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Religious affairs programme, tackling the thornier issues of the day in a thought-provoking manner


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Religious affairs programme, tackling the thornier issues of the day in a thought-provoking manner




The Rt Revd Mary Stallard, Bishop-elect of the Diocese of Llandaff.

This week, Azim Ahmed’s guest is a senior figure in the Church in Wales. The Right Reverend Mary Stallard, currently the Assistant Bishop of Bangor, has just been elected as the 73rd Bishop of Llandaff – a post she’ll take up in sometime in the spring. The Diocese of Llandaff covers nearly half the Christian population in Wales, including parts of Cardiff, the Vale of Glamorgan and some of the Valleys. Bishop Mary was one of the first women to be ordained as a priest in the Church in Wales...


All Things Considered: The Rt Revd Mary Stallard, Bishop-elect of the Diocese of Llandaff.

Azim Ahmed’s guest is the Rt Revd Mary Stallard, the newly elected Bishop of Llandaff.


Canon Aled Edwards

Roy welcomes back Canon Aled Edwards, an Anglican priest who’s spent more than half of his ministry among the politicians and officials of what’s now the Welsh Parliament, the Senedd. At the same time, he’s worked for large numbers of refugees and asylum seekers, fought against racism and other kinds of discrimination, and helped forge links between different religious communities. And he’s done so both as a Christian minister, and as a political anorak, who once spent a fortnight’s holiday...


Lorraine Cavanagh - surviving childhood trauma

"Get on the pill, get a job, and stay out of my life" - such were the less than encouraging words her father once addressed to the young Lorraine Cavanagh. Despite coming from a wealthy and privileged family background (her grandmother was the inventor of the modern bra, and the proprietor of a prestigious publishing house), Dr Cavanagh endured a childhood of emotional neglect, and sexual abuse at the hands of a stepfather she was encouraged to call 'Dad'. In this candid interview, Revd...


Post-Christian Wales

The recent release of Census statistics for religion suggests that the number of people with no religion now far exceeds the number of those purporting to be Christian. Roy Jenkins discusses the implication of these results with a panel including Dr Emma Whittick, chaplain of Trinity Saint Davids University of Wales at Lampeter and Carmarthen; George Craig, a retired civil servant and Methodist lay preacher; Kathy Riddick, Wales co-ordinator for Humanists UK; and Chris Street, who leads the...


Magnificat - a song of hope, love and revolution

As the Christmas festival continues, Roy Jenkins explores – with the help of a range of guests – the significance of one of the best known seasonal texts. The Magnificat is an outpouring of joy from Mary, on hearing the news from the Archangel Gabriel that she is to give birth to Jesus. The text, from St Luke’s Gospel, will have been heard in many churches during the past few weeks as part of the telling of the Christmas story. There have been countless musical settings down the centuries –...


The Cost of Living

Plunging temperatures and rising fuel and food prices are all having a severe impact on all sorts of people. Roy Jenkins looks at what some churches around Wales are doing to help people trapped in the cost of living crisis during the run-up to Christmas. In Trethomas, in the borough of Caerphilly, Roy meets Revd Dean Roberts, whose Parish Trust and Care Project, established during the Pandemic, continue to help people living in the area. Julia Bartholomew, minister of Rhos-on-Sea United...



It’s the most wonderful time of year, with kids jingle-belling and tea towel clad shepherds, sulking kings and young inn keepers playing their part in Nativity plays in schools and churches. Costumes, songs, proud parents, and memories created, are all part of this advent tradition. It has a special place in hearts of many, and gives some a warm fuzzy feeling. But, where has this tradition come from? What does it really mean for children and families? And what of other kinds of...


Faith in Iran

Civil unrest in Iran, sparked by the death of 22-year-old Masha Amini in police custody, has spread across the Iranian Republic. What began as a protest for women’s rights has swelled, with demands for greater freedoms and even an overthrow of the state. The issue’s dominated Iran’s play at the Football World Cup in Qatar – as their team stood in silent protest while their anthem was played. Closer to home, here in Wales hundreds have gathered on the streets to protest under the slogan...


Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the wee donkey; the supporting cast.

On this Advent Sunday here beginneth your guide to some of the other characters caught up in the Christmas story in addition to 'Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the wee donkey'. When Superintendent Ted Hastings of TV’s 'Line of Duty' referred to the holy family, he had obviously forgotten all the other key suspects who in the next few weeks will feature in readings in Advent and Christmas carol services. Even before the shepherds and magi set foot in Bethlehem, we consider: Who was the prophet...


BBC @ 100

Roy Jenkins looks back at a century of religious broadcasting on the BBC. With a motto inspired by a Biblical source, the early BBC was avowedly Christian, and largely Anglican at that. Sir John Reith (a man lacking in neither religious conviction nor self-belief) placed enormous importance on the radio as a means of disseminating the Christian message. Roy Jenkins looks at Reith's legacy of religious programmes on the airwaves, and subsequently on television, as producers tackled the...


Qatar, Football and Human Rights

Roy Jenkins and guests discuss human rights and the Football World Cup with a live audience at Wrexham Glyndŵr University. The panel discussion is part of a range of programmes being broadcast by BBC Radio Wales in Wrexham this weekend to mark the Wal Goch Festival of Football. The Football World Cup is just a week away and it’s the first time Wales has qualified since 1958. It’s also the first time the World Cup has been hosted by a Muslim nation, Qatar, and the country is expecting 1.3...


A Hindu @ No 10

Roy Jenkins looks at what some regard as one of the most significant developments for religious faith in Britain for generations: a practising Hindu in the highest office in the land. It’s only 8 years since Rishi Sunak became an MP, so the speed of his ascent has been astonishing. But this is a Prime Minister from a very different mould to many of his predecessors: he really does ‘do faith’. Only it’s not the Christian one. Roy talks to three Hindus in Wales to discover what they make of...


Tax: why pay it?

Tax is an issue which none of us can avoid. It can spark furious debate, be the cause of sleepless nights, and it’s just hastened the demise of a prime minister and her government. Few of us relish paying tax, but most accept that it’s the price of living in a society. But can it ever be made fair? How much should the well-off be paying? And how is a religious faith meant to shape how its followers approach such questions? Roy Jenkins is joined by four guests to discuss the issues. Rebecca...


Where Earth Meets Heaven

This week we escape to the hills. If you explore the beautiful mountains and valleys of Wales, you don’t have to go too far before coming across an ancient Christian church founded many centuries ago by a Celtic saint who settled there. Such places, sometimes in a rugged remote setting, offer a powerful spiritual connection for those who might chance to visit. There’s also the lure of the hills and mountains. Amongst British Muslims – especially younger ones, the countryside and the Welsh...


"It’s the book I love the most but find the hardest.”

This week Roy Jenkins is in conversation with Siân Rees, the new Head of Bible Society in Wales who’s less than two weeks in the job. The charity has its roots in Wales with Mary Jones’s 26 mile walk to Bala in mid-Wales over 200 years ago to buy a bible in her own language. Today, Bible Society (formerly known as the British and Foreign Bible Society) is finding new ways of telling (as the hymn goes) the old, old story. Only this month the society has released a new video “The Bible in four...


Food Security

What is the true cost of food in a world facing war, inflation, and climate change? Jonathan Thomas discusses the ethics of food production with a panel of guests: Elizabeth Myendo is Tearfund's lead for disaster management in Southern and East Africa; Gerald Miles is an organic farmer based near St Davids; Victoria Shervington-Jones is a poultry farmer based near Newport, whilst Simon Bowkett is a chaplain and an upload beef and sheep farmer based in West Wales. In Britain, as in many other...


Pastor Mick Fleming

Today's guest is widely recognised for his hands-on ministry to people in need. During the lockdowns of the pandemic, when many churches in his home community of Burnley in Lancashire closed their doors, he offered ‘Church on the Street’; and it attracted wide media attention. Pastor Mick Fleming had previously spent decades in a life marked by hard crime and addiction. On the verge of an illegal operation, a spiritual encounter began a challenging journey: confronting past trauma and...


Godly Play

Godly Play is a a global movement for faith education for children and adults; taught in over sixty-six countries across the globe and used by all the major Christian denominations. It's rooted in the philosophy of Maria Montessori, and is based on a trust in children’s innate spirituality. Through stories and play, children are encouraged to develop an understanding of God through wonder, rather than instruction. This autumn the first Godly Play stories will be published in Welsh, and we...


Royalty and Religion

At her Coronation , the late Queen took a sacred vow to become 'Defender of the Faith' - the Protestant faith, that is. That vow has been repeated by King Charles III on his formal accession to the throne, and it's just one of many ways in which religion has helped shape the monarchy, and helped preserve its continuity. In this programme Jonathan Thomas looks at some of the profound and curious religious foundations for the British monarchy, as it draws on Biblical precedent for some of its...