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News flash! Oral Sex is still taboo in the 21st century, and I find this SHOCKING!!! “We are all born sexual creatures” - As wonderfully stated by Marilyn Monroe. Our bodies are designed to enjoy many great pleasures, and one way is by sexual stimulation; which is natural. Having an orgasm releases stress and toxins from the body, again naturally. My Podcast, Oralicious – A Tale of Sex, will be an eye-opener that focuses on exploring our natural gifts through our 5 Senses, Kissing, Foreplay, and especially Oral Sex. With you in mind, I want to shatter the glass ceiling, create healthy conversations about Oral Sex, and dispel of the notion that Oral Sex is a bad, foul, or disgusting thing. Let’s stop the CRAY-CRAY! Men love having their dicks sucked, that’s a fact and a must-have for 99% of men. And women want to enjoy the Pleasure Journey of climaxing during sex, too, by way of Oral Sex. We all have a Tale to Tell about Sex, so what's your Tale?


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News flash! Oral Sex is still taboo in the 21st century, and I find this SHOCKING!!! “We are all born sexual creatures” - As wonderfully stated by Marilyn Monroe. Our bodies are designed to enjoy many great pleasures, and one way is by sexual stimulation; which is natural. Having an orgasm releases stress and toxins from the body, again naturally. My Podcast, Oralicious – A Tale of Sex, will be an eye-opener that focuses on exploring our natural gifts through our 5 Senses, Kissing, Foreplay, and especially Oral Sex. With you in mind, I want to shatter the glass ceiling, create healthy conversations about Oral Sex, and dispel of the notion that Oral Sex is a bad, foul, or disgusting thing. Let’s stop the CRAY-CRAY! Men love having their dicks sucked, that’s a fact and a must-have for 99% of men. And women want to enjoy the Pleasure Journey of climaxing during sex, too, by way of Oral Sex. We all have a Tale to Tell about Sex, so what's your Tale?






Connecting to Heart Summit

…Get ready to reset your life Hey, P-2 (P-Square) , Dedicated Listeners Are you ready to connect to the Light? Join us for a truly transformative weekend, a journey back to the source of Tantra, the sacred Heart. For this is the bridge between the three Earthly chakras, and the three Cosmic Ones. Helping the new Leaders of today make an even bigger impact on the emerging world tomorrow. You’ll get access to: ✅ 15 amazing speakers from Keepers of the Eastern traditions, Egyptian secrets, and Indigenous medicine with cutting-edge doctors and scientists ✅ Learn the true meaning of Gandhi’s saying, “Be the change,” as your own inner light begins to burn even brighter. ✅ Ignite a lifestyle reset, experience life at a high frequency and vibration, and an experience that will bring you closer to your self-love discovery, these are proven tools that we’ve used to build a life we love! These strategies are tried and true that transformed our life. CLAIM YOUR TICKET TO THIS CONNECTING TO HEART TRANSFORMATIVE WEEKEND! (VALUED AT $122) Use coupon code CLUBHOUSE PAY ONLY $88 https://oralicious.krtra.com/t/OrTvKy2BsxlF Support the show


Creative Sexual Energy

Some women and men still struggle in the areas of knowing and understanding their bodies. Sexual Pleasure is your birthright to enjoy, welcome and to appreciate this beautiful natural gift. Tatiana had the wonderful pleasure and delight to interview this Stellar certified Tantra Coach, D’Vita! Her relentless goal is “helping you unlock your infix potential in Life, Love & Bed!” Known as the Orgasm Whisper, her workshop, seminars, Clubhouse Room or guest appearances are Epic & Priceless! Enjoy. ❤️&🕯 Support the show



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Tecoyia Scott Littleton, is my amazing guest, who is now a published author of a brilliant piece of literature entitled: Queen Things - A Journey to Bohemia. She launched her breathtaking book of Poetry on Sunday, December 19, 2021; and is now an Amazon Best Seller. Goddess Tecoyia is a Poet, Spiritualist, Free Spirit, Actor, and Educator. Support the show



Tatiana Carrera, is The Voice of The Pussy Shutdown What is the Pussy Shutdown? Women’s Sexuality is under attack, faced with double standards, gender bias, is heavily muted, and outright banned. That Women’s Sexuality and Sexual Health is not important, and their sexual libidos is a Myth. Let’s stop the CRACRA, and shed light on this misogynist mindset and start a conversation that is so needed; especially on Social Media. Support the show



SEX IS LIFE! It's your birthright to enjoy SEXUAL Pleasure, as the body is a wonderland of Pleasure, per Jaiya. Who recently appeared on Netflix Realty Series, Sex, Love & Goop. Phenomenal! Kudos to Gwyneth Paltrow who scratched the surface of trying to shed light on how awesome our bodies are; especially relating to SEX. As your number 1 cheerleader, who's goal for 2022 is to bring you great content, have amazing guest to O-CUM and share their outstanding priceless gems (a Clubhouse Term); so that you are enlightened, informed, and educated in the areas of your natural sexual pleasure. Season 4 - Yaay! 2022 will be Epic. Lucia Pavone is a star on Clubhouse, and she is a Somatic SEX Educator, Pleasure Instigator, Permission Grantor, Sensual Alchemy, and Speaker. Welcome to S4 E1 - PLEASURE INSTIGATOR, I can guarantee that you will feel the ORGASMIC ENERGY that Lucia and I felt during my incredible interview with her. Please subscribe, and join The Pleasure Journey here and on Clubhouse Support the show


The Body Craves Sexual Love

Too often, we are missing the mark of thoroughly enjoying our Sexual Pleasure Journey because we operate in a robotic, methodical way to achieve an Orgasm. Because we live in a fast-paced, instant gratification, a sexually-charged culture that defines how we are supposed to have an orgasm from A to Z, yet we ignore points B through Y, missing out on all vital and essential elements. Our bodies can achieve euphoric, climatic, explosive orgasms; we incorporate Kissing, our five senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell), erogenous zones, and foreplay (the B through Y). Support the show


Tatiana Present - 2021 PODFEST GLOBAL SUMMIT

Tatiana spoke to over 10,000 Podcasters (newbies, still growing and seasoned Podcasters) on Monday, Feb 22, 2021; to discuss the 4C's when tackling controversial and taboo topics. Her Topic: The Voice of The Pussy Shutdown, focus on the blatant offense and outright disrespect by many industries (Social Media, Hollywood, Gov't and Technology). Women's Sexuality and Sexual Health face double standard, and gender bias. Also, women VOICES are heavily muted, and outright banned; especially on Social Media. Support the show


The Voice of The Pussy Shutdown

;o) Hello P2 (P-Square) Listeners!!! As promised, here is the FREE ACCESS CODE: TATIPODFESTGLOBAL to attend the 2021 PodFest Global Summit for FREE. The Pre-Week kickoff starts on Monday, Feb 22, 2021. Yours Truly (Tati) is presenting at 4:30 - 5 pm (EST) to other AMAZING Podcasters. My topic: The Voice of The Pussy Shutdown, and I'm sharing with my Podcaster's Audience, how to approach Controversial Topics . By utilizing the 4 C's that was formulated by Walt Disney. The 4 C's are Curiosity, Confidence, Courageous and Consistancy. My Voice Matters, and everyone's voice matters especially as Podcasters. They are curious, confident, courageous and consistent in pursing and in sharing their amazing voices with their audiences. I was inspired by how the blatant attack on Women's Sexuality, from IG, You-Tube, Hollywood and the Technology Industry is barbaric, inhuman, misogynistic. For over many decades, it has been, and still completely speared-headed by our ill-faded Patriarchal Society mindset. Let's stop the CRACRA, and ask the question...Does the Voice of the Pussy Matter? ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY it matters! What is the The Pussy Shutdown: Tatiana’s talk is going to be covering controversial topics and how Podcasters can find their voice in those realms. Support the show


The PUSSY Shutdown

Does the Voice of the Pussy Matter? Or do we allow Social Media; to continue to shut down the voice of the beautiful PUSSY?! I am Tatiana Carrera (aka Your Tap-Out-Queen), Author & Podcaster. I'm a pure advocate for the Pussy, having orgasms (a self-help guide for couples), and the secret of "Tapping Him Out." Don't hate the messenger; hate the game. Usher's song "GoodKisser" conveys it so freely. I love speaking openly about sex, making love to the Dick with my beautiful lips, wet-juicy, and welcoming Lotus Flower (aka the Pussy). Yet, women's sexual pleasure journey is still under assault, in that WE can't speak openly about loving the Dick, let alone having and wanting to achieve an Orgasm; because we have offended the Patriarchal bullshit. In what fucking world??!!. Since I last checked, 99% of men Love having their dick sucked. FACT! Men LOVE, CRAVE, WANT TO LOVE ON THE PUSSY, and have their DICK SUCKED; AND WELL. Oh, and #WAPMATTERS!! And to top it off, what most men LOVE about women...other than our kindness, nurturing, and loving persona is how we suck their dick!! News Flash! Women, especially now, want to have their little penis sucked, too (aka The Clitoris). So, let's stop the CRACRA, Mute the Bullshit and open a dialogue about the Pussy Shutdown on various Social Media. We all have a Tale to Tell About Sex, so let's discuss and support the importance of a women's sexual pleasure journey. Remember, when a Pussy is Blissful, you get Happy Joyous Dick! Support the show


What's Your Sexual Galaxy?

Heather Montgomery, is the founder of PleazeMe.com who is changing the face of Patriarchal Bullshit when censoring content that's shared on Social Media. INSANITY! An excellent article by Suzannah Weiss of Bustle, states "A one-stop shop for all things sex, PleazeMe includes discussion boards, places where people can share video and article links, private messaging, and profiles that let you connect with other users with however much anonymity you want. Montgomery was actually inspired by online BDSM communities, she tells Bustle. But rather than cater to one particular community, PleazeMe has seven "worlds" around themes like spirituality, romance, and kink. Within these worlds, you can join group chats about topics ranging from nudism to tantra. New users take a quiz about their sexual interests that directs them toward the appropriate world, but anyone can explore any of them if they want." "I felt that just the two descriptions of vanilla and kink or vanilla and BDSM were not depicting reality," Montgomery says. "There's a lot of shades in between, and I felt like that should be explored." Listen to how Heather shows, enlightened, and explore how everyone's sexual inner self should be explored without any hidden shame or embarrassment. Support the show


Sensual Warrior

Welcome back, Anthony Asanti the hot, sexy, sensual warrior, heterosexual male escort to women. WOW!! He gets into the nitty-gritty about loving during this Covid-19 CRACRA pandemic. Stay tuned, enjoy, and please let me know what you think about the interview or suggestions. Remember, that you have an open invitation to be a guest on my Oralicious - A Tale of Sex Podcast. Email: AskTatti@gmail.com Support the show



CONGRATS to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion for Breaking Pop Records for their #1 Song WAP (WET ASS PUSSY). This is stirring up controversy for the alleged explicit and raw lyrics; that I, TATIANA CARRERA LOVE AND EMBRACE!! QUOTES FROM THE SONG WAP AND WHY I LOVE THE LYRICS AND VIDEO: 1) "Certified Freak" - Yes, I, Tatiana Carrera (aka Your Tap-Out-Queen, is a Certified Freak and PROUD OF IT!! Who is not in touch with their sexuality!!?? 2) "Make the Pullout game weak!" - Au, so real and TRUE. The WAP only gets more drenched the more you go deeper, trying to take control of the WAP; only feeds, ignite, and influences more WAP to flow like the Victorian Falls waterfall on the Zambezi River in Southern Africa! 3) "Give me everything that you got - 3a) Beat it up, (3b) Catch an Extra Charge, 3c) Tie me-up, 3d) Ride that Big Ass Mack Truck into the garage, and 3e) Make me cream, make me scream" - Only makes the WAP ignite into a Tsunami! Like Megan Thee Stallion said so eloquently, "Get a Bucket and a Mop!" Tatiana interview DJ Ceas (Follow Ceas) of Desert Storm Radio to dissect why the controversy of the term WAP and it's lyrics. This is part 1 of 2 episodes. Support the show


Productive Slutty Bitch

Today is National Orgasm Day, which promotes the importance of having an orgasm; because it really does the body good. Our bodies (women and men) were designed to have orgasms, and should not be neglected in doing so, or not obtained. "Orgasms can increase blood flow around the genital areas and release HAPPY HORMONES." - LatestLY. Let's discuss..email me at AskTatti@gmail.com Support the show


Pay It No Mind!

June we Celebrate Juneteenth for African Americans Globally, and the LGBTQ+ Communities also known as PRIDE Month. What is Juneteenth...? "Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. Dating back to 1865, it was on June 19th that the Union soldiers, led by Major General Gordon Granger, landed at Galveston, Texas with news that the war had ended and that the enslaved were now free. However, with the surrender of General Lee in April of 1865, and the arrival of General Granger’s regiment, the forces were finally strong enough to influence and overcome the resistance." - http://www.juneteenth.com/history.htm JUNE IS PRIDE MONTH - In celebration and paying homage to an Icon Gay/Transgender Activist...Who was Marsha "P' Johnson - She was a beautiful heartfelt spirit who LOVED life. Marsha was an "American gay liberation activist and self-identified drag queen. Transgender, fabulous showpiece, trendsetter, Iconic, and a sex worker. The "P" in her name stood for..."Pay It No Mind!" Known as an outspoken advocate for gay rights, Johnson was one of the prominent figures in the Stonewall uprising of 1969" THE QUEEN IS DEAD...LONG LIVE THE KING!! Support the show



My amazing guest Jon Pressick, gadabout of sexual culture in and around Toronto, Canada shared his passion about Sex in Words. He conveyed that sex needs a voice. A harmonious, diverse voice that speaks to the masses that SEX needs to be released into the Universe for us ALL to enjoy freely without any negative connotations attached to it. Jon primarily is a sex writer, who provides a weekly sex news round-up on Kinkly.com called Sex Stories We Love. He also contributes frequent articles to Kinkly, Cherry Banana and others. His work has appeared in the books Best Sex Writing 2013, Secrets of the Sex Masters and Met Another Frog, and on the sites New York Magazine, Cara Sutra, Future of Sex, Bisexual.com and more. In 2015, Jon edited Best Sex Writing of the Year, V1 for Cleis Press. Beyond sex writing, Jon is a former host of the sex talk radio show Sex City, a publishing producer of books for sex community writers, zine creator, event producer and he even dabbled a bit in burlesque. Check him out at www.sexinwords.ca Support the show



I'm struggling with getting back to normalcy; because of this INSANE Pandemic that have rocked and turned our world upside down. After the great success of my last two episodes: Open Buffet, and Oral Sex: Learn it, Live it, Give it!; I had to come close and find you something as comparable; or good. DICK-ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY episode, I truly think that you will enjoy. I will do a better job at editing it this weekend; but I wanted to post it this evening. Anthony Asanti is a ladies man; a glorified boyfriend, who love the art of loving on women, endlessly, and emphatically. He is known as a Sensual Warrior, and Straight Male Champion for the "Demanding Woman" (aka a Male Escort). Anthony Asanti is a formally trained CHEF in the U.S. Military, and former publisher of online magazine Gigolo International, and want to dispel of the negative connotation that lives in the same vain as being a Male Escort. Support the show



What tale do you have about sex...because we all have a tale to tell about sex. My Freaky Friday "Group" episode is FINALLY here for you to enjoy!!! I found "3" women who was candid and transparent about their joys about having their pussy's eaten; by men who truly loved eating their Lotus Flowers. You will meet and hear from "3"remarkable women from Rare Gems, Inc. They are GORGEOUS, BADASSES and on the Who's Who of NYC Socialite scene. They set the standards of excellence when it comes to knowing what they want sexually, embrace it openly and wholeheartedly. And they tell their "OBM's" what they want, and what they are only allowed to do to them sexually...ORAL SEX ONLY!!! Fucking was NEVER an option or allowed! You guessed it..it's called "Open Buffet" (aka O.B.) which means that a few good men who got the opportunity to taste, drink the pussy juices, smell and enjoy a variety of different Lotus Flowers possibly at one time if they choose too. Elle, Destiny and Egypt of Rare Gems, Inc and the #1 NYC Socialites explained in simple terms the definition of Open Buffet; and the Pass-off. Elle (Queen of the Pass-off) - "Don't be a pussy...eat one!" Destiny - "When he ejaculates...then I too must ejaculate" Egypt - "To wake up and you're having your pussy eaten, this shit is sooo dope!" Support the show



;O) HAPPY NEW YEAR: 2020!!! Learning to tantalize body parts that enhance your sexual desires becomes icing on the cake during your sexual rendezvous. For women, her breasts, nipples, neck, ears, between her thighs, and, of course, her vagina (all of it: lips, clitoris, and perineum) are the easiest and most sensitive to stimulate. Adding your index finger to fuck her gently while you’re sucking, licking and kissing her pussy will escalate her sexual fire. If she climaxes in your mouth that’s when the fun begins. All of her erogenous zones (the sensitive spots on the body that stimulate arousal) become VERY sensitive to the touch, and her pussy walls are contracting, waiting for some slick penetration. Slide that dick inside her pussy and pass out with her. BAM!!!! For a man, his neck, ears, nipples, right below his navel, and, of course, the head of his penis are the most sensitive spots. Ladies, stay focused and be merciless. Love on his cock like it’s the end of the world and you want two big sexual explosions during your blow-job performance. Remember Ladies, our goal is to get him to tap out during your blow job. If he comes in your mouth, even better; it’s because his erogenous zones have become too sensitive. The cock is hard and you have the added lubrication. BAM!!! Think about Oral Sex as the home run, the standing ovation, the climatic explosion that you want to achieve for one another. No one should ever feel slighted during sex when achieving an orgasm is totally attainable for everyone. Learn it, Give it and Live it….Oral Sex can keep the world happy! Support the show


Santa'a Photo Shoot - 12 Days Before Christmas: Day 12

(DAY 12) - Passion can’t be denied when you are performing oral sex on the penis (my passion) or the pussy. A great blow job or going down on your lady is all about passion and how you get lost while performing your action of love. That’s what oral sex and sex, period, is all about—what else fuels passion but love? Puffy “Diddy” Combs (aka PDiddy) does just that . . . ALL the way in! With his fragrance ad, featuring his former hot, sexy girlfriend Cassie was steamy. Love it!! It's 3AM... https://youtu.be/I5yW7ClH-uY Oral sex is a comforter, a soother, a relaxer, a fixer that gets you hot and ready to explode. The great thing about Oral Sex is that if you are not all the way in you are truly wasting your precious time. Oral sex could never be on half-assed or as a teaser, because it is the one sure thing that will take you to the point of no return on your sexual climatic journey! ALL THE WAY IN means no hesitation with: Kissing – you should never peck your partner but passionately kiss your partner to heighten your sexual energy! Foreplay – Just a simple hug and a simple touch of her breast or his penis is BORING!!! ALL your 5 Senses (Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch, and Smell) should be on overdrive and fueling your sexual energy. When you look at your partner it should turn you on. The noise that you hear during your sexual escapade should get your juices flowing wildly. Tasting his or her lips, tongue, and saliva should be increasing your sexual energy. ALL 5 senses alive and active can fuel your pheromones into overdrive and set your previously timid libido on fire! Igniting the Pleasure Journey – I love the sight of a beautiful, rock hard cock. My Pink Ice will start to melt as its hot pepper sensation soars. Touching, caressing, kissing, and licking a penis is joy to my pussy as the juices start to flow. You are the only person who can bring on the sexual excitement, because it’s your mind that must be open to sexual excitement ALL THE WAY IN, or you will lose out every time. Your sexual partner is there to help you get to the finish line, but you must be willing to run the race! Most men and women love pussy because its addictive qualities want you to dig in deep, all the way in, until your dick and pussy is ambushed with wetness, oozing with tasty, delightful nectar. Oral sex is all or nothing because it warrants your focus, passion, intensity, and commitment to give you an explosive sexual appetite. Good oral sex will constantly leave a lasting, deep, burning desire gene that makes you crave again, again, and again for this lustrous, delectable, and wonderful habit over, over, and over again. ALL THE WAY IN….FEEL IT, LIVE IT, AND WANT IT! Support the show