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Dating Expert Damona Hoffman (TV Personality, Huffington Post and JDate columnist) talks about love in the modern world with experts in dating, marriage, breakups and hookups.

Dating Expert Damona Hoffman (TV Personality, Huffington Post and JDate columnist) talks about love in the modern world with experts in dating, marriage, breakups and hookups.
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Dating Expert Damona Hoffman (TV Personality, Huffington Post and JDate columnist) talks about love in the modern world with experts in dating, marriage, breakups and hookups.






Beyond Betrayal & Sex Addiction

Psychotherapist, Dr. Kevin Skinner, of shares insights on overcoming infidelity and other challenges of intimacy and sexuality. Headlines include: the threat of elite dating apps, John Cena and Nikki Bella call of their wedding, and Zoosk's study on the worst fashion mistakes for dates. Questions from listeners include what to do if your boyfriend gets another girl pregnant and how to stay secure in a long distance relationship. Get your free gifts from


Millennial Dating & First Date Sex

Jamie Faye, shares solutions for millennial dating and relationship challenges. Headlines include: mixed-weight relationships, how devices are destroying relationships, and sex on the first date. Questions of week: what do you do if a new dad is sending you sexts and snapchat stalking. Get your free gift at Claim your free gifts and free shipping at using our offer code GIFT21 at checkout.


Mixed Race Relationships & Swiping Risks

Singer/Songwriter Monique Debose goes deep on Interracial Relationships and discusses her new show "Mulatto Math: Summing Up the Race Equation in America". Headlines include: Dating app risks, the Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan split, and the secret factor in your relationship success. Questions from listeners include: whether you should be official or not after 6 months and should you reveal your crush on a childhood friend. Pre-order the album at Get tickets to...


Happy Anniversary & Obligaswiping

Jared Stern, writer/director of the Netflix film "Happy Anniversary" talks about his semi-autobiographical movie (streaming 3/30 on Netflix) and gives advice to listeners on everything from socks in the bed to getting your boyfriend to post pics of you on Instagram. Headlines include the truth about workplace romance and dating apps, Cosmopolitan's coining of the term Obligaswiping, and the Donald Trump Jr divorce. Get your free e-course at Try Beachbody On Demand risk...


Sexperts & Date Expectations

Sexperts Tyomi Morgan-Najieb and Naim Najieb share tips to spice it up if you're in a relationship and to get your date expectations met if you're single. Headlines include: a dating app led by moms, dating by vocal tone, the importance of posture, and Vanessa Trump's famous ex. Question from listeners include Is it weird to have sex with your pet in the room and can you turn the relationship around if you catch feelings for your f-buddy? Plus, a segment that asks do you subscribe to...


Dating Style & Boyfriends of Instagram

Stylist, Rayne Parvis gives tips on how to dress for the date and how to keep your look hot when you've been in a relationship for a while. Headlines include: women's most desired body type, a Trump-inspired dating term, and Iggy Azalea's dating declaration. Questions from listeners include: how to handle a boyfriend hacking your instagram and should you date a man who is only a couple years older but already has 2 teenage kids? Plus a romance rollback on an old Irish love spell for St....


Feminism & Dating

Behavioral Scientist, Clarissa Silva, joins to discuss the impact of feminism and the #metoo movement on dating today in honor of International Women's Day and Women's History Month. Headlines include: Blac Chyna's much younger man, women initiating on The League, and Over-dating. Questions from listeners include what to do if your girlfriend sexts someone else and should you date someone cool with whom you have no physical attraction. Stream ALL of Beachbody's fitness programs and get...


Better Sex & Interracial Emojis

Therapist Kongit Farrell shares secrets for better sex and relationship advice and discusses the headlines including Tinder's play for interracial emoji couples, Jennifer Aniston's singlehood, and red flags for dating someone younger. Questions from listeners include what to do if your boyfriend's parents don't want to meet you and handling a girlfriend who's caught up on an abusive ex. Get 1 week free at Take Damona's free online course at...


Married at First Sight & Relationship Rituals

Pastor Calvin of the hit Lifetime series Married at First Sight and psychotherapist Rhonda Richards-Smith join to talk about making a relationship last. Headlines include Duke's new dating rules, dating in the Olympic village, and Amy Schumer's surprise wedding. Get a 1 week free membership at Claim your free dating or relationship training at


Micro-Cheating & PTSAD

TV's Carmelia Ray of Mom Vs. Matchmaker joins to discuss the Post-Traumatic Singles Awareness Day aka the day after Valentine's Day and how singles can make a match offline or online. Plus headlines of the week including Drew Barrymore's dating site, burning a wedding dress, and top dating terms of the year including micro- cheating. Questions from listeners are how to hack a boyfriend's phone and changes in a military man's marriage.


Date for a Soulmate & Valentine’s Day

Soulmate coaches, Orna & Matthew Walters discuss your how your Love Imprint is the root of your dating patterns. Headlines include: How to DTR with "the talk", a surprising celebrity breakup, and workplace romance rules. Technically dating features advice on surviving Valenttine's Day single and what should a husband do if his wife is getting attention from other men.


Long term love & Super Bowl Swiping

With their 50th anniversary approaching, Damona's in-laws Lee & Mimi Hoffman join to share their love story and give love advice to the next generation. Headlines include's Singles in America Study, Lady Gaga's lover, Dane Cook's much younger girlfriend, and why you should swipe during the super bowl. Questions from listeners include: great valentine's day gifts, body image issues, and loving again after a breakup.


The Power of Being Single & Level Up in Love

Cheyenne Bostock, dating expert for women, discusses the power of being single and gives tips on how to prepare yourself for the love you want. Headlines include: an MTV study on the Me Too Movement, Millennials and dating apps, and Ciara's Level Up comment. Questions from listeners range from how to stop stalking an ex's social media to handling a mom who hits on your friends. Get 1 week free at Download your free dating or relationship course at...


To Rome for Love & The Aziz Effect

Bravo TV star, Diann Valentine from To Rome for Love shares tips from her book Going the Distance for Love. Headlines include what to drink on a date, an antiquated dating rule, and the Aziz Ansari Effect. Questions from listeners include how to keep a long distance relationship and signs you're invited to a booty call. Get 1 week free at Apply for Damona's dating coaching program at Try the Textpert App "Drama...


Love at First Sight & Chemistry Conundrum

Neuropsychologist, Ryeal Simms shares the science of chemistry. Headlines include: Chinese love bots, Amazon Echo love coaching, and Lena Dunham's breakup. Questions include: when you should meet your boyfriend's parents and is it normal to bicker early in the relationship.


The Power of Positivity & Office Crush

Life Coach Evin Lipman gives tips on how to keep positive in love. Headlines include: OkCupid's big change, Dating Sunday, and the first celebrity engagement of 2018. Questions from listeners are how to handle an office crush and tips for texting your date.


The Secret for Love & Genetic Matchmaking

Rachel True, Actress & Tarot Reader, shares methods for mindfulness and attracting your ideal match in 2018. Headlines include a genetic based dating app, celebrity breakups of 2017, and how the tax code changes effect alimony payments. Questions come from users about dating biases and Textpert App questions include where to go on a date other than dinner and a movie.


Amp Up Romance & Peak Dating Season

Julie Spira,, gives tips on how to amp up romance and get your dating strategy straight for peak dating season. Headlines include Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez, dating trends for 2017, and new rules for single guys. shares dating questions plus a holiday giveaway from Splendies. Visit Enter the Splendies giveaway by tweeting Dates & Mates Giveaway @DamonaHoffman. Tag @splendies and #datesandmatesholiday by 12/27/17 at 11:59...


Holidating & Loving a Married Man

Francesca Hogi, matchmaker, dating expert, and former Survivor contestant shares her advice on dating during the holidays. Plus, headlines including Dakota Johnson's type, a new OKCupid feature, and the effects of spanking children on their love lives. Plus questions from listeners including what happens when you fall for a married man and should a guy shave his chest for you after three dates.


The Big Breakup & Robot Relationships

American Horror Story star, Naomi Grossman tells how she healed from a traumatic breakup. Headlines include AI and VR dating, the Hater dating app, sex drive of Japanese women and Jennifer Lawrence's love life. Plus questions from listeners including handling romantic feelings for a BFF and hooking up on Tinder.


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