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RERL-1542-Jack Russo - The Crisis of Federal Court Litigation Over Copyrighted Matters

Litigation is one of those things you hope you never get into, but you have to educate yourself and understand how to prepare yourself just in case. An LLC does limit liability, but not as well as most people want to believe they do. Copyright infringements are one of the few exceptions that can cause nightmares for any business owner and Jack Russo is here to tell Joe all about what you can do to prepare for one. Specific topics include: What is copyright infringement and how does it...


RERL-1541-Tim Proschold - VP, Group Strategy & Success

It’s time again to look at what technology can do to help both agents and consumers experience a better transaction. Today Joe continues the Future of the Real Estate Industry series with Group Strategy & Success Vice President, Tim Proschold. Specific topics include: Market overview and industry challengesComparing and adjusting to new tech companiesAgent technologyGaining market share vs. keeping quality controlledWhy Sereno Group?Community causesIs Sereno Group looking to merge or...


RERL-1540-Bill Benson - Discussing Reverse Mortgage

One of the most important real estate decisions you'll make is what you do with the equity in your home. For the right person a reverse mortgage can be a great decision, especially in the Bay Area where the phrase “house rich, cash poor” gets used more times than some of us would like to hear. Reverse mortgage expert Bill Benson is back in the studio with Joe to remind us how in some situations this once unpopular product could actually be the best fit for you. Specific topics...


RERL-1539-Buyers get out there! & Zillow's now in the mortgage what!

“Opportunity is out there if you’re a buyer.” That’s one sentence Bay Area buyers haven’t heard in years since sellers got everything they wanted and more. Buyers can get more creative crafting an offer that favors their wallet and timeline while sellers need to start getting more realistic. So get out there before the market changes again! In the second half it’s time to get on the Zillow train because Zillow is now in the mortgage business.... well so what?! Lenders should quit worrying...


RERL-1538-Brian Crane - Vice President and co-founder of Intero Real Estate

The future of the real estate industry is charging forward and another prominent brokerage has come to RERL. Intero Real Estate Vice President and co-founder, Brian Crane joins Joe in studio to share his perspective on which direction the industry is heading. Specific topics include: Market concerns and industry challengesCompany reactions vs. overreactionsWhat adjustments is Intero making?Keeping agents focused in a crazy marketEmbracing technologyWhich new models will succeed? If you...


RERL-1537-Buyers - Don't waste this time and opportunity!

Today’s topic is one that Joe has been waiting to talk about for a while now. If you’re a buyer out there listening to this, now is the time to get out there and put an offer on a house. The market is flattening out right now and buyers finally have a real chance when it comes to purchasing a home. No one knows what tomorrow holds for buyers or sellers, so don’t waste time and get back out there! Specific topics include: The psychological shift of buyer/seller mentalityWaiting for a...


RERL-1536-Rainy Hake, EVP and COO of Alain Pinel Realtors

Where is the industry going? How is technology changing? What does it mean to the agent and the consumers? We have a lot of questions when it comes to disruption in real estate and the best thing is to have an expert on to tell us what is what. Alain Pinel EVP and COO Rainy Hake returns to RERL to discuss new things in the world of real estate. Specific topics include: What’s exciting and what’s concerning about the Bay Area marketToday’s biggest industry challengesFighting brokerage...


RERl-1535-When a crisis is the threat of litigation

No matter how much effort you put into crisis prevention anything could happen that puts serious strain on a new company. Even if you’ve already gotten the domain name with the intent-to-use trademark, another company could come out of nowhere and start causing issues. What can you do? Today Joe and Jack Russo discuss how to strategize with an attorney when legal action becomes a threat. Specific topics include: When another company violates your rightsWhen a company accuses you of...


RERL-1534- Steven G - World Class Interior Design

The design world is a world that relies on many people for a single job to get done. Today’s Joe chats with interior designer Steven G., who has put development, design, transportation, and installation together into one business. This means the client never has to waste time coordinating with other companies or even leave the warehouse when planning their project. Specific topics include: Developing everything from custom homes to commercial buildingsWhat’s in the showroom?The typical...


RERL-1533- Brandon Picone and Anthony Hoye with Merrill Lynch

Most long time listeners know that on RERL we spend a fair amount of time covering residential financing programs. This time around we are going to learn about a more unique and different program designed for investor strategies. Today Joe finds out more about custom lending from Merrill Lynch wealth advisors, Brandon Picone and Anthony Hoye. Specific topics include: Typical client and situations that require custom lendingThe growing demand for custom lendingThe initial consultation and...


RERL-1532- Jack Russo - Crisis Management

Growing a startup and getting out of the garage is tough for every entrepreneur and problems can come up at any moment. One of the things Jack Russo and his team at ComputerLaw Group do is help new businesses anticipate and address problems so they are prepared when trouble does happen. Today Joe and Jack take a look at several issues that can seriously harm companies and how to deal with them. Specific topics include: Containing risk with LLCMoney theft by employeeTheft of...


RERL-1531- Dana Dunford - CEO at Hemlane

Whether you manage 1 or 100 properties managing them has remained the same. Today technology is changing every aspect from maintenance to legal contracts to make things faster, easier and smarter for investors. Hemlane CEO, Dana Dunford, returns to RERL as she talks with Joe about managing rental property on your terms. Specific topics include: Agent liability issuesCyclical and linear market cyclesEverything about investing outside CaliforniaHow will cryptocurrency and blockchain work...


RERL-1530-Jennifer and Andrew Oldham with Compass

Disruption in the real estate industry is not slowing down and today Joe is bringing in two agents from Compass who are helping pave the way. Andrew and Jennifer Oldham are in the studio to talk disruption, technology and why they made the move to Compass. Specific topics include: State of the marketWhat makes Compass attractive to agentsHow consumers benefit from CompassReal estate tech challengesHow can entrepreneurs compete today?Mobile agents vs. brick and mortar offices If you...


RERL-1529-Home Buyers - financing options in a changing market

The market is changing and buyers are watching the mania settle down. Interest rates are on the rise and by next year we could be seeing rates near 5%. One of the dilemmas paralyzed buyers now face is feeling locked in by their low interest rate and not wanting to sell their current residence. Today Joe addresses buyers who are hung up on their loans. Specific topics include: 7/1 and 10/1 arm programsWhat happens if interest rates go out of control?Financing options for buyers in a rate...


RERL-1528-Find out why buyers are now finally starting to call the shots!

The market has changed dramatically recently and buyers, sellers and agents need to be ready to make adjustments. We knew it was coming but nobody really knew when the market would stop heading north. Today Joe discusses the changing market as buyers finally get the upper hand and begin calling the shots. Specific topics include: Agents reporting a lack of offers on listed homesThe abusive treatment of buyers in the pastReal estate agent awareness monthWhat buyers should stay focused...


RERL-1527-Cost Segregation Expert, Yonah Weiss

It has been just a few weeks since we first learned about cost segregation and sometimes new information has to be repeated to be understood. This week Joe calls back Madison SPECS Business Director, Yonah Weiss, for another crash course about cost segregation, the tool that helps property owners save on taxes. Specific topics include: Depreciation vs. accelerated depreciationWho benefits and who doesn’t?Costs of study feesWhy CPA’s might not know about cost segregationCould cost...


RERL-1526-Attorney Jack Russo Discusses Risk Management

Everything you do in forming and growing a business is all about creating sustainable value. Today Joe and Jack Russo tackle the tricky task every company big or small faces: managing risk! Specific topics include: Life and half life of businessesAnticipating risks and needsWhat to do if you have to face your worse riskRisk management and ethicsJack’s risk management book for startups If you wish to contact Joe Cucchiara email him at, call (408)-838-9060 or simply...


RERL-1525-Sarah Richardson - How Blockchain might change the Real Estate business

Whether we like it or not disruption is coming hard at the real estate industry. While it isn’t a real estate specific product, blockchain could be one of the biggest pieces of technology that affects how we go about transactions. Today Joe calls up Sarah Richardson, broker and owner of Tru Realty, to find out just how big an impact blockchain could have on our real estate. Specific topics include: How blockchain can be used for real estatePropyDoes using blockchain mean I have to use...


RERL-1524-Cost Segregation - Property owners tax savings

Everyone knows that for every real estate asset the IRS gives a deduction called depreciation. Depreciation is one of the most beneficial and overlooked aspects of real estate investing. Today Joe gets on the phone with Yonah Weiss who explains how cost segregation can help investors take advantage of depreciation without the years of waiting. Specific topics include: What is cost segregation?Why don’t more investors know about cost segregation?How does this strategy work and who is it...


RERL-1523-Legal Real Estate update, with attorney Dean Rossi

The people living in the Bay Area make this place a pretty special and unique place and we know our real estate market is no different. Every now and then it helps to bring in someone with the legal expertise to help us understand what we are really getting into when we make a transaction. Today Joe chats with attorney, Dean Rossi, about non-contingent offers and more. Specific topics include: Non-contingent offers –What are you really getting into and is your deposit in...