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S3, Ep02 Who Let The Frogs Out?: The Plagues of Egypt

Uh oh! Looks like pandemonium at Nova Academy and in the past! Join the squad as they learn how God gives grace to those who are humble and blesses those who are obedient to Him!


S3, Ep02 Who Let The Frogs Out?: The Plagues of Egypt

Uh oh! Looks like pandemonium at Nova Academy and in the past! Join the squad as they learn how God gives grace to those who are humble and blesses those who are obedient to Him!


S3, Ep01 The Cosmos Covenant: God's Promise to Abraham

The squad learns how God is faithful and how He always keeps His promises, as they travel through another Pathway to the past, and witness God make a very significant promise that would change the course of history!


Airship Genesis - Mission: Runaway Robot Ep05: Rhyming for Gold

It’s out of one crisis and into another for the Genesis Exploration Squad. After bringing an end to Irrwin’s breadship, the squad faces a new danger—it appears a series of earthquakes are breaking the Genesis Exploration Complex apart. Is it a string of bad luck? Or could it be something more? This week, Cameron, Gabi, Logan, Emma, and Wyatt go deep into the mountain below the complex to try to find the quake culprit, and save Rocket Cove.


Airship Genesis - Mission: Runaway Robot Ep04: The Rise of the Breadship

Irrwin is baking up something special—but will his fun in the kitchen spell doom for Rocket Cove? The Genesis Exploration Squad is hot on Irrwin’s trail, but they will have to spring into action to stop Irrwin’s most dangerous plan yet.


Airship Genesis - Mission: Runaway Robot Ep03: A Faire Fight

The Genesis Exploration Squad has finally figured out their rogue bot’s mission. Irrwin is taking objects from Rocket Cove, thinking that he is collecting pieces of God’s Word. However, knowing this rhyming robot’s mission is one thing—catching him is another challenge entirely. This week, the squad goes on a stakeout, thinking they know where Irrwin will strike next. But, as they soon find out, Irrwin won’t go down without a fight.


Airship Genesis - Mission: Runaway Robot Ep02: The Great Space Chase

The Genesis Exploration Squad takes a break from searching for Irrwin, their runaway robot, to watch the launch of a space shuttle from the Rocket Cove Astroport. Little do they know that Irrwin is there too, but for a different reason…


Airship Genesis - Mission: Runaway Robot Ep01: The Illumination Situation

There’s a runaway robot on the loose in the Genesis Exploration Squad’s hometown of Rocket Cove. He’s on a quest to understand God’s Word, but in turn may end up destroying all of Rocket Cove in the process—and the Genesis Exploration Squad are the only ones who can stop him!


S2, Ep10 The Strike of the Bible Bandits: Keeping God’s Word in Your Heart

The wacky and villainous Cyrus, Vander, and Norton are back to put their final no-good plan into action! What are they up to, and will the squad be able to stop them? Join the squad as they go face-to-face for the first time against these ridiculous trouble makers! Through it all, they learn the power of God’s Word and how important it is to have it hidden in our hearts. Buckle up for a chase-filled, action-packed season finale!


S2, Ep09 The Final Days of Jesus: Easter Special

In this very special Easter episode, what starts as a quiet day for the Genesis Exploration Squad quickly turns into their biggest adventure yet! An unexpected Pathway sends the squad back in time to witness the very climax of history…the event that every prophet foretold and pointed to…the final days of Jesus! Join the squad as they witness our Savior give Himself as a sacrifice for us and conquer death itself as He rises from the grave!


S2, Ep08 The Rebellious Fish Man: The Story of Jonah

The members of the Genesis Exploration Squad find themselves on the other side of a Pathway. But what starts as a sunny day on the beach quickly turns into an incredible encounter with an especially stubborn Bible character. Join the squad as they learn to obey God and trust Him no matter what. That lesson will be put to the test back in Rocket Cove when wacky villains, Cyrus and Vander, try to stir up some trouble for the Genesis Exploration Squad!


S2, Ep07 God’s Willing Servant: The Angel Appears to Mary

It’s Service Day in Rocket Cove, and the Genesis Exploration Squad is keen to jump in and help, but things don’t turn out quite as they had expected. However, the squad jumps into another Pathway to a Bible story of the past and witnesses an amazing young woman who was ready to serve God no matter what. Cameron, Gabi, Logan, Wyatt, and Emma discover an important lesson about why it’s important to trust God and do what He asks, even when it’s unexpected.


S2, Ep06 The Dreamer’s Destiny: The Story of Joseph

The Genesis Exploration Squad’s newest adventure is off to a rough start. Everything is mysteriously breaking down—even Rupert! In this episode, the members of the squad find themselves on a choppy journey aboard the Airship Genesis, but the Bible still takes them on a whirlwind adventure into the past. Join them as they witness the life of a special man who also had a turbulent life. He was a dreamer whose dreams got him in a lot of trouble. But you’ll find out, along with the Genesis...


S2, Ep05 The Great Christmas-Palooza: Rocket Cove Christmas Special

Christmas is here! Deck the halls! Light the candles and turn on those carols! Christmas is called the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! But what is it all about? Presents? Food? Family gatherings? Well…not exactly. This episode, the squad is throwing quite a Christmas extravaganza and everyone in town is invited! With all the personalities in Rocket Cove, it’s sure to be a Christmas-Palooza never to forget. Join the squad as they discover the true meaning of Christmas.


S2, Ep04 The Moaners and the Mighty Marah Miracle: The Israelites and the Bitter Waters

Uh oh… someone’s in a bad mood! Things aren’t going Logan’s way and it’s starting to affect everyone around him! But that’s not all. The members of the squad find themselves on an adventure where everyone on the other side of the Pathway is very unhappy. Although you might complain too if you were in the middle of a dry, hot, desert…with no water! Join the squad as they learn why it’s important to be thankful no matter what happens!


S2, Ep03 The Sneaky Spies and The Scarlet Cord: Rahab and the Spies

The squad’s mission (should they choose to accept it!) involves a secret operation in the dead of night. Together they shadow some special spies as they sneak through the city of Jericho, which leads them to witness the bravery of a very special woman. They will have to dodge guards, stay hidden, and follow special instructions because this pathway to the past is dangerously unstable! Can the squad remain undetected and avoid being sucked back through the time warp? Join the squad in this...


S2, Ep02 The Courageous Fire Walkers: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego

In today’s episode, Emma enters the Nova Academy science fair, only to find out that there’s a lot more to be afraid of than not winning the 1st place ribbon. Join her and the rest of the Genesis Exploration Squad as they go back in time to meet three friends who defied a king—and escaped their fiery fate. Learn how God can give us courage even when life gets scary. Plus, meet some people who aren’t very happy about what the squad is up to and who are on their own quest to disrupt the...


S2, Ep01 The Storm Tamer: Jesus Calms the Storm

The members of the Genesis Exploration Squad are ready to start a new school year, but the first day of school doesn’t go quite as they planned. Join Cameron, Gabi, Logan, Emma, and Wyatt as they discover that when times are hard and stressful, there’s only One Person who can tame the storms in our lives!


S1, Ep12 Pathways to the Past: Looking Back at Season 1

When a storm knocks out the power at the Genesis Exploration Complex, the squad makes the best of the situation. To pass the time, Cameron, Gabi, Emma, Logan, and Wyatt (Joules and Rupert, too!) look back at their favorite missions aboard the Airship Genesis and the amazing lessons they’ve learned. Join the squad, and relive the very best of the Airship Genesis Bible Adventure Stories so far!


S1, Ep11 Be Bold: The Story of Esther

Jump into the past with the Genesis Exploration Squad as they find themselves in the middle of a giant banquet. But they—and you—will soon discover that this isn’t a story about the food. It’s a dramatic story about an ancient queen who was courageous enough to stand up boldly to defend her people. Experience this incredible story from God’s Word and learn how you can also be a difference maker for God!