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618 » Rental Hacking By The Room » With Sve Pavic

I’m excited about this episode… we have Sve Pavic talking with us. He lives in the Toronto area, and his strategies work pretty much anywhere. So, Sve’s family left Croatia when he was very young. And by age 28, he had created enough passive income in real estate to quit his J.O.B. (that paid 6 […]


617 » Dreams Do Come True » Doing Deals While Traveling with Josh Jordan

Welcome to the Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast. Josh Jordan is with us today. Now, he’s actually in Vietnam. He’s vacationing and doing deals from the road. All he needs to keep his business going is a laptop and a cell phone. Josh got the work/travel idea from yours truly. See, I’ve taken my family […]


616 » You Need To Be The One Asking The Questions » REI In Your Car

So, in this episode, I’m just leaving the monthly St. Louis Mastermind meeting. At every meeting, we find ways to partner on deals. I strongly recommend that you participate in a Mastermind group. Networking with other investors, Realtors or property managers is the best way to grow your business. Two of my students attended this […]


Special » Looking For Real Estate Apprentice

So, I’m looking for an apprentice/partner to help me expand my business. I’ve done this before and gotten good results, so I’m rolling the dice again… I’m using the word apprentice, but I really want someone who already knows wholesaling, lease options, land. There will be coaching involved, but this is much more than a […]


615 » The Deal Machine » David Lecko

We’re talking technology today. We don’t have to use the latest tech, but it can make your business more efficient… and efficiency can bring more deals. Our guest is David Lecko. He’s created an app called The Deal Machine. David and I met at the Wholesaling Summit in Orlando. Deal Machine has been available on […]


614 » How Keeping It Simple Can Make $400K In Your First 12 Months » Beau Hollis

Welcome, friends, to the Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast. Today, we have Beau Hollis from Louisville. He had a killer year in 2017, and we’re going to talk about his success. Get this… in his 12th month in this business, Beau did 12 deals worth $170k by just sticking to the basics. Beau now has […]


613 » Maybe Will Kill Your Business » REI In Your Car

For this episode, I’ve got not just audio, but video too as I drive to my chiropractor’s office… When talking to a potential buyer or seller, you want to hear “yes”. That’s how you make money. But you know you won’t hear yes every time… If you don’t hear a yes, you actually want to […]


612 » Creating A Clear Pumpkin Plan with Shahn Sarwary » Podcast Coaching Call

We’ve got another coaching call episode today… this time with Shahn Sarwary. Today I’m going to talk to Shahn about his business. I’m hoping you find some relatable ideas in our Q&A. So, Shahn is in Jacksonville, the same market where I’m conducting my Lease Option Challenge. In The Challenge, we did a 50/50 split […]


(Audio) 611 » Why Do Some Coaching Students Succeed And Others Do Not » Cris Chico

Hey guys, I’m here with Cris Chico today for this video episode. You’ve probably heard a few of my podcast episodes that do double duty as coaching calls… Well, as a joke, Cris ‘applied’ to be on my show as a student. We got to talking and decided we’d do a show about coaching. Sometimes […]


[AUDIO] Become The Coach Workshop with Joe McCall, Tom Krol, Cody Hofhine

Are you interested in becoming a Coach? We’re excited to announce the brand new “Become The Coach” Training Workshop with Tom Krol, Joe McCall, and Cody Hofhine. Dates: April 30 – May 2 | Location: Tampa, FL Only 20 people are allowed in. This will be a small Action Packed Implementation workshop. This might be your […]


610 » What Have Been Some Of Your Favorite Episodes? » REI In Your Car

So, I’ve got an idea… I want to put together a book with some of my podcast interviews. I’ve been doing this since 2011. And I’ve now done 600+ episodes, all of which are on my website. I want your help as I decide which episodes to use. Which ones did you like? Which one […]


New Lease Option Case Study and Joe’s New Software

I am pumped to announce a new Lease Option Case Study, as well as my new “Podio Simplified Lease Options” software. Listen to this podcast as I talk all about it, and give you an exclusive invitation to join us now – and get the software for free! CLICK HERE to get more information: […]


609 » Doing Deals With Jason Courtney

Okay, friends, Jason Courtney is here and he’s got an amazing story! Growing up, Jason developed a drinking and drug problem that ended up with him serving a 5-year stint in prison for drug dealing. The prison time gave Jason’s life focus, and he’s been able to turn himself around. He left prison in 2000. […]


607 » Why You Should Consider Getting Your Real Estate License » REI In Your Car

So I just got back from looking at an office. I have a home office, but I’m looking for an office for my assistants. I’ll work primarily out of my home office and go to the assistants’ office once or twice a week. It’ll mean I’ll be driving more and can produce more ‘REI In […]


(Audio) 606 » Facebook Ads For Motivated Sellers with Cris Chico

Hello and welcome! I’m here with a mentor and friend, Cris Chico. Cris created a virtual wholesaling course when everyone said it couldn’t be done virtually. He’s behind some of the postcard ‘scandals’ you may have heard about. See, Cris is a copywriting genius. His postcards work! But Cris is now successfully using Facebook ads […]


605 » Focus On The Marketing Plan » Podcast Coaching Calls with Mary Pautz

Hello and welcome to a segment of our podcast that’s a coaching call series. See, I’m enjoying diving deep into people’s businesses with them on these calls. I want to help the people I’m coaching and have you learn from the session, too. Today’s coaching call guest is Mary Pautz from Wisconsin. She started […]


604 » Who Am I Thankful For? You, That’s Who » REI In Your Car

Hey everybody… so I just landed back in St. Louis. I had been in Orlando at The Wholesaling Summit – an excellent conference. There were about 200 people there, and I think I shook hands with almost all of them. Some had used my courses, but it seems like just about all of them had […]


603 » Scaling Smarter » Coaching Call With Brad Donley

I’ve got another episode that’s part of our coaching call series… We hope that hearing these coaching calls will get you to aim higher and become more efficient in your business. For today’s coaching call, we have Brad Donley from St. Louis. Brad wants to concentrate on wholesaling this year. He did 80 deals in […]


602 » Bigger & Better Marketing » Coaching Call With Jake Evans and Terrance Niles

Hello and welcome, investor friends, to our second edition of a coaching call episode. If you’re interested in being coached, please visit my website and let me know. So, Jake and Terrance invest locally in Spokane and virtually in Seattle – wholesale deals. They used to make offers on just about everything that came across […]


601 » Start Asking Better Questions and Thinking Bigger

Okay, I’m driving to the DMV to get new tags… my absolute favorite place. Said no one ever. So, I’ve been getting questions from some people who’ve bought my courses and from students I’m coaching. And frankly, some of the questions are things that could be answered with a Google search. Think bigger, people. Start […]


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