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LL50-And Baby Makes Three

Alvean and Doug discuss parenthood. It can be the most wonderful blessing or an unexpected burden and depending on how well you've planned for it, the stresses and strains of parenthood are not to be lightly dismissed. Alvean and Doug offer some counsel on how you can avoid the pitfalls, keep your relationship alive and thriving as you enjoy becoming parents. For a full transcript of the entire episode, click here:LL50-And Baby Makes Three


LL-49 Toxic Families

Doug and Alvean take on the subject of families that challenge relationships. When families take sides and oppose or visit their dysfunctional behavior on a couple, how do you ensure they don't drive you apart? For more, click on the link for a full transcript:LL49 -Toxic Families


LL48- Does Age Matter?

Alvean and Doug talk about the subject of age differences in relationships. How do couples navigate when one is younger or older than the other. Is there a limit to how far apart one can be and still have a strong and fulfilling relationship? For a complete transcript of the entire episode, click here: LL48-Does Age Matter?


Getting What You Want

All relationships require some degree of give and take. Getting what you want out of a relationship doesn't have to mean that your partner loses--there is a fine art to compromise. Alvean and Doug talk about the ways you and your partner can meet each other's needs and desires without either of you sacrificing your identity or giving up what you want. For a complete transcript of the episode, click here:LL47-Getting What You Want


When Friends and Family Act as Counselors

We all need support and it is tempting to reach out to close friends or family members for advice when we have troubles. Should you look to these people for help or do you run the risk of making your life very complicated and possibly alienating the very people you hope will be your source of support. Doug & Alvean discuss the pros and cons in this episode of LoveLife. For a full transcript of the episode, click here:LL-46 Friends and Family as Counselors


I Love You Just the Way You Are

In this episode, Alvean and Doug talk about the obvious and subtle ways individuals in a relationship sometimes try to change each other to conform to an ideal or to alter habits that they consider undesirable. For a complete transcript of the episode, click here:LL45-I love you Just the Way You Are


Finding Your Purpose

Alvean and Doug talk about how we discover our true calling--the plan for our lives. Is there really a plan for us, or are we just wandering about aimlessly? For a complete transcript of the episode, click here LL44-Finding Purpose


Is That All There Is?

Doug and Alvean talk about that very important part of a relationship--the act of making love. When it is good it can be a powerful bond, but when it's not it can be a difficult passage to navigate. How do you get through those times and how do you ensure that you and your partner are communicating your wants, needs, and desires frankly? For a full transcript of this episode, click here LL43-Is That All There Is?


Fight or Flight

Alvean talks with Doug about how to navigate the challenges that come with every relationship. When is it time to fight for the relationship and when do you call it quits? For a full transcript of this episode, click here LL42-Fight or Flight


In Sickness and in Health

Doug and Alvean talk about that time most of will face in our lives when we must care for our significant other--whether it is making them their favorite chicken soup or something more serious. What is expected of you and how do you keep your spirits and those of the one you love positive? For a full transcript of this episode, click here LL41-In Sickness & in Health


Growing Older

Alvean and Doug discuss the prospect of growing older and learning to embrace the changes that come with aging. How do you learn to love your older self and not just tolerate it? For a full transcript of this episode, click here LL40-Growing Older


After the Love

Doug and Alvean talk about what happens when the chemistry and romance in your relationship takes a backseat to life. What does it mean, and what should you do about it? For a complete transcript of this episode, click hereLL39-After the Love


Staying Positive In a Negative World

Alvean and Doug talk about how you can remain positive when surrounded by negativity, and how to ensure it does not become negativity inside you. For a full transcript of the episode, click here LL38-Staying Positive in a Negative World


The Art of Persuasion

Compromise is an essential ingredient in every loving relationship. Finding the right balance is not always easy and learning how to bring others along without insistence or manipulation is the art of persuasion. Doug & Alvean talk about how to respect points of view other than your own and listen for and find points of agreement that lead to a positive outcome whether it is in resolving conflict or strengthening the ties between two individuals. A full transcript of this episode van be...


Tune in or Tune Out–How to Listen

Learning to listen, really listen to another person is an art and vital to loving relationships. Doug & Alvean talk about how we let ourselves become distracted and how we can learn to tune in to what our loved ones are really saying. A complete transcript of the episode is here:LL36-Listening-Tune in or Tune out


When Kids or Pets Get in the Way

We love our children and our animals--they are our family but sometimes they have a way of getting between couples. Alvean and Doug talk about this challenge frankly as they discuss why and how individuals make their kids or pets unbidden accomplices in distancing themselves from their other half. For a full transcript of the episode click here: LL35-When Kids or Pets are in the way


Couples That Pray Together

Is it true? Do couples that have a strong spiritual bond also have a strong emotional and physical bond? Doug and Alvean explore this theme and how faith plays out in relationships. For a complete transcript, click here: LL34-Couples That Pray Together


How to Bring the Passion Back

Every relationship has intervals of passion and occasionally periods that are less vibrant and more pre-occupied with the day to day business of life. Alvean and Doug talk about how couples can restore the passion when life begins to crowd it out, and how to keep that spark alive in spite of the many challenges that come with living. A full transcript of the episode can be found here:LL33-How to Bring Passion Back?


Why do couples argue about money?

They say it is the root of all evil, maybe so. What we do know is that money is frequently a subject about which couples argue and it can be one that is a source of considerable disagreement. Why and how couples enter into these disagreements is the subject of this episode. For a complete transcript, click here:LL32-Why Do couples Quarrel About Money?


Why Men and Women Flirt

Flirting is fun and healthy..sometimes. Why and how men and women flirt is a fun topic that Alvean and Doug take on with their usual candor and sense of humor. In a serious vein they explore how to avoid the pitfalls. Flirting can add to your relationship or become a stumbling block. To find out how, listen to the episode and read a transcript here: LL31-Why Men and Women Flirt