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Episode 6: 7 Types of Non-Monogamous Relationships

ReverendTodd, NrthnRebl and -Tbone- are talking about various non-monogamous relationship types. In a comedic and opinionated fashion between the three of us. Email – Email on – ReverendTodd , -Tbone-, NrthnRebl Links: Patreon Support - The Show Website - Facebook - Twitter - Club Ascension -...


Episode 5: Dom/sub drop and After Care

-Tbone-, ReverendTodd and NrthnRebl delve into Dom/sub drop and aftercare. Maybe you have heard of it, maybe you haven't. We try to help bring some understanding of what happens when we play in the Kink lifestyle. Links: Patreon Support - The Show Website - Facebook - Twitter -


Episode 4 – New to the Lifestyle

We talk about the fears and anxiety of being new. The best ways to get involved in the lifestyle safely. Trying to help you make the first steps in the Kink world and save you from some headaches. Want to submit ideas for the show? Have topic ideas or maybe you just want to reach out to one of us on the show. Feel free to shoot us email - or on – ReverendTodd , -Tbone-, NrthnRebl Links: Patreon Support - The...


Episode 3 – Daddy Mommy Doms and Littles Dynamics

NrthnRebl joins with -Tbone- and ReverendTodd in hosting the show. Special guest miseriacantare of fetlife. We delve into the Dom/Little dynamics and talk with Wild_Draco's a Daddy Dom on fetlife. One of Club Ascension's very own staff. - What is a little - What is the dynamic - Is it wrong and so much more... Tune it and check it out! Patreon Support - The Show Website - Facebook -...


Episode 2 – Mental Health and the BDSM Lifestyle

Our guest panel was Jess Elaine and Magdalena Knight joined by our special guest - Dale "Butch" Ross. Dale is the Author of "Stopping the Madness" his online book for men's issues (including leather) can be found on Amazon, get your copy today! With his Kink Aware therapy practice in Southfield, Mi. The discussion taps into the mental health of people who are involved in alternative lifestyles. How the DSM 5 has changed its view on the kink lifestyle and so much more! Links in the Show:...


Episode 1 – The Complexities of Consent

ReverendTodd and -Tbone- are discussing the Complexities of Consent in alternative lifestyles. They are joined by Kimberly Sinical, Magdalena Knight and the quiet Freak. A topic that is quite the hot button currently. We try to delve into it as deeply as we can. Although this is a topic that could probably cover many episodes, we try to touch on as much as possible. This is a topic we are sure to be revisited many times through our shows. Links: Our Patreon Page for support -...