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RERL-1700-Two Italian Guys Talking Real Estate-Out of state Investing

February is coming to a close and the number of homes on market remains drastically low. Buying a primary residence in California is difficult, but investing in a property here can be downright impossible. If investing in property outside of California has been on your mind there are a few things you will want to know. First of all you should be investing for cash flow, not appreciation. It would also help to know about: If you wish to contact Joe Cucchiara email him at...


RERL-1699-Growing Your Business - Real Estate Investment Opportunity

Today’s podcast comes at an opportune time for consumers looking for real estate investments without any fuss or muss. Believe it or not, but making the jump from semiconductors to real estate developer wasn’t as difficult as you might think for our guest, Mike Kliment. Listen in as Joe, Jack and Mike talk about the major developments coming to Yuba that are sure to catch the investor’s eye. Topics include: If you wish to contact Joe Cucchiara email him at, call...


RERL-1698-Two Italian Guys Talking Real Estate-Preparing For The 2020 Housing Market

A new year has always meant a new market, and not to say we told you so, but there is always the possibility of the market reverting back to a strong sellers market. Inventory right now is incredibly low and offers are starting to flow in on whatever’s available. Are buyers in for another tough round or will more sellers come on to the market as the year progresses? Today Joe and Mike get us prepared for the 2020 housing market. Topics include: If you wish to contact Joe Cucchiara email...


RERL-1697-Growing Your Business-Compliance With Laws Part 4

At its center, a business has its employees and their consumers, and each of these have their own contract with the company. What many people don’t realize is a lot of business choices that are made based on those contracts as well as the latest state and federal laws that impact those contracts. California continues to pass legislation that continues to make these end-user agreements lengthy, purposely with the view of providing greater disclosure of consumer rights. Today Joe and Jack...


RERL-1696-How Much Time Do You Spend Buying And Selling A Home?

For many people, busy or not, taking on a home transaction partially or all by yourself seems like a great way to save on commission fees. Even if you think this might not be the right move for you, you’ll still want to be aware of just how much time you will spend on each step of making this transaction work. Today Joe and Mike calculate just how many hours you and your family will spend on a transaction. Topics include: If you wish to contact Joe Cucchiara email him at...


RERL-1695-Compliance With New Laws Part 3

Two of the hottest news stories right now revolve around Donald Trump’s impeachment trial and Harvey Weinstein’s sex crimes trial. What both of these trials have in common is they both center around one person abusing their power to get what they want. While the crimes themselves are not up for debate on this podcast, they do tie in with the passage of Assembly Bill-51 which outlawed compulsory arbitration clauses in employment agreements. Listen in as Joe and Jack discuss the new law...


RERL-1694-Pre and Post Super Bowl market Predictions

The big game is only a few days away and once you’ve finished cleaning the buffalo sauce from under your nails, it’s time to think about your game –your real estate game, that is. The Super Bowl bump is something you’ve heard us talk about many times before, but many people are unsure what to expect before heading into the market this year. Will inventory levels increase again giving buyers more choice or will itchy buyers reenter the market and make the tough plays. Today Joe and Mike share...


RERL-1693-Market Alert!

Here we are, just kicking off 2020, rates are near record lows and it’s a great time to be a buyer. Not so long ago opportunities to purchase a home in the Bay Area were scare, and while you couldn’t say we have a glut of homes for sale today, the market has flattened to something more equal for buyers and sellers. Listen in as Joe shares the latest update on the market. Topics include: If you wish to contact Joe Cucchiara email him at, call (408)-838-9060 or simply...


RERL-1692-Growing Your Business-In the Face of New laws and Regulations Part 2

One show is just not enough to cover it. As mentioned in the previous Growing Your Business podcast, there were many new laws that took effect at the beginning of the month and they have real impact that can be felt in many different ways. Many people don’t realize how big an impact these laws can have until it’s too late and they find themselves embroiled in class action litigation. Today the gig economy pushes back as Joe and Jack discuss the new laws concerning contractor vs....


RERL-1691- Two Italian Guys Talking Real Estate- 2020 Predictions

With the New Year being so young, people are making big plans and setting new goals for their future. For many of us moving up, buying that rental property or taking that big step into home ownership is our main priority following a tame 2019. No one can predict the future, but looking to a professional for help can help you make the right move. Today Joe and Mike try and guess what will happen in 2020 based on history and data. Topics: If you wish to contact Joe Cucchiara email him at...


RERL-1690-Growing Your Business - In The Face Of New Laws And Regulations

The New Year brought with it a bunch of new laws for California. Many of them will have an impact on business in ways that will generate more litigation down the road. Could the California Privacy Act go the way as the Americans with Disabilities Act? Today Joe and Jack take a look at growing your business when all these new laws and regulations have been enacted. Topics include: If you wish to contact Joe Cucchiara email him at, call (408)-838-9060 or simply visit...


RERL-1689-Reviewing 2019 and Forecasting for 2020 - John Faylor

2019 is drawing to a close, but before we officially cross over into the New Year it’s time we take a look at what happened to the real estate market this year and chat about what will happen in 2020. John Faylor joins Joe today for more for more insight on Silicon Valley’s market. Topics include: If you wish to contact Joe Cucchiara email him at, call (408)-838-9060 or simply visit We also provide additional information to help you make smart...


RERL-1688- City Councilmember Discusses Measure E

You may have heard about Measure E, the new property assessment bill, and have a few questions about it. Today Joe reaches out to San Jose Councilmember, Johnny Khamis, to learn more about the proposals origin and intended results. Topics include: If you wish to contact Joe Cucchiara email him at, call (408)-838-9060 or simply visit We also provide additional information to help you make smart decisions in and around your real estate venture. All...


RERL-1687- Leaving The Bay Area

The last 4-5 years your typical client is moving out of the Bay Area, heading to areas of California where real estate is cheaper or leaving the state altogether. Many people are fortunate to work for a company that helps them with this move, assisting with everything from sale to purchase and even helping with things such as researching schools and setting up utilities - but what about everyone else who doesn’t have this option to turn to? Today Joe chats with Scott Fuller to learn how...


RERL-1686-Growing Your Business – Approaching The Challenge Of Growth

A small business works almost like a well put together baseball team; there are only a few solid players on the field who work together fluidly. As your business grows misalignment is practically inevitable with more players joining the team and more competition changing the market. Today Joe and Jack are joined by Dr. Philippe Bouissou to discuss the challenge of managing growth. Topics include: Aligning The Dots If you wish to contact Joe Cucchiara email him at, call...


RERL-1685-Two Italian Guys Talking Real Estate - New San Jose Property Tax Bill & First Time Home Buyers

Many people are unaware of the new property tax bill under consideration for San Jose. Any commercial and residential transactions over $2 million will get an additional assessment of $7.50/thousand. This is a big deal even for those it doesn’t affect. Do you have an issue with the city enacting this additional tax on San Jose properties? Being a first time home buyer is a difficult challenge and here in the Bay Area where the costs of living is incredibly high, it can feel downright...


RERL-1684- Growing Your Business - Building a more compassionate community

Load up your favorite community app or watch the local news and you’ll instantly be aware of just how often people in your community look out for each other. Check out downtown and you’ll find the friendly faces of police and security guards monitoring the area. When you get home, you or your neighbors might have security cameras that can spot unwelcome guests in the area. Today Joe and Jack Russo are joined by Jacob Savage whose nonprofit business, Concrn, builds a more compassionate and...


RERL-1683- Two Italian Guys Talking Real Estate - Market Update and the Digital Experience

It has been a while since we took a look at the market and you might assume we would continue the steady climb to normal inventory levels we saw all year. You’ll be surprised that the number of homes on market has surprisingly shrunk to nearly half of what we would consider normal. Today Joe and Mike try and determine if people are busy decking the halls or taking their homes off the market and repricing to fit today’s market. Also in discussion: If you wish to contact Joe Cucchiara email...


RERL-1682-Two Italian Guys Talking Real Estate - "Silver Tsunami" iBuyer update

Most people are aware that the next big move for retired baby boomers will be to sell their homes and downsize. Predictions claim that the market, which has been incredibly parched in the past, will soon be flooded with homes over the next 20 years. If these predictions hold true, how do we prepare for the shakeup the Silver Tsunami will cause? The iBuyer –it’s a term real estate professionals are incredibly familiar with and baffles the consumer. Who or what is the iBuyer and what they...


RERL-1681- Growing Your Business - The coming internet of things is just about here.

Cell phones, tablets, wearables and the like have brought the internet of things to our very fingertips in a most convenient manner. Today we are so wired into the internet of things that entrepreneurs soon need to figure out how their company filters into the IoT and then sticks to consumers’ regular habits. Even though evolution is good for everyone, creative destruction does mean learning to cope with destroying the assets of the old order. Today Joe and Jack Russo discuss the rapid...