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Episode 50: Home Flipping with AP Real Estate Investing

Brendan and Andrew from AP Real Estate Investing are in the house today with David and Patrick. These cool cats talk about how they got into property flipping, what was appealing, what the future holds, challenges they’ve encountered, and more! [David NMLS #381502] [Patrick NMLS #1484858] [HF NMLS #1467435]


Episode 49: Don’t Fear Being a First-time homebuyer

Damon Johnson is back! One of the best personalities in real estate. Damon joins David and Patrick for the best 12 minutes in podcast land, discussing being a first-time homebuyer, Damon’s upcoming seminar, what to expect, being outbid, and more. [David NMLS #381502] [Patrick NMLS #1484858] [HF NMLS #1467435]


Episode 48: Buying in a Hot Market

Chris, Patrick, and Seth are joined by guest realtor Todd McNulty from REALTEAM Real Estate for this week’s Live On Real Estate. Find out the offer that to many sellers is worth more than money in today’s competitive market. The four also discuss what sellers are looking for, how buyers can get ahead, what Todd does when he gets his buyer’s preapproval, and much more. 17 minutes of housing tips and insight. [Chris NMLS #1123930] [Patrick NMLS #1484858] [Seth NMLS #21280]


Episode 47: The Home Selling List

Expert realtor Lindsey Broadwell is back on the show, this time with David Hall, Chris, and Steve. She shares her list of todo’s she gives her sellers to help declutter their house. The four also discuss reverse contingencies, what some homebuyers are doing to get the home and beat out their competition, home appreciation, and much more. [David NMLS #381502] [Chris NMLS #1123930] [Steve NMLS #1117122] [HF NMLS #1467435]


Episode 46: Winning Offers.

One of the top agents in the country, the one and only Nancy Robinson from Century 21 Town & Country joins Paul, Sal, and Diane in the studio this week. The four discuss how she began in the industry, how she’s found success in a very competitive market, being there for the client and crazy expectations, the reality of buying down a rate, winning an offer, and much more. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [Diane NMLS #1541451] [HF NMLS #1467435]


Episode 45: Perks of Selling with a Realtor

Darren Peterfi from Peterfi & Associates, Keller Williams Realty Grand Blanc is back in the studio this week with Paul and Sal, bringing 23 years of industry experience. The three get passionate over stupid headlines, discuss homes for sale by owner and what sellers are missing out on, and play Would You Rather Real Estate. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]


Episode 44: Home Inspections & the Cost of Waiting

Home inspector Ryan Young from Inspection Pros LLC is in the studio with Paul and Sal this week. Ryan actually did Sal’s home inspection when he bought his home; and this week, Ryan brings his expertise to the podcast, discussing what he looks for and why having an inspection is so important to the homebuying process. Paul gets testy with headlines of demand, competition, and home prices going up but brings a good note to the table arguing against waiting in today’s market and what it...


Episode 43: Housing Off the Cuff

Justin Ford from Encore Real Estate Group joins Paul and Sal this week on Live on Real Estate. The three discuss the market, what it takes to get an offer accepted in a multiple offers situation, the Fed possibly hiking rates today and how it impacts mortgage rates, the ah-ha moment and focuses of creating Encore. The three get real and open up about being service-focused, with Justin lending a lot of insight into how he realized service sustains the business. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal...


Episode 41: ARMs and Insurance

James Bejin and Greg Fogleman from J. Bejin & Associates, the auto and homeowners insurance rock stars from Waterford, are in the studio this week with Paul and Sal. The four discuss the insurance game, builders finding loan standards easing, prices up 6 percent year over year, and the prospect of seeing more ARMs in the future. Fun Fact if you didn’t know already: the cutoff year to be a millennial is 1981—Paul doesn’t cut it. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]


Episode 40: Real Estate Myths

Ryan Weston from W Realty is in the house with Paul and Sal this week. The three discuss rising rates and home values, the Detroit housing market, common misconceptions for real estate agents, and crypto currency backed by real estate. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]


Episode 39: Homebuyer Perspective from the Homebuyer

Kyle Bogey from 97.1 finally gets a new music genre on Live On Real Estate this week with Paul and Sal. We helped him finance his first home last year and he explains the reality of being a first-time homebuyer—as a homebuyer, not the loan officer or realtor. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]

Episode 38: Homeowner’s Insurance

Paul and Sal are joined by Isaac Whitney from Community Insurance Center this week. The three are talking all things homeowner’s insurance, how most homebuyers take 3+ months to find a home, the CFPB, and the difficulty renters are finding in buying a home. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]


Episode 37: A La Carte Real Estate

Brendan Davis from Jim Shaffer & Associates Keller Williams is in the house with Paul and Sal this week. The three discuss Sal’s lack of muscles, the first-time homebuyer, the Royal Oak market and why it’s booming, mortgage volume stalling, a la carte real estate services, and much more. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]


Episode 36: Adding Value

Former Detroit Tigers player turned Real Estate Agent Andy Dirks is in the house with Paul and Sal to discuss all things housing related and more. Today’s topics: adding value, why Andy chose Real Estate, reality of rising mortgage rates, and more. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]


Episode 35: The Luxury Market

Tory Sheffer—excuse Paul’s tiredness—from Signature Sothey’s International Realty is in the studio with Paul and Sal this week to discuss the luxury market and how it varies from location to location, home trade-in programs, and mortgage rates moving higher impacting buyers and homeowners. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]


Episode 34: Home Building

Patrick Raye from Hillan Homes is here with Paul and Sal to talk about what’s expected when building a house and where the next hot areas are. The three men also discuss how new home sales defy holiday low, the new Dow Jones, mortgage rates holding strong, and last night’s meteor. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]


Episode 33: Marketing Your House

Paul and Sal are joined by Max Broock Realtors of Birmingham’s Ryan Lane in our studio today. The three discuss how to market your house, if it’s still a good time to buy or sell, credit card debt at a new record, the importance of reading your purchase agreement, and what to look for when shopping for a mortgage. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]


Episode 32: Expectations for Housing & Bitcoin

Paul and Sal are joined by REALTEAM’s Tommy Lower and Danny Schick on this week’s podcast. The four experts discuss Blockchain and bitcoin (a favored topic for Paul and Tommy), how 2017 performed, and what they’re expecting in 2018, including the tax reform plan and potential homebuyers. Oh, and Sal became a homeowner (commence applause). [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]


Episode 31: Real Estate Mindset and 2018

Tony Raffin joins Paul, Sal, and Rob Knotts on this week’s podcast. Tony brings a long and interesting history in housing to the industry. The four men discuss rehab and distressed properties, mindset, bitcoin in real estate, and looking ahead at housing in 2018. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [Rob NMLS #1296138] [HF NMLS #1467435]


Episode 30: Market Conditions

REALTEAM’s Elena Filimon and David Simovski join Paul and Sal on Live on Real Estate this week. The four industry experts discuss getting started in the business, market conditions, overcoming first-time homebuyer fears, fed talk (before the rate hike was officially announced this afternoon), the winter market and busyness, and much more. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]


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