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College (Debt) Or Not?

Should you encourage your children to go to college or not? With the mounting college debt load many students walk away with, plus no guarantee of work once you get that slip of paper, is it really worth it? We share some shocking statistics on the college debt load here in America, as well as look beyond the box of ideas as well as discuss what will really determine whether your child will succeed or not. Get the full show notes plus extras at


Serendipity, Unhurried Spaciousness, and Lots of Hot Air!

What does “unhurried spaciousness” mean to you? Do you allow for serendipity in your life, or do you schedule every second? Do you have room in your life for the space that demands no timelines? Are there times where you slow down? It’s so important to allow for some blank space on a regular basis, not just saving up your vacation time! Get the full show notes and see more of the awesome Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta at


Has Your Marriage Taken A Backseat?

Has your marriage taken a backseat to the children? No matter what age they are, it seems they can always be the excuse. But it doesn't need to be that way, and Nathan and Ashley law down the LAW with some come-to-Jesus talks as to why you need to prioritize your marriage. Because, just like a car without a driver, you're bound to crash if you don't listen up. Get the full show notes at


Will My Marriage Last?

We have had our share of ups and downs, and this week, in the midst of a move, we know very well the potential tensions that can rise up in a relationship. In this episode, we cover John Gottman's "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" - the surefire ways to break a relationship down. Plus, the consistent steps that keep a relationship healthy. Get the full show notes and all the links at


Family Update: The Compassionate Heart Philosophy

What’s going on in the Logsdon world lately? It’s been a while since we’ve shared about our travels, and Juliet, Nathan and I share a bit about where we are now. In this episode, we dig into a new concept we’ve leaned into as a family – a “compassionate heart philosophy”. Get the full show notes at


Are You Cut Out To Be An Entrepreneur?

Not sure if you're cut out for entrepreneurship? Check out these 6 tips and get some entrepreneur inspiration for your next steps. Plus, get some valuable resources for all things entrepreneurship in the show notes this week - there are some big things happening just this week only! Full podcast episode and show notes at


Holistic Hippie Remedies! Our go-to natural remedies

Looking for more natural remedies to use in your home, and aren't sure where to start? We lay out exactly what holistic home remedies we use and share a little about the healing properties...including touching on that oh-so-wonderful "placebo effect". Get the full show notes and multiple links and resources at


Toy Overload! (And What To Do About It)

Did you know that fewer toys could actually benefit your kids? Sometimes in our desire to provide for our children, we end up with toy overload in our homes! But maybe toy overload isn’t the solution. Of course you know that – but do you know WHY it’s so important to pull back on the toys? We break it down according to Joshua Becker’s “Becoming Minimalist” report. Get the full show notes at


My Kid Is LYING! The how, the why, and the WHAT to do about it

Help - my kid is lying! What do you do when your child starts lying, stealing or cheating? We never want to imagine our precious children being deceptive, yet it’s way more common than you’d hope. Deceptive behavior in kids - how do you handle when our children personify our fears and do things that we believe are morally wrong? We dive into the science behind the developmental process, why kids lie, and 5 tips on what to do about it. Learn more at


Building Life Skills and Dealing with the Critics

There is so much pressure for us as parents to "get it right" - but with each child being so unique, there just flat isn't a cookie cutter approach that will work. How in the world do you build life skills in your kids? How do you move past the naysayers and critics who knock you down and judge you for your parenting style? Get the full notes along with bonus video and all the goodness at


Mindset - Guest Interview with Let's Travel Family

Your mindset is the backbone of every action you take. Does it hold you back and weigh you down, or do you surround yourself with the positivity and encouragement you need to pursue your one-day dreams and actually enjoy this life? Join Ashley this week as she has a talk with her traveling bestie, Jill Griesing-Murschel of Let's Travel Family, about mindset, illness, and surrounding yourself with positivity. Get the full show notes and Jill's mindset download here:...


But I'm "Just" a Stay At Home Parent

Do you struggle with being “just” a stay at home parent? For those of you who are a stay-at-home mom or stay at home dad, this episode is for you. How do you own this with confidence and recognize your worth? Get the full blog and podcast at


Can I get a little grandparent HELP around here?

Are you dreaming of having the "it takes a village" mindset around raising your kids, and yet grandparents - and others - are always so busy you feel like you're on this parenting island alone with no support? How do you get family members and others to step up and engage with your kids? How do you create community around educating your children? We tackle this listener question and share some valuable tips for how to make this actually happen in our episode this week. Get the FULL show...


Family Travel: Top 10 Lessons Learned

As we are sharing all about the Smart Travel Super Bundle this week, it was a perfect time to talk about what lessons we've learned looking back on our travels, and what we would say to those who are fearful of taking the leap. Is family travel really worth it? Looking back at our top 10 lessons learned we can confidently say, "why yes. Yes, it is." Get the FULL show notes with all their goodness over at


Parenting Styles - the dos and don'ts

Are you an authoritative parent, an attachment parent, authoritarian or permissive parent? What are all the styles out there, the pros and cons, and how do you figure out what style works for you? Nathan and Ashley hash out the research-backed parenting styles and address their situational vs. lifestyle approach of simply creating a family-centered home. Get the full show notes at


Are You Willing To Invest In This For Your Family?

What is the difference between a counselor and a coach? Why would I need this for my family? Ashley breaks down when you need either, and some powerful questions to ask yourself about where your family is headed. Get the full show notes complete with all the links at


100 Ways to Happy - Full Family Episode!

This week we celebrate 100 episodes with "100 Ways To Happy" - we're joined by our three daughters, ages 6,9 & 12 to talk about how we shift out of negativity and choose happiness as a verb in our lives. We share multiple resources and more in the full show notes at


A Letter To My Pregnant Self

As I have moved beyond the stage of having babies of my own, I've loved the amazing opportunities of being there for new parents as they navigate those first years of being a parent. Beyond the basic advice, there came a time where a dear friend mentioned, "how fun it would be to write a letter to my pregnant self!" This podcast episode (and the blog post that accompanies it) are letters from four mamas, along with my own input, on what we would say looking back as we embarked on...


My Marriage Sucks [Reprise]

This week we're highlighting a previous recording that was one of our top-downloaded episodes. Marriage isn’t a one-time commitment, but a daily practice. It’s a choice to love and connect, each and every day. It’s a beautiful habit you create. Get the full show notes here:


Countercultural Children (Episode 97)

Do you have a countercultural child who struggles with fitting in? How do you support a child that comes out as queer or makes a lifestyle choice that differs from what your family follows? It's a tough thing to navigate, and we answer a listeners question in this weeks' episode. Get the full notes and resources at