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EP 29 – Dom Vulnerability

So today we are talking about Dom Vulnerability and how it is actually quite Domly to be vulnerable. ReverendTodd takes a turn in the hot seat on this one. Since he posted a writing recently that was a very blunt and personal writing on the personal struggle within as he steps into PolyAmory territory. We think you’ll enjoy this show and look forward to hearing from you. Honorable Mention and Shout-Out to Page-Turner of Links: Voicemail – 734 328-2323 Email –...


Ep 28 – Changes

We're back to recording once again. It has definitely been awhile since we have recorded and released. This episode is title Changes, as the podcast is going through some changes. We will be updating all of our artwork shortly. Thanks for listening!! What we talk about can be applied in all aspects of your life. We look forward to bringing you our podcast once again and hope you take the challenge we throw out near the end of the podcast. Links: Podcast Website -...


Ep 27 – Talking with Ashley Manta

We jump into the topic of cannasexuality in this Episode with Ashley Manta. The CannaSexual® sex educator, coach, writer. Prioritizing consent and advocating for pleasure. She has been featured on numerous networks and podcasts. The goto person for all your cannasexual needs. When you goto her website and mention use the discount code - "Ascension" you can get 15% off her online coaching education program that lasts 16 weeks long. Get in touch with Ashley on: Facebook -...


Ep 26 – Barriers to Inclusivity with Kevin Patterson

We had an awesome time talking with Kevin Patterson on this episode. Author of Love's not Color Blind, who is involved with Poly Role Models as well. We discussed issues related to racism in poly and other alternative lifestyles. What can be done to help people of color feel more comfortable at events. And how awkward it can feel in a crowd when you’re the only person of color. This is an episode to help open a person’s mind, to some of the difficulties people of color face in this...


Ep 25 – Old and New Kink Perspectives

The BDSM lifestyle is ever changing and moving as it applies to individuals within their chosen dynamic. So the three of us discuss the good, the bad and the ugly with new styles we see and old styles we have lived through. Is there anything missing in the lifestyle choices today? Was it better when it was more exclusive rather than inclusive? Whats the difference? All kinds of questions asked and discussed in this episode. We love to hear comments so please feel free to email us and let...


Ep 24 – The Sensual Side with Bondassage

This week we brought on Jaeleen Bennis, a sensual domina, professional bodyworker, and the creator of Bondassage®. We discuss a more sensual side of playing in the world of kink. A way that helps increase connection, desire, satisfaction and intimacy within a relationship no matter what that relationship may be. Once you’ve experienced Bondassage, you’ll never forget. Discover what you’ve been missing. Ways to find more information on Bondassage: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, FetLife,...


Ep 23 – Whats with the labels?

From discussion to ranting and back to discussion on labels. Are they important? What value does a label really have? Is there another way outside of creating neat little boxes to put people in? These are some of the questions we discuss on the show today. Ways to Reach Us Voicemail – 734 328-2323 Email – Email on – ReverendTodd , -Tbone-, NrthnRebl Patreon Support - The Show Website -...


Ep 22 – You are getting sleepy….

 We discuss hypnosis with Mark Wiseman (Wiseguy35 on Fetlife) and how it can be used in erotic settings. Mark Wiseman is the author of 2 books - Mind Play: Guide to Erotic Hypnosis - - The Mind Play Study Guide - He is also active and travels a lot to erotic hypnosis conventions and teaches around the country. Ways to Reach Us Email – Email on – ReverendTodd , -Tbone-, NrthnRebl Patreon Support -...


Ep – 17 Sex Work with Silent Mary

Cam workers are transforming the porn industry and give women a chance to be in charge and make their own money in an industry where their effort and work has often been exploited by men. We brought on SilentMary to talk about her experience with Camming and being a sex worker. Show Notes Links - Ways to Reach Us Skype Voicemail – (734) 328-2323 Email –


Ep 16 – Spank that bottom

This week on our Fetish focused episode we talk about Erotic Spanking, is it main stream or taboo, some history on spanking and delve into the morality of it as well. Episode is filled with our usual banter and off-topic trails. Ways to Reach Us Skype Voicemail – (734) 328-2323 Email – Email on – ReverendTodd , -Tbone-, NrthnRebl Patreon Support - The Show Website - Facebook -...


Ep 15 – Power Exchange and Sacred Sexuality

Power exchange refers to a relationship of mutual consent in which one person gives their submission in exchange for another person giving their dominance. The exchange is the power that is always inherent in dominance & submission where in which the s-type loses some degree of authority to the D-type in exchange for the D-type taking some degree of responsibility for the s-type. All BDSM interactions between a Dom and sub normally involve some sort of power exchange. The sub consensually...


Ep 14 – Watersports, wet n wild

We are talking about water sports in its many forms this episode. It’s a fetish, more common in the dominant/submissive role-play scene, involving urine in some form or fashion. We delve into the conversation in our usual educationally bantering fun way. Links - Email – Email on – ReverendTodd , -Tbone-, NrthnRebl Patreon Support - The Show Website - Facebook -...


Episode 13 – Polyamory with Author Page Turner

ReverendTodd, -Tbone- and Nrthnrebl bring Page Turner on the show to discuss Polyamory Relationships. Page Turner is the author of 2 books on polyamory: 1. A Geek's Guide to Unicorn Ranching (… 2. Poly Land (… as well as the founder of the popular daily polyamory website Poly.Land and a relationship coach in the poly and kink communities. Her third book, Dealing with...


Episode 12: Fisting

Fisting is a sexual activity that involves inserting a hand into the vagina or rectum. Once insertion is complete, the fingers are either clenched into a fist or kept straight. Fisting may be performed without a partner, but it is most often a partnered activity. Safe fisting requires patience, practice, communication, and, yes, plenty of lube. "No matter your gender or the hole you're fisting, be sure to go slower than you think you need to, and use more lube than you think you need" Show...


Episode 11 – Ethics and Protocol in BDSM

Today we talk about ethics and protocols in the BDSM lifestyle and how they apply in the world around us. GoddessManda joins us for this one as a lifestyle educator and Domme. Protocol in Public Protocol in Private What are Ethics Ethics and the world around us How do we define protocols for ourselves Reference link used for show notes: Links – Voicemail: 734 328-2323 Email –...


Episode 10 – Lets talk Bondage

Our Guests on the show today are Illiana and Wild Dracos Bondage is the practice of consensually tying, binding, or restraining a partner for erotic, aesthetic, or somatosensory stimulation. Rope, cuffs, bondage tape, self-adhering bandage, or other physical restraints may be used for this purpose. Shibari is a whole entire subject on it’s own. Safety is a huge factor in all forms of bondage. The top must be prepared for emergencies and have a plan to release the bottom quickly. The bottom...


Episode 9 – Discussing Public and Private Play

Discussing Public and Private Play: Often paperwork required such as a release for the facility Some venues require vetting They help dispel the myth that kink is for the wealthy (Christian Grey Syndrome) Meeting a diversity of people and their play styles Can often be a learning environment Dungeon Masters (DM) It is important to know the rules of the venue!! Don't take pictures of anyone or anything without permission (again, most play parties and nearly all public dungeons ban any kind...


Episode 8: Highlights the difference in Abuse and BDSM

Highlighting the main differences between BDSM and Abuse • From the outside the line can appear to be fuzzy • Consent is the cornerstone of BDSM. Abuse is where no consent is given. • We discuss highlights of abusive relationships: • Red flags of abuse in BDSM or otherwise: • The giving of a safeword is not a substitute for setting limits and negotiation beforehand. o See here: • In BDSM consent should be just the starting point. Negotiation...


Episode 7: Slut Shaming and Sexual Harassment

We are talking about Slut Shaming and Sexual Harassment with ReverendTodd, -Tbone- and NrthnRebl. This is a problem within all walks of life. It doesn't matter if your in Kink, Swing, Poly, LGBT, Vanilla or anything in between. We touch on it in various forms. Have any questions or comments about the show? Please email us and let us know! Email – Email on – ReverendTodd, -Tbone-, NrthnRebl Links: Patreon Support -...


Episode 6: 7 Types of Non-Monogamous Relationships

ReverendTodd, NrthnRebl and -Tbone- are talking about various non-monogamous relationship types. In a comedic and opinionated fashion between the three of us. Email – Email on – ReverendTodd , -Tbone-, NrthnRebl Links: Patreon Support - The Show Website - Facebook - Twitter - Club Ascension -...