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The Perfect Advice if You’re New to Sales with Elizabeth Ann Stribling-Kivlan, Ep #7

I don’t think there’s one way to sell. You can’t force yourself to be the type of salesperson you’re not. So you need to figure out what your personality is, and what your add-value is. Believe in yourself and don’t have fear, and you’re going to be good. ~ EA Stribling-Kivlan Today on the Sales Pitch Podcast, Melissa Kwan speaks with Elizabeth Ann Stribling-Kivlan, president of Stribling and Associates and an in-demand expert on entrepreneurship and real estate. Elizabeth is a...


It’s Time to Adopt a New Sales Language with Eric Shaver, Ep #6

We are in a financial profession. Every salesperson is in a financial profession because our job is to create a funding event. Our job is to create a financial transaction because that’s how we get paid. And most of us are not taught how to speak financially.~ Eric Shaver Today on the Sales Pitch Podcast, Melissa Kwan speaks with Eric Shaver, managing partner at Kensei Partners. Eric has trained more than 9,000 people globally at huge companies like Google and SAP and has more than two...


The 5 Links In The Chain of Effective Sales, with Floyd Wickman, Ep #5

There are only 5 jobs in the sales business. Finding prospects, converting them to appointments, control the appointment, present, pricing, and then close. But a lot of people don’t realize those are like links in a chain. The effectiveness of any salesperson is as strong or as week as their weakest link. ~ Floyd Wickman In real estate, effectiveness in sales is of paramount importance. It takes more than just being a friendly and helpful person to take a person from being a lead to a...


Russ Putterman on Real Estate Lead Generation and Creating a Team of Specialists, Ep #4

“One of the most important things a new agent should have as a priority in their schedule is lead generation.” ~ Russ Putterman Lead generation is vital to any business and real estate is no exception. The opportunities to serve new clients and sell more homes is what makes a successful agency able to fuel its success. Those opportunities come from l effective lead generation. In this conversation, Russ Putterman explains why lead generation is one of the most important habits for any...


Kendyl Young: How To Create An Open House Strategy That Drives Sales, Ep #3

Open Houses are like a social sport… it’s not uncommon for me to have 100 to 200 people at an Open House… my Open Houses are better attended and more effective because there is a whole strategy about what we do. ~ Kendyl Young When you’re new in the industry you try a lot of things but… ...unless you are authentic, it doesn’t go well. Coming to terms with who you are is one of the best things you can do. It is enlightening and reassuring to hear the soul-searching process Kendyl Young...


Discover Why it’s Important to Lead with Confidence and Stay True to Who You are with Travis Robertson, Ep #2

The Sales Pitch podcast is your go-to resource designed for real estate professionals seeking to amp up lead generation, networking, and in-person sales. You need to be able to walk into a conversation and be 100% OK if your prospect never asks you what you do or if you never get to talk about real estate or if you never get to talk about yourself at all. On this episode, you’ll hear from seasoned real estate business coach, Travis Robertson. In his conversation with Melissa, Travis...


How To Upgrade Your Client Engagement Strategy with Brian Meier, Ep 1

Welcome to the very first episode of The Sales Pitch podcast! This podcast is designed for real estate professionals seeking to amp up lead generation, networking, and in-person sales. Your host is Melissa Kwan, Co-founder and CEO of Spacio, the industry-leading enterprise-level open house solution that helps real estate agents monetize their open houses by automating lead capture and follow up. “I find if you have a pre-planned opening line, it’s going to sound like BS. When things are...