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Diana Wiley, Wise and Witty Journeys – the radio show that talks all about love, lust and laughter!

Diana Wiley, Wise and Witty Journeys – the radio show that talks all about love, lust and laughter!
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Diana Wiley, Wise and Witty Journeys – the radio show that talks all about love, lust and laughter!






Love Lust And Laughter - 11.14.18

The #MeToo movement has brought to light some harsh realities. Where do we go from here? To help make sense off this, Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce returned to the show. Intimacy seems to be going extinct. Many men cannot integrate closeness and sexual passion. Furthermore, loneliness is on the increase especially among those 15-25 years of age. When there is little face-to-face interaction overshadowed by texting, people do not get the full picture; so, there is more depression and anxiety. And...


Love Lust And Laughter - 10.31.18

Halloween is tomorrow. What are adults getting out of Halloween? Some dress up as their fantasy persona. Does this impact personal sexual behavior? Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce ( returned to the program to help sort this out. Dr. Nancy is a sex and relationship author, an international speaker, and a sensuality educator. Playing out fantasies can help couples with communication, help them be more playful and adventurous. According to a study of people’s sexual fantasies, where more...


Love Lust And Laughter - 10.23.18

Jessa Zimmerman – – has written “Sex without Stress – A Couple’s Guide to Overcoming Disappointment, Avoidance & Pressure.” It has recently been published, and already I am recommending the book to couples in my practice. The cycle of avoidance does damage to a couple’s sex life. We discussed the sexual myths that spawn unrealistic expectations – including men want sex more than women and are always ready to go. An informal survey of sex therapists suggests that the...


Love Lust And Laughter - 10.16.18

Sheri Winston, author of “Succulent Sex Craft,” returned to the program to again discuss boundaries. Few were taught about boundaries when they were young; therefore, Sheri and Dr. Diana’s conversation reflected remedial education on the topic. Adults need to talk with their boys and girls early and often about sexual ethics, gender dynamics, consent, pleasure, healthy relationships and the risk to them of mixing sex and alcohol. Pleasure is often missing in sex education…and the joy...


Love Lust And Laughter - 10.09.18

Sheri Winston, author of “Succulent Sex Craft” a full-course meal of sex education delights, knows about boundaries. Reflecting the current national conversations, Dr. Diana and Sheri discussed the emotional, physical, energetic, romantic, sexual, and conversational boundaries. When our boundaries are healthy, we have the freedom to play and explore within them! Sheri offered the principles and skills of boundaries – one’s own and how to communicate and protect them. Few were taught early on...


Love Lust And Laughter - 09.25.18

Dr. Mark Schoen is a sex educator and a filmmaker whose website is the Netflix of sex education. Many universities use Sex Smart Films knowing that it is a sex educator’s dream come true! Parents also need to familiarize themselves with the site. Research shows that mothers and fathers who talk about sex with their kids are more likely to have offspring who share their values. Whether it is a parent or a grown-up in a sexual relationship, it can be argued that simply...


Love Lust And Laughter - 09.18.18

Brad Coates ( provided us with an analysis of the pros and cons of three of life’s most crucial choices: to marry, to re-marry, and to parent. Brad knows all about marriages and divorce because he’s been a divorce lawyer in Honolulu, Hawaii for forty years. Dr. Diana and Brad discussed this topic. The biggest marital benefits come in high stress environments, and people who are married can often handle midlife stress better than those who aren’t. Marriage may be most...


Love Lust And Laughter - 08.21.18

Sexuality and disabilities – especially for injured veterans – are not addressed or explored enough. Dr. Mitchell Tepper, an internationally recognized sexuality educator and disability expert, has collaborated with filmmaker Dr. Mark Schoen (my guest September 4) in making a documentary “Love after War” ( We discussed the background leading up to creating the documentary, and the physicaldisabilities with the process leading to sexual self-discovery (his book is “Regain...


Love Lust And Laughter - 08.14.18

“Sex is something you do, sexuality is something you are.” ~ Anna Freud. Stephen Snyder, M.D., author of LOVE WORTH MAKING – HOW TO HAVE RIDICULOUSLY GREAT SEX IN A LONG-LASTING RELATIONSHIP(, helps us move beyond the compartmentalizing of our sexual selves. The focus of the program was on his Chapter 5 “The Art of the Easy” and Chapter 6 “Two Roads to Orgasm.” The discussion reveals some deep, important ideas…Dr. Snyder is brilliant! He summarizes with this -- three...


Love Lust And Laughter - 08.01.18

Romantic relationships evolve at life’s different stages. Bard Coates is a divorce lawyer who authored “Divorce with Decency” now in its 5 Edition. Brad and Dr. Diana discussed the Millennials (born 1980-1995) and how many are embracing the “new monogamy.” A growing number of couples are reconsidering the terms of their commitment – sometimes it’s referred to as negotiated monogamy. “Monogamish” is the term coined by Dan Savage a popular sex columnist. When I work with...


Love Lust And Laughter - 07.10.18

Dr. Alex Avila, a bestselling author award-winning psychologist, spoke with Dr. Diana about one of his books “Guy Types – 4 Ways to Find the Love of your Life.” Dr. Avila combines social networking withMyers-Briggs Type Compatibility to suggest the four guy types: the MEANING SEEKER (NF), the KNOWLEDGE SEEKER (NT), the SECURITY SEEKER (SJ), and the EXCITEMENT SEEKER (SP).Sensing (S) or Intuitive (N)”: Sensing types are most at home in the world of “what is.” They prefer facts and...


Love Lust And Laughter - 06.26.18

Stephen Snyder, MD, author of “LOVE WORTH MAKING – HOW TO HAVE RIDICULOUSLY GREAT SEX IN A LONG LASTING RELATIONSHIP” was my guest for a third time. We mainly discussed two core relational concepts: ATTACHMENT and DIFFERENTIATION. Dr. Snyder speaks of “enactment” where you unconsciously get another person to play a part in a misunderstood drama. Attachment is part of this because a genuinely adored as a child will grow up expecting people to adore them. This is often described as secure...


Love Lust And Laughter - 06.12.18

David Steinberg ( writes about The Myths of Monogamy in his book “This Thing We Call Sex.” Dr. Diana and David spoke about monogamy and affairs – the latter often a fallout of monogamy. The myths include that monogamy is the natural order of things, people who act on desires will be punished, and those who adhere are morally superior. What meaning is attached if one’s partner is attracted to someone else? Often the one who is betrayed, asks, “What’s wrong with me?”...


Love Lust And Laughter - 05.29.18

Orgasms! They are the center of letting go. “The pleasure of living and the pleasure of orgasm are identical. Extreme orgasm anxiety forms the basis of the general fear of life.” ~ Wilhelm Reich. Sheri Winston ( returned to the program this week. Her book “Succulent Sex Craft” is a wealth of information! This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to improve their erotic virtuosity, whether playing solo or with a partner. Sheri says sex is the glue and the...


Love Lust And Laughter - 05.22.18

When Sheri Winston ( and Dr. Diana last spoke there was a promise to talk about how to create and then play inside a “conjoined erotic trance”: -- a state where intuitive magic happens! Sheri’s books are Succulent Sex Craft and Women’s Anatomy of Arousal. We spoke of the brain and how sex can make you stupid! Sheri’s sexual tool craft kit includes sounds and breath, visualizing heart energy, and rocking the hips. Turning it on, turning it up involves creating...


Love Lust And Laughter - 05.02.18

Stephen Snyder, M.D., author of “LOVE WORTH MAKING – HOW TO HAVE RIDICULOUSLY GREAT SEX IN A LONG LASTING RELATIONSHIP,” joined the program for Part 2. This time he and Dr. Diana discussed his Chapter 10 “Why Women Lose Interest in Sex” and Chapter 11 “Why Men Go Missing in Bed.” For a woman a serious sex-knot is feeling that something is wrong with her and so she has sex out of obligation. Dr. Snyder observes that people need acceptance more than they need sex. His definition of intimacy is...


Love Lust And Laughter - 04.24.18

Affairs often reflect unmet expectations, lack of excitement, boring sex lives, emotional detachment and feeling more like a parent than a sexual being. Brad Coates helped sort out these issues and more. In the 4 Edition of his book “Divorce with Decency,” he addresses affairs and infidelity. Is infidelity inevitable? Are men “hardwired” to cheat? Brad Coates has headed the largest divorce firm in Hawaii for nearly forty years, and Dr. Diana has seen couples for thirty-five years. Both have...


Love Lust And Laughter - 04.11.18

“LOVE WORTH MAKING – HOW TO HAVE RIDICULOUSLY GREAT SEX IN A LONG LASTING RELATIONSHIP” is a book written by Stephen Snyder, M.D. – and my guest. His is a book written in an easy, conversational tone that could serve as a manual for couples and for therapists who are not sex experts. Dr. Snyder points out that emotional skills and physical awareness are typically more central to good sex than sexual technique. More self-acceptance and less self-criticism often enhance the libido. Dr. Diana...


Love Lust And Laughter - 04.04.18

Dr. Nick Karras, author of “The Passionate High – A guide to using cannabis for better sex & creativity” spoke with Dr. Diana and her husband Bryan Brewer. The three of us had such an engaging conversation at a sexuality conference, I thought we’d do it again on-the-air! In my practice I meet couples who complain about how the routine of their lives has left them feeling numb. Dr. Nick may have the solution: slowing down and appreciating each other – activities enhanced perhaps by cannabis....


Love Lust And Laughter - 03.27.18

Sheri Winston ( , author of Succulent Sex Craft and Women’s Anatomy of Arousal, returned to the program. On March 6 we called the show #goodsextoo; this time we focused on boundaries and communication. Women may get into situations where they are having second sexual thoughts and even bad sex. What to do? Boundaries: we need to be clear about what we want to do and don’t want to do. This is a conversation that may not occur when one is drunk; therefore, make...