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021: Helping Buyers with New Construction

In today’s episode, Monica and Marion Napoleon talk about helping buyers with new construction — a topic that is important to both of them. The population in America is growing and demographics are changing.There are more single family homes as people are marrying later and divorces at all age levels create a need for more separate housing. Another factor is that people are living in more multi-generational housing situations. This together has created a general need for more housing. They...


020: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

There have been some very significant changes made to the tax codes that are effective this year, 2018. In this episode Monica is joined by Dale Carlton, Jr., who has worked in real estate since the mid 1990s and has been an attorney since 2001, about how the new tax laws affect: real estate professionals, their businesses, and their clients. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 provides the opportunity for people who made the same money in 2018 that they made in 2017 to see a reduction in...


019: Let’s Talk About Communication

It’s easy to forget, in the real estate industry, that communication between people is as important as it’s ever been before — especially with the rise of technology. This is an issue in business and among people, in general. One of the most popular forms of communication these days is through our phones, though very few people actually use it as a phone. As a Realtor, it’s important to be aware of which forms of communication our clients are using so we can use their preferred method....


018: Working with Lenders

Monica first came across Dan while she researching mortgage reports. He actually started two separate ventures — first, was The Mortgage Reports, and second, he recently moved into a broader personal finance field with his project Growella. This project extends beyond mortgage and real estate, although that’s where Dan’s passion lies. In today’s episode, Monica and Dan discuss relationships and communications with lenders and details about some of the products, as well as suggestions on...


017: Tech in Real Estate, Part 3: The Virtual Office

In the last installment of the summer series on technology, Monica talks with our guest, Sam Powell, about the virtual office. Since beginning her real estate venture, Sam has been working towards being 100% paperless and 100% virtual. In this episode, she talks with Monica about the equipment she uses, the programs and applications she uses, tips for being successful and mobile, and also a little bit about her marketing and branding strategy. If you’re looking to go virtual or paperless,...


016: Tech in Real Estate, Part 2: "Pay to Play" — Marketing on Social Media

Today’s guests have noticed a discrepancy in what Realtors are doing in person, versus their presence online. There hasn’t been a strong emphasis on online marketing. Mor Zucker and Jamie Slough from Denver bring their outside knowledge and background into their real estate business, specifically by using social media to bring them business and keep them top-of-mind with their clients. Social media is at the forefront of their business and they adapt the other aspects of their business to...


015: Tech in Real Estate, Part 1: Social Media Strategy

Today’s episode is the first in a three-part series on technology; this episode focuses on social media and how we use can use it in our real estate business. So many people engage with social media every day — we and our clients are all in. Today’s guest is Marki Lemons Ryhal and she joins Monica today to talk about the vast ways that we as Realtors® can use social media to help ourselves and our clients. There are free and paid ways to use social media. Marki is teaching Realtors® all...


014: Senior Market, Part 2: How Elder Care Professionals Can Help

Continuing last month’s episode and conversation about the Senior Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) Designation topics, today’s guest joins Monica to talk about the legal side of things. Barbara will discuss estate planning, probate, trusts, and what you can do as a real estate professional. This episode is full of great information and advice, and it’s important to remember that as real estate agents, we may need to recommend an Elder Care professional to our clients in order to best serve...


013: Senior Market, Part 1: Current Tips & Trends for Mature Clients

Real estate is for people of all ages. As we age, sometimes our lifestyle and living situations need to change. Today’s guest, Bobbi Decker, joins Monica on the show today to talk about the Seniors Real Estate Specialist Designation® (SRES®) and what kinds of things you will learn in the class when you get the designation. As we work with our mature clients, it’s not about the transaction — it’s about helping them with their next lifestyle. Bobbi, who has now been in real estate for 35...


012: International Real Estate

As the world keeps growing, global business and international real estate are becoming more common and more popular. Mark Makoto Kitabayashi lives in Washington State and teaches the certification class for Certified International Property Specialists. He joins Monica on the show today to talk about aspects of the global real estate market, and how Realtors® can help clients involved in these transactions. Monica and Mark talk about how to develop rapport with foreign clients, what things...


011: Working with Teams in Real Estate

Teams are an increasingly popular method of serving clients in the purchase and sale of a home. Today’s episode is all about teamwork in real estate — whether you want to build a team, join a team, or communicate better with a team. Our guest, Matthew Rathbun, comes with firsthand experience from his own firm of setting up agents with success for team building. Monica and Matthew will discuss what a healthy team looks like, how you can start building a team well, and for new agents,...


010: Smart Home Technology

As society becomes more forward-thinking, smart technology is moving into our homes. Todays’ guest, Chad Curry, joins Monica to talk about smart home technology and other pieces of technology that affect Realtors® and homeowners. In addition to discussing what types of technology are emerging, Chad shares several resources that can help inform consumers about how people are using smart home technology and what benefits there are. Chad works as the Managing Director of the Center of...


009: Business Planning, Part 2: Applying the Principles

Successful business planning comes when we develop the habits to utilize them. There are three guests joining Monica on the show today, to talk about how they’ve been successful with their business planning. Misty Woodford has been in real estate for about 10 years and formerly owned her own brokerage. She no longer owns her firm and now works with Benchmark Realty and is actively selling. Trish Myatt has been in real estate for nearly 14 years, and right from the start got into a good...


008: Business Planning, Part 1: The Principles

Running your business like a business is crucial for getting value for your business. Today’s episode is the first of two episodes that touch on the business planning aspects of real estate. As Realtors, it is crucial to plan and be wise in the real estate business and think of yourself as a business person. Mark Given joins Monica today to talk about a number of things that should become part of your business plan: finding a mentor, how to foster a good broker relationship, the cost of...


007: The Role of Staging in Selling Your Home

Staging is a very important aspect of getting your house ready to put on the market. While the home-staging professional can come help and bring their wisdom, every home seller is a stager. In today’s episode, Monica and Helen Bartlett will discuss some inexpensive ways to stage your home so it’s ready for buyers, as well as virtual staging and some other aspects of staging and the processes involved. Home staging is preparing your house to go on the market so that it sells quickly and...


006: Negotiations in Real Estate

Negotiations are a crucial part of all real estate transactions. Improving your skills in negotiating is the topic for better serving your clients this month. Darren Kittleson joins Monica to define what a win-win transaction is, and how to achieve one. As a real estate agent, it’s important to react professionally during a transaction, so your clients are put in the best situation. They will discuss creative ways to negotiate more effectively, so in the end, there is a favorable outcome...


005: Sustainable Housing: The Green Movement

In today’s episode, James and Monica talk about the Green Movement in Sustainable Housing. They will discuss the ways we are seeing a growing interest in energy efficiency in homes in general, as well as the more specific ways people want to improve their way of life with varied energy methods. As Realtors®, it is important to represent these features as the benefits that they are, and maximize the financial benefits that come with them. James will share his tips and tricks on...


004: Short Term Rentals

In the previous episode, Monica and her guest discussed short-term rentals as one of the main forms of income growth in real estate. In today’s episode, Brian Blaesser joins Monica to talk about different aspects of short term rentals. Short term rentals have become a mainstay of the tourism industry in many resort towns, and with the rise of Airbnb and, there has been a rise of short term rentals in all parts of the country, in all kinds of neighborhood settings. Many people are...


003: Real Estate Investing

In today’s episode, our guest, Ron Phipps, joins Monica to talk about how to get involved in real estate investing, and to discuss the benefits and the best ways to get started. Real estate investing is a great way to build wealth and to prepare for long-term cash flow for the future. This is a great opportunity for real estate agents, investors, and the general public. In addition to the benefits, Monica and Ron talk about some of the downsides to real estate investing, and the risk...


002: Military Real Estate Tips

In this episode of the Center for REALTOR® Development, guests Bryan Bergjans and Juanita Charles join our host Monica to discuss several aspects of serving as a real estate agent for military personnel. This episode will cover VA loans and how they can be used, as well as what you can do as a Realtor® to best serve your military customers. As a real estate agent working with military relocation, you never know what kind of variables you might dealing with, and our guests today talk about...