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A podcast focused on the adventurous side of spiritual living, while exploring your intuitive and spiritual development journey. As professional mediums and intuitives, our goal is to create a curiosity led space that allows you to dive deeper into your own personal inner knowing and soul adventure, empowering you to create more joy and connection in your life. We’d love to have you join the conversation to explore the Spirit realm and how it can enrich all of our lives. Andrea Neville is a psychic medium, channel, and healer. Jessica Paschke is an intuitive guide, medium, and soul tarot expert.


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A podcast focused on the adventurous side of spiritual living, while exploring your intuitive and spiritual development journey. As professional mediums and intuitives, our goal is to create a curiosity led space that allows you to dive deeper into your own personal inner knowing and soul adventure, empowering you to create more joy and connection in your life. We’d love to have you join the conversation to explore the Spirit realm and how it can enrich all of our lives. Andrea Neville is a psychic medium, channel, and healer. Jessica Paschke is an intuitive guide, medium, and soul tarot expert.




The Spiritual 411 on Crystals with Sara Bryki

Crystals are more than pretty rocks on a shelf, they’re their own energetic beings. On this episode of the Adventures with Spirit podcast, Andrea and Jessica invited Sara Bryki to sit down with them to share the crystal 411. Sara is a certified crystal healer, and the founder and CEO of Sarah Bryki Co and Bryki Gallery. Sara has been working with stones and crystals for over 15 years. From properly clearing your crystals to more deeply understanding self and trusting your intuition, Sara...


Akashic Records: The What, Why, and a Live Reading

You’ve likely heard of Akashic records, but what are they really? As a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul’s journey, it’s important to understand how Akashic records can help you in your own adventures. On this episode of Adventures with Spirit, Andrea and Jessica discuss what the Akashic records are, how you may experience the teachers of the Akashic records, and why they do and don’t work for certain scenarios. Continue listening for a live Akashic...


Co-Creating Your Garden with Spirit

What if you viewed the adventure of your life like a garden? As something to be tended to, nurtured, and co-created? In today's episode, we're exploring what tending to your life looks like and how understanding yourself through spiritual work is a key aspect of co-creating your desires. This episode, we discuss: [02:05] A peek into why Andrea and Jessica decided to pivot their direction for the rest of season two [04:02] How to embrace changing and updating your plans [10:23] Taking a...


Off the Mat: A Deeper Look Into Yoga Practices with Scheri Goff

What images or thoughts come to mind when you hear the word yoga? Deep stretching? Maybe uncomfortable poses and overpriced activewear? Scheri Goff joins us on this episode of Adventures with Spirit to talk about how the practice of yoga goes much deeper than the westernized, business model it’s widely accepted as today. This episode, we discuss: [3:55] Basic beliefs about yoga[6:00] What yoga is really all about[7:07] Why yoga is so much more than just an exercise class[9:56] The 5 main...


Live Listener Readings: A Practice in Connecting with Your Guides and Inner Voice

Welcome to Adventures with Spirit, where we love inviting our audience to join us for live readings! On today’s episode, Janey and Marcia allowed us to join them on their journeys, and once again Spirit brought it all together in ways we could not have planned better ourselves. Join us today as we discuss ways to play with your guides, how you can learn to decipher between your guides, Inner Voice, and Angels, and how we all experience these in our own unique way. To our two lovely audience...


A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation with Adreanna Limbach

In today’s episode of Adventures with Spirit we’re sitting down with Adreanna Limbach to talk about all things meditation. Adreanna is a meditation instructor, personal development coach and author of Tea and Cake with Demons: a Buddhist Guide to Feeling Worthy. As a meditation teacher, she cut her teeth teaching secular Buddhist studies and meditation at the Interdependence Project beginning in 2012. She has since hosted retreats both internationally and stateside at the Omega Institute....


Understanding Your Soul Through Journaling and Automatic Writing

What do you think of when you hear the words journaling or automatic writing? It may call in memories of angsty teenage years, but did you know they can also be powerful tools on your spiritual journey? On today’s episode of Adventures With Spirit, we dive into both journaling and automatic writing practices, discussing what these tools are, why we use them, and how they can help you understand your soul more fully while helping to create a direct line to Spirit. We invite you to join our...


Tuning into Your Inner Voice with Sacred Space and Rituals

Why are sacred spaces and rituals important? Used in the metaphysical and religious worlds, these terms can feel confusing, even triggering, when we are trying to align them with our past understandings and our new perspectives. On today’s episode of Adventures with Spirit, we discuss how to find a place of comfort for ourselves while making space for these ideas.. Grab a cup of tea and sit with us as we dive into maintaining the integrity of sacred space and ritual, how creating sacred...


Your Inner Voice: A Guide to Hearing and Trusting Intuition

Do you ever wonder if what you are receiving is your intuition or just your busy mind? You’re not alone - this is one of the most commonly asked questions we hear. On today's episode, we break it down for you, discussing key words, what your inner voice is and isn’t, and ways to figure out if it's all in your head or if it's truly coming from your heart. Listen in as we share our personal experiences, and get ready to begin the journey of connecting to your inner voice with a beautiful...

Strengthening Connections Through an Astrological Lens

Have you ever wondered if the stars and planets have an effect on how you move through the world? We invited an amazing being, Maeg Keane, to join us on today’s episode of Adventures with Spirit. Maeg is a consulting astrologer and clinical herbalist with a strong soul-calling to help bring others into nourishing companionship with themselves and our animate world. Maeg has helped us explore our place in the stars and on Earth many times, and we are beyond excited to share their knowledge...


Putting the Pieces Together: A Live Mediumship Reading

On today’s special episode of Adventures with Spirit, we hold a live reading with our listener Mary. Spirit shows up in a major way as we are guided through mediumship, cards, archetypes and other spiritual tools that continue to show us the possibilities of healing through understanding your own personal adventure. Join us and our beautiful guest as we break down and shift belief systems and perceptions, making way for the journey ahead. This episode, we discuss: ‍[03:36] A father’s...


Increasing Your Archetype Awareness

What is an archetype and how could it be influencing your life? Join us on today’s episode of Adventures with Spirit, where we will be discussing the four primary archetypes that everyone has, a few subcategories of archetypes that have shown up in our personal journeys, and different ways they can express themselves in our lives. Keep listening for guidance on how to work with your archetypes, even when they are working against you. This episode, we discuss: [0:10] The spiritual...


Tarot cards: Divination or self-exploration?

How do you use your Tarot, Angel, or Oracle cards? For many, they are used for divination, asking questions about the future. For us, here on the Adventures with Spirit podcast, it’s about self-exploration: Understanding ourselves more fully so we can better navigate our own adventures, with a little (or a lot) of help from our Guides. Even if you have never pulled a card before, this conversation will help you better understand why and how we use our cards with intention and...


Belief Systems: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Belief systems - we all have them. They surface when we attempt to create change and break away from existing patterns in our lives or when we have an automatic, sometimes unpleasant reaction to a situation. No matter how your life adventure has gone so far, your belief systems affect you on a deep, subconscious level. We are here to guide you through what belief systems are, how past beliefs can affect the present, and how to identify and change them so you can stop giving your power...


Navigating the Journey with Spirit

We’re back! Welcome to season two of the Adventures with Spirit podcast. Have you ever thought about the meaning of the word ‘adventure?’ Unknown danger. Remarkable experiences. Uncomfortable moments. Exhilarating opportunities. Adventure can be all of the above. As psychic mediums, we like to consider our spiritual experiences as adventure, and over the past few months we both have been experiencing some really uncomfortable moments. We want to share how listening to Spirit saved our...


Adventures with Mediumship: Live Readings

Welcome to the final episode of season 1! Thank you so much for joining us on this adventure. It has been a fascinating 21 episodes where we've covered a variety of topics and interviews with experts in different fields of the spirit world. But hey, the adventure doesn't stop here! We're taking a quick break to recharge and prepare more incredible episodes for you. We'll be back in July with more inspiring content to help your intuitive and spiritual development journey. In the meantime,...


How to Get the Most Out of a Reading

Do you know how to make the most of a reading? Whether you've had a psychic or mediumship reading before or are new to the idea, today's episode provides great pointers for those looking to make the most out of connecting with Spirit through a professional reader. Having performed thousands of readings, Andrea and Jessica bring up key questions to ask yourself before booking a session, why this is a sacred moment with Spirit, how to find the best fit for your specific situation, and...


Intuitive Burnout: What is Intuitive Burnout?

Being a highly intuitive individual has many perks. You enjoy listening to that powerful voice that speaks without words, you're not afraid of trusting your instincts, you process unconscious information that only a few can master...the list goes on. But like anything in this world, the duality of this skill comes with that unalluring side that is rarely spoken of - intuitive burnout. In today's episode, Andrea and Jessica talk about and share their experience dealing with intuitive...


Remote Viewing with Angela Ford

Have you ever heard the term Extra Sensory Perception? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, extra sensory perception - also called ESP - is perception (as in telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition) that involves awareness of information about events external to the self not gained through the senses and not deducible from previous experience. In today's episode, we welcome psychic and remote viewer, Angela Ford. Angela takes us back to her early years developing her psychic...


Angel Mediums

For some of us, when we think of a medium we think of someone whose abilities consist in connecting with crossed-over loved ones or someone who delivers messages from spirits on the other side. But, did you know there are different forms of mediumship? In today's episode, Andrea and Jessica dive deep into the ins and outs of angel mediumship. They begin by defining what an angel medium is and how this practice is different from others. They also chat about the characteristics and focus of...