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RERL-1510-Disrupting The Life Insurance Industry with Harry Grundmann

These days it seems just about every industry is facing major disruption and your life insurance is not excluded. No matter what age you are there is a better insurance for you, even if that means refinancing your insurance or changing plans altogether. Today Joe meets founder, Harry Grundmann, who is taking a whole new approach to life insurance. Specific topics include: Why you may need life insuranceHow life insurance mixes with real estateLife insurance at different...


RERL-1509-Bundle Select Updates, Reviews & Announcements!

Through the last few years Joe has reported on the rapidly changing real estate industry and been critical of those who believe the process should or will stay the same. Now it’s been four months since Joe officially launched Bundle Select and many of you real estate fans and tech geeks may be wondering if it has taken off or not. Today Joe updates us on our favorite startup, Bundle Select! Specific topics include: Introducing the investors and advisorsIf you can bundle any other service,...


RERL-1508-Exploring The Reverse Mortgage with Bill Benson

He’s no stranger to RERL; he’s reverse mortgage expert Bill Benson! For some of us conventional financing is just not the right choice. Good thing there are a few options outside of conventional financing. Today Joe explores reverse mortgages with Bill Benson to figure out if these unconventional loans really deserve the stigma they receive. Specific topics include: What exactly is a reverse mortgage and who uses them?Reverse mortgage requirements and restrictionsTaking the fear out of...


RERL-1507-The Changing Market & Data Privacy

Right now the market is hot, hot, hot for real estate technology! In the thick of this change you can find Hemlane CEO, Dana Dunford who is back in the studio and ready to talk real estate disruptions. Listen in as Joe finds out how Hemlane is helping consumers invest in real estate across the US and explore the benefits of using a full service property manager. Specific topics include: How technology is changing the real estate marketManaging your online presence during real estate...


RERL-1506-Unlocking Strategy Values Through Outsourcing

If you have any questions about today’s guest all you need to know is she graduated from USC’s entrepreneur program back when nobody knew what an entrepreneur was, let alone how to spell the word. Geraldine Barry of Geraldine Barry and Associates is back in the studio with Joe ready to share her extensive knowledge of business and real estate with us as it relates to outsourcing. Outsourcing is not new but the industry is changing. You can contact Geraldine by calling (408)396-7177 or...


RERL-1505-Starting Something In Silicon Valley –Part XII

People get into disagreements; it’s an unfortunate fact of life that all of us wish we could avoid. Anyone in life or business could lose a lot in a dispute, be it money or health. Today Joe and Jack Russo try and stay out of the court house by discussing disputes and dispute resolutions. Specific topics include: Evaluating who you do business withGet your paperwork right!Work on your negotiating skillsArbitration vs. mediationLitigation, mediation and arbitration costsSettlement...


RERL-1504-Evaluating Your Homeowners Insurance with Laura Peterson

Earthquake insurance, fire protection, umbrella insurance –a lot goes into protecting you and your home from unforeseen events. Today Joe welcomes back returning guest and insurance expert Laura Peterson with Insurance and Financial Services Inc. This time around Laura will talk about insurances you do and don’t need, technology changing the way you access your insurance documents, as well as breaking down the different types of life insurance policies. Also in discussion: Has anything...


RERL-1503-Multigenerational Planning

By now it’s no secret that the bull market we saw for so long is currently experiencing a bit of volatility. Planning for the future is more important now than ever and ensuring you leave a legacy for your children is becoming increasingly difficult. Today Joe talks with Ameriprise CFP George Papadoyannis about planning for the future with the entire family in mind. Specific topics include: Q1 wrap-up and Q2 expectationsSV housing and job marketTransfer of wealth in the upcoming...


RERL-1502-Starting Something In Silicon Valley –Part XI

So many things need to be taken into consideration when building a business that fatigue can easily set in and cause motivation to slip away from hungry entrepreneurs. Most entrepreneurs know they will face many challenges along the way and keeping the fire burning ultimately plays a bigger role in success than consumer think. Today Joe and Jack Russo team up to discuss six key elements to keep you and your team motivated when your business isn’t going quite right. Specific topics...


RERL-1501-How To Buy A Home Without Selling First

In a market where inventory is insanely low most sellers are going to think differently with a lot of help from their lender. In fact a common issue agent’s face is working with clients that are hesitant to sell either because they don’t want to move multiple time or they fear of homelessness. Today Joe is joined by Bank of Internet Account Executive James Shoop to discuss several nonconventional financing options that get you out of your old house and into your new home without the fear....


RERL-1500-Understanding the Economy and Housing Market with Fannie Mae’s Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, Doug Duncan

Truly understanding an economy can be tricky business especially when volatility begins showing up in a strong bull market. Today Joe is joined by Geraldine Barry, former founder and president of SJREI Association. Also in the studio is someone who knows the market better than most: Doug Duncan, Fannie Mae's senior vice president and chief economist. Listen in to hear what our guests have to say about current market conditions and what the near future could bring. Specific topics...


RERL-1499-Long Distance Investing with Billy Keels

Sometimes the Bay Area can feel like a completely different country compared to the rest of the United States, you certainly have to treat it that way when you’re looking to invest in real estate. Today Joe gets close to an outsiders view as he chats with former US resident Billy Keels of KeePon Cashflow about long distance investing. Specific topics include: How Billy fell into the real estate worldComparing real estate to other asset classesLong distance investing in US real estate –who...


RERL-1498-Starting Something In Silicon Valley –Part X

Sales and marketing can mean everything for small companies looking to really get off the ground. Jack Russo takes over the studio this afternoon with Steve King to tell us about his new startup UberConnectForce. UberConnectForce is basically rocket fuel for sales that is readily available for companies in need of a sales and marketing team, but lack the means to build and manage their own. Specific topics include: What UberConnectForce does for their clients and who is it...


RERL-1497-Consumer Alert –Part I

The last few years you’ve heard Joe talk a lot about how drastic changes are coming to the industry and for at least one company they’re finally here. Keller Williams is the newest of real estate companies that are coming forward sharing new visions and new models to benefit the consumer. In the first installment of this series Joe picks apart a Keller Williams announcement to find any information that could mislead consumers. Specific topics include: Keller Mortgage servicesZero cost...


RERL-1496-Starting Something In Silicon Valley –Part IX

Bank financing marks the beginning of a whole new chapter for each startup. The idea may seem a bit daunting at first considering many small businesses need two to three years before they begin seeing profits. Why would any bank consider lending money in this situation? Banks will look at every document discussed in shows 1-8 to determine if assets producing revenue get a loan. Today Joe and Jack discuss banking and lines of credit around guarantors and guarantees. Specific topics...


RERL-1495-Reverse Mortgages with Bill Benson

Years ago reverse mortgages carried a bad name, but today this loan is simply another tool in your shed. When it comes to knowing the ins and outs of reverse mortgages there is only one guy Joe knows that lives it every day. Reverse mortgage expert Bill Benson steps into the studio with Joe to share firsthand knowledge of just how useful this loan can be for those of us that are house rich and cash poor. Specific topics include: How reverse mortgages differ from traditional mortgagesWhat...


RERL-1494-What’s Going To Happen With Real Estate And Blockchain, Including Title And Escrow?

When it comes to real estate and technology the industry seems to crawl and play catch up. It’s hard to miss that cryptocurrency and blockchain have been taking over news headlines and before we know it they will become a vital part of our transactions. Today Joe takes a look at blockchain's future and its affect on the real estate market. Specific topics include: 3 biggest problems in real estateCompanies currently excelling at cryptocurrencyWhat changes can we expect in the next 12-18...


RERL-1493- Starting Something in Silicon Valley –Part VIII

We’re at podcast number 8 of our Starting Something series and its starting to feel like we’re just about done building our company. In fact the only thing you’d think we need right now are maybe a few customers! Today Joe and Jack Russo cover the often tricky customer agreements that define your business’s relationship with the customer. Specific topics include: Terms and service agreementsDoes the customer understand where your work begins and ends?What risks are you and the customer...


RERL-1492-Are You Being Educated Or Sold On Your Real Estate And Financing?

Just because real estate can be classified as a sales job doesn’t mean it couldn’t be seen more as a relationship business. Chances are you or somebody you know has worked with someone more interested in selling something for the commission. So how do you know if the person you’re working with is educating you instead of selling you what’s best for them? Whether you’re interviewing someone for real estate or financing, Joe helps you distinguish the differences between someone helping you...


RERL-1491-Starting Something In Silicon Valley –Part VII

It’s quite hard to believe how far we’ve come these past two months in the Starting Something series. So far Jack Russo has taken us from the idea phase, to the startup, to raising capital and it seems we’re finally ready to take the next step. Today Joe and Jack tackle different contract classes and attacking problems before they arise. Specific topics include: Is the face of venture capital changing?3 contract classesNoncompeting agreementsBenefit plansData protection and dispute...


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