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Your source for all things real estate and mortgage related brought to you by Hall Financial! Based in Troy, MI. NMLS #1467435

Your source for all things real estate and mortgage related brought to you by Hall Financial! Based in Troy, MI. NMLS #1467435


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Your source for all things real estate and mortgage related brought to you by Hall Financial! Based in Troy, MI. NMLS #1467435






Valentine's Day Episode

[Chris Puzzuoli NMLS#276711] [Christopher James Foster NMLS#1123930] [Henry Do NMLS#1863960] [Phillip Lapinski NMLS#1485025] [HFG NMLS#1467435]


Live on Real Estate: New Year Episode

[David HallNMLS#381502] [Chris Puzzuoli NMLS#276711] [Christopher James Foster NMLS#1123930] [Henry Do NMLS#1863960] [HFG NMLS#1467435]


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Live on Real Estate! We hope you enjoy your time with family, friends and loved ones today! [David HallNMLS#381502] [Chris Puzzuoli NMLS#276711] [Christopher James Foster NMLS#1123930] [Philip LapinskiNMLS#1485025] [HFG NMLS#1467435]


November FED Update

The Fed dropped rates again! Listen to this week's episode for all the details on the Fed's decision and what's new in the industry. [David NMLS#381502] [Chris F. NMLS#1123930] [Phil L. NMLS#1485025] [Henry NMLS#1863960] [NMLS#1467435]


Episode 107: Tracey Leonard

On this Episode of 'Live on Real Estate' David and Chris sat down with Tracey Leonard of the Lipinski Team out of KW Lakeside here in Shelby Twp. They discussed mortgage and real estate news thats buzzing around along with getting to know Tracey more as she wraps up her 2019. [David NMLS #381502] [Chris NMLS #276711] [HFG NMLS #1467435]


Episode 106: Market Rates & Matt Talbot

On this month's episode David and CP sat down with Matt Talbot to discuss some rumors that have been mulling around in the industry in the last week. We also discussed the FED meeting today and where we predict the market will turn. Did we predict correctly? Listen and find out! [David NMLS#381502] [Chris NMLS#276711] [NMLS#1467435]


Episode 105: Break the Glass Ceiling

There is no limit, always work towards pushing into new areas, and follow up like crazy. Realtor, Brad Perrault joined us today on the podcast and the conversation flowed with lots of comforting tips for beginning Realtors and those shopping the market right now. [Patrick NMLS#1484858] [Chris NMLS#276711] [HFG NMLS#1467435]



The bottom line is, if you are looking for a realtor who will go over and above for you... Brandon Curry is your guy! Host Patrick, sat down with Curry today where they discussed how Curry runs and operates his business. It's not typical and could be seen as the exception to the rule; however, it's working for him and may work for you too! [Patrick NMLS#1484858] [HFG NMLS#1467435]


Episode 103: Building Solid Foundations

On this week's episode 'Live on Real Estate' sat down with Brookstone Realty's own Jim Nelson. Jim comes from a long career of coaching basketball, mortgage professionals, and real estate professionals across the Metro Detroit Area. This episode is packed with sales tips and coaching tips alike!


Episode 102: What's The Risk?

This week host Patrick Ali invited Hall Financial's Director of Capital Markets Stephen Atkins on the podcast to help everyone understand the different factors that go into determining loan options. They compare owning a business verses just being an employee, and so much more! [Patrick NMLS#1484858] [Stephen NMLS#1117122] [HFG NMLS#1467435]


Episode 101: Market Matters

On this week's episode Patrick and Chris sat down with Ryan French, Stacy Filipkowski, and Jen Stillwagon from DOBI in Birmingham, Michigan. This team came together in May and has hit the pavement running as all three of them come from strong real estate backgrounds. This episode is packed full of market updates and tips to making your home market ready! [Patrick NMLS#1484858] [Chris NMLS#276711] [HFG NMLS#1467435]


Episode 100: Bringing It Back To Home Base

IT’S FINALLY HERE! The 100th Episode of ‘Live on Real Estate’! Hosts’ Patrick Ali and Chris Puzzuoli sat down with Hall Financial’s fearless leader David Hall to discuss the company’s humble beginnings and where we are headed! [David NMLS#381502] [Patrick NMLS#1484858] [Chris NMLS#276711] [HFG NMLS#1467435]


Episode 99: Where is Your Heart?

One more episode till 100! This week David Hall hosted alongside Chris Puzzuoli as they invited Kim Nagy from Keller Williams Domain and Hall Financial's own Nicole Aloe-Goetzke. Kim's experience in the industry started early and her passion for the community, clients, and work ethic is inspiring! [Chris NMLS#276711] [David NMLS#381502] [HFG NMLS#1467435]


Episode 98: Importance of Marketing

This week Patrick Ali and Chris Puzzuoli invited Hall Financial's Marketing Team on board to discuss, brand recognition, brand awareness, how the team has grown and SO much more!


Episode 97: Refinancing Made Easy

This week 'Live On Real Estate' kept it in-house and talked about the benefits to refinancing. [Patrick NMLS#1484858] [Chris NMLS#276711] [NMLS #1467435]


Episode 96: Knowing Your Budget

This week Patrick and Chris had the pleasure of having our own Nicole Aloe-Goetzke and KW Metro's Rick Barber on to discuss how advising your clients on following their budget is important. Looking for a realtor? Feel free to contact Rick at 248-705-0578 or go to [Patrick NMLS#1484858] [Chris NMLS#276711] [HFG NMLS#1467435]


Episode 95: The Mortgage Breakdown

On this week's episode hosts Patrick Ali and Chris Puzzuoli breakdown the mortgage process with what we call "The 4 Quadrants" here at Hall Financial. [Patrick NMLS#1484858] [Chris NMLS#276711] [HFG NMLS#1467435]


Episode 94: Give Us Some Credit

This week Patrick Ali and Chris Puzzuoli had the pleasure of talking with Willie J. Davis from ReMax Eclipse to dive deeper into the who, what, when, where and why of the importance of Credit Scores. This episode is packed full with industry do's and don'ts. [Patrick NMLS#1484858] [Chris NMLS#276711] [HFG NMLS#1467435]


Episode 93: Monopoly Madness

This week host Patrick Ali was joined by Chris Foster & Henry Do to chat with seasoned Realtor Dan Beazley. Dan isn’t a stranger around Hall Financial working with David for over 15 years and took solid advice into starting his own brokerage this past December. You’ll be sure to hear advice on opening your own business, along with market updates and the pros and cons of different platforms. [Patrick NMLS#1484858] [Chris NMLS# 1123930] [HFG NMLS#1467435]


Episode 92: Leaving A Mark… or Matt Talbot

Patrick Ali and Chris Puzzuoli are at it again this week in an engaging conversation with Rich Realty’s Matt Talbott. They dove into discussing marketing, adding value to the community and being open to anything so you can weed out what works for you! [Patrick NMLS#1484858] [Chris NMLS#276711] [HFG NMLS#1467435]