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Jay-Z Is Making Therapist Porn

Nearly every therapist fantasizes about creating a space where men are comfortable to openly discuss their feelings and relationships. And this fall JAy-Z made all our dreams come true! Tune in to hearEsther and Erica swoon over the 4:44 video as the men tackle topics like love, infidelity, masculinity, and role modelswith vulnerability, honesty, and insight that would make any therapist proud.


#9 Adulting is Hard

Today we are joined by 4 smart, funny, and brutally honest college students for a frank discussion on what it means to really become an adult in the modern age. Show Notes RLW {Read Listen Watch}: Read Esther's pick- Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation by Sally Hogshead Want to get a free report on your 7 triggers? Visit www.howtofascinate.com and use promo code JOY-EstherB Read Erica's pick- Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari and Eric Klinenberg THERAPIST...


#10 It Takes a Village with Sequoia Blodgett

Today we are joined by entrepreneur Sequoia Blodgett, star of ABC Family's StartUp U and founder of 7AM Life. Check out episodes of StartUp U online be sure to visit www.7am.life. You can also follow Sequoia on Twitter and Instagram. Show Notes RLW {Read Listen Watch}: Read Erica's pick- Ghettoized by Jill Leovy THERAPIST PROBLEMS: Interested in the article Esther mentioned about swearing? Here it is... 5 Reasons I Don’t Give An Eff About Swearing In Front Of My Kids by Kate...


#11 Your Therapist is Anxious with Jodi Aman

Today we are joined by Jodi Aman, therapist and author of You 1, Anxiety 0: win your freedom back from fear and panic. Don't forget to follow her on Twitter and Instagram for more tips and encouragement to embrace what you feel on your journey to emotional freedom. Show Notes RLW {Read Listen Watch}: Watch Esther's pick- {can't see the Sidewalk Talk video? click here.} Watch Erica's pick - {can't see the empathy video? Click Here} THERAPIST PROBLEMS: We want to hear...


#12 Get Your Life with Mo Seetubtim

Today we are joined by Mo Seetubtim, founder of the blog Brandmentalist and creator of The Happiness Planner. Mo's passion for living with intention and passion is inspiring and the complex relationship with her parents bring a refreshing perspective to what could've been just another pretty blog. Don't miss her beautiful and thoughtful messages- follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Show Notes RLW {Read Listen Watch}: Listen to Erica's pick- Reply All podcast - Episode #64: On the...


#13 Alone in the Burbs with Traci Ruble

Today we are joined by Traci Ruble of Psyched in San Francisco and the founder/director of Sidewalk Talk. Traci is one of those rare people who I (Esther) immediately clicked with on seemingly every level- basically she rocks. Tune in as Erica gently pulls us out of our mutual suburban angst with some spot on insights on life in the city. We will also talk about the joys of listening - on the street and in our offices! Be sure you follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Show...


#8 Black People Really Do Go To Therapy with Minaa B

Today we are joined by Minaa B. of RespectYourStruggle.com. Minaa is a on a mission and the first day of Black History month is the perfect time for us to share it. As therapists, black women, and human beings in general we admire her courage in sharing her personal struggle and love how she has used it to give voice to so many others. Tune in now as we talk about how #TherapyIsNotADirtyWord and why talking about our struggle is the first step to overcoming it. LISTEN NOW SHOW...


#7 Pajamas All Day with Tara Jefferson

It's seems rather apropros that in the aftermath of one of the east coast's worst snow storms that today's episode is all about wearing pajamas all day! Erica and I are joined by Tara Jefferson of the YoungMommyLife.com to talk about self-care, motherhood, and why sometimes pajamas all day is the only answer. LISTEN NOW SHOW NOTES You can find more about Tara at TheYoungMommyLife.com. Be sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram for more information on her excited new venture the...


#6 Who wants to be happy: with Chianti Lomax

Seems like an obvious question... don't we all want to be happy? Maybe so but we also put up some serious barriers to happiness, including how we choose to define and how we open our heart to it (or not). On today's show we are joined by speaker, consultant, coach, and 'happiness curator', Chianti Lomax for a serious discussion of what it really means to be happy. Chianti has a passion for positive psychology and millennial which combines into a pretty awesome interview. Tune in now to...


#5 Motherhood Isn't Everything with Maimah Karmo

It feels almost blasphemous as a mom to say that motherhood isn't everything in my life... and yet it's not. And I don't think it should be. {gasp} On today's episode of With That Being Said, Erica and I chat with Maimah Karmo about the role passion, purpose, and parenthood have in her life and the lives of women everywhere. Maimah is a philanthropist, author, speaker, and pretty amazing mom who believes that there is more to life than just meeting the needs of others- even if "others"...


#3 Let's Heal Our Ish with Laura Probert

Today Esther and Erica tackle the sometimes ambiguous idea of awareness. With their guest expert, Laura Probert, we discover that "the difference between living a life that feels meh and living a life that feels magical" is learning to be vulnerable. Laura is a physical therapist, poet, and wellness expert who has made it her mission to help people get out of their heads and into their bodies. Join the conversation and listen in as Laura explains why awareness is "the difference between...


#4 Let's Get Hitched With Steve Cooper

Today Esther and Erica are joined by Steve Cooper of HitchedMag.com to talk all things married life. Listen in as they talk about the ups and downs and genuine joys of being a couple and investing in a healthy relationship. And find out why Steve is in fact the 'Hugh Hefner' of marriage! It's by far the most accurate and favorite nickname of any guest so far... SHOW NOTES HitchedMag.com | Follow Steve on Twitter @HitchedMedia RLW {Read Listen Watch} Read Masters of Love in The...


#2 Marriage is not that hard

Marriage is work but is it really that hard? Esther and Erica discuss the joys and challenges of married life, which may not be hard as we seem to think it is. Join the conversation as we talk about all the ways we make the 'work' of marriage harder than it has to be. And don't miss this episode's RLW {Read, Listen, Watch} where Erica shares her thoughts on the interesting way we all hold our own truths... especially in marriage. With That Being Said, don't forget to subscribe, rate,...


#1 Love is Not a Drive-Thru

Today Esther Boykin and Erica Turner are joined by writer, speaker, and dating expert, Kevin Carr. Kevin chats with us about all the reasons love is not a drive-thru and why killing your dreams is sometimes the key to finding your happily ever after. SHOW NOTES Kevin Carr: www.kevinscarr.com Twitter @Kev_Carr Instagram #WhatI’mLearningAboutDating @kev_carr Meet Kevin IRL along with Esther and Erica at Cocktails and Conversations on Love in DC {Jan 20,2016} RLW {Read Listen...


#0 - With That Being Said, Welcome to Our Podcast

We've got a fresh new look and are busy recording some fresh new episodes! Check out the new look while catching up on our original episodes for the next several weeks. With That Being Said is a long conversation about life, love, and everything in between. Hosted by therapists and relationship experts Esther Boykin and Erica Turner this podcast dedicated to giving listeners smart, fun, insightful advice on life, love, and everything in between.