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RelationSENSE - It's My Fault - 7:30:19

Let's face it, we all make mistakes! All mistakes can be costly, but mistakes you don't own may cost you more. On this edition of the RelationSENSE podcast, we will explore the importance of taking ownership and the impact it can have on all of your relationships. We will understand several keys of genuine ownership and discover how people can push pass a "victim's mentality". Your relationships can continue to grow pass mistakes with three simple words, "It's My Fault"!


RelationSENSE - Squadlife - 7:19:19

Hit the pause button and take a moment to check your circle. Who are your closes friends? How is your life better because of them? How is their life better because of you? Is your circle healthy? On this episode of The RelationSENSE Podcast, we will explore the power of friendships. We will learn the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people and the impact your friends have on your romantic relationships. Your goals, success, and growth hinges on your squad!


RelationSENSE - Keep Them Out Of It - 7:30:18

Do you have the right level of privacy in your relationship? Do you have trusted confidants and advisors to turn to that will help your relationship grow? If not, this is the podcast for you! On this episode of The RelationSENSE Podcast, we will explore the world of Relational Privacy. We will discover how to select the right confidants and advisors for our relationships and how to identify which individuals we need to keep out of our relationships. Your relationship will go to the next...


RelationSENSE - Tinderoni - 7:13:18

Are you single and having trouble finding the right match? Maybe you have been on dozens of unsuccessful dates and are beginning to believe it is impossible to find the right match. Or maybe you are just looking in all the wrong places. Have you tried "Online Dating"? In this edition of the RelationSENSE Podcast we are exploring the world of Online Dating. Through this discussion, we will learn several best practices to keep in mind, as we take the relationship hunt online.


RelationSENSE - No U-Turns Allowed - 7:2:18

Are you considering going back!? Are you considering returning to an old relationship, old behavior, or old lifestyle? Before you make your u-turn, check out this edition of the RelationSENSE Podcast. Pastor Marshall presents four reason why the past seems so attractive so we won't be mislead by a facade of happiness. This Podcast will give you the "sense" you will need to never go back!


RelationSENSE - What Happened!? - 6:25:18

Why do couples have amazing relationships throughout their courtship and engagement, then get married and quickly divorced? What Happened!? In this week's edition of the RelationSENSE Podcast we will discuss several reasons why marriages fail after great courtships. Learn the six crucial conversations couples need to have in order to have a successful marriage.


RelationSENSE - The Fallback - 6:18:18

The relationship is going great, marriage seems to be on the horizon, but then the man begin's to "fallback". What went wrong? What was the reason for the change? In this edition of the RelationSENSE Podcast we will discuss three things that will cause a man to disengage from the process of moving towards marriage. If you are wondering why he hasn't put a ring on it, listen now and raise your relationship IQ!


RelationSENSE - Blurred Lines - 6:11:18

Do you have well defined relationships? Is everyone connected to you clear on where they stand and where the relationship is going? Do all of your friends respect your relationship boundaries? If not, you do not want to miss this edition of the RelationSENSE Podcast! We are going to address the dangers of "Blurred Lines" and give you some perspectives that will help you clarify all of your relationships.


RelationSENSE - Your Best Self - 6:4:18

Million dollar question, are YOU ready to have a healthy relationship? In this edition of the RelationSENSE Podcast we will be discussing how you can be your best self in order to have your best relationship. Whether you are married, engaged, dating, or single you do not want to start or continue your relationship with out hearing this edition of the RelationSENSE Podcast.


RelationSENSE - The EXit Ramp - 5:28:18

Moving on from past relationships can be difficult but necessary. In this episode of the RelationSENSE Podcast, Pastor James Marshall gives five things you need to keep in mind to move pass your past relationships. He also helps us understand that you can't have who is NEXT until you have appropriately dealt with your EXIT. Get ready to raise your Relationship IQ!


RelationSENSE - Pilot - 5:21:18

You can't improve your relationships until you first improve your perspectives. In this episode of the RelationSENSE Podcast, Pastor James Marshall gives three ways to improve your perspectives about relationships. He also lays the foundation for the podcast. Get ready to raise your Relationship IQ!