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Engaging in relationship with Christ through Prayer, Faith, and His Word.




Acts | Wrap-up and Ministry Update

A DAY OF PRAYER's Morning Bible Study, Book of Acts conclusion; and Ministry Update for May 2023


Acts | Chapter 28 Pt. III (Staying Steadfast to the Lord’s Plan)

Morning Bible Study ~ Paul is acknowledging that ultimately, the reason why he's here in this way is because that's how the Lord wanted him to go. It wasn't just the Lord's plan on making Paul go there peacefully, and now Paul has to go bound; but that was the plan all along. And that's something we have to be conscious of - People cannot disrupt the work the Lord and His working in our own lives. The only people who can do that it is ourselves; It's not someone else has caused me to sin. We have to ask ourselves, are we truly listening to him? Are we truly listening to Holy Spirit in our lives? Have we fully committed to following his plan? Or are we trying to pick pieces and parts of it that we like?


Acts | Chapter 28 Pt. II (The Lord is Intentional)

Morning Bible Study ~ God is intentional. Even though it looks like the wind is blowing about, God is not being blown about; He's about His business. He is a gracious Lord and Savior. He is merciful and He's good to all. He doesn't indulge us when we were being ungodly. Just because He's gracious does not mean He's winking at our sin. But, He does give us a chance to come to the knowledge of Him before the penalty of sin reaches its fullness; so we can have a chance to turn to Him.


Acts | Chapter 28 Pt. I (Letting the Lord Establish You)

Morning Bible Study ~ The Lord's always looking to establish us with His best; and that's exactly what happened here. While they [Paul's captors and the people on the island of Malta] perceived Paul a certain way; but then the Lord moves and works through him through his servant to provide them with the opportunity to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior, as well as their healing. Just as the Lord established His servant in this situation; He'll do the same with you, If you will let Him.


Acts | Chapter 27 Pt. IV (God’s Looking for His Servant so He can Show Himself Strong)

Morning Bible Study ~ Scripture says the Lord's looking for someone to whom he can show Himself strong on their behalf; but also on on the behalf of others. We are we are called to be intercessory prayer for all the nations. Not just your own household, not just your church building or brick and mortar structure and the people within it, but His Body; His Bride and on behalf of all who are afar off.


Acts | Chapter 27 Pt. III (Saving the Lost)

Morning Bible Study ~ Paul was walking in the love of Jesus Christ, understanding the heart and the plan of God; but also his role in the situation. God will oftentimes plant us somewhere in the midst of unbelievers, because God wants to save them. The Lord puts His servant in place, so His man could call on His Lord, His God; and His God could come in and deliver the whole lot of them.


Acts | Chapter 27 Pt. II (Holding Fast to Our Faith, Confessing His Word)

Morning Bible Study ~ See what the Lord is able to do when His man or woman is on the scene; and His man or woman continues in faith. In this process, you see Paul's faith at work. He had to apply what he believed in his heart, and speak with his mouth what the Lord had spoken. Paul was putting into practice, here, the same concepts of faith; the same truth or process of faith that we have to today.


Acts | Chapter 27 Pt. I (Keeping Your Faith Active, After Choosing the Lord’s Will)

Morning Bible Study ~ Paul had already decreed, declared, and appealed to Caesar to ensure that he would get there; remaining in the Lord's plan the whole way. Now he has to continue to keep his faith active and move forward. Still being led by the Lord he couldn't check out and to remain as he has this whole time in his life; after actually acknowledging Jesus as the Christ. You've seen his heart and his mindset has remained in steadfastness to the Lord; to continue to push through. With his faith remaining active; being in tune with Holy Spirit's leading and guiding.


Acts | Chapter 26 Pt. IV (Be Like Christ)

Morning Bible Study ~ The Apostle Paul often exhorted others to follow the example of Christ, just like He was doing; staying on the Lord's heels. He followed the Lord; walking with Him through the highs and lows, and the ups and downs. Staying the course, so much so that the same markings that were on Christ would be in him; as Paul desired the same life and fellowship that Christ had with the Heavenly Father would be found in him also.


Acts | Chapter 26 Pt. III (We are Accountable to what the Lord said to Us)

Morning Bible Study ~ We are accountable for what that says to us. God will never be upset with you if you stay with what He told you to do. But, if you choose to follow what somebody else said, even if they claim He told them and/or He didn't confirm it with you, then you're accountable to Him still for what He said to you.


Acts | Chapter 26 Pt. II (Remaining In-Step with the Lord)

Morning Bible Study ~ What did Moses say to Joshua; why are you jealous for my sake? I wish that they all would prophesy; that they all would hear from the Lord for themselves and speak or do what the Lord is giving and commanding them to speak and do in the same manner - That's for everyone. So you have that opportunity as well. It means that you're not excluded from hearing the voice of the Lord for yourself. And, that you also have opportunity to speak and to do the things that the Lord has predestined for you to do; at the appropriate time, and in the appropriate manner or way which the Lord wants them spoken and or carried out. So it's for all of us; however, that only comes as a result of remaining in step with the Lord, with Holy Spirit's leading.


Acts | Chapter 26 Pt. I (What has the Lord done in Your Life?)

Morning Bible Study ~ The Apostle Paul gave an account of his whole life; How he was living and growing up. He discussed what happened that led to this conversion; how Paul has carried and conducted himself, and walked in faith in the Lord. Again, not a trial; Paul's having a conversation with people who wanted to see him and hear what he had to say. So there's significantly important opportunity for Paul, but also for those around him. And, it's no different than those that have the relationship with the Lord when they share their testimony; as much insight and wisdom and knowledge that can be gleaned about our Lord and what He does in and through a person, the change that He brings, that cannot be replicated or duplicated anywhere else.


Acts | Chapter 25 Pt. IV (The Promise is for You, Your Children, and All)

Morning Bible Study ~ This isn't a trial for Paul, this is an opportunity to freely discuss the Lord to these individuals. Now, it's important as part of the promise. This is the same promise the Apostle Peter is talking about, when he exhorts everyone to repent and be baptized, every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; and you will receive the Holy Spirit. He then continues to say this promise belongs to you and your children and all who are a far off to all whom the Lord our God will call to Himself. Will you receive the promise.


Acts | Chapter 25 Pt. III (Being Steadfast in Righteousness)

Morning Bible Study ~ We have to be steadfast in what we believe not because being steadfast in what is righteous; steadfast in what the Lord has been telling us. Paul is not doing that. He's steadfast in what he believes and knows the truth of God is; and has not allowed other people to come and twist or manipulate it, and take what he knows to be right. He understands that it's better to serve God and to lose his life, than to try to serve himself and possibly gain it; but in the end, lose it for eternity.


Acts | Chapter 25 Pt. II (Getting to the Core Issue; Fulfilling Our Role)

Morning Bible Study ~ The Lord always ministers to the root, or core, of the issue. What we like tend to think the issue is, is often only a symptom of the actual issue. The Lord always addresses the root cause; in order assist you in fulfilling your role, in His Will and the destiny track Heavenly Father has for you.


Acts | Chapter 25 Pt. I (Constant Communion & Fellowship with God)

Morning Bible Study ~ Your parents can suddenly state, we're gonna go on vacation; we're gonna go to this amusement park or waterpark Well, if it's been a couple of weeks, are the children not going to ask on a daily basis if we are still going; and when are we going? Of course they're going to constantly check in. Well, it should be the same way that we operate with our Heavenly Father; constantly checking in, and not demanding when but but asking, is this still the plan? Has it changed? Watching and asking; what do I have to change, or do, or say? That's how children are with their natural parents. Well, we're God's children, if He is in fact our God. He's our Heavenly Father, and we're His children. And He tells us to come to Him as a little child. So, this is the type of relationship, and the structure, that the Lord created and desired for us to have with Him. In the same way we know that God is instructing Paul, and Paul is still continuing steadfastly in communion and fellowship with the Lord.


Acts | Chapter 24 Pt. IV (Choosing Righteousness)

Morning Bible Study ~ Paul had to say no, I will not pay a breath for two solid years. He did not pay a bribe to save his own life because he trusted in the Lord chose to trust to all say in this way, chose to submit his wills eradicate self will to do the Lord's will and trust that the Lord with His plan and His purposes, Paul knew he was to go to Rome. He didn't know exactly what was going to happen in Rome, as far as who he was going to minister to. The Lord kept providing all these opportunities for Paul to preach and teach the gospel along the journey. And what does he teach about; righteousness, self control, and judgment. All the things we are teaching and preaching today. This is this is right says Seek first the kingdom and his righteousness. This is what it looks like and how you apply it to your daily life. Paul is preaching and teaching those things; while at the same time demonstrating righteousness and self control by not exercising the option to pay a bribe to remove himself from the situation, in order to save his own life.


Acts | Chapter 24 Pt. III (Recognizing God’s Hand in the Situation)

Morning Bible Study ~ It's important for us to recognize what the Lord is providing and doing with His hand in the situation. In verse 24, he talks about how Felix would come with his wife, as she's an important figure; not just because she is Jewish, she was also the daughter of King Agrippa - one of Caesars top generals. So, seeds are already been planted here, not just for Agrippa and eventually Caesar; but for the whole family, because that's how the Lord works. Let's get to a place where we are able to understand how the Holy Spirit's moving and all He's saying, coming into alignment with His plan; and giving Him thanks.


Acts | Chapter 24 Pt. II (No One and Nothing Can Stop the Lord’s Plan)

Morning Bible Study ~ Here's the core of everything - God is our God, and we are His people. The God had Father, Son, Holy Spirit, yes. And then he's saying, we also believe at the core, this very thing, that there is a resurrection. And that is, you know, because our faith, hope, and trust is in the Lord God or the Godhead in full; Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and the redemptive work of Christ. Right. We have this, is what Paul is saying. The difference is allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us in how it's carried out. But he's (Paul) saying at the core, we're the same; so understand that in full and don't allow the enemy to come in and create or cause division.


Acts | Chapter 24 Pt. I (Come Truthfully Before the Lord)

Morning Bible Study ~ We are approaching God trying to cover whatever it was that we did, whether it you know, like a sim or something. When we come to Him come truthful. He already knows what what happened; so the the best thing is to come with honesty, demonstrating that you truly have repented of sin and you're not trying to get one over on Him. The Lord has shown me that we need a watch for that today because it can be very easy and it is very easy for people to blame someone instead of examining ourselves and asking the Lord to show me how I can avoid sin from this point forward.