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ep 5. Wild & Wacky World of Weddings - Bucket of Breakups and Makeups Podcast

In episode 5, Farrah Reyna, Bucket of Breakups and Makeups host, talks with Marieve Herington and Beth Curry about their hilarious and dysfunctional web series entitled "Pleasant Events". Herington and Curry are the creators, writers, producers and actresses. Pleasant Events can be seen on YouTube. Pleasant Events features Brenda Bleasant (Curry) as a tactless and delusional former celebrity wedding planner attempts to return to the industry with the help of her cripplingly polite intern...


ep. 4 Permission to Pleasure - Bucket of Breakups and Makeups Podcast

How are things in the bedroom? You’re probably like most couples who are not having sex or enough of it. Explore ways to spice up your sex life and reconnect with your partner with Ali “Sushi” Hulgan’s wonderful advice on how to be a freak in the sheets. “I feel like a lot of relationships fail because you’re not talking with your partner about what will make you happy in the bedroom.” After working in an adult toy store for six month, Sushi share some laugh-out-loud experiences and...


ep.3 “The melting effects of an amazing kiss” - Bucket of Breakups and Makeups Podcast

"She turns to me and grabs me then pushes me against the wall and kisses me. My legs melted. I felt like I was going to faint. I didn't feel anything from the knees down". Are unexpected kisses the best? Eduardo "Eddie" Diaz shares the story of his first love which developed with another solider when he was in the army. What happens when two soldiers fall in love and marry? What happens when the relationship ends, abruptly? Listen to Eddie's amazing love story; what went wrong; and the...


ep. 2 Post Break-up Sex

There are those moments in life when the relationship ends! Sometimes we know why, and sometimes we don't. Oh, what we'll do to get answers, right?! Justine Luneau has some great insight on what having sex with your ex really does to a person, and how it's the wrong way to find out why your relationship went wrong in the first place.


ep. 1: My heart is my most valuable asset.

Georgia Dawkins is a soon-to-be published book arthur of "Everybody Knows: The Power of Being in Position"; helped develop a new popular talk show called "Sister Circle; and the future Oprah Winfrey of her generation. Her success didn't come easy. The ending of a ten-year relationship eventually catapulted her to success. Learn more at www.GeorgiaDawkins.com.