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RERL-1563-How Investors Look at Startups

Belief in your product is a must for any startup, and a good sign for entrepreneurs is discovering other people believe in your product. The early years are often the most difficult for new businesses and angel investors can be a big help when money gets tight. So how do you convince someone like Leigh Soutter of Florence Venture Partners to even look your way? Today Joe, Jack Russo and Leigh Soutter discuss how investors look at startups. Specific topics include: Figuring out a customer...


RERL-1562-Buyer & Sellers - Now is When You Really Need an Expert!

Fact: The market is still a good sellers market. Fact: It is also an exceptional buyers market. While Bay Area and US home prices are still extraordinarily high, a plateauing market and increasing rates have given buyers a greater voice during negotiations. Now that easy money is off the table, Joe explains why buyers and sellers today need to work with experts more than ever. Specific topics include: Market corrections and tech disruptionInterview! You’re not obligated to hire a past...


RERL-1561- Linked-In Cyber Fraud, What Everyone Should Know

Data breaches are happening more and more frequently and any person or business using social media is at risk. Not only can hackers hold social media platforms for ransom, but they can straight up copy your profile and use your likeness for fraudulent schemes. Today Joe, Jack Russo and Lucy Goodnough step into the studio to talk about what you can do should you fall victim to cyber fraud. Specific topics include: The serious case of social media impersonationWho to contact if your identity...


RERL-1560-Creative and Alternative Financing Options

October is set up to be an interest month for real estate for a market that is shifting from a sellers market to a buyers market. Even as schools start and people settle in for the holidays, Joe is still fielding calls about bridge loans, cross-collateralization and other creative ways to finance a mortgage. Could one of these alternative financing programs better fit your needs? Specific topics include: Bridge loans vs. cross-collateralizationLeveraging assetsBut what if the market faces a...


RERL-1559-NephCure Kidney International

When it comes time to face a major battle good friends and a strong community can make all the difference and for Kara Jones her friend and neighbor Terri has been just that. Today these two friends join Joe for a final time to tell us about the difficulties Kara’s son faces living with Nephrotic Syndrome. There is no known cure for Nephrotic Syndrome, but you can help by attending the Silicon Valley Pig Jig barbecue and raise money for NephCure Kidney International. Want to support...


RERL-1558- The Real Estate World Is Changing, But We Still Need Quality People!

Big changes are coming for the real estate world, but good people are still in high demand. Between companies competing for business in a slowed market and the increasing demand for technology we have to ask ourselves “Do any of us know what consumers really want?” It’s probably not offering services that cost consumers more in the long run. Today Joe issues a wakeup call to an industry that still needs good people who understand consumer wants and needs. Specific topics include: Models...


RERL-1557- NephCure Kidney International

It’s hard not to think of where we live as a place loaded with wealth and good fortune, but there are thousands of causes reaching out for help in the Bay Area alone. As part of our show Joe tries to help raise awareness by spotlighting specific organizations that are in need of your help. Today Joe welcomes back Kara Jones to share more about the difficulties her son faces with Nephrotic Syndrome and what you can do to help. Want to support Christian and others living with kidney...


RERL-1556- Buyers Alert! & More Industry Changes Coming!

We have not been in a buyer’s market like this in years. No this is not the same show you heard earlier, but Joe is encouraging frustrated buyers to get out in the market and take advantage of the shift. The mistake buyers could be making is waiting and hoping for the market to calm down even further. While that could be the case for future buyers, we could just as easily swing back into a roaring sellers market. Big changes have been coming to the real estate industry and things are...


RERL-1555- Jack Russo - Non Disclosure Agreement and Major Transactions

Nobody lives forever and you could say the same goes for businesses. A business typically gets sold, merges or goes public. When this happens it is called a major transaction and non disclosure agreements are signed since you are opening the door to a lot of detail with the new partner or acquirer. Today Joe and Jack Russo look at this Dueling non disclosure agreementsNon compete clausesTaking it all back to the beginningDrafting a non disclosure agreementCreating a clean roomAnd much,...


RERL-1554-Carol Woodard - What is Interior Design?

Many people think they know what interior design is, but do we really? Interior design actually goes beyond color schemes and furniture planning, it’s about creating healthy environments for people to live and work in. Today Joe talks with interior designers Carol Woodard and April Viola about how interior designers help your space fit you. Specific topics include: What makes a professional interior designer?Architects and building engineersThe interior designer/consumer trustFiguring out...


RERL-1553-Bill Benson-Reverse Mortgages

There is a lot of equity in a lot of homes around the Bay Area. For most people their home is their largest asset and a resource they can tap when income is needed. Reverse mortgages are not great for everyone, but it can be for the right person. Today Joe welcomes back Bill Benson, our reverse mortgage expert, to explain if this product could be right for you. Specific topics include: What is a reverse mortgage and how is it different from a regular mortgageWhat can you do with a reverse...


RERL-1552-NephCure Kidney International

Nothing pulls on your heart strings quite like seeing a sick child. Dedicated parents everywhere care for their children battling diseases for which there is no cure. While we may not be able to help these parents care for their children, we can help them look for a better life for their kids. Today Joe chats with dedicated moms, Kara and Jennifer, who share how Nephrotic Syndrome and Focal Segmental Glomerulo Sclerosis (FSGS) have affected their lives, their childrens lives, and the lives...


RERL-1551-Purchase Market - Buyer Strategies

Whether you’re a realtor, lender or consumer looking to buy or sell a home, you know this is a purchase market. Rates have slowly inched up the last few years officially taking us out of a true refinance market and it’s affecting the way business is changing. Today Joe discusses the purchase market and buyer strategies. Specific topics include: Why buyer strategies are becoming more important than everWorking with a lender and realtor you trustAsking the right questionsTaking control of the...


RERL-1550- Jack Russo - Discussing GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Today’s topic is a perfect way to sum up everything Joe and Jack Russo have discussed in the previous Starting Something in Silicon Valley podcasts. As your business grows it’s likely your brand will extend outside the United States and into the European Union. Not only will you have to deal with a huge stack of papers to do so, you will have to be sure you are in compliance with the Due Diligence provision. Since Jack is not a lawyer in Europe he has brought along Clotilde Biron, his...


RERL-1549-Manie Kohn- Real Estate Marketing Expert

If you’re a home seller or thinking about selling your home you’ll want to listen closely to this podcast. A normalizing market means sellers will have to do something other than putting out a for sale sign to get offers. So how does one stay competitive in this market? Today Joe is joined by Manie Kohn, a marketing expert and real estate technologist who is changing the way sellers and realtors get home sold.Specific topics include: Outperforming traditional real estate in any...


RERL-1548- Buyer's, Seller's, and Technology

What’s going in the marketplace? Ask anyone what they think and you’ll hear everything from “the market will swing to a buyer’s market” to “we are heading for another strong sellers market”. You’ll also hear about how technology can never have a true place in the market or how technology is bound to take over the whole transaction. Today Joe examines market possibilities and reviews the role technology plays in the real estate and lending space. Specific topics include: Buyers, take...


RERL-1547- Jack Russo – When the crisis is class action litigation

Scammers hacking into your personal information have been taking over the news and security issues are becoming a major issue for businesses big and small. After a hack not only does a company have to focus on improving their security, a class action lawsuit is likely just around the corner for negligence to provide sufficient security. Today Joe and Jack Russo discuss class action litigation. Specific topics include: Process for class action lawsuitsPreparing for class action...


RERL-1546-NephCure Kidney International

The real estate industry revolves all around communities and for Joe it’s important to remember to give back to that very community you do business with. There are hundreds and hundreds of great causes around the Bay Area that are deserving of our time and money, but today Joe is spotlighting one in particular. Kara Jones steps into the studio to tell us about NephCure Kidney International, an organization that has made a major impact on the life of her and her son. Want to support...


RERL-1545- Jack Russo - Litigation Funding

Throughout the last few weeks Jack Russo has been teaching us about the alarming challenges of litigation. Litigation funding is a whole new topic that changes the way entrepreneurs think about surviving litigation. In fact if it weren’t for litigation funding many cases just wouldn’t be able to happen. Today Joe and Jack tackle modern litigation funding issues that apply to both plaintiff and defense cases. Specific topics include: How third party funding worksLitigation funding around the...


RERL-1544-Buyers market-time to exercise your options

It’s more of a buyer’s market for the first time in years and it’s time to exercise your options. While we still have historically low inventory that makes for a good sellers market, the big difference is that the market has cooled off enough so buyer’s won’t have to work around skyrocketing prices every day. Today Joe talks directly to buyers and sellers who now have to adjust to the changing market. Specific topics include: Why is the market taking a breather?Contingencies and under...