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Angela is a Medium working with a Team on the other side in the non- physical. Help her bring clarity and understanding to both worlds, this world and Theirs.


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Angela is a Medium working with a Team on the other side in the non- physical. Help her bring clarity and understanding to both worlds, this world and Theirs.




Releasing Anxiety with Therapist and Author Faust Ruggiero, M.S.

Have you struggled with Anxiety? Are you looking for easy to understand ways to work through your anxiety? Has anxiety stopped or held you back from moving forward? Are you ready for a new path to freedom from your anxiety? Are you ready to dive in to understand anxiety at core levels? Discover easy, down to earth methods to move you through anxiety. Faust is an author that has been working for over 40 years to improve on existing methods with cutting edge programs to improve your personal...


Animal Communication, the Akashic and beyond with Lisa Reining

What is it like to connect to animals? Can you communicate with animals and pets that have passed and that are still here in the physical? Can the animals tell their story, like how they like their families? What type of information comes from the animals? How did you start communicating with animals? Can others communicate with their pets or animals? What are Akashic Records? How can Akashic records help us? Are our animals in the Akashic records too? What other Realms has Lisa been able to...


Duo Connection with Mediums Anita McMillen and Elizabeth Robidoux

Explore the mystery of two mediums simultaneously connecting to a Soul creating dual communication. How can two people connect to a Soul and communicate with each other and the Soul to bring messages forward? How did this connection happen between Anita and Elizabeth? What can be gained by dual connection? Can this method of communication be taught to others? What other energies have they accessed using this method? Join me as we explore these questions and more diving in deep talking with...


Carla Fox Setting Your Energetic Template for 2023

What is an energetic template and why would you want to use one for 2023? Are you looking to make changes in your life or set your foundation to a steady path of growth? Are you feeling stuck or blocked? Carla created a new Quantum Sphere Healing technique. Her communication with other realms is giving all of us the ability to understand and set our energetic template for 2023. Are you energetically ready? Join us as we set the course together. Bring a paper and pen and be ready to engage....


Dorothy Morgan Astrologer Navigating the new energy.

How can astrology help you navigate 2023 and beyond? What are the most important things you should know about your birth chart? What type of information should I look for in Apps and websites about Astrology? What benefit would I receive by understanding my birth chart or astrology in general? Join astrologist Dorothy Morgan and I as we dive into astrology and the connection to you. Who is Dorothy Morgan? I started my path in Astrology in 1988. Over the years investing my time and evolving...


Connecting to the other side with Medium Connie Prytula

What does the journey of a medium look like? How do messages from passed loved ones empower people that are here? What other realms have made themselves known to Connie? How does ghost hunting and being a medium go together? What is an intuitive Healing session? How does Connie connect and how does she help others connect? Join Connie and I as we dive into the journey of a Medium. Since childhood, I have faced many occurrences, which at the time, was normal to me. When I grew into my teens...


Healing at the Quantum Level with Matt Schmidt and Angela Zabel

What is Quantum Healing and can you heal yourself emotionally and physically? What is different about Quantum Healing? What do time and Quantum Healing have to do with each other? Can healing my past help me now? How does our human perception of time and the Quantum perception of time differ? What are Akashic Records? What made you transition from Scientist to a Quantum Healing Facilitator? Join us as we dive into these questions and more in the next hour. Matt is professionally trained as a...


Healing after a Child's Loss with Rick and Beth Olsen

Can you heal from the crippling loss of a child? What does a journey of healing look like in your heart and Soul? Can communication be bridged with those you lost and how does it happen? What is Shamanism and how can Shamanism heal and help others? Find out why Rick and Beth Olsen decided to go public and share their story of losing two children to a drunk driver, with so many others. Listen to a journey of Love, healing, understanding, joy and beauty. Join us as we talk with Beth and Rick...


Setting Boundaries and Difficult People with Angela Zabel

Do you have difficult people in your life? Do you feel taken advantage of by others? Does your work environment feel toxic? Do you have family or friends with whom you feel obligations? Why would you want to have boundaries? How do boundaries help on a Soul level for you and others? Are you ready to learn more? Join Angela and her Team for an in depth conversation. Got questions? Call in live. Your Amazing Soul is here to guide you. Discover what you are capable of. Helping you to navigate...


Connecting to your Soul with Angela Zabel

Are you looking for ways to connect to your Soul? What can you learn from your Soul? Join me as we dive into what information our Soul may contain. Let’s explore ways we can connect to our Soul. We are here to understand and remember who we are. Numbness, anxiety, and depression are some of the indicators that your connection to your Soul may need to be grown. Empower yourself by growing your connection to your Soul. Your Amazing Soul is here to guide you. Discover what you are capable of....


Connecting to Other Realms with Kelly Thebo and The Collective

Expanding our consciousness, what can we gain from connecting to other realms? Have you wondered what it’s like to make contact with other energies? Can connecting to other consciousnesses enhance our soul journey? Is there something to fear in connecting to other consciousnesses? Join myself and Kelly Thebo who channels The Collective as we explore our connections. Kelly will channel a message from the Collective on our connection to the other side and ways to navigate our world here. Kelly...


I think I’m an Empath, Now What?

Do you feel you’re an empath and take on the feelings of others? Are you feeling tired, anxious, overwhelmed and just plain burned out? Can we be empathic without the fear of taking on the emotions of situations and people? Join me as we dive in deep on how to navigate empathy. Angela is a medium who connects to those that passed and a multitude of other energies. She works with a Team in the non physical, together bringing through specific information to bring guidance to the people she...


Your Amazing Soul and Meet Angela and Her Team.

Your Amazing Soul is here to guide you. Discover what you are capable of. Helping you to navigate life, the world today and challenging life decisions. Making your life easier, more joyful, happy and fulfilled. Creating the life you want. Improving your personal and business relationships. Let's dive in deep on the aspects of the Soul and what we can connect to. Angela is a medium who connects to those that passed and a multitude of other energies. She works with a Team in the non physical,...