pete is always looking for his next deal, including his long time dream of owning his private island. Besides his professional accomplishments, Pete is also the father to three beautiful girls. He keeps up with his family by working out and enjoying a vegan diet. And he is a 31st great grandson of King Henry the II. GUEST CONTACT INFO Website:


Ep.258 Note Investing with Fred Moskowitz

Finding deals that work in this market can be a real challenge. Rising interest rates have created a gap between CAP rates and borrowing rates. We are like any other investor, trying to find a way to make a return. Our guest, Fred Moskowitz, has been investing in alternative investments for over 15 years. He joins us to talk about opportunities in the private note market and how this asset class might be fit into your portfolio. Key Discussion Points [01:06] Introduction by Eric & Steven [05:39] About our guest: Fred Moskowitz [06:48] Tell us how you got into Note Investing? [11:11] Talk about the importantace of diversification to help mitigate risk in a portfolio of notes [13:08] How do you interact with the investor class? [14:36] How long are you locked into the investment? [17:24] How do you source? [18:14] What kind of yield do you get on investment for notes? [21:23] Is it viewed as an "upside" if a property falls into foreclosure? [24:25] Are there states that you prefer over others? Why? [27:50] When you look at a note, do you go out and try to assess the value of the underlying property? [30:22] What is a loan servicer with regard to a note? [36:11] What are some of the note organizations that investors might want to get involved with? [37:31] Tell us about your book about note investing (available on Amazon) [37:56] How can people reach you? [39:34] Closing comments by Eric & Steven About Our Guest Fred Moskowitz is an educator and bestselling author who has trained countless investors from all walks of life on how to create passive income streams of their own. As a fund manager, Fred manages a mortgage note investment fund and is considered an industry veteran within the note investing arena. Fred teaches the concept that individual investors are able to step into the shoes of the lender through note investing and effectively be the bank. Fred takes pride in collaborating with investors to help them grow and profit in the notes space. As well as being a trusted and valued resource in the area of alternative investments, his new book, titled The Little Green Book of Note Investing, has recently been launched. GUEST CONTACT INFO website: website: mobile: text the word "money" to 215-461-4433 and follow the prompts


Ep. 257 Beau Beery: Talking Multifamily in N Florida & How to Make Sure You Have Access to Deals

Talking Multifamily in N Florida Beau is a multifamily broker covering North Florida. He is one of the best known apartment advisors in the State. He gives us a rundown of the market and why investors don't see all the good deals. Key Discussion Points [01:15] Introduction by Eric & Steven [05:41] About our guest: Beau Beery [06:36] How did you get into the real estate business, and specifically in multifamily? [10:16] How can people find deals in the multifamily market? [15:06] What's your advice for newer investors trying to find the right broker like yourself? [26:03] How do you avoid bogus retrading tactics? (i.e. trying to muscle the seller into significantly shaving the contracted sale price right before the sale) [30:06] Tell us about how to do market analytics [35:45] With the current inflationary environment, what do you see in the multifamily market right now, and what do you see happening over the next 18 months? [39:38] Do you think the Fed is going too far with raising interest rates? [43:20] How can people reach you? [45:14] Closing comments by Eric & Steven About Our Guest Today we have with us Beau Beery. He's been in the commercial real estate business in Florida since 1999. He earned a bachelor's degree in marketing and a masters of science degree in real estate from the University of Florida. Beau is a commercial realtor, and he has been consistently ranked as the number one multifamily producer in Florida for Coldwell Banker. Beau is regularly asked to speak at industry conferences and to private companies. He has a YouTube channel where he guides viewers on how to buy more family assets, how to sell them and how to conduct market analysis. GUEST CONTACT INFO Website: YouTube: Amazon: book - Multifamily Investors Who Dominate (


Ep. 256 Chris Kaiser: Economic Benefits of Green Technology & Clean Energy for Commercial Properties

Chris Kaiser, Sona Energy, joins us today to talk about how to save costs at your commercial property by implementing green energy solutions. Key Discussion Points [01:03] Introduction by Eric & Steven [04:28] About our guest: Chris Kaiser [05:35] Give us an overview of the clean energy solutions you are involved in now [06:55] How did you get involved with Sona? (a clean energy solutions company) [11:17] What are the economic benefits of clean energy for commercial properties? [16:56] Tell us about your experience with Retail / Grocery Stores regarding "green" lighting (LED lighting) [17:48] If LED is the "low hanging fruit" for green energy, what's the next level? HVAC? [21:23] Are renewables effective for investors to bring down costs? [28:14] What tax incentives are there for investors / tentents for green lighting, HVAC, and EV charging? [31:36] With commercial real estate, who makes or loses money on the "free" EV charging stations? [36:02] How can people reach you? [38:37] Closing comments by Eric & Steven About Our Guest Chris Kaiser is a partner at Sona Energy, a provider of turnkey clean energy projects and solutions for multi-site commercial spaces for property owners and tenants. Chris has an engineering degree from Georgia Tech. GUEST CONTACT INFO LinkedIn: Chris Kaiser | Email:


Ep. 255 Cherif Medawar: Talking Hotels and AirBnB

Talking Hotels and AirBnB Cherif has a unique background. He started in hotel management and learned running hotels from one of the best in the business. While he has invested in many real estate asset classes, his forte is hotels. He operates and owns deals across the country and teaches investors how to earn double digit returns and navigate the waters of this asset class that few investors seem to understand. Key Discussion Points [01:11] Introduction by Eric & Steven [08:43] About our guest: Cherif Medawar [09:50] How did you get started in the real estate investing business? [17:06] Tell us about the complexities with investing in hotels, and how you make money [21:27] What are the steps and things to look for when investing in commercial property [27:21] What is considered to be a good return on hotels? [34:53] How does syndication work with hotel investing [41:19] How is AirBnB affecting the hotel industry? [43:12] Tell us about your residential developments in North Port, FL [46:40] What size hotels makes it profitable? [47:48] Who manages the operations of a hotel that size? [51:27] How can people reach you? [52:26] Closing comments by Eric & Steven About Our Guest Cherif Medawar is an investor, a real estate fund manager and an educator. Cherif is bi-coastal. He started a fund in 2009 and is focused on luxury homes in the San Francisco Bay area. With over $100 million in assets under management, he's also the largest owner of commercial historic properties in San Juan, Puerto Rico, since 2004. And he is active with his office in Florida. Cherif has authored some best selling commercial real estate investment books and continues to share his methods and programs through his education company. He has produced over 2000 video trainings and success stories. GUEST CONTACT INFO Email:


Ep. 254 Tyler Cauble: Syndication in Commercial Real Estate

Syndication in Commercial Real Estate YouTube and Instagram influencer, Tyler Cauble, joins us to discuss how he invests in his local market, improves his community and makes his unique deals available to a broad investor base. Key Discussion Points [01:01] Introduction by Eric & Steven [04:16] About our guest: Tyler Cauble [07:54] What audience does your YouTube channel target? [08:56] Is you investing centered only in Nashville? Or also outside the Nashville area? [10:01] How do you work debt into your commercial real estate transactions? [13:59] What kinds of mixed-use things are you doing? [19:16] How are you handling the financing for your acquisitions? Do you bring in outside investors? [21:10] How many agents do you have in your office? [22:52] Do you mostly find your investors through social media? [23:26] What asset classes, if any, are you focused on? [25:02] Which asset classes do you think still have a lot of "runway" [26:17 Discussion about office space and the trend to work from home [31:00] How do you go about finding your investors? [33:16] Have you done blind funds? Or is it property specific? [35:03] How can people reach you? [35:44] Closing comments by Eric & Steven About Our Guest Tyler Cauble is the founder of the Cauble Real Estate Group. Tyler's commercial real estate career began in 2013 when he was an in-house leasing agent for a Nashville development firm. After he stabilized the company's assets, Tyler began taking on other projects and put together his first development deal. In 2008, Tyler launched his bestselling book, Open for Business: The Insider's Guide to Leasing Commercial Real Estate, and founded the East Nashville based commercial real estate brokerage firm The Cauble Group. Later, he founded Parasol Property Management. Lately, Tyler has been raising capital for value-add investments and new construction development in the greater Nashville area. GUEST CONTACT INFO Instagram: @ commercial_in_nashville YouTube: Tyler Cauble


Ep. 253 David Atkinson: A New Idea for AirBNB in Remote Areas?

A New Idea for AirBNB in Remote Areas? It's so much more than this though. Z Sphere has a structure concept that could be anything from housing in disaster prone areas to self contained, medical care structures in remote areas. Key Discussion Points [01:03] Introduction by Eric & Steven [04:58] About our guest: David Atkinson [05:39] What's your background and how did you get to where you are now? [08:34] What is Z Sphere? [11:19] So your product is self-contained, off-grid, natural disaster resilient, spherical home? [14:23] What is the Z Sphere intended to address? Natural disasters? And to live and work in? [18:25] Is the Z Sphere factory-built and shipped onsite? Or is it built on-site? [24:41] Can these be made into restaurants buildings? [26:07] What is the pricing structure on these Z Spheres relative to a standard building? [27:24] So this could be a good option as an AirBnB or as an emergency command building where there are limited or no utilities? [29:26] Are there investment opportunities for these Z Spheres? [30:38] How can people reach you? [31:26] Closing comments by Eric & Steven About Our Guest David is the CEO and founder of Z Sphere. Z Sphere is a completely different kind of real estate company and it is especially relevant in today's world with global warming and the environment changing and threats to real estate and the way we live. GUEST CONTACT INFO Website: LinkedIn: David Atkinson


Ep. 252 Laura Spaulding: Investing in Properties of Crime Scenes and the Deceased

Investing in Properties of Crime Scenes and the Deceased Today we talk with Laura Spaulding, founder of Spaulding Decon, which is a full service restoration company for crime scenes, death, and accidents. Laura takes it a step further by investing in these properties. Key Discussion Points [01:03] Introduction by Eric & Steven [07:02] About our guest: Bob Henriquez [09:17] How are you using your crime/accident/death cleanup business to leverage buying the crime scene properties? [13:49] What's the craziest thing you've scene when doing crime scene cleanup? [16:09] Do you have franchisees all over the country? [17:00] Does your business do better where there is more crime? [17:52] Tell us how your business model works, from property cleanup to possibly buying the property [19:23] Do you have a list of relaiable investors that you take these properties to? [21:48] Are most of the crime/suicide/death scene properties residential? Any commercial properties? [25:52] What is your investment profile? What do you look for in properties you are holding? [27:32] Do you have a team for the renovation? [29:29] What's your formula for pricing these types of properties? [31:50] What are you seeing in the market right now? [37:25] How can people reach you? [38:37] Closing comments by Eric & Steven About Our Guest After seven years in law enforcement and serving in the military, Laura Spaulding identified a need for crime scene cleaning while she was working a double homicide. A family asked her Who is going to clean this up. So with a $15,000 loan, Spaulding Decon was born. What began as a one woman show today stands as a franchise with over 55 locations nationwide. Spaulding Decon is a full service restoration company. Laura has a master's degree in business administration and a bachelor's in criminal justice. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal Inc magazine and Entrepreneur magazine. Laura has developed an impressive real estate portfolio. She has purchased hold or crime scene homes and convert them into beautiful estates. This has become a labor of love that has produced millions in revenue. Laura is active in the community and does initiatives such as Holiday Hoarding Gateway. GUEST CONTACT INFO YouTube Channel: Crime Scene Cleaning Website: LinkedIn: Laura Spaulding