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How Can I Be Both Teacher And Student?

Parents learn from kids all the time - even if you aren't homeschooling or unschooling, we have the opportunity to model delight-led learning and foster life-long learners in our home simply by being the example. Get the FULL show notes and a powerful video at


What Are Your Non-Negotiables at Home?

What are your non-negotiables? We believe in a family centered home - one person can shift the whole dynamic in a home, so what do you have as foundational “rules” in your home? We’ve whittled it down to nine powerful non-negotiables that help our family thrive. Get the FULL show notes and all the awesomeness at


Connecting, Screentime, Challenges and Overwhelm

Looking for insights but overwhelmed with where to start? This week we dive into four hot topics for parents - connecting with our kids, dealing with overwhelm, navigating screen time and parenting kids with challenges. We’ll share our thoughts as well as info on The Mom Conference! Get the full notes and see videos on the Mom Conference here:


The HOW for Homeschooling, Minimalism and Full Time Travel

Last week we started to dig into the question "how did you take the plunge into full time travel?" We've been RVing the States full-time for almost two years now, and just recently celebrated landing in our 48th state! Last week we addressed the "why" - the personality styles in our home and the relationships we hold so dear. This week, we laid out the process that got us to this point - assessing schooling options, minimalism, and finally hitting the road.


Why take the Leap? WHY?

"What caused you to take the leap?" Our “why” goes beyond “one day” and desire for travel. It’s about being an intentional family. As we tackle the question “what prompted you to take the leap”, we go beyond family travel to sharing our journey of how we got to now - how the path of intention started by simply having the desire to know ourselves - and each other - fully. Get the FULL show notes at


48 States & Some Very Special Guests

We've made it to our 48th state! In this episode, we bring in some very special guests to share some of the highlights of our travels they enjoyed. Are you dreaming of adventure? Get the full show notes, hear about our highlights, and check out the resources we have to create your own family adventure:


How To Lighten The Load

Dealing with heavy emotions can be hard, yet carrying that weight around can limit our light in so many ways. It’s not just the light we want to shine from within, but the lightness of the load we carry. We can have a beautifully minimalist lifestyle from all outward appearances…yet if we don’t address the clutter of the heart, we can feel like a boulder in a sea of emptiness. Get the full show notes at


My Kids Won't Go To Bed!

"My kids won't go to bed" tends to be the complaint I hear repeatedly from parents, and it's not just the infant stage. Bedtime battles can be the bane of families throughout parenting, and it's so important for us to get a handle on it. Because let's face it - this is not going to go away. It's this crazy thing that happens every. single. night.


My Marriage Sucks

Hopefully this isn’t what you’re thinking. But if it is, check out this podcast. Marriage isn’t a one-time commitment, but a daily practice. It’s a choice to love and connect, each and every day. It’s a beautiful habit you create. Don’t think “what do I have to do today?” It’s, “what do I choose to prioritize today?” Get the full show notes at


4 Tips To Make Your Bucket List A Reality

What is on your bucket list? Hitting all the state parks in your own state, visiting every state in the US, explore Nova Scotia, traveling abroad to Holland, New Zealand, Greece or Bali…these are all dreams I’ve heard recently. So how do you make your bucket list happen?! We’re going to share four simple tips to make your dream a reality! For the full show notes and all the goodness, head over to


Free Spirits...Not Holy Terrors

How do you raise a free-spirited child who isn't a holy terror? How can you foster awareness and respect without crushing their spirit? Tune in this week as we discuss the impact of training with your children, as well as lessons on perspective from our week in Yellowstone. Get the full show notes at


Empowering Your Littles

If you want to talk about empowering kids, get to know how they tick first. Some people ease into life on their own time. They think three times and speak once. They hone in the details, they thrive on the deeper relationships, and they are what we call our Ss and Cs. We'll share insights on how to navigate your strengths to truly thrive, as well as insights into how to motivate and communicate with your S and C children. Get the full show notes at...


7 Seconds Will Change Your Life

We are going to dive into who we are - understanding your own personality style and those of your families. If you have two Ds in the family, what are some tips for helping them lead the way...and not taking over? We're going to explore those high-energy styles of the D and I personality style - and how to navigate these types in your family...and the 7 seconds that will completely change your communication with others. Get the full show notes at


Homeschooling Rebuttals (Episode 61)

"But what about socialization? How will you meet all requirements? How will they get into college?" If you homeschool in any variation, you've most likely heard these questions. Here is the podcast episode full of homeschooling rebuttals to make anyone question the past and look for the future. Get the full show notes at


Minimalist Family, Clutter Loving Friends (Episode 60)

"I'm all on board with minimalism, but no one in my family is!" How do you keep up with the clutter when, as soon as you clear it out, more gifts come pouring in? Minimalism with kids can be tough, but it's not impossible! Get the full show notes at


The Only New Parent Advice You Need To Know

It can be overwhelming enough just to face the reality that you are going to bring a baby into this world. How do you navigate all the advice and figure out what the "right" way is? Well, we have some important advice here, and it may not be what you think. Check out the full show notes with all the resources at


Money, Marriage & Mountain Lions

Nathan shares his story of coming up face-to-face with a mountain lion in Washington, and we tackle the biggest mountain in marriage - finances. Come over to for the full scoop!


Toxic Relationships

How do you manage the unhealthy relationships in your life, and how do you ensure you can love them without letting their reality become yours? Get the full show notes at


Gender Roles As Parents

How do you navigate gender roles in marriage? So often the first question people ask is: "What do you do?" But, how do you identify yourself when your work does not bring in a paycheck? Is there an antagonist in your life that is creating pain - or that define what your social expectations are? Let's explore gender roles, and why we don't believe they are as clear-cut as the 1920s mindset. Get the full notes here:


Less Stuff, More Fluff

You know what? we have a lot of THINGS - but travel - adventure - is about so much more than accumulating more stuff. I asked my 5 year old what we should talk about as our final wrap up for this "Seek Adventure Together" series, and she said "I know! Let's talk about love, and friendship!" So in this final wrap-up, we're going to address the issue of stuff bogging us down as well as Juliet's favorite subjects, love and friendship! We'll tackle questions like: I don't know what to...