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Episode 93: Monopoly Madness

This week host Patrick Ali was joined by Chris Foster & Henry Do to chat with seasoned Realtor Dan Beazley. Dan isn’t a stranger around Hall Financial working with David for over 15 years and took solid advice into starting his own brokerage this past December. You’ll be sure to hear advice on opening your own business, along with market updates and the pros and cons of different platforms. [Patrick NMLS#1484858] [Chris NMLS# 1123930] [HFG NMLS#1467435]


Episode 92: Leaving A Mark… or Matt Talbot

Patrick Ali and Chris Puzzuoli are at it again this week in an engaging conversation with Rich Realty’s Matt Talbott. They dove into discussing marketing, adding value to the community and being open to anything so you can weed out what works for you! [Patrick NMLS#1484858] [Chris NMLS#276711] [HFG NMLS#1467435]


Episode 91: First Time Gains

Patrick Ali and VP Chris Puzzuoli welcomed KW Metro’s Time Murad this week to discuss first time homebuyers and the special process he takes his clients through. With purchase season heating up this is a perfect episode listen too! [Patrick NMLS#1484858] [Chris NMLS#276711] [HFG NMLS#1467435]


Special Saturday Episode: Secrets to Success

Host Patrick Ali came in this past Saturday with one of HFG’s Business Developer’s, Henry Do to talk with Best Life & Co’s Ken Hirschmann and Mike Scianna. They discussed what a few of their successful secrets revolving around open houses are and some exciting activity that the team is working on. This powercast is packed full of marketing tips, and team strengthening knowledge. [Patrick NMLS# 1484858] [HFG NMLS# 1467435]


Episode 90: It's All in the Family

This week hosts’ Patrick Ali and VP Chris Puzzuoli were joined by Real Estate Agent John Cotter and in house Senior Loan Officer Dan Morrison. Cotter has a long history with the home industry and an even longer history caring/helping others. This episode is packed full of EDUCATION! [Patrick NMLS#1484858] [Chris NMLS#276711] [Dan NMLS#1631757] [HFG NMLS#1467435]


Episode 89: Building Trusted Relationships

Host Patrick Ali is back this week and was joined by one of HFG’s Business Developers Henry Do, and regular on the show by now, Loan Officer Delanie Boon. The trio brought Realtor George Goddard from KW Metro where they dove into the importance and care it takes to developing and maintaining relationships in the home service business. [Patrick NMLS# 1484858] [Delanie NMLS# 1707271] [HFG NMLS# 1467435]


Episode 88: The Art of Real Estate

Live on Real Estate had the pleasure of having David Hall host this week alongside VP Chris Puzzuoli. They were joined by Realtor Brandon Curry. This trio discussed the current inventory in the state of Michigan, the positives and negatives of using online estimate sites, and some exciting happenings going on in Ferndale. [David NMLS# 381502] [Chris NMLS# 276711] [HFG NMLS# 1467435]


Episode 87: Thinking Out of the Box

What do facetime, lake fronts and renovating have in common? Hosts’ Patrick Ali and VP Chris Puzzuoli had the pleasure of having the common denominator Realtor Lindsey Broadwell on the show this week. Where she talks about her business and coaching strategy. [Patrick NMLS# 1484858] [Chris NMLS# 276711] [HFG NMLS# 1467435]


Episode 86: Back to Business

This week Hosts’ Patrick Ali and VP Chris Puzzuoli welcomed back Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel’s Brett Maciag and Loan Officer Delanie Boon. With the weather freezing everything here in Michigan… literally, the boys talked about the importance of a realtor/lender relationship, how to view your job as a business and some other fun and exciting things going on in 2019. [Patrick NMLS# 1484858] [Chris NMLS# 276711] [Delanie NMLS# 1707271] [HFG NMLS# 1467535]


Episode 85: Tactical Thinking in Detroit

Hosts’ Patrick Ali and Chris Puzzuoli had Chris Griffin from The Peardon Team at Keller Williams Lakeside join them alongside our NEWLY LICENSED (but not new to the industry) Loan Officer Nathan Mosher to discuss their partnership, Chris’s interests in the revitalization of Detroit, and how he approaches lead generation. [Patrick NMLS# 1484858] [Chris NMLS# 276711] [Nathan NMLS# 1821875] [HFG NMLS# 1467435]


Episode 84: Quick Social Update

HE'S BACK! This week, hosts’ Patrick Ali and VP Chris Puzzuoli welcome back Owner/Operator of Social House, Erik Wright. Erik launched Social House on January 1 of this year and Live on Real Estate had the IN on helping announce this new venture. Coming back this week Erik updated us on how the first three weeks have been for him, along with his fail forward plan to build a strong business structure, so his realtors feel successful. [Patrick #1484858] [Chris #276711] [HFG #1467435]


Episode 83: Marketing

Host Patrick Ali and VP Chris Puzzuoli welcomed one of the top 100 Realtors on Social Media Victoria and Leslie Mona from Keller William – Somerset. They dove into their marketing strategy, how they both get in front of their clients, and their projections for 2019. [Patrick NMLS# 1484858] [Chris NMLS# 276711] [HFG NMLS# 1467435]


Episode 82: Law of Attraction

Wow, just wow. This week’s episode is booming with inspiration. Hosts Patrick Ali and VP Chris Puzzuoli welcomed Justin Ford of Encore Realty on to talk about his own personal process, where he is leading his team and his own personal goals; one of them coming in April which is super exciting! [Patrick NMLS# 1484858] [Chris NMLS# 276711] [HFG NMLS# 1467435]


Episode 81: We Like to EAT

We have a special EXTRA episode this week! Patrick and CP were joined with Best Life & Co’s founder Ken Hirschmann. We talked about having a forward-thinking mentality, helpful questions to ask when shopping around, how HUNGRY we are to attack our goals in 2019 and MORE! [Patrick NMLS# 1484858] [Chris NMLS# 276711] [HFG NMLS# 1467435]


Episode 80: New Year, New Business

Happy New Year! To start the year off strong David was joined by Hall Financials’ VP Chris Foster and Realtor Erik Wright to discuss Erik’s NEW ventures. You will hear what it’s like to start a business, Erik’s mission, and tips from both industries regarding social media. [David NMLS# 381502] [Chris NMLS# 1123930] [NMLS# 1467435]


Episode 79: Playing to Your Strengths

It’s the LAST EPISODE OF 2018 on Live on Real Estate with hosts Patrick Ali and VP Chris Puzzuoli. They talked with Central Properties Group’s Tom Fisher and Ian Whitelaw about where the market is, how a buyer’s agent get paid, playing to your strengths, and much more! Hint: there may be some myths busted today – so, who ya gonna call? [Patrick NMLS# 1484858] [Chris NMLS# 276711] [HF NMLS# 1467435]


Episode 78: Wrapping Up & Preparing

Get ready to wrap up your 2018 and prepare to shift into Q1 of 2019 as Tom Lipinski of Keller Williams Lakeside and our very own Senior Loan Officer Delanie Boon join Patrick and Chris this week to discuss how 2018 is wrapping up as a whole, where the market is headed, and how social media effects the business. [Patrick NMLS #1484858] [Chris NMLS #276711] [Delanie NMLS #1707271] [HF NMLS #1467435]


Episode 77: We Aren’t Robots

This week Patrick and Chris Puzzuoli welcomed Josh Hepner of Keller Williams Somerset onto the show. Collectively, they touch on 2019 and where mortgage rates are going, technology verses human interaction, and educating on the mortgage/real estate business as a whole. [Patrick NMLS #1484858] [Chris NMLS #276711] [HF NMLS #1467435]


Episode 76: Lending Loyalty

Patrick and Chris were joined this week with an old industry friend Joseph Fortuna. The three dive into the difference between going through a big bank organization vs a brokerage before discussing tips for emerging leaders to find their niche as marketers. [Patrick NMLS #1484858] [Chris NMLS #276711] [HF NMLS #1467435]


Episode 75: Flipping Basics

We had a flipping full house this week as Patrick and Chris talked with Deborah Falzon of Keller Williams Domain and Andrew Abbott of AP Real Estate Investing. They discussed knowing your market as a home investor, how to market your listings, and why it’s important to have a solid working relationship between your agent and lender. This episode is full of drones, decorating, and dreaming of home. [Patrick NMLS #1484858] [Chris NMLS #276711] [HF NMLS #1467435]