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The Oregon Real Estate Podcast is hosted by veteran Oregon Realtor Roy Widing, who provides interesting insights on Oregon real estate. Whether you're a real estate novice or seasoned expert, the Oregon Real Estate Podcast features relevant information in an engaging manner for anyone considering the purchase or sale of Oregon property.

The Oregon Real Estate Podcast is hosted by veteran Oregon Realtor Roy Widing, who provides interesting insights on Oregon real estate. Whether you're a real estate novice or seasoned expert, the Oregon Real Estate Podcast features relevant information in an engaging manner for anyone considering the purchase or sale of Oregon property.
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The Oregon Real Estate Podcast is hosted by veteran Oregon Realtor Roy Widing, who provides interesting insights on Oregon real estate. Whether you're a real estate novice or seasoned expert, the Oregon Real Estate Podcast features relevant information in an engaging manner for anyone considering the purchase or sale of Oregon property.






Holiday Househunt Hysteria: Hot or Hoax?

Common wisdom suggests Oregon home sales activity should decline during the holidays. At first glance, this makes sense, given Oregon's less favorable weather then, along with less daylight and a general aversion to adding yet one more task to what is for some, an already overloaded holiday schedule. However, there's a compelling case that the time surrounding Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's is one of the most active seasons of all...and for a variety of reasons you might not have...


Lessons My Prisoner Clients Taught Me

Perhaps you've seen TV shows and movies about life behind bars, or read prison-related books. But regardless of how stories about prison are shown in the media, the simple fact is that most people have never been incarcerated. As a result, one common question about prison life is if it's very much like how it's portrayed...or is it significantly different than that? There are also other questions you may never have considered. Like what happens if you're selling your home...from prison? In...


The Many Faces of Oregon

The diversity of Oregon residents is hardly surprising, given the fact that a majority of Oregonians are not native to our state. It turns out that fewer than half of Oregonians were born here, with more than half hailing from somewhere else—most often California & Washington. In fact, roughly one in five Oregon residents were born in California! So what are the faces of Oregon...and how might this affect you if you're buying or selling a home in our state? Find out more in this edition of...


How Multiple Homebuyers Change Everything

When multiple buyers express interest in a property by each writing an offer, the balance of power has shifted substantially in favor of the seller. As a result of this decided shift, buyers typically become more competitive. Why? Because fear of loss can be a powerful motivator. And while it's possible for three, four, or even more buyers to compete for the same house, the principle is essentially the same, regardless of how many multiple buyers write an offer. Adding more buyers to the...


Inside The Insurance Industry’s Secret CLUE Report On You

A common saying states 'Knowledge is power.' Have you ever wondered what kinds of information others may have about you? You may not have considered how much insurers know about you, your home, or car, but the insurance industry holds quite a bit of information that can significantly affect your insurance costs, especially if it's either incorrect or incomplete. The bottom line is that while insurance companies may have 'secret' records on you, just because you haven't known about it,...


How to Take Advantage of Your Realtor

In most relationships, business or otherwise, there's some usual 'give and take.' In the end of such encounters, both sides typically benefit, making the situation a 'win-win' outcome for those involved. And that's why 'taking advantage' of your Realtor as a helpful resource needn't be adversarial. Instead, providing counsel and information is what expert real estate agents do best. And leveraging that professional assistance to your maximum advantage is typically a wise move.


How House Color Affects Your Selling Price

How Color Affects Us-The affect of color on human emotion is well known. It's helpful to realize that buying a home can involve emotions, sometimes more than we might imagine. And because colors are all around us, sometimes we're not even aware of the impact. Yet did you know that different colors can even influence the taste of food we eat? Compounding the effect of color on Oregonians is our often gloomy Northwest weather, as the impact of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is well...


Realtor Stress-Busting Tips for Homebuyers & Homesellers

Did you know the profession of real estate agent consistently ranks as one of the most stressful occupations? Yet, some Realtors seemingly deal with stress as if their work is a breeze. Ever wonder what's their secret? And is there something homebuyers and homesellers can learn about defusing stress using tips from real estate professionals who work daily 'in the trenches' while handling potentially stress-riddled transactions? Find out how professionals handle stress AND perform at a high...


What to Know When Moving to Oregon

You might have heard about Oregon's livability. You could also be enthralled by the Beaver State's reputed natural beauty, or perhaps you enjoy outdoor activities, since fishing, hunting, skiing, kayaking, surfing and bicycling are all popular here. But what else is to be found in Oregon? And what's it like to actually live here? Is there anything helpful to know before showing up upon arriving in Oregon with a filled U-Haul truck? Plus, why do most people move to Oregon and might you 'fit...


Should You Buy A Celebrity Home?

President Herbert Hoover. Grammy Award nominee Gino Vannelli. Double Nobel laureate Linus Pauling. Renowned chef James Beard. Composer Ernest Bloch. Authors Beverly Cleary and Walt Morey. Actors Sally Struthers, Frank Cady and Ginger Rogers. What do the people on this diverse list have in common? Celebrities all, they have each called Oregon 'home.'


Differences When Selling Country vs. City Homes

Given the many potential lifestyle differences among Oregonians, how about differences when selling a home? Oregonians have plenty of housing options. For many homebuyers, one main decision is whether to live in the country, or the city. If you're selling country property, it's important to realize that not everyone is a prime prospect for your home. That's because buyer considerations between country and city properties include trade-offs. Some of these trade-offs include commute time,...


Stop Waiting For Your House To Sell

It's understandable how homesellers might wonder "Why isn't our house selling?" Some homesellers wait longingly, certain that if the sale of their property is 'meant to be,' a buyer will appear. But now, given a plethora of ways to gauge the popularity and market-friendliness of any listed home for sale, you can stop waiting for your house to sell. The good news is that there are indeed options homesellers have at their disposal to ensure their home sells…usually a whole lot faster, and...


I Have An Offer On My House – Now What?

You just received an offer on your home-Congratulations! Now here are some helpful insights from an experienced Realtor to help move the process forward to a successful closing.


Secrets Your Realtor Knows

On many Realtor property listings, there are sections reserved for 'private remarks' intended for real estate agents. What are these 'private' remarks and do they include information potentially helpful to buyers...and why are these remarks private? Find out in this edition of the Oregon Real Estate Podcast!


Deputized: How 2 Realtors Become Policemen For A Day

Working as a real estate agent can present some unusual situations. Here's one story you probably haven't heard before. It includes two mild mannered Realtors being deputized, or 'sworn in' on the spot, since the local, short-handed police force is about to commence a house eviction that turns out to be a bit more than routine. We'd been asked by our seller client to assist with the removal of squatters on her property and also make suggestions prior to our selling her home. As a result,...


How Much Will It Cost To Sell My Home?

A common homeseller question is 'How much will it cost to sell my home?' As with the sale of anything, there are a few factors to consider. In real estate, these factors can include a Realtor commission, plus items like title insurance, escrow and recording fees. There are other costs, too, like the 'hassle factor' and moving expenses. Thinking about selling your home? Find out what you need to know in this informative podcast.


Can I Trust My Oregon Realtor?

Before entering into a business relationship, it's helpful to know your real estate agent is nice, patient, available when needed...and honest. So while many of us assume we're 'safe' in the hands of our doctor, attorney or pastor, what about your Realtor?


Finding Your Real Estate Superhero

To adults and kids alike, superheroes seem to have a time-tested appeal. Some think it’s because they look different. Indeed, some superheroes dress uniquely. Others believe superheroes represent the ‘good guy’ and these days, we can always use more ‘good guys.’ Yet others suggest that superheroes are in the rescue business and we all have an area in our lives where we could use help. Whatever the reason, it’s undeniable that superheroes hold a unique place in our imagination. While not...


What James Bond Can Teach You About Oregon Real Estate

Compared to the life of famed superspy James Bond, buying or selling Oregon real estate is dull and dreary, right? Au contraire. You might be surprised to see how such a comparison actually sizes up. Not So Mundane, After All How could Oregon real estate's seemingly routine tasks possibly compare to the life and adventures of ultra-suave Agent 007? Initially, it seems like a ridiculous question. Of course Bond's life is far more treacherous, risky and 'on the edge,' right? As we'll soon...


10 Reasons Why Oregon Homesellers Hire A Realtor

There are many good reasons why homesellers hire a Realtor, including the handful of sellers who first try the 'for sale by owner' or 'FSBO' route. Here are ten of the most common reasons why homesellers hire a Realtor to get the job done right.