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The 425 Show – Shelley Tomberg With Auction Of Washington Wines

August is Washington wine month, and it is indeed something worth celebrating. With over 900 wineries in the state, there are a lot to choose from. Today I had the pleasure of chatting with Shelley Tomberg, Executive Director of Auction Of Washington Wines. For the last 31 years, they have been putting on events that […]


Rob Butcher With Chump Change Productions On The 425 Show

Summer is all about events and festivals around the 425 area so it was great chatting with Rob Butcher owner of Chump Change Productions, which hosts one of Kirkland’s largest festival Kirkland Summerfest, August 10th -12th. After volunteering for over 15 years, Rob started his company, Chump Change Productions almost three years ago, with the soul […]


The 425 Show With Kelly Fennelly

I started The 425 Show is because real estate isn’t about bedrooms and baths. It’s about the people you meet, the businesses, restaurants and more. Each week we feature someone that lives or works on the Eastside. Whether your new to the area, or looking for something new today, we hope that the show offers […]


The 425 Show: Bellevue Festival Of The Arts With Ann Sutherland

I’ve been attending the Bellevue Festival Of The Arts for several years with my family which made today’s show especially fun. We chatted with Fair Coordinator, Ann Sutherland about how the festival got started over 30 years ago, it’s mission of giving back, and the amazing artists that travel from all over. Interested in Silver […]


Rob Rosemont, Owner Of The Roadhouse Restaurant And Inn On The 425 Show

One of my favorite things about the 425 area is the food, so it was an absolute pleasure chatting with Rob Rosemont the owner of The Roadhouse Restaurant And Inn located in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley, in Fall City. Growing up in California Rob met his wife Debbie, and moved to the Pacific NW landing in […]


The 425 Show With Amy Allen

It is always fun chatting with fellow Windermere agents. Today I got to catch up with my friend and Real Estate Agent, Amy Allen with Kitsap County Living. Sometimes you have to get out of the 425 area and explore. Whether you are looking for a weekend adventure, a second home, or if you are […]


The 425 Show – Susan Palmer Wood

Today we chatted with Susan Palmer Wood, owner of Susan Palmer Wood, Powered By Purpose life coach. I’ve known Susan forever and her energy is always infectious which is why it’s no surprise she is so successful at helping others feel better about themselves, stop feeling stuck and make things happen in their life! Susan […]


The 425 Show – Laurie Lamoureux

Laurie Lamoureux from Seamless Moves joined us today – and I’m so glad she did. Laurie is one of those people that you wish existed, and when you find out they do, live instantly gets better. Laurie’s company Seamless Moves is your one stop shop for everything from moving to household management and maintenance. Picture […]


The 425 Show – How to Select An Agent

We mixed it up a bit on this week’s episode of the 425 show, and focused more on real estate. One of the biggest questions that comes up is, how do you hire the right agent? There’s a difference between a good agent, and the right one. Choosing an agent involves finding an agent with […]


The 425 Show – Kristin Shea

Today we chatted with Kristin Shea, a long time friend and confidante of mine. Kristin has been cutting and coloring my hair for almost 10 years now. Needless to say, we have spent a lot of time together at Gem salon where she works, and have gotten to be great friends in the process. Kristin […]


The 425 Show – Amy Walen, Mayor of Kirkland

We had a lively discussion with Kirkland’s very own Mayor, Amy Walen. It’s not easy being Mayor of a city that prides itself on it’s small town, community feel, that is growing like crazy, and has a more economically diverse population than most people realize. In my opinion, Amy does it beautifully. We talked a […]


The 425 Show – Debbie Page

Today felt like a long overdue reunion. Debbie and I have known each other for years, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, so we had a lot to catch up on. Debbie Page, is a business coach for women, and her specialty is helping them keep more of the money they […]


The 425 Show – Arden Clise

We brushed up on our etiquette today with the lovely Arden Clise of Clise Etiquette. She, and her team, have been helping people more comfortably navigate personal and professional situations for over a decade now. This topic is near and dear to my heart. I believe that little things can make the biggest difference in […]


The 425 Show – Julie Arnan

All I can say after today’s show is, I can’t wait to go out to dinner! Julie Arnan @juliearnan on instagram is a food, wine and travel writer for the likes for 425 magazine, Seattle Magazine, Alaska Air and several others. Chances are you have come across or read one of her articles at some […]


The 425 Show – Kim Peterson

Personal branding was our theme today, and no one is better at it than Kim Peterson of Uniquely Savvy. Talk about being the whole package! Voted a Woman to Watch by 425 Magazine, Kim personifies beauty from the inside out, and building a brand that tells your story. Most people initially meet Kim through her […]


The 425 Show – Featuring Jessica Butts

Wow! So much fun today talking with the always entertaining Jessica Butts of Front Seat Life Coaching. Jessica is an amazing coach who specializes in helping people be more successful, have better relationships, and get more done using their innate talents. As a Meyers Briggs specialist, Jessica gives you permission to live unapologetically who you […]


The 425 Show Featuring Vanessa Rimkus

We officially launched The 425 Show. Hooray! Thank you to everyone that listed in live via the radio or our Facebook Live feed. There are a few ways to catch the show: Tuesdays from 9:30 – 10am PST on 1150am KKNW Facebook Live during the show Subscribe to The 425 Show podcast to listen anytime […]


Introducing The 425 Show

Everyone wants to know what’s going on in the local real estate market. I’m here to answer your questions and share what makes living in the 425 so much fun. Real estate is about more than bedrooms and baths. It’s the neighbors, the businesses, the events, the schools, and more. As someone who has lived all over […]