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Wiley and Sage – Wise and Witty Journeys – the radio show that talks all about: LOVE, LUST, & LAUGHTER.

Wiley and Sage – Wise and Witty Journeys – the radio show that talks all about: LOVE, LUST, & LAUGHTER.


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Wiley and Sage – Wise and Witty Journeys – the radio show that talks all about: LOVE, LUST, & LAUGHTER.






Love, Lust and Laughter - 12.01.20

A quiet revolution is taking place in bedrooms all across America: couples are discovering (or rediscovering) the pleasures of combining cannabis and sex. Today’s guest is Chelsea Cebara (@ChelseaCebara), a Seattle-based educator and product innovator in this area. Chelsea was the main developer of Velvet Swing, a cannabis-infused personal lubricant launched in 2017. Dr. Diana’s husband Bryan Brewer joined the lively discussion about the pros & cons and dos & don’ts of adding cannabis to...


Love, Lust and Laughter - 11.24.20

Michael Castleman has answered more than 12,000 sex questions throughout his career: on his Great Sex Guidance website, through his “All About Sex” blog on Psychology Today (where he reviewed Dr. Diana’s book Love in the Time of Corona), and during the 1990s on the Playboy Advisor column. Michael and Dr. Diana first discussed the upcoming Thanksgiving—a very different one this year in the midst of the pandemic. Many have recalibrated their plans to keep themselves and their loved ones safe...


Love, Lust and Laughter - 11.11.20

Dr. Diana Wiley and Dr. Mark Schoen paid tribute to Betty Dodson, Ph.D., a sexual revolutionary known as the “Mother of Masturbation.” Betty died on Halloween at the age of 91. Dr. Diana and Dr. Mark knew Betty personally and agree that her promotion of sexual pleasure was a huge part of her legacy. In her radical Bodysex workshops, Betty taught women how to overcome negative body image and pleasure anxiety. These were also spaces where many women had their first orgasms. Through her books,...


Love, Lust and Laughter - 10.29.20

With so many people stressed out and hemmed in, how can we learn more about HEALING—and experience some of the pandemic’s silver linings? Dr. Ava Cadell is the founder of Loveology University, which provides certified online love coaching and relationship programs, empowering people all over the world. Dr. Ava is Dr. Diana’s good friend and colleague of almost twenty years. She spoke about Dr. Ava’s seven-hour Healing Course now available with loving solutions for how to heal from the loss...


Love, Lust and Laughter - 10.14.20

Sheri Winston knows how to transform anxiety into excitement! As she explains in her book Succulent Sex Craft, anxiety is just excitement without enough breath. How about deepening and slowing down your breathing? Sheri and Dr. Diana conversed more about BREATHING and then focused on TOUCH. Sheri knows about sacred sexual traditions, ways that a couple can get into the same arousal zone, and a lot about anatomy. Both men and women have erectile tissues. The paired internal vestibular...


Love, Lust and Laughter - 10.06.20

Dr. Diana’s return guest, Dr. Ashley Mader, is well versed in differentiation. It is no surprise that differentiation issues are played out in the sexual area. What is differentiation? It involves learning to balance your individuality (separateness) with your emotional connection to someone else (togetherness). Standing on your own two feet—rather than trying to merge with your partner or lose yourself in love—may lead to the best sex you’ve ever had! Dr. Diana and Dr. Ashley are both...


Love, Lust and Laughter - 09.16.20

“Sex Gets Complicated During the Pandemic” is the CNN Health headline. The article was posted on Monday September 14, 2020, and features Dr. Diana and her sex advice book Love in the Time of Corona. The wonderful and articulate Dr. Carol Queen joined the program again. She is the Good Vibrations Staff Sexologist and the author of three books. The most recent is The Sex and Pleasure Book. The sex docs discussed non-sexual/sensate focus/full body caressing exercises. Dr. Carol is an expert on...


Love, Lust and Laughter - 09.01.20

Once again Dr. Diana’s friend and colleague Dr. Lori Buckley ( joined the show—this time to talk about the importance of play. In Dr. Diana’s book Love in the Time of Corona: Advice From a Sex Therapist for Couples In Quarantine, Chapter 6 is titled “Laugh and Play Together.” Dr. Lori asks her clients, “When was the last time you laughed together?” A great question! Studies show that couples who laugh together last together. Shared laughter has a positive effect on...


Love, Lust and Laughter - 08.19.20

Dr. Ashley Mader ( and Dr. Diana explored the connection between cannabis and sex, and whether cannabis might be right for you, the risks and rewards, and some dos and don’ts. In Dr. Diana’s book Love in the Time of Corona, the value of being silly, playful, and in the moment are keys to a more enjoyable sensual and sexual connection with your partner. Of course, you don’t have to be high on cannabis to act silly or playful, but it can help some people to loosen up. It’s...


Love, Lust and Laughter - 08.05.20

Keeping sex alive for life! Dr. Diana is a gerontologist and was joined by Dr. Ashley Mader ( who focuses on older adult sexuality (as she did in her Ph.D. dissertation). Dr. Diana worked with Dr. Walter Bortz, MD (author of Dare to Be 100) in the early 1990s on aging and sexuality studies, and was later published in medical journals. Both Dr. Diana and Dr. Ashley tackled outdated expectations and promoted new ways to celebrate sexuality throughout the later years. Within...


Love Lust And Laughter - 07.22.20

Is quarantining getting you down? So many couples (and individuals) are depressed, distracted, and even angry. Couples may feel they are stuck together … but, still they want to stick together. Dr. Lori and Dr. Diana to the rescue! Besides Zooming with therapy clients, they both enjoy learning, writing, and talking about sex. It is their favorite subject and driving passion! Sexual pleasure is healthy and helps manage stress. Dr. Diana’s new book Love in the Time of Corona has guidelines and...


Love Lust And Laughter - 06.30.20

Patricia Raskin has interviewed over 5,000 people including Maya Angelou, Jack Canfield and Dr. Memhet Oz. Now Dr. Diana gets to interview her! Patricia is a positive force, so it’s not surprising her internet radio show is all about positive living. She interviewed me on Voice America three weeks ago about my new book Love in the Time of Corona: Advice from a Sex Therapist for Couples in Quarantine. This morning Patricia gave a Webinar on RESLILIENCE, and these days don’t we all wish for...


Love Lust And Laughter - 06.17.20

Dr. Carol Queen returned to the show for Part 2. The two sex docs had a lively conversation about yesterday’s Supreme Court’s decision affirming that workplace civil-rights protections extend to gay and transgender people. Dr. Carol reported the LGBTQ activists are thrilled! And that there seems to be a dent in people’s denial. Next on the agenda: Exhibitionism for the Shy, a book that Dr. Carol wrote some twenty-five years ago – with an updated version coming soon. Exhibitionism is a...


Love Lust And Laughter - 06.03.20

Our nation is in crisis … This is a scary and uncertain time. Dr. Carol Queen author of “The Sex & Pleasure Book” and Dr. Diana Wiley author of “Love in the Time of Corona” have great solutions for some stress relief! Get to know your partner better and have more sex. Yes, sex is play! Besides, there are health benefits that reduce stress and anxiety. Dr. Carol is the Good Vibrations ( Staff Sexologist. Since 1990 she has used the platform to focus on sex education and...


Love Lust And Laughter - 05.20.20

Dr. Lori Buckley guest hosted, interviewing Dr. Diana and her husband Bryan about their new book Love in the Time of Corona published today on Amazon! Take a look. It’s an e-book – soon to be followed by a print copy. Several questions were explored …including What can couples do to thrive and grow closer during this challenging time? “Forced togetherness” can be used as an opportunity to explore your sexual relationship and rekindle the sparks of...


Love Lust And Laughter - 05.05.20

We need to go from Quarantining to Cocooning. Host Dr. Diana Wiley has a book soon to be published “Love in the Time of Corona,” and her guest is Sheri Winston ( author of “Succulent Sex Craft.” Together they spoke of the COVID19 level of uncertainty which often leads to increased stress and anxiety. Since sex is good for reducing stress and deepening a relationship, use this time as an opportunity to explore your sexual relationship and rekindle the sparks of...


Love Lust And Laughter - 04.22.20

The news is dire. There are a lot of questions and not many answers. On and off social media, many people have wondered if we’ll emerge from quarantine with a divorce boom or a baby boom. Brad Coates, author of “Divorce with Decency” (, is a divorce attorney and mediator. He knows all about divorce; of course, Dr. Diana covered the sex part! In a matter of weeks, the global epidemic has transformed relationships, dating and sex. Brad noted that there are three causes...


Love Lust And Laughter - 03.31.20

How do you navigate intimate time during the Corona Virus? Two sex therapists, Dr. Diana Wiley ( and her guest Dr. Lori Buckley (, advise that enjoyable sexual activity between partners can have a distinct beneficial effect on the mental and physical health of a couple. If you are quarantined with a partner, you have more time together – make the most of it! Yes, there are many fears and concerns at this time; but, reel it in…Turn off the news, step...


Love Lust And Laughter - 02.26.20

Brad Coates and Dr. Diana love to talk about romance – and have been doing it (on the radio) for more than 20 years! Brad’s title for this broadcast is: “Divergent Wants, Needs, Expectations and Desires which Men and Women Each Have for Their Romantic Relationships.” As a divorce lawyer, he well knows the three main causes of divorce: sex, money, and family. This show is called LOVE, LUST & LAUGHTER – so, of course we focused on “sex”! As Brad says … in divorce situations there has been...


Love Lust And Laughter - 02.05.20

Grace Bell, Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie – – returned to the program. Friends and colleagues, Dr. Diana and Grace have this in common: they never want to stop opening up people’s lives! Grace talked about Byron Katie’s key questions for reflection/transformation – Is it true? Can you absolutely know it’s true? How do you react when you believe this thought? And, Who would you be without this thought? Eating disorders and sexuality issues have shame,...