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A weekly humor based BDSM, Kink and Sex Positive talk show, celebrating humanity through communication and creative sexuality.

A weekly humor based BDSM, Kink and Sex Positive talk show, celebrating humanity through communication and creative sexuality.
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A weekly humor based BDSM, Kink and Sex Positive talk show, celebrating humanity through communication and creative sexuality.




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150 Team Super Sex! BDSM

Miguel stopped by to add some great opinions while we talked about everyone's perfect dominant or submissive. Emotionally detaching and compartmentalizing in Poly relationships, the excitement of Mew finally taking her big exam, a bunch of self oral and at the end an EDM song called Sex with a Clown



Male submissives being strong, unlike the myth, suggestions on becoming a "little" some super hardcore, intense, ultra super crazy sex tips *sarcasm* and clowns. End show song is "Plant an egg"


148 kinky easter egg hunt

So much fun to do easter the kinky way! We talked about you as the whole person in the community and how we sometimes judge people too quickly. We also talked about how to find people into your specific kink and then Unger branded/cell popped Stix's leg.


147 First girl sex LIVE

A great show, but a weird show. First we talked about the difference between consent and coercion, then Boogie started breaking down his core beliefs from his recently starting therapy (not the happiest of topics) and THEN...Mew and Bunny give Tiger her first girl sex LIVE on the show!! Warning: In order to not make a total joke about her first experience, we whispered our narrative of what was going on. Its'a a small room so it 's not gonna sound as great as it was to watch...sorry...use...


146 Preach it to a wall _ BDSM

Show song Preach it to a wall. Checking to see if past programming is still valid for your life today.


145 Scary sleep Daddy BDSM

Breathplay, great ideas for conversations to have with newcomer groups and then a psychological approach to "getting in the mood". End song is Redneck Buddha


144 Emotional Support Testicles

Victoria sat in with us to talk about her functional process of making her monogamous marriage into a poly relationship. We also talked about not being ashamed when you find out your kinky, chivalry and the power of Boogie's testicles. End show song Little Miss H


143 BDSM Ice Cream BDSM

Bunny and Boogie talk about a simple way to deal with a crazy mind, we then discussed learning all you can before you play and not depending 100% on others to tell you all the risks, how to find play when there are no parties available in your area and a very scary reminder about "the good old days" End song is Stuffed animal Orgy


142 POWER of saying NO_BDSM Podcast

So many people in the world struggle with saying NO. We can talk about morals, laws and ethics all day, but how to we put in the work to self advocate better when those ethics aren't being respected by others? We tackled the topic and had our own version of "NO training" with Kathy. Also talked about when a Master/Dom has their anger and meltdowns and can't take care of the sub/slave. Join us being messy with lots of important topics and hopefully come up with some good options and...


141 Fits in a mouth

If you love or HATE valentines day, then this show is for you! Talked about not getting sucked into the hate and hype of social media and then how to do waxplay for lovers, followed by some really awful and funny ways to break up with someone. Then Kathy was curious how big a ween needed to be to be too big for her mouth so we put flavored condoms on some sex toys and she did tests. End song was Dominatrix drum slap featuring the late great Fawna aka. Broadway Amy


140 You DO you

Boogie needed aftercare after last weeks humiliation scene, jealousy is a dance that can't be ignored, parents having the awkward conversations that can save their kids from predators and an end show song called Dr. Procto


139 Humiliation

WARNING: This show contains a humiliation roleplay where Boogie says really degrading things to Bunny. We talk about the negotiation, love and respect we have to have for each other for something like this to be positive and fun. This show is NOT for everyone. We also talked about negotiating your privacy with your kink friends in non-kink settings, and if you can have positive edge play if you have a history of self injury. End show song is "That's Meth"


136 It's OK to want dirty sex

There was a lot of sexy women in the Love Lab on this magical show. We talked about the not being ashamed of your agendas in the lifestyle as long as you are willing to be upfront, honest and transparent about it, so that your partners can make honest choices for themselves. Then we talked about the benefits of poly and THEN...we played secret treasure with Bunny...which was amazing. End song is Tomorrow featuring vocal performance by Lady Solaris.


135 Perverted New Year

Our 2018 New Years day party/show was a ton of fun. A bunch of people came to the studio for dinner and show. We talked about telling the painful truth and lying and then Boogie attempted to put a personal side to the One Penis Policy dynamic in his own Poly dynamic. End show some is Not the only one.


134 Christmas helium ZAP!

YES...our dedicated hosts and audience did the show on Christmas day and was fun! Talks about being alone as a monogamous person in a highly non-monogamous lifestyle, The ins and outs of role play and of course the wins and fails of our kinky lives in full color descriptions for your pity, education and entertainment! We will be recording next weeks show on New Years day, because we are dedicated to the listeners that are so wonderfully dedicated to us. End show song...duh of...


132 IT'S IN MY MOUTH (Re-edit)

Boogie explains how he almost died that day,then we talked about slut shaming and that it's ok to NOT give any real information about yourself when you go into the public BDSM community. If you're playing with people in private you every right to have accountable information before you play with strangers. At the end was a strange little warning song about the bathroom.


133 Cookie dough sex toy

It's always a good show when we start it out making Pu**y Cookies with 2 lovely ladies. Then we talked about first impressions and how they can cheat you out of a good person. And then a bunch of mayhem. end of show song of course Pu**y Cookies


131 "Its the thought"

Discussions of glorious failures, coming out as kinky,why people are still judgmental of 50 shades and Boogie's stories of his drunk mom. End song is "Let's Go!"


130 Drunk Bunny Birthday!

It was Bunny's 21st Birthday so this show was CHAOS! She wanted to co-host and yes she was drunk...really really drunk. Also Twisted finally came to visit us from Scotland and she brought her pubes! We talked about pushing past your fears to go out and explore yourself, dealing with intimacy issues and a whole lot of sloppy mayhem. End song is Shut up Bitch (Duet with the great late Amy aka Fawna)


129 Do girls like bad boys

Is there any truth to the rumor that many women are attracted to the "Villian" more than the good guy? We scratched the surface on this topic and then got into the challenge of when one mate is kink or poly and the other isn't. End show song is Co-Dependent


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