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This podcast contains explicit material.

This podcast contains explicit material.
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This podcast contains explicit material.






She Wants to Squirt

Susan Bratton, who was my featured guest on the Blow Job Aficionado episode (#9) wants to share with my P2 (P-Square) Community for free the "Liquid Ejaculation Program" for you and your spouse, lover or partner to enjoy. This is her gift to my P2 Listeners. "The BIGGEST block to a woman’s ability to squirt is when her vulva isn’t awakened. "Find out why She’s Not Squirting…or why you Haven’t Found Her G-SPOT or think that you have, but she's still not squirting. Susan partnered with...


Blow Job Aficionado

Susan Bratton a "Trusted Hot Sex Advisor to Millions, speaks openly about oral sex, and how women can utilize a man's dick as a wonderful tool to enhance their pleasure journey. She said that there are benefits in sucking dick, and that you should want to suck dick in a skillful manner that grants sexual energy in both men and women during sex.


Tatiana Interview w/Amy Baldwin of Shameless Sex Podcast

I had the pleasure of interviewing Amy Baldwin of the highly successful podcast, Shameless Sex. The Shameless Sex Podcast was birthed by two badass b*thces, Amy Baldwin, "who is a Somatic Sex and Relationship Coach (trained in the Somatica® Method), Certified Sex Educator, sales trainer and educator for Uberlube, as well as co-owner of a mother-daughter owned pleasure boutique called Pure Pleasure Shop." Along with April Lampert, "who has been educating people about sexual pleasure, health...



I was right all along, in that oral sex is not just about sex but a very intimate, passionate sexual act that should be respected. Sex is sex, but oral sex (a blow job or a little cunnilingus) is deeply personal and an awesome expression of sexuality. Passion can’t be denied when you are performing oral sex on the penis (my passion) or the pussy. A great blow job or going down on your lady is all about passion and how you get lost while performing your action of love. That’s what oral sex...


"Most Realistic Sperm by An Erotic Baker" - Playgirl Magazine

Erotic Bakers create from the depth of their being, to bring you delectable artistry for you to feast on, and savvy in the goodness of its sweetness. You want to taste, tantalize, and feast on your partner’s delectable body; as if it was a slice of scrumptious cake. Mmmm, how sweet it is that you long for your partner right then and even now. From the first kiss that caused your lips to melt and disappear in your lover’s mouth and still lingers in the air of egotism and pure delight. The...


LICK! "Go Do That Shit"

If pleasure is a misnomer, fiction, is of no value, then you could also view life without having any substantial need for air. Like air, pleasure is essential to our way of life as it gives meaning to our desires. Pleasure feeds our most intimate motivations, bringing out its core to drive our urges to fruition. Pleasure is an acronym for Please Let Energy Accentuate Sexual Urges Reeling with Eroticism. Sexual loving is a healer for self and others, because when it stimulates your erogenous...


Is Oral Sex Still Taboo?

It’s time to reconsider what you think you know about sex. Did you know that a 2016 study out of Canada determined that women were twice as likely to give oral sex to their partner but half as likely to enjoy it? That 13 million people in the United States are engaged in the swinging lifestyle. That over 3,000 sexually active Millennials, 35% of women and 15% of men have said they take part in anal sex regularly? And that among sexually active adults, across orientations, straight women are...


P2 (P Squared)

Have you ever loved something and someone that took your breath away when you were in their presence? Or have you ever had the overwhelming feeling that consumes your body, which leaves you frightened but eager to delve right in head, heart and mind first—also known as Love? Like Walt Disney said about when you put your all into a thing: “When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably.” Do you feel implicitly and unequivocally, about bestowing your...


Oral Sex Bill of Rights

News Flash!!! Oral sex is still taboo in the 21st century—when we are more than capable to talk about anything and everything? Our bodies are naturally designed to enjoy many great pleasures, and sexual stimulation is one of them. Oral sex has been around when Caesar ruled Rome.


Oralicious - A Tale of Sex Podcast Trailer

News flash! Oral Sex is still taboo in the 21st century, and I find this SHOCKING!!! “We are all born sexual creatures” - As wonderfully stated by Marilyn Monroe. Our bodies are designed to enjoy many great pleasures, and one way is by way of sexual stimulation. Having an orgasm releases stress and toxins from the body naturally. My Podcast, Oralicious – A Tale of Sex, will be an eye-opener that focuses on exploring our natural gifts through our 5 Senses, Kissing, Foreplay, and especially...