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Fitness Gym

Almost 75% of Millennials and Generation Z are willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings! This willingness will play a major role in the future of gym design and operations, especially if your workout can generate electricity. Yes, you read that right...generate your own electricity! Matt Thorsen, Product Manager at Sportsart joins the show to highlight the ECO POWR fitness line and discuss current and future trends in gym design and construction. Project Spotlights: Reebok/Gensler...


Tech Revolution

In 10 short years, tech investments in the building industry have increased from $4.5 million to $1.38 billion annually! In this episode we discuss products and technologies that are changing the industry today and in the near future. We highlight wearable technology, management software, robots & drones, blockchain, social media marketing, VR & AR, and the implications of design software advancements. Google and Tesla and Amazon, oh my! Show Music: Intro - "Funky Suspense" from...



Buildings today cause 39% of CO2 emissions in the US. If you have not heard of LEED and or WELL, today's episode is a great intro into these industry design standards that are shifting buildings to healthier and more human-centric spaces. We discuss environmental and green building history, LEED and WELL basics, industry perception, issues and potential value. Project Spotlights: Operation Smile Global Headquarters | Virginia Beach, VA American Society of Interior Designer | Washington DC...


Career Planning in the Building Industry

Ever wonder what it's like to be an architect, engineer, developer or contractor? In today's episode we welcome our guest Puneet Comar, Director of Land Development, US West of IBI Group to join our discussion on career planning in the building industry. Through this discussion we'll discuss what attracted us to the industry, salary expectations, educational requirements, critical business issues to be addressed in the near future, licensing tips and what to consider when evaluating career...


Home Renovation

In today's episode we welcome our guest, Sara Bendrick, landscape designer and host of DIY Network's "I Hate My Yard" and "Lawn & Order", to explore the home renovation industry, DIY vs. hiring a professional, tips and highlighting the process of renovation. In other news, the group gives professional and personal updates and Ali has major news... Show Music: Intro - "Funky Suspense" from History - "Enigmatic" from Outro - "Man Alone Chimes the Hour" by...


Tiny Homes

In today's episode, our guest, Davis Richardson, shares his first hand experience of designing, building and living in his own Tiny Home. We discuss the feasibility, pitfalls in the process of design and construction, life in a tiny home community, and if you could have a party in a tiny house... Project Spotlight: Tumbleweed, by Jay Shafer | Iowa City, Iowa Kinetohaus, by Davis Richardson | Austin, Texas...currently Show Music: Intro - "Funky Suspense" from and "Hope for...



Warning...this episode may make you hungry. In today's mouth watering episode you'll hear about apple fritters, western bacon cheeseburgers, and seasoned fries from the "roach coach". We explore the evolution of restaurants and the types of restaurants that exist today. Project Spotlight: ATX Cocina, by Michael Hsu Office of Architecture | Austin, Texas Mendocino Farms | California Show Music: Intro - "Funky Suspense" from and "Hope for Change" by Nihilore Outro - "Man...



Reunited and it feels so good...the group is back together to take a closer look at hotels. We explore the evolution of hotels, discuss some of our hotel experiences, and take a look at trends going forward. In other news, Jason has a heavy foot, Ali has a addition to the family, and Dimitrius gives an update on Bloo. Project Spotlight: Yoshino Cedar House | Yoshino, Japan Show Music: Intro - "Funky Suspense" from and "Hope for Change" by Nihilore Outro - "Man Alone Chimes...


End Homelessness

In today's episode we welcome our guest, David Gillanders Jr., Executive Director of Pathways of Hope, to discuss homelessness and explore potential housing solutions to combat the issue. This fascinating and insightful episode may change or add clarity to your understanding of homelessness and motivate you to get involved in the effort of ending homelessness. Project Spotlight: Tiny Home Villages | Nationwide Eva's Phoenix by LGA Architectural Partners | Toronto, Canada "Cargotecture" -...



Have you been to a hospital lately? The design & construction of that space may be more complex than you know. In this episode we explore the history, construction delivery methods, issues, advancements, and trends in hospital design & construction. In other news, Dimitrius shares his medical background, Jason goes to the Barre, and we received our first hate post! Project Spotlights: Bellevue Hospital | New York, NY Johns Hopkins Hospitals | Baltimore, MD Beth Israel Deaconess Medical...


Millennials and Spaces

In this highly anticipated episode, things get a little heated as we debate the Millennial experience and discuss the Millennial effect on design of various spaces such as housing, offices and retail. In other news, Ali's under surveillance, Jason nearly starts a riot, and Dimitrius announces a major career move! Show Music: Intro - Funky Suspense from and Hope for Change by Nihilore Outro - Man Alone Chimes the Hour by Nihilore


Company Culture

In today's episode we welcome our guest, Lawrence Armstrong, Ware Malcomb CEO, to explore what goes into developing company culture and how space can foster that culture. Is the fun and open space office still relevant and applicable today? Catch up on what we've been up to during the holiday break. We even chat about art as we discuss Larry's "weekend job" as an artist...and who did it better? Top 5: Find out our top 5 predictions for 2018. Show Music: Intro - "Funky Suspense" from...


Smart Cities

On the heels of Bill Gates' Arizona land purchase and goals to build a smart city, we tackle the subject to clarify what a "smart city" is. We discuss the benefits, the disadvantages and who from the group would want to live in one...We also explore other planning concepts as a comparison to a smart city. We introduce a new segment - Dimitrius' Top 5: Find out his top 5 movies with a smart city setting. Project Spotlights: Concepts: Le Corbusier's 1925 City of Tomorrow /Garden City Movement...


Off-Site Construction

Today's episode is all about off-site construction. We discuss prefabricated, modular and panelized construction - the differences, benefits, and disadvantages of the methods. Project Spotlights: The Crystal Palace | Hyde Park, London The Case Study Homes | Southern California Show Music: Intro - Funky Suspense from and Hope for Change by Nihilore Outro - Man Alone Chimes the Hour by Nihilore


Maiden Voyage

In this, the first episode of Spaces, we describe the concept of the show and highlight the hosts individual backgrounds. Show Music: Intro - Funky Suspense from and Hope for Change by Nihilore Outro - Man Alone Chimes the Hour by Nihilore