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5 Rental Revenue Growth Strategies

In this program we're presenting to you five areas to assist in rental revenue growth. But it goes beyond just rents and goes beyond just ancillary income. We know that most revenue from a rental property comes from rents but that's not the whole story. Visit John Wilhoit.com for more quality content.


Building Your Buyers Box for Rental Property Acquisitions

There are three areas you must understand up front to successfully build your buyers box for making acquisitions of rental properties. Miss just one and your efforts will twist in the wind...


7 Ways to Measure Financial Outcomes From Rental Property

As much as this episode is entitled The 7 Ways to Measure Financial Outcomes from Rental Property I really could have named it "how to find out about an asset when you don't have any information".


Why Buy A Home

Sometimes we think buying a home is exclusively a financial decision but very often it's far more than that. In this episode we're going to cover some of the areas that lead people to buy a home talk about the reasoning behind why you should proceed with home ownership.


Sources and Uses of Market Information in Real Estate

This episode is titled Sources and Uses of Market Information in Real Estate. We’re talking about decision analysis for making real estate acquisitions. As much as that's a mouthful, the easier title is finding and using market information for making real estate decision. We have two different areas; one is sources of market information and the other is uses of market information.


10 Ways Property Managers Find $10k on Property

It's seldom going to be a single thing that captures ten thousand dollars in added revenue from being a property owner or being in property management. It's always going to be a collection of things that add up to that. And it can be substantially larger.


Rent Roll Analytics - Baseline Data

Today's episode is about Rent Roll Analytics: Baseline Data. Rent roll analysis is all about understanding rental income. The reason we need to understand rental income is so we have a frame for comparing one asset to another. The rent roll is the controlling document of what a property produces.


5 Sources of Yield from Real Estate Investing

This episode presents five sources of yield. Most people think there are only four. I go into the details and insert my perspective on the five sources that generate yield which leads to a higher internal rates of return when they're all deployed by your investment dollars. For a transcript of this episode go to John Wilhoit.com.


Counting Cars and Rental Property Marketing

Today's episode is counting cars and rental property marketing. Measuring traffic goes way beyond counting cars anymore, of course. There's been a paradigm shift.


Cap Rates - The Great Equalizer

Too many people think that all cap rates are the same- an equalizer among all property types for all deals. If that's true it means that we're always getting net operating income (NOI) right from the beginning and that each asset is providing an equal level of risk. Not true! For a transcript of this episode go to John Wilhoit.com.


Defining Local Market Knowledge for Buying Real Estate

Today's topic is defining local market knowledge for buying real estate. Our topic includes four areas related to establishing local market knowledge:


Big Trends Affecting Real Estate Values

We have four areas we want to cover today. The first is technology followed by demographics, urban density and then demand for housing. Those are our four big trends. Yes, there's 40 but hey we can't do them all in 20 minutes. Today we’re talking about:


3 Reasons For Strategic Vacancy

Why would we want to create vacancy? Strategic vacancy is always planned and it has a purpose. Usually the purpose is to increase rents. We're talking about rental property. We're always looking to increase rents, however, rent is not always about price right.


PM Basics - 4 Preventive Maintenance Money Savers

Today's topic is property management basics: 4 preventive maintenance money savers. These are very basic. I'll tell you what the four are upfront and then we can proceed from there. They are:


Understanding Leverage and Liquidity in Real Estate Investing

Today's segment is about understanding leverage and liquidity in real estate investing. We want to focus on real estate financing. To frame this conversation, I'm talking about real estate assets, or investments, under five-million dollars. Once you get about five-million dollars then you're competing in the professional class. With assets under five-million dollars, most of those real estate assets are purchased by local people in local markets. For a a complete reading of the show notes...


Poperty Management Nuts and Bolts for Small Apartment Owners with Jim Abernathy

Property management for small properties can benefit from many of the same business principles deployed by much larger apartment owners in terms of implementing systems and processes. Creating a consistent product, having consistent response times to maintenance, running the business "as a business" are all part of running a small rental business. For a a complete reading of the show notes please visit our website at John Wilhoit.com


Residential Energy Saving Tips

Energy efficiency is not the most exciting topic but frankly it can be when you convert the topics that we're discussing into dollars and cents. If it's only $5 people are not going to pay attention. Yet, take the body of work in energy efficiency in the last ten years and it is a huge amount of change that can affect every household and rental property owner. For a a complete reading of the show notes please visit our website at John Wilhoit.com


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