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RERL-1595-Accessing Home Wealth Without Debt

Over the last 10 years home prices have escalated incredibly which means homeowners have seen a dramatic increase in their homes equity. In fact surveys suggest that homeowners may have 70% or more of their entire wealth tied up in their home. Having a majority of your wealth in one illiquid asset can be a mixed blessing that our friends at Barastone can help you with. Today Joe and Mark Rogers discuss how homeowners can access their homes wealth without taking on debt. Specific topics...


RERL-1594-Growing Your Business

In 2018 Jack Russo joined the RERL team and taught us just about the concepts and steps one needs to take when starting a business. One year later 2019 is time to change gears and discuss growing your business. This time Joe and Jack will address major questions regarding how to accelerate your growth and what can you do about the various legal issues that come up during the growth phase. Specific topics include: SWOT analysisNew employees and new contractorsOutsourced functionsWork made...


RERL-1593-The Employee Real Estate Platform

Exciting news is what today’s podcast is all about. Bundle Select has officially announced their employee real estate platform. Exclusive only to certain companies, it doesn’t matter what size your company is or where in the US you are located; all you need to do is connect and figure out if you and your company qualify as a good match! Today Joe tells us all about Bundle Select’s employee real estate platform. Specific topics include: Guaranteed savings on real estate servicesBenefits and...


RERL-1592-Rates Drop & It's Buyers Time!

The holidays are officially over and we are ready to take on 2019! Joe is kicking off the New Year with some good news for anyone paying attention to interest rates and some even better new for buyers entering the market. Tune in as Joe explains all the new opportunities that await you as a New Year begins. Specific topics include: The drop in interest ratesJumbo loan opportunitiesWhy look at your financing now?Flat market vs. buyers marketContingent sales If you wish to contact Joe...


RERL-1591-The Future of Sales Innovation by Uber Connect Force

Small business owners often refrain from building a sales and marketing division within their company. Not only can creating your division be costly, it usually becomes an unneeded headache and that takes up much needed time. Jack Russo takes over as host in today’s podcast as he welcomes back Steve King, CEO of UberConnectForce. Specific topics include Addressing today’s biggest sales problemAttracting anti-phone millennialsMatching with ideal customersWho can hire UberConnectForceMore...


RERL-1590- Two Italian Guys Talkin Real Estate- Planning For 2019 For Buyers & Sellers

Am I positioned correctly? Should I get preapproved now? What else should I be doing now? Buyers and sellers have a lot to think about with 2018 coming to a close and the market looking much different from previous years. A changing market will not only require buyers and sellers to come up with new strategies to complete the transaction, but to revise how they begin preparing for these situations. Today Joe and Mike discuss how buyers and sellers should plan for 2019. Specific topics...


RERL-1589-Rick Arvielo- CEO of New American Funding

“Hey, let’s do our own thing” Believe it or not that’s pretty much how Rick Arvielo and his wife Patty started New American Funding. While Patty knew the ins and outs of the real estate business, serial entrepreneur Rick came in to the business with a whole lot of knowledge about marketing and technology. Together they made a marriage that is carving its way into the mortgage business and is showing no signs of stopping. Today Joe talks with Rick Arvielo, CEO of New American Funding....


RERL-1588-Patty Arvielo - President of New American Funding

Joe’s guest today is someone who started working in real estate at 16 years old and 36 years later still doesn’t feel she has completely mastered the business. A successful entrepreneur, Patty Arvielo is known as the President and Co-Founder of New American Funding. Listen in as Joe and Patty discuss everything from building a competitive mortgage company to seeing it grow at a quick pace and keeping the evolution going. Specific topics include: Why Patty and Rick started New American...


RERL-1587- Frank Fuentes - Multicultural Lending

One million Hispanics will be turning 18 this year and compared to their non-Hispanic counterparts they are getting married and forming household at a younger age. The best thing agents and lenders could do now is to begin understanding the cultural nuances of this demographic and find a way to serve them. Today Joe talks with New American Funding’s Frank Fuentes about the complexities and cultural challenges surrounding multicultural lending. Specific topics include: Getting an entire...


RERL-1586-Accessing Home Wealth Without Debt

Being one of the many people in the US who describe themselves as house rich and cash poor can be a great problem to have. On one hand your net worth is increasing, on the other it is in an illiquid asset that is not easily accessed, until now. Today Joe and Steve Hotovec discuss a new way of accessing your homes wealth without taking on debt. Specific topics include: Having a majority of your net worth tied up in equityThe problem with forward mortgages, reverse mortgages and HELOC’sHow...


RERL-1585-Jack Russo - Corporate LLC Year End Planning

We are halfway through December and business owners will want to end the year in the right way. Tax planning begins now if you don’t want to make last minute scrambles looking for deductions and another thing you don’t want is for the company to be under litigation attack leaving you to worry about if they pierce through the corporate veil even if you are an LLC. Yikes! Today Joe and Jack Russo discuss year-end planning issues for business owners. Managing the books with a CPATaxable...


RERL-1584-Elijah Caldwell - With Timeless LLC

Few young people know who they are when starting out in life; in fact it is quite common to only know who you aren’t. Timeless LLC has a vision: Everyone successfully learns from failure. Through Timeless, Elijah Caldwell offers coaching programs to help consumers never make the same mistake twice, a keystone of successful people. Today Joe talks failure and the motivational tools to combat them with Elijah Caldwell. Specific topics include: Inverse relationshipsTapping into your full...


RERL-1583- Today's Market - Leverage Instead of Liquidate

From time to time now you’ve heard Joe say the phrase “leverage instead of liquidate”. He’s not trying to be repetitive; it’s just something that he is a big believer in! In today’s market leveraging instead of liquidating is the best strategy (if possible) for most. How so? Listen in as Joe plays out several scenarios where leveraging assets flat out beats liquidating them. Scenarios include: Cross-collateralizing loansLeveraging departing equity for downpaymentGaining more income to...


RERL-1582- Two Italian Guys Talkin Real Estate-Strategies for a Changing Market

Buyers got buried the last several years and many potential buyers lost interest in hope to buy altogether. Currently, homes are spending more days on market and sellers are responding by being more open during negotiations and reducing their asking price. The real estate business is not over and now more than ever is the time to educate yourself about what is going on around you. We don’t know where the market will head in the future, but the economy is still good and interest rates are...


RERL-1581- Eva Melgarejo-Multicultural Lending

Education and information is the heart of what we believe in at Real Estate Radio Live and that involves everything in and around real estate. Today Joe is joined by Director of Multicultural Affairs, Eva Melgarejo, whom New American Funding relies on when it comes to educating the Latino community about the Latino Focus Initiative. Specific topics include: Embracing multicultural lendingLatino buying powerPreparing for the next wave of home buyersThe Latino Focus Initiative & The New...


RERL-1580-Accessing Home Wealth Without Debt

Longtime home owners know there are many ways to take advantage of your homes equity, but reverse mortgages come with restrictions and HELOC’s are not ideal in a rising rate environment. As we roll into 2019 Joe and our friends at Barastone want to make you aware of another option available to you. Today Joe and Mark Rogers discuss ways to help people access their home wealth without taking on debt. Specific topics include: Qualification processComparing to stock market investmentsWhy now...


RERL-1579- Strategies for a Buyer's Market

The last several years the Bay Area experienced a strong sellers market. Currently the market is more level and everyone will need to adjust to these changes. So what should professionals and consumers be doing to put themselves in a better position for a changing market? Today Joe discusses the best strategies for a buyer’s market. Specific topics include: How to buy before you sellLeverage vs. liquidate“Offensive” offers below the asking priceBuy down rates using seller creditWhat agent...


RERL-1578-Accessing Home Wealth Without Debt

When it comes to mortgages most of us are used to the traditional mortgage with the debt and liabilities sold to us by banks. As with everything time and technology are changing everything including your mortgage program. Today Joe and Mark Rogers discuss the home equity sharing program that allows home owners to access their homes wealth without taking on debt. Specific topics include: HELOC shockBig benefits of shared equity programsHow shared equity worksWhat about previous equity in the...


RERL-1577-Jack Russo-Online Fraud

Dealing with fraud has not only become part of your everyday life, it has become part of everybody’s internet presence. The internet has made the transfer of money so easy and quick that it may feel as if safety had taken a back seat to convenience. Today Joe and Jack Russo discuss online fraud and how small businesses owners can deal with it. Specific topics include: Banks baking in securityWho is to blame?Fraud on the riseSafeguarding your business If you wish to contact Joe Cucchiara...


RERL-1576-Jeff Cohn-Founder/Coach Elite Real Estate Systems

It would be easy to say that this podcast is geared for the consumer, but today’s guest has grown an empire in the business accomplishing what many longtime professionals are still looking for. Jeff Cohn, founder of Elite Real Estate Systems, calls in to RERL to talk the market, coaching agents and more with our host, Joe Cucchiara. Specific topics include: Are we still in a good market?Technology consumers want and how it will change real estateFlipping housesKeys to successJeff’s Modern...