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It's a podcast... about Catholic things.

It's a podcast... about Catholic things.
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It's a podcast... about Catholic things.







Forgiveness--it's not as easy as you might think. You can forgive but not forget... or so we that's what we've always been told. Eric, abandoned by Dan in this episode, talks about real forgiveness and how it often involves forgetting. And what do men really think about?


More Ghosts, Hauntings, and Spooks: Can Catholics Go Ghost Hunting

Are Catholics allowed to take part in ghost hunting? What about watching ghost hunters? Eric and Dan attempt to put it all in plain words. Also more about Eric's up-coming book, and the left threatens violence against Cavanaugh and right wing senators.


Ghosts, Hauntings, and Spooks... and what Catholics think about them.

What do Catholics think about haunted houses? Do they believe in ghosts (or rather, are Catholics allowed to believe in ghosts)? We tackle these questions in light of the upcoming Holoween holiday... as well as the book Eric will soon be publishing: THE HAUNTED DAUGHTER OF CINCINNATI: Ghosts, Demons and Angels in the Queen City. Next week we'll handle the question of whether or not Catholics are allowed to "ghost hunt." Eric also clarifies some things he said last week concerning the...


MOVIE DISCUSSION: “Gone, Baby, Gone” & “Children of Men”

This week it's movie night. Dan & Eric discuss the somewhat surprising Christian (and even pro-life) message in two modern movies: Gone, Baby, Gone & Children of Men. Both movies were well executed and reflect a high degree of talent from the directors, writers, & actors. Yes--we will spoil, so don't listen if you haven't seen the movies and want to see them. In current events, we discuss the accusations against Supreme Court Nominee Brett Cavanaugh. Also, did President Trump have an...


The Parable Of The Talents

In this episode of A Podcast About Catholic Things, Eric answers the ultimate question: why aren't there more black Catholics... to him, the answer seemed simple, but Dan points out some other reasons. Then they discuss the real meaning behind the parable of the talents, explaining that God expects more from those of us with a Catholic upbringing. Also discussed--whether Jesus cheated in Marco Polo when he was a kid. In current events, we talk about protesting vegans getting hit with meat...


Christ's Participation in Humanity Through His Passion

In this episode of A Podcast About Catholic Things, we talk about Jesus and His Passion, focusing on how he presents his suffering to us as a way to comfort us in our own pain. We also talk about President Trump and Mueller's investigation. We attack the apparent conflict between Cupich and Virgano. And, of course, the Pope's busy schedule... after all, he's charged with saving the environment. What? Something you'll only hear on this podcast: Was Jesus forced to eat radishes?


Catholic Scandal In Pennsylvania And What Does Homosexuality Have To Do With It

This podcast covers some adult subject-matter. In this podcast, we talk about the Pennsylvania scandal in the Church and why this will continue to happen in the foreseeable future… and why it was preventable. We make mention of a book that was written in the eighties by Enrique Rueda, called The Homosexual Network, which turned out to be very prophetic in its criticism of the Church and the way homosexuality was being handled. (BTW - the book is no longer in print, but you might find a...


The ThirdTemptation of Christ... and Trump's Possible Victory in the War on Abortion

We discuss the third and final temptation of Christ--the one that's possibly the most difficult to understand. After all - why would God, who is already master of everything, bow down to Satan, in order to gain control over the world? But Dan throws it all into perspective, giving us an insight most haven't thought of before. In current events, we discuss Trump's possible victory in the war over abortion--and how that might look if he did actually win.


The Second Temptation of Christ... and Trump vs Fake News / Trump vs. Pope Francis

Satan tempts Jesus for the second time... but how was jumping off a cliff tempting in any way to Jesus? And do we sometimes 'tempt the Lord thy God', in ways we don't realize? Current Events: Trump calls fake news 'the enemy of the people.' Is this fair? Also--who do you root for when President Trump takes on Pope Francis?


The First Temptation Of Christ... and did Pope Francis "change" the Teaching on Capital Punishment?

This podcasts discusses the first temptation Jesus suffered from Satan in the dessert. Why is turning stone into bread a sin? Why did Satan think his temptation would work? We also discuss the Pope's recent "teaching" on capital punishment... no, Church Teaching did not change. Nor could it. Dan answer's a question about last week's podcast: what about the angels' offence against God?


What Do Catholics Mean When They Say, "Offer It Up?"

In this episode of A Podcast About Catholic Things, we explore fasting and suffering. We had just explained why and how Jesus died for our sins--how His sacrifice was eternal. And yet, Paul describes His sufferings as "lacking." What does that mean, and what good does our suffering do for Christ? Also touched on: do we really crucify Jesus whenever we sin? Eric tells a story about puking in second grade. Eric talks about forging a trail through a forest of stinging nettle (ouch). Danny...


How and Why Jesus Paid For Sin

In this episode of A Podcast About Catholic Things, we'll explore God's justice and mercy--two seemingly opposing ideas and the paradox it creates. The end result is that mankind owes an infinite debt to God, which he cannot possibly pay. There's only one way we can escape God's justice--and that is that God himself pays the ultimate price to get us into eternal life. In this episode, we also make mention of the cheap cookies we had growing up, and how each stolen cookie could very well...