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This is What Life Looks Like When It's Full of Magic

Are you taking time every single day to acknowledge all the magic in your life? In other words - are you truly making everyday your day?! In today's Magic Monday, host Saint Day Adeogba is sharing some of the recent and relevant magic going on in his life right now and how that can inspire you to notice and create more of your own magic. From the team around him to his children and partnership with his significant other, there's something for everyone to glean from this...


How to Heal Your Insecurities Around Sex

Have you ever felt insecure when it comes to sex? Chances are that you have - because you are human! In today's Sexual Sunday, we're addressing the very real insecurities that come up around our sexuality. Here's a list of just a few of them: Jealousy, Envy, Shame, Guilt, Apathy, Pride, Anger Can you relate? Then you need to listen to this episode! The Make Everyday YourDay Podcast is empowered by the YourDay Balance Game. To learn more and sign up for the YDBG app for free,...


Be Intentional About Who Makes It Into Your Circle of Friends

Do you have any sort of guidelines for who and how people make their way into your inner circles of life? In today's Sustainable Saturday, we're talking about the friends framework - how you choose who makes it into the group of people in life that you will vouch for - your OTP as we call it, which stands for "outside the perimeter." We go over the pros and cons of having standards for those you call "friend." Also what's required of these people in your life and what your...


Why Squats and Planks Should Be in Your Strength Training Routine

In this episode we talk about two fundamental exercises that almost everyone can incorporate into their strength training routine: squats and planks. Host Saint Day Adeogba shares the benefits of strength training, along with a few myths and complaints that he's received about strength training over his 20+ years as a personal trainer & transformational specialist. The Make Everyday YourDay Podcast is empowered by the YourDay Balance Game. To learn more and sign up for the YDBG app for...


Checking In On Your Mental Health and Confronting Yourself with Erica James-Strayhorn, LMFT

What's the connection between mental health and the physical body? In today's Throwback Thursday, Saint Day Adeogba is interviewing Erica James-Strayhorn - a licensed marriage and family therapist with a passion for spreading awareness around mental health and self-care. In this conversation we talk about the world of mental health, why it's important and what keeps Erica motivated and inspired to live her life. We also get into the challenges that come up in life, how to stay...


How A Mission Statement Gets You Clear On Where You're Going In Life

How do you know what you want out of life? Today's Words of Wisdom Wednesday is about "Beginning With the End in Mind" - the second habit from Stephen Covey's book "7 Habits of Highly Effective People." We talk about the 2 things you need to give you direction and intention with the results you want to create. One is mission statement, the other is a clear center. Plus host Saint Day Adeogba shares his mission statement! The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People -...


How Your Say/Do Ratio is the Basis of Your Integrity and Character

How effective are you at actually doing the things that you say you're going to do? And how you know for sure and quantify it? What's the real percentage of your integrity that you hold yourself to for you and for others? This Transformation Tuesday gives some insight on how a tool called the Balance Chart, which we touched on in last Tuesday's episode, can be used to establish and create consistency around healthy habits that build upon each other. And you get feedback on how you're...


Empower Your Mindset Around Money to Create More Magic in Your Life

What's your relationship to your finances? Today is another Magic Monday - host Day Adeogba shares just some of the magic in the day in the life of abundance mindset and habits. Then we talk about some powerful books that can support you in shifting your mindset around your money and can help you boost your self worth and net worth simultaneously. Rich Dad, Poor Dad - Money, Master the Game -...


5 Healthy Ways to Minimize the Risk of Disease When Having Sex

What are your thoughts and feelings when it comes to disease as a result of sexual interaction? There's a lot of fear and unhealthy conversation around diseases and viruses and how we deal with them. In this episode we're talking about a new paradigm to face the risk of disease in a healthy way. With 5 specific ways you can do this. Video on what viruses are and how they work - The Make Everyday YourDay Podcast is empowered by the YourDay Balance...


Why You Need Standards Around the Closest Relationships in Your Life

Ever hear the saying that you are the average of the 5 people closest to you? In other words, who you hang around and spend your most intimate time and energy with has great impact on your life - your health, happiness, even your bank account. So today we're talking about the importance of standards and guidelines around your inner circle. We discuss the pros and cons, and how this plays out in the relationships you create and build. The Make Everyday YourDay Podcast is...


5 Stretches to Address Your Whole Body and Improve Your Health

How often do you stretch? A lot of times the excuse around stretching is that there isn't enough time. Well we're going to bust that myth for you today and give you the answer: the 5-Star Stretch. We go over what it is, why it was created, and all the physical and metaphysical benefits to doing it. The Make Everyday YourDay Podcast is empowered by the YourDay Balance Game. To learn more and sign up for the YDBG app for free, go to


Using Your Divine Goddess Energy to Crush It In Business, Health and Love with Nancy Jamison

How does a woman create and sustain business in a masculine industry while maintaining her self-care and goddess energy? Our guest today is an example of this, so listen up and take notes! Nancy Jamison is the CEO of her real estate company, a wife and mother to name a few of her roles. She's a Goddess Operating Officer in the game of life. We talk about why Nancy started taking care of herself in a very powerful and intentional way. How she realized greater possibility for...


How to Use the Habit of Being Proactive to Unlock Your Ability to Live Your Best Life

In today's episode we talk about the habit of "Be Proactive" from the self help book 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.


The Balance Chart: A Tool for Building Healthy Habits That Last a Lifetime

How do you build and grow healthy habits that actually support you in a healthy and balanced life? Today we're going to answer and give you front row access to the behind the scenes details of a tool and practice that can help you. Host Saint Day Adeogba breaks down The Balance Chart what it is, how and why you use it and the different levels, categories and tactics to achieve your own sense of balance that adds to your health and longevity. Did you know you can download The Balance...


A Powerful Example of Showing Up For Yourself Despite Emotions

In what ways are you showing up powerfully for yourself in your life? In today's Magic Monday, we're sharing real-life examples of how someone has been making conscious choices to make a stand. How someone chose to make their health and wellness and commitment to self a priority, even when other life events were trying to get in the way. This is an episode to inspire you to step boldly into who it is you say you want to be! One way to show up for yourself right now is to make a...


How to Minimize the 5 Risks of Sex

How do you minimize the risks around sexual intimacy? Last week we touched on what the 5 risks are, but here we're delving into how to address and relate to them. We go over the current paradigm that most of society uses to manage and then a new paradigm and possibility. Book referenced in episode: "Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers" - The Make Everyday YourDay Podcast is empowered by the YourDay Balance Game, a health...


How to Build Family Relationships That Add to Your Health

What does family mean to you and how do you prioritize it? Today's episode covers one of the frameworks of what we call The 6 F's: faith, family, friends, fitness, finance and fun. We talk about what it looks like to create and relate to your family in a way that facilitates your optimal health. Also tips for how you choose and define your sense of family. This podcast is brought to you by the YourDay Balance Game - a health and fitness platform powered by love and balance. To...


How Much Water Should You Really Be Drinking In A Day?

Do you know how much water you drink in a day? Any idea how much is ideal for you given your body and level of activity? In today's episode we're sharing another cornerstone habit of the BALANCE framework, in the category of Aqua. We talk about how important hydration is for survival. Also the benefits of drinking water and the different kinds of water options. Vollara Living Water - Kangen Water -...


Prioritizing Health and Redefining Your Beliefs with Chanda Leigh

What are some of the biggest beliefs that you've held onto and used to define you? In today's episode, host Saint Day Adeogba interviews health and fitness pop star Chanda Leigh. In this conversation we learn about what it can look like to truly prioritize your health and wellness and how we reconcile with, give peace, acceptance and gratitude to the past versions of ourselves that help get us to each point. To learn more about the YDBG, go to and download the app for...


The Importance of P/PC Balance and Why Neglecting It Leads to Breakdown

What is the P/PC balance? In today's episode, we're taking a page out of the book "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey. We discuss what the P/PC Balance is and why it's important. And how this impacts your health or lack thereof. This podcast is empowered by the YDBG. To learn more and sign up for the app for free, go to