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How to make Fear Your Friend

In this episode I discuss how we so often run from our fear not realizing that our fear can truly be our friend. It can show us where we have limiting beliefs come up and it can also give us really good advice if we are willing to listen! (Sounds crazy I know!) But I promise you this is one of my favorite episodes! FULLY realizing what fear can do to us if we don’t address it and connect with it is completely LIFE-CHANGING! Listen in as I discuss: - How to use your fear to your...


What Happens When You Commit?

Have you ever noticed that when you make a commitment to something or someone life throws you a whole bunch of challenges around this commitment? I have always struggled with commitment and understanding what it really meant. It felt like an imprisoning term, something that held me back and kept me limited. And every time I did commit to something its like it ended up blowing up in my face each and every time! However, I have learned that commitment is something that can greatly enhance...


Discover Your Truth NOW!

Are you trying to fix yourself? Do you believe that if you could just change a few key things about yourself you would feel happier, more alive? Are you constantly looking outside yourself for what is TRUE about you? If any of these things ring true for you let me tell you I totally GET IT! I have discovered that no matter how much changing, fixing or healing I have done on myself it all came down to what I really needed was to look inside myself and find out what was True for me...


Life’s Big Problems (and the small ones too)

Do you get overwhelmed by life? All the things we have to do, places we have to go, school supplies we have to buy, groceries, car registrations, filling up the gas tank - you name it! These might all seem like trivial things (and obviously not life’s big problems) but these things can really add up. All the things we have to do and all the pressure that comes with “Adulting” can cause major overwhelm and chaos in our lives. It happens to me ALL the time! So in this episode I talk about...


Judging Your Neighbor and the Antidote to Separation

Just a quick story about my daughter’s field day and a moment of judgement I had toward one of the parents there! Plus some really great tips on how to connect with your children more. We have a major epidemic of looking-at-my-phoneitis and it keeps us all separate from each other with the illusion that we are really connecting. The truth is that we are using our phones and social media to give us the illusion of connection when really the people that need to connect with us the most are...


Joy Over Perfection (and a healthy dose of self-acceptance)

I’ve come to realize and accept that I will not be the very best version of myself every day. I will be cranky, tired and I will fall into old habits from time to time. And the greatest gift I have ever given myself was finally accepting this - accepting that I will never be my own grand idea of perfection, that I can choose JOY instead. We can all choose Joy over Perfection and give ourselves love and grace - recognizing that we are already WHOLE no matter how cranky we are one day, or...


Health is in your Consciousness NOT your body!

I am going to get a little controversial today folks! I am getting a little tired of the belief that without our health we have nothing. This belief (and this lie) has been one that I have TRULY believed with all my heart most of my life and it has wreaked havoc on me and my health. And you know WHY? Because HEALTH - true health is in our consciousness, its in our mindset, its in our connection to our Soul. I talk about what that means in this episode and how to truly change the trajectory...