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The 425 Show: Larry J. Snyder Author, Public Speaker, and Fundraising Auctioneer

The man of many talents joined us today on The 425 Show. Larry J. Snyder, Author, Public Speaker, Fundraiser Auctioneer, extraordinaire shared his passions in life from his many years spent in Italy, to his admiration for his Mother. Larry’s full days include helping domestic and international causes with philanthropy and fundraising support. With his […]


The 425 Show: Lisa Nordstrom, Sano Cafe

Today was all about healthy eating. Lisa Nordstrom, owner of The Sano Cafe located on the North end of Mercer Island joined us on The 425 Show today. Lisa has taken her passion for healthy eating and created a gathering place where the food not only tastes good, it’s good for you too. Sano, which means […]


The 425 Show: Lisa Hufford, Simplicity Counsulting

Today was all about matchmaking on The 425 Show. We chatted with Lisa Hufford, owner of Simplicity Consulting matching consultants with large or small corporations, with a mission to help everyone be successful. Simplicity Consulting is the premiere, on-demand Enterprise Marketing Services Consultancy for today’s changing workplace. They offer clients, such as Micorsoft, and Amazon […]


The 425 Show: Cleo Raulerson Bellevue Botanical Garderns d’Lights

Today we kicked off the holidays chatting with Cleo Raulerson from Bellevue Bontanical Garden d’Lights. This has always been a special tradition with our family visiting the beautiful garden over the holidays. Bellevue Botanical Garden is an urban refuge encompassing 53 acres of cultivated gardens, restored wetlands, and natural wetlands. In an effort to keep […]


The 425 Show: Brian Dickinson, Author Of Blind Descent

Today was all about inspiration on The 425 Show. Brian Dickinson, Author of The Blind Descent and motivational speaker, shared his courageous story of his solo summit of Mount Everest.. As a former Navy, search and rescue swimmer Brian lives life to the fullest seeking new and challenging adventures. During grad school he set a goal […]


The 425 Show:Janice Vache of Pantry Packs, Lake WA School District

Today we chatted with Janice Vache, representing Lake Washington School District’s Pantry Pack Program. This is a program I’ve been fortunate to be a part of for years. It was a pleasure to learn how much of an impact this program truly makes, and how it brings the community together. During the week, at risk […]


The 425 Show: Tao With Atlas Junk Removal

Last week we had our organizational experts on The 425 Show helping us de-clutter and get organized. You’ve taken their tips, and cleared out all of your closets, and got rid of some unwanted furniture but now what do you do with all that stuff? You call Tao, with Atlas Junk Removal! Tao has made […]


The 425 Show: Denise Allan And Vlasta Hillger With Simplify Experts

As the weather turns cooler, and the days are shorter, we start spending more time inside, which often leads to decluttering. Rumor has it, that we actually do more organizing and decluttering in the Fall, than the Spring. Maybe because we are getting ready for guests during the holidays. Denise Allan and Vlasta Hillger with […]


The 425 Show With: Sean Rimkus Of Fairway Mortgage

It was all about what’s happening in today’s real estate market on this episode of The 425 Show. We chatted with Sean Rimkus of Fairway Mortgage on the fluctuations in the market and his expertise in Reverse Mortgages. *Picture courtesy of Pinterest* In 2017 Housing and Urban Development (HUD) made some dramatic changes to the Reverse Mortgage […]


The 425 Show: Mitzi Cole With Providencia Pond Retreat

What a fantastic, and lively show today! Mitzi Cole, owner of Providencia Pond Retreat, in Issaquah and The Cookie Technique is a powerhouse of energy! Mitzi owned a dance studio for years, and suddenly found herself at a crossroads for the next chapter in her life. She knew she wanted to continue sharing her love of […]


The 425 Show With David Williams, Executive Director of the Hydroplane Museum

David Williams, Executive Director of the Thunderboats, Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum, and author of A Race To Freedom, The Mira Slovak Story joined us today on The 425 Show. Did you know that hydroplane racing was the first local sporting event ever to receive national news coverage? The Museum was founded in 1983 and is the nation’s […]


The 425 Show With Lauren Thomas, And Meghan Altimore From Hopelink

Today I had the pleasure of chatting with an organization that is near and dear to my heart, Hopelink. As a long time contributor to their Pantry Packs Program and attendee of their annual Reaching Out Luncheon, I continue to be in awe of how much they do for the community. CEO Lauren Thomas and […]


The 425 Show – Jill Nichols Hicks, Owner Of Illuminating Women

Today on The 425 Show it was all about empowering women. Jill Nichols Hicks, owner of Illuminating Women, LLC shared her passion for bringing women together to create community and connections both personally and professionally. It started as an idea to host a girls night out in 2014. Jill invited entrepreneurial women and had a couple […]


The 425 Show: Debbie Rosemont With Simply Placed

With school starting up again – it’s time to get back to a routine, and that requires organization. Today’s 425 Show guest, Debbie Rosemont, owner of Simply Placed, specializes in helping people be more organized and as a result, more productive. Debbie and her team help people and companies get organized which saves them time, […]


Kristen Zuray With Trail Youth On The 425 Show

One of the best things about doing The 425 Show is meeting people that truly care about their community and giving back. It’s safe to say Kristen Zuray, co-founder of The Trail Youth is just that person. Five years ago Kristen and her husband were walking the trails of Issaquah and discovered an overwhelming number […]


The 425 Show: Hannah Talbot From Tribe Life Events

If you’re like me and love to throw a theme party but don’t always know how to get started or what to do, then you need to talk to Hannah Talbot, owner of Tribe Life Events! Hannah started Tribe Life Events to bring people together, creating workshops, gatherings and personally curated yoga events that come to you to honor […]


The 425 Show – Shelley Tomberg With Auction Of Washington Wines

August is Washington wine month, and it is indeed something worth celebrating. With over 900 wineries in the state, there are a lot to choose from. Today I had the pleasure of chatting with Shelley Tomberg, Executive Director of Auction Of Washington Wines. For the last 31 years, they have been putting on events that […]


The 425 Show with Rob Butcher of Chump Change Productions

Summer is all about events and festivals so it was great fun chatting with Rob Butcher, owner of Chump Change Productions, today. They host one of Kirkland’s largest festivals, Kirkland Summerfest, August 10th -12th. Rob got started in events as a volunteer. He loved the events, and the sense of community that they created so much […]


The 425 Show With Kelly Fennelly

I started The 425 Show is because real estate isn’t about bedrooms and baths. It’s about the people you meet, the businesses, restaurants and more. Each week we feature someone that lives or works on the Eastside. Whether your new to the area, or looking for something new today, we hope that the show offers […]


The 425 Show: Bellevue Festival Of The Arts With Ann Sutherland

I’ve been attending the Bellevue Festival Of The Arts for several years with my family which made today’s show especially fun. We chatted with Fair Coordinator, Ann Sutherland about how the festival got started over 30 years ago, it’s mission of giving back, and the amazing artists that travel from all over. Interested in Silver […]