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Real Estate Radio LIVE is a podcast covering the world of Anything and Everything Real Estate™. Hosts Joe Cucchiara and Bobbi Decker are a team of full-time, real estate and finance industry professionals who believe that knowledge is power. With current market experience and honest, insightful perspectives - the guidance they bring to the air waves is an un-matched consumer & professional resource.

Real Estate Radio LIVE is a podcast covering the world of Anything and Everything Real Estate™. Hosts Joe Cucchiara and Bobbi Decker are a team of full-time, real estate and finance industry professionals who believe that knowledge is power. With current market experience and honest, insightful perspectives - the guidance they bring to the air waves is an un-matched consumer & professional resource.


San Jose, CA


Real Estate Radio LIVE is a podcast covering the world of Anything and Everything Real Estate™. Hosts Joe Cucchiara and Bobbi Decker are a team of full-time, real estate and finance industry professionals who believe that knowledge is power. With current market experience and honest, insightful perspectives - the guidance they bring to the air waves is an un-matched consumer & professional resource.






RERL-1750-Why everyone's fleeing to Florida, and careful with a vacation home purchase!

There’s a lot going on in Florida and if you haven’t looked into it yet, we’ve got you covered. Jack Russo provides us with an insider’s look at all the ways Florida is drawing in people from more than just California – and yes, it goes well beyond affordable housing! Politics and recreation aside, it could be possible that Florida is on its way to becoming the spot to do business. Second home purchases have shot up 80% since last year and it has everything to do with the pandemic. Working...


RERL-1749-Boycott B of A, and don't be so quick to sell your home!

Why boycott Bank of America? If your privacy is important to you, then you will want to strongly consider switching your account to a different bank. Bank of America has been sharing private information with government agencies about consumer spending habits in the time around the January 6th Capitol riots. Though it is easy to sell off this underreported headline as BofA being helpful to the government, Joe Cucchiara wonders if we should be more cautious of this sketchy move. You decide....


RERL-1748- How Does the Election Impact Real Estate Investors?

As an industry, the National Association of Realtors is a strong lobbying body in Congress, but in one week, a new administration will take office. Regardless of the NAR’s power, many things will officially begin to change starting January 20th and smart investors will start planning for new changes. Joe Cucchiara asks Jack Russo what changes he thinks will take place in residential and commercial real estate if a major liberal agenda emerges. Also in discussion: If you wish to contact...


RERL-1747-End of The Year Review in Real Estate & What to Expect in 2021

2020 was so crazy, it’s hard to remember anything that happened that isn’t covid related. Residential real estate remained surprisingly strong in Silicon Valley and it is arguable that residential real estate actually benefitted from the pandemic – but can the same be said for commercial real estate? Joe Cucchiara wraps up a wild year for real estate and predicts if 2021 will be as big a surprise as its predecessor. If you wish to contact Joe Cucchiara email him at,...


RERL-1746-Business and Real Estate - Small actions yield big HQ implications for Uber, Wells Fargo, Chevron

Wake up California! Big companies have had it and are finally leaving for a more business friendly state. For a few years now you have heard us talk about how California residents have flocked to states where homes can be 1/10 the price for a lot more space and are a lot more attractive when Tax Day rolls around. Companies such as Oracle, Hewlett Packard and Tesla have done the math and, as much as we all love Silicon Valley, it just doesn’t make sense for these businesses to stay and...


RERL-1745- Showcasing Small Business - Chris Cucchiara with ReGenesis 360

There comes a time for every business owner when tough decisions need to be made. As the economy dwindles away, fear, confusion and hopelessness make it easy to cloud the minds of owners and consumers. No one knows this better than Chris Cucchiara who opened an innovative lifestyle center in the central coast just three years ago. Working alongside doctors and other healthcare professionals means Chris was able to quickly find out new guidelines and make his company certified covid safe. Joe...


RERL-1743- Calling all small businesses - We want to help!

Since March, small businesses have been riding this crazy roller coaster and taken more than their fair share of hits. Shutdowns and stricter regulations are being put back into place as covid makes its resurgence and many small businesses that were already in survival mode, may soon lose it all. Starting today, Joe Cucchiara is challenging you to abstain from big businesses with capital and support your favorite small businesses through these challenging months. Supporting small business...

Duration:00:12:54 – The New Way to Track Your Nature Scores!

The studies are in, exposure to nature can be the most important factor to promoting your physical and mental wellbeing. One way we can bring the relevance of nature to the forefront, is to allow people to quantify it and then track it over time. Host Joe Cucchiara asks Jared Hanley and Dr. Chris Minson about how users calculate their “NatureScore” and then utilize that data to integrate nature as a personal health tool. Topics: NatureQuant If you wish to contact Joe Cucchiara email him...


RERL-1741-Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October may be the home of post-season baseball, Halloween, mountains of candy and our favorite spooky themed treats. However, the scariest thing that happens during October has nothing to do with skeletons, zombies, cavities, or the LA Dodgers winning the World Series, October is breast cancer awareness month. Anyone who has faced any type of cancer knows how frightening a diagnosis can be. Today Joe Cucchiara welcomes breast cancer survivor, Tania Cheater, to share her story as well as...


RERL-1740-Big City Rents Dropping… Are Big City Home Values Next?

From San Francisco to New York City, rents are drastically dropping across all the major US cities. For years you have heard us talking about building modular and prefabricated homes as ways to get the price per square foot down. More recently we have focused on the exodus of California and other high-income states (or the United States altogether) as home values, taxes and traffic have finally taken their tolls on fatigued residents. Joe Cucchaira and Jack Russo discuss if big city home...

Duration:00:25:34 - You Can Now Track NatureScores!

Has there ever been a bigger focus on making nature part of your physical and mental health? Applying his 20+ years of data science to his passion for nature, Jared Hanley is capitalizing on the growing evidence that time spent in nature is the key for supplying your body with more energy than a cup of coffee or a trip to the gym can offer. Years can be added to your life by simply increasing your proximity to nature. Join Joe Cucchiara in finding out how NatureQuant tracks our “NatureScore”...


RERL-1738-Today’s Confirmation Hearing and California

With less than a month before election day, the controversial confirmation hearing for Amy Coney Barrett are underway. Though the first day of hearings was largely filled with senators arguing over the ethics of Trump nominating a justice this close to an election, Jack Russo explains to Joe Cucchiara why Amy Coney Barrett does not meet his personal qualifications for becoming a supreme court justice, but still manages to shine compared to many of our female senators. Other topics in...


RERL-1737-Silicon Valley Stress – The Reason for Some Leaving?

Business students will remember learning about creative destruction, the notion that out of every destruction something new is created. What doesn’t get talked about is how quickly that something new gets created. Whether we find a covid vaccine or not by the end of 2020, the virus has already changed Silicon Valley. Joe Cucchiara and Jack Russo discuss if the high-stress-non-stop lifestyle of Silicon Valley has officially burned itself out and sent people looking for places where life moves...


RERL-1736-Small Business Strategies

Creating awareness for yourself and what you can do for yourself can be an empowering move for entrepreneurs. Whether you do it by yourself or you assemble a team of people to do it for you, it is something that every small business owner needs to do. For the last 25 years, Dan Foss has been advising small business owners by identifying and prioritizing goals that grow their company in a positive and stable manner. Today Joe Cucchiara asks Dan Foss how he helps small business owners create...


RERL-1735-California In A Crisis

California is in the middle of a crisis that is indirectly affecting everything from real estate to jobs to businesses. Of course this problem of consumers fleeing state and country in search of lower cost living is happening all across America, but as the sixth largest economy in the world, it just wouldn’t be California if we didn’t have our own, unique spin on the problem. Are things bound to change? Joe Cucchiara asks Jack Russo if California residents are overreacting and whether we can...


RERL-1734-The Rich Are Looking To Leave California - Where Are They Going And Why?

Political unrest, increasing taxes and poor use of that money. These are just a few probable reasons why the rich are leaving California. As times get more challenging, California is quickly becoming an interesting state to watch as residents and residential income experiences a major shift. Join Joe Cucchiara and Jack Russo in this discussion on why more people are choosing to leave California and where they are going. California is not the only state having these problems. Check out this...


RERL-1733-Pluses and Minuses of Leaving California!

The Golden State is undergoing some major changes that are affecting people personally and professionally. Whether you are flustered with new laws and taxes or just tired of traffic and sky-high rent, consumers are getting out of California and looking for places to go. Today Joe Cucchiara talks with Jack Russo, currently on assignment in Florida, for a firsthand report on the pluses and minuses of leaving California for friendlier states. Topics include: If you wish to contact Joe...


RERL-1732-Market Update

It’s been quite some time since covid -19 effectively shut down the economy, and a surprising number of markets and industries are thriving despite the grim expectations. When life becomes more unpredictable than normal, the only weapon consumers really have is knowledge that hopefully comes from a reliable source. Today Joe and Mike take a look at Silicon Valley’s remarkable market. Topics include: If you wish to contact Joe Cucchiara email him at, call (408)-838-9060...


RERL-1731-The Future of Real Estate Investing – Part 3

“Why am I living in California if most of my investments are outside of the state?” Talking to people, there is a scary amount of people seriously considering leaving California in the near future for a multitude of reasons. With more companies issuing remote policies, the list of reasons to stay are dwindling and the motive to relocate is gaining momentum. Has Silicon Valley hit the tipping point and is now poised to become a ghost town? Today Joe Cucchiara and Jack Russo discuss the future...


RERL-1730- The Future of California Real Estate – Part 2 (Leaving For Other Countries)

Is it time for the government to force people to change the way they live? The livability of a place is directly related to whether or not they can stay. With more people opting to work from home, it is completely possible to hold a Silicon Valley job and leave the traffic and high living costs behind if you do a little planning beforehand – and many of us are. Even with all these big changes taking place, California continues to pile on more taxes and quotas we are struggling to meet. Is...