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686 » Talking Some Big Lease Option Deals » Matt Reed

Welcome to the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. My guest is Matt Reed. He’s been on the show before… episode 159. You can look up the episode and listen to it on my website. Matt does a lot of lease options. He gives sellers a choice of how to move their property. Once they understand […]


685 » Some Thoughts On The Direction The Market Is Heading » REI In Your Car

I’m talking to you today after going through my Facebook feed. There’s a lot on Facebook about the direction of the real estate market. Some investors are saying we’re headed for disaster. Others think it will be a mild dip, not a crash. Mortgage rates have hit a 7-year high, but they’re still very low. Prices […]


Doing Deals At The Workshop » REI In Your Car

Hi everybody. Glad you’re here. Gavin is with me today. We are just finishing up one of our 2-day workshops. In the workshop, we get people set up with systems, with a VA, with a marketing plan, etc. Basically, attendees leave with an operational business. Today we set up 2 attendees to do cold calling. […]


684 » How To Build A Business As An Asset, Not A Job » REI In Your Car

I really am in the car right now, and it’s a beautiful fall day. I’ve been to the bank to wire money to the IRS and to a colleague I’m working with on a new project that you’ll be hearing about soon. One exciting move and one duty… I’ve been thinking about building a business […]


RESULTS – 5 Days To 5 Seller Leads Challenge

Here are the results of our “5 Days To 5 Leads Challenge”! (And it was awesome!) Click HERE to get Deal Coaching Accountability (


683 » Using Online Branding And Social Media To Do More Deals » Cody Sperber

Welcome to the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. My guest, Cody Sperber, is not easy to get. He’s a master investor who generally doesn’t appear on podcasts. Cody went to college after serving in the Navy. While there, he had a friend who flipped a house. Cody got excited about that and began studying how […]


682 » What Happens When You Take Massive Action » REI In Your Car

I’m sharing something exciting with you today. I spoke at an investing event in the Raleigh area over the weekend… taught the attendees about lease options. One guy in the audience started texting landlords from Craigslist while I was talking, and got 2 appointments for the next day. That’s an inspiration to me, and I […]


681 » Marketing Plan Examples And The One Thing » REI In Your Car

I want to tell you about some cool things that have been happening. Today and yesterday we had another Implementation Workshop in St. Louis. We set up some people with everything needed to get started immediately in wholesaling. We even gave out leads and set them up with a VA. Each person had slightly different […]


5 Days To 5 Seller Leads Challenge

Join our “5 Days To 5 Hot Seller Leads” Challenge. Starts November 26th. Click HERE to get in (


(Audio) 680 » Simple Brand Building Strategies For The Real Estate Investor » Andrew LeBaron

Andrew LeBaron is with us today. We’re also broadcasting live on Facebook. Join us there if you can. Andrew started in real estate after meeting an investor through his job at a bank call center. The investor was closing out 10 home loans, and that got Andrew’s attention. Andrew credits Joe’s podcasts with giving him […]


(Audio) 679 » Online Lead Generation » Trevor Mauch

Welcome to the podcast. We have Trevor Mauch with us today. He is the genius behind Investor Carrot. Trevor lives in Roseburg, Oregon. He and Joe have been seeing each other a lot at various real estate investing events lately. Trevor started buying real estate while in college. He worked in marketing for a mortgage […]


678 » Investing In Distressed Notes Explained In Simple Terms » Scott Carson

Welcome to the REIM podcast. Our guest today, Scott Carson, is going to teach us about buying notes. You’re going to want to listen and take notes! Scott lives in Austin, Texas, and he’s been investing in real estate since 2002. He didn’t get off to a great start… mostly lost money on flipping properties. […]


677 » Driving In The Car Talking Websites With Trevor From Carrot » REI In Your Car

Hey everybody, welcome to the podcast. I’m in the car with Trevor Mauch. We’re driving to our Mastermind group meeting in Boise, Idaho. I surprised him with this interview, so he’s had no preparation time. Investor Carrot is Trevor’s product. It’s a data-driven website building and support system that I’ve been using for 4 years. […]


Need Deals Consistently?

Would you like to learn how to do deals consistently? You can’t go broke making money. —- Transcript —- Hey guys! I hope you’re doing well… I wanted to tell you a little bit about the happenings on our end… We have been busy lately – working with clients closely over the last few […]


676 » Getting Hot Lease Option Leads in Southern California » REI In Your Car

Hey guys. I am so excited… I’ve got a client I’m doing lease options with in southern California, and it looks like we’re going to have real success with this endeavor. We’re getting responses to our texts at a rate of 7 to 8%. Even if the response is no, that’s a huge response rate. […]


675 » Get Out of Getting Ready Mode – REI In Your Car

Hi everybody. We just ended another 2-day Implementation Workshop with a few clients. During the workshop, everything these new investors need to get started is set up for them. They go back home with leads, VA’s, offer letters, usable contracts, etc. These people have no reason not to hit the ground running with the head […]


674 » Direct Mail That Works » Justin Silverio

Welcome to the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. Thank you to the people who have left reviews on iTunes and other podcast providers… it’s very helpful. And, don’t forget to download my free Wholesaling 101 Mindmap from my website. Our guest is Justin Silverio of Open Letter Marketing. He will be talking about direct mail […]


673 » Every Seller Wants Full Price And People In Hell Want Ice Water – REI In Your Car

Hi everybody. I’ve been thinking lately about the phrase, “people in hell want ice water.” It applies to a lot of sellers we come across. In general, sellers think their house is worth more than it is. Or, they have liens on the property and want the selling price to get them out of trouble […]


672 » Rant… Make Some Phone Calls – REI In Your Car

Hi everybody. Glad you’re here. I’m going to fuss and fume on this episode. Please bear with me. A friend of mine, Russell Brunson, invented Click Funnels software. I use it for just about everything I do. He asked me to write a chapter in his new book, 30 Days. The premise for the book […]


New Lease Option Case Study Invite

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