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Awaken Your Consciousness, Highest Purpose, & Potential | On the Awaken Podcast, host Bryan M. Henry is joined by thought leaders, spiritual teachers, and experts of personal transformation ; who join us to share with you their wisdom to support you in ascending to higher planes of consciousness and actualizing your infinite potential.




Awaken Your Consciousness, Highest Purpose, & Potential | On the Awaken Podcast, host Bryan M. Henry is joined by thought leaders, spiritual teachers, and experts of personal transformation ; who join us to share with you their wisdom to support you in ascending to higher planes of consciousness and actualizing your infinite potential.





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Mastering Emotional Fitness & Mindfulness w/ Brian Coones | AWB #93

Brian Coones is a stress, mindfulness, & meditation coach. He is also the host of the Rewire podcast. Brian uses his energy and influence to help business professionals manage stress, awaken self-awareness, elevate health & happiness, find deeper meaning & inner peace, create resilience, and level up. He has helped transform hundreds of companies and clients with his practical and experiential results-driven coaching, workshops, and retreats. IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL DISCOVER: CONNECT WITH BRIAN Brian's WebsiteRewire Podcast with Brian Coones@briancoones SUPPORT: If you've been enjoying the show and have benefitting from the content, two ways that you can support us in continuing to create his content 1) Leave a Review On Spotify or Apple Podcasts 2) Give a donation of any amount (link will be provided soon) Highlight Quotes: "How do I overcome who I used to be yesterday and the parts of myself that I want change? There's a certain consistency and cadence that creates a momentum.. You just put that time and it creates a momentum and then suddenly you get these bigger signs that come." "Mindfulness meditation became my core modality." ".. you transcend that old version of yourself for a moment and you have an opportunity to take a little peek under the curtain into something greater. You feel a joy and a love and a bliss that rises from within that no amount of anything on the outside could possibly create that feeling." "The breath and cold, no cost natures gifts that are right there. The breath is the biggest lever we have on the nervous system. The cold I found was very important in healing my nervous system." "Where you are right now is not where you need to remain." "Every single day, I protect time to go within and connect with myself. It wasn't perfect at first. It took a couple of years to really get that flow. But fast forward to this moment, my day is very ritualistic now. If I don't start my day tech-free with my journal, with my meditation, with my breath work and the cold plunge, the day ends up in a very different place for me." "Mindfulness at the end of the day is just a synonym for awareness. It's a way of being that allows us to be more in the present moment, moment by moment, free of judgment, more kindness, compassion, and just being here and now." "There's an acronym (for) the attitude of mindfulness, COAL: curiosity, openness, accepting what it is, whether it's pleasant or unpleasant equally, and love, self-love, which is the kindness and compassion piece. "The most important thing is by being fully authentic, being in absolute integrity, radical transparency with the good, the bad, all of the things, and truly embodying the lifestyle and the practice." "Ascension just really just means letting go of the fear, the shame, the guilt, opening up the heart space and getting into that feeling of love, appreciation and gratitude. It's a day-to-day moment-by-moment process of overcoming yourself to ascend to another level. " "Awareness is the greatest agent for change. When we start to notice our thinking, the way we're behaving, the way we're feeling - when we start to catch ourselves in those negative thoughts loops we can start to let go of the old story and programming. Get out of our own way as the saying goes and when we do that, we start to connect to that higher sense of wisdom, intuition, truth and beauty."


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How To Connect With Your Higher Self with Bryan M. Henry (REPLAY)

Your Higher Self is here guiding you, and perceives of a more expanded view of reality than you currently do. Learning to connect to and align with the guidance of your Higher Self is how you align with your Highest Timeline, the path on which you'll serve your purpose and live your life to the fullest. In this episode, I share with you a 5-step practice I've come to for connecting to one's Higher Self. You'll be provided with an array of tools and ways for connecting to your highest source of guidance, so that you can walk your path with a sense of knowing and ease. This episode was originally published on May 9th, 2023 Connect with Bryan @awakenwithbryan


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She Saw How Our Soul Blueprint Works During Her Near-Death Experience (NDE) with Ginette Biro | AWB #92

Ginette Biro is a powerful medium who is claircognizant, clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. Every day she sees things most others don’t see, hears things most others don’t hear, and feels things most others don’t feel. She is a bridge between worlds and can perceive of information beyond our physical dimension. In addition to these remarkable gifts, Ginette was able to gain a greater understanding of how our life blueprint and soul journey works, during a near death experience she had years ago. In this episode on the podcast, Ginette and Bryan have a conversation in which they delve deep into this understanding. You'll find out about what our 'soul blueprint' is and and how it shapes the trajectory of our lives. You'll also gain practical wisdom for how to apply this understanding to learn the lessons you've come here to learn so that you can step more fully into your power and abilities. If you've been questions like "why we are here we having this physical experience?" or "is 'destiny' a a real thing?", this episode may have some answers in store for you. In This Episode You Will Discover: Notable Quotes: "Source energy, the energy of the universe or the Creator, whatever anyone's word is, when that energy flows in harmony through and with you, is when you're in your power." (00:23:05) "There is nobody here at this time right now who hasn't agreed in their sole contract to come here and be a changemaker at this time. Whether you are a changemaker on a really big scale and you start a huge social media platform, or whether you are a changemaker in your family and your community just by being you and people around you benefit. My encouragement is don't let anyone dim your light. And if at first you are just shining your light brightly for yourself in your bedroom, maybe with your journal or your tarot cards or in meditation, that's fine. Start there. And then eventually slowly step out of it into embodying who you are at your fullest because there's no mistake that you're here with these gifts." (0:25:52) "We're at such a significant juncture point right now in human evolution on this planet, moving from a limited 3D view of just a global community to stepping into the recognition that we are part of a galactic community. With that galactic level of awareness comes a much higher level of consciousness, which has greater abilities for healing, renewable energy, time travel, and interdimensional travel. But for Earth as a whole to fully embrace this, there has to be a significant percentage of people in their full light. Standing in their own truth, not limited by fear or preconceived notions. This means we need to step into a higher level of open-mindedness where all things are possible, in science, spirituality, economics, and beyond." (00:45:27) "Any of the repeated cycles that people are noticing in their life that they can't quite figure out or just can't get rid of, there's a lesson to be had there. There's healing to be had, there's understandings, there's wisdoms to be gained. And until it's completed, it will continue to cycle. The key is going into it, understanding the trigger, why it's coming up for you, and what you can learn, heal, and change about it. Because when you do, you release that soul journey piece, gain the wisdom of that experience, and move forward" (00:55:09) "They have so much respect for souls inhabiting on earth, especially during these massive change points right now because of how polarized it is and how deeply cut the duality is and how much people right now are doing the healing and are doing the changing and are meeting the darkness and are being the light. It is a really challenging time and there's solid respect and admiration for all of us. It's quite beautiful." (01:05:46) "Lessons that aren't learned remain lessons that need to be learned." (01:08:55) "It's imperative at this time that people step in and open up and heal because it's changing the frequency of our...


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How to Step Into Your GREATNESS with Michael O'Shea | AWB #91

Michael O'Shea is a coach, mentor, and retreat facilitator who draws upon his transformative experiences with ayahuasca and his extensive journey through self-discovery to guide individuals and businesses towards achieving their full potential. Michael's work is rooted in the integration of ancient wisdom with practical strategies for modern-day transformation. In This Episode, You Will Discover: Connect With Michael Ayahuasca: Preparing for the Journey Within – Intentions, Fears, and Integration (Michael's Book)Men's Sacred Pilmgrimage (Michael's Upcoming Peru Retreat) (May 29 - June 9, 2024)Michael's Instagram


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Mindset Expert: How To Overcome Challenges, Follow-Through & Achieve Your Goals with Natascha Schulmeister | AWB #90

Natascha Schulmeister was told she would be unlikely to ever run long-distances due to major injuries. She was told that she didn't have the 'right body-type' to compete in bodybuilding. She's faced trauma and years of feeling unworthy. Since then, she has: competed and placed in a bodybuilding competition, is well on her way to completing a marathon, and has become a coach helping others become unbreakable through mindset, movement, and nutrition. Natascha Schulmeister is a coach, an athlete, and a healer who helps purpose driven humans to heal, grow, and create freedom. She's had clients achieve outcomes like quitting smoking after years of failing and healing their relationship with food, their body, and themselves. In this conversation, Natascha and Bryan get into a mindset-expanding conversation in which they explore topics including: how to follow-through we can build a sense of self-trust, how to hear and build a relationship with the voice of your soul, and how to expand your mindset to achieve things that you once didn't think were possible. You'll hear practical strategies for overcoming your perceived limitations and following through to achieve your goals. You're about to hear from someone who has proven first-hand that we are capable of so much more than we imagine (or what we may've been told), and is an expert on how we can elevate our mindset to discover this for ourselves. Tune in to this episode of Awaken with Natascha Schulmeister to discover why mindset matters, and how you can cultivate one of a winner. In This Episode Bryan and Natascha Discuss: (05:50) - Natascha's story of going through trauma and not feeling worthy (18:15) - Finding hope, taking responsibility, and building self-trust (29:35) - Hearing and building a relationship with the voice of your heart and soul (36:11) - The daily intention-setting and reflection practice that Natascha used to build a relationship with herself and change (46:20) - A presence hack (51:56) - Overcoming the fear that you're not enough by showing up and discovering that you are (1:07:39) - Challenging yourself, following-through, and breaking through what you believed was possible for you (1:21:26) - Why mindset matters Notable Quotes: "The moment your trauma happened is the only moment it truly existed, and everything past that point is your responsibility." (20:04) "Consistency isn't about perfection, it's about persistence." (37:41) "Action is the cure to self-doubt, and action is also the motivator. People often ask, 'What motivates you to keep going?' It's the action itself. Once you start moving, once you start doing, you find reasons to continue. You find the motivation in the progress, in the small wins, and in the changes you see in yourself. It's not about waiting for motivation to strike; it's about creating it through action." (1:07:36) "Your mindset can get you through any single challenge that you're going. Your mindset can also take you down deeper. You have to choose what depth you're going to, am I going into depth of love or am I going into depth of portraying self-hate? It's powerful either way, it can destroy you or it can build you into something that is beyond anything that you can ever imagine." (1:22:52) "Our current mindset dictates what we believe is possible for us, and that's what we'll experience as being possible. But when we we open up and expand our mindset to greater possibility, then those those possibilities become possible for us yeah" (1:24:18) "Improving myself over proving myself has been the biggest shift for me recently." (12:27:56) Connect With Natascha Natascha's InstagramNatascha's YouTube


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Quantum Mastery: Activating What You Desire (Arcturian Channeling) with Yolanda Marie | AWB #89

Yolanda Marie is what can be called a Blue Ray Arcturian Channel. She has a direct conscious connection with the 9th dimensional Arcturian Council for the purpose of bringing in and teaching information to elevate us to our next level of consciousness and evolution. For over 4 years, Yolanda has been sharing her channeled messages from the Arcturians on her YouTube channel, and her videos have been profoundly impacting those who come across it. Now, in this Awaken LIVE experience, you will have the unique opportunity to ask Yolanda and Arcturians your own questions directly, to gain insight and guidance from their higher dimensional perspective. The Arcturians are a highly evolved and benevolent collective consciousness known for their advanced spiritual and metaphysical insights. They are often regarded as cosmic guides and mentors, offering profound wisdom and guidance to individuals seeking to expand their consciousness and connect with higher realms of existence. Originating from the Arcturus star system, they are playing a pivotal role in assisting humanity’s collective ascension, offering insights into topics including quantum physics, manifestation, energy healing, and the interconnectedness of all life. IN THIS EPISODE YOLANDA AND BRYAN EXPLORE: CONNECT WITH YOLANDA Yolanda’s YouTube ChannelYolanda’s Website 🌎✨Join our free community of Awakened Leaders to accelerate your ascension process and join us at future Awaken LIVE experiences: ►


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Remember Your Soul’s Cosmic Origins with Julia Balaz | AWB #88

Julia Balaz is the creator of Galactic Astrology. For many years she felt guided to meticulously study Astrological Charts of her clients after their regression hypnosis (QHHT) sessions. She was looking for some verification on Extra-terrestrial information that was coming up in so many sessions. After analyzing over two thousand natal charts, Julia came to some breakthrough realizations. She is now here sharing her research data that confirms epic cosmic orchestration and influence of deep space objects on our lives in support of our collective evolution. Julia designed Galactic Astrology as a tool to help us understand our unique soul complexities and cosmic origins. This tool is proving to be powerful in helping people release self-doubt, find clarity around who they are and why they are here, so that they can embody the highest possible frequency of love and light for the benefit of our magnificent planet and the entire Universe. IN THIS EPISODE JULIA AND BRYAN EXPLORE: >> Get your Galactic Astrology natal chart reading generated here CONNECT WITH JULIA BALAZ: Galactic Astrology WebsiteJulia’s InstagramGalactic Astrology Natal Chart Generator (Free) 🌎✨ The Ascend Academy is Uniting & Activating Awakened Leaders ► Join Our Community Platform & Future Awaken LIVE Experiences (Free):


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Incension: Activating Your Body’s Crystalline Potential with Brooklin Rayne | AWB #87

Brooklin Rayne is an intuitive channel, heart oracle, and quantum field interpreter. Through her direct communication with Source she is able to connect and stabilize a zero point plasmic field within the space she holds for others. This allows for alchemy of the physical, mental, emotional, and spirit bodies to be experienced and grounded into One’s currently expressed reality. Through her diamond crystalline plasma structure she embodies the Christos Archetype of the Mirror, holding a space of diamond clarity for others to remember who they are and why they are here. Assisting others to return their original Source DNA blueprint combined with their Christos template, allowing a fuller embodiment of the I AM presence, Self realization, and unity consciousness. 🌎✨ The Ascend Academy is Uniting & Activating Awakened Leaders ► Join The Community: IN THIS EPISODE BROOKLIN AND BRYAN EXPLORE: CONNECT WITH BROOKLIN: Brooklin’s WebsitePortal of Alchemy (Brooklin’s Membership Program)


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How to CLAIM Your Abundance with Daniel Mangena | AWB #86

Daniel Mangena is a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, the host of the ‘Do it with Dan’ and ‘Beyond Success’ podcasts, a life & business transformation coach. He has helped thousands of people across the globe achieve wealth mastery and truly abundant lives. Daniel’s mission is to spread his teachings worldwide with the intention to “spearhead an evolutionary uplift in universal consciousness by awakening people to the importance of their unique role and enabling them to manifest their dream life. IN THIS EPISODE DAN AND BRYAN EXPLORE: ✨BIG ANNOUNCEMENT (LIVE EXPERIENCES): The podcast has just stepped into a new chapter, in which we will be hosting future episodes LIVE. This will give you and our community the opportunity to both be in the energy of the conversation as it’s happening, and to ask your own questions to our guest during an exclusive Q&A segment available only to the live audience. ► Sign-up on the Ascend Academy community platform to stay in the loop and join us for the show's live experience: CONNECT WITH DANIEL: Daniel’s WebsiteMoney Mindset QuizDaniel’s InstagramMoney Game - Daniel Mangena SUPPORT THE SHOW W/ A REVIEW: Leave A Review On Apple Podcasts Leave A Review On Spotify


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What is a Starseed? (& Why Are We Here?) with Matthew John | AWB #85

Matthew John is an internationally-recognized Spiritual Teacher and Mentor, Intuitive, Psychic, Medium, Intuitive Astrologer, Starseed Guide, Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive & Life Coach. As a gifted intuitive, wisdom channeler, and transmitter of healing frequencies, Matthew John specializes in helping others to heal their childhood and past-life traumas, reading people’s life plans from a Soul perspective, and in serving as a mentor for Starseeds and those looking to accelerate their spiritual development. Matthew is also someone who has become intimately familiar with who we are before coming to Earth, and guides others in remembering the mission that they came here on. In this episode, Matthew takes us on a journey of exploring the path of evolution that our Soul is on across many life-times, and how understanding this can greatly accelerate our process in this one. You’ll hear an explanation of karma that will likely be a new way of understanding what it really is, and how our Souls go about alchemizing and learning from it. And lastly, if you’ve ever come across the word Starseed and have wondered if you are one, or perhaps you’ve connected to an inner knowing or reason to believe that you are and have been looking to better understand what this really means, in this episode you’ll find out what it means to be both a Starseed (and an Earthseed), and why our Souls chose to come here to Earth. If you’re like most, and have been at all asking the big questions, “who am I and why am I here?” It's likely that Matthew John has some answers for you in this episode of Awaken. IN THIS EPISODE MATTHEW AND BRYAN EXPLORE: CONNECT WITH MATTHEW Matthew’s WebsiteMatthew’s YouTube ChannelAscending As One MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Expansion for Ascending Consciousness: Understanding the Universe, Consciousness, and Ascension - Todd Deviney 🌎✨ The Ascend Academy is Uniting & Activating Awakened Leaders ► Join The Community:


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Clearing Your Emotional Body & Aligning with Joy with Avalina Maline | AWB #84

Avalina Maline is an intuitive channel and an awakened multi-dimensional consciousness who is supporting others in their awakening process. Through her inner-standing of quantum energy and emotional alchemy she helps us accelerate embodiment and the transformation of our consciousness. Avalina guides individuals and groups in alchemizing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies in order to embody the power of their Divine Sovereignty and align to greater states of peace, joy, love, and abundance. IN THIS EPISODE AVALINA AND BRYAN EXPLORE: CONNECT WITH AVALINA: Avalina’s WebsiteAvalina’s Upcoming Astral Realm & Lucid Dreaming Program 🌎✨ The Ascend Academy is Uniting & Activating Awakened Leaders ► Join The Community:


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Remembering Harmony, Advice for Entrepreneurs, & Embodying Your Unique Expression w/ Jeremy Hoffmann | AWB #82

Jeremy is a 7x CEO Founder, including being the Founder of Oasis Adaptogen. The businesses, products, and solutions he is creating are helping people all over the world remember harmony, and cultivate states of connection through the physical, emotional, mental, and virtual planes of reality. He’s a leader in the spaces of adaptogenic mushroom use and conscious entrepreneurship, and he’s here to share with us some profound spiritual and business advice. In this episode, he shares with us his story of transforming his life from the inside-out, practical guidance for taking radical responsibility in our lives using strategies such as ‘reframing’, and advice for those who are either already on the path of entrepreneurship or are feeling called to explore it. Whether or not it's as an entrepreneur, this episode is filled with potent insights to support you in sharing your unique expression with the world. Let's dive into this conversation with Jeremy Hoffmann. IN THIS EPISODE JEREMY AND BRYAN EXPLORE: 🌎✨ The Ascend Academy is Uniting & Activating Awakened Leaders ► Join The Community: TIMESTAMPS (0:00:01) - Exploring Interconnectedness and Harmony (0:09:51) - Exploring Identity Letting Go (0:21:22) - Transforming From Rock Bottom to Thriving (0:29:21) - The Power of Fourth Eye Vision (0:35:01) - Mind and Body (0:46:28) - Self-Responsibility and Reframing (0:52:24) - The Power of Breath & Presence (1:07:55) - Connecting Suffering, Judgment and Disease (1:12:56) - The Benefits of Collaboration in Entrepreneurship (1:23:46) - Unlocking Your Unique Expression (1:39:50) - Remembering Harmony Through Entrepreneurship CONNECT WITH JEREMY Jeremy’s InstagramOasis Adaptogens RESOURCES MENTIONED The Surrender Experiment - Michael SinglerNot Coffee by Oasis Adaptogens Chaga (Functional Mushroom)


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What Is Time Really? (And Why We Need To Evolve Our Understanding Of It) with Andra Vișan | AWB #81

“Time is an illusion.” You may have heard this being proposed before, perhaps you’ve even felt some resonance with the statement. But what is time really? Have you ever considered that our society’s dominating concept of time could be severely limiting us? And can it be possible that something so widely accepted and used liked the Gregorian Calendar, the calendar that the vast majority of the world uses today, is keeping us in lower states of consciousness and in disharmony. Andra Visan is an expert of the Dreamspell Calendar (which is inspired by the Mayan Calendar) and teaches us how we can use this calendar to come back into harmony with Nature, and with ourselves. I’ve had her on the show before for Ep #57: How to Use the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar As a Spiritual Development Tool, in which we opened up a conversation that we dive deeper into in this one. This time she’s back to help us evolve our understanding of what time really is, and in doing so, evolve our consciousness. IN THIS EPISODE ANDRA AND BRYAN EXPLORE: RESOURCES MENTIONED; Andra’s Youtube ChannelLaw of Time Foundation Website13:20 Sync App for IphoneDreamspell (Android App) ✨ To join our movement and community of Awakened Leaders serving Collective Ascension: OUR GUEST: ANDRA VISAN Andra Visan, born and living in Romania, has been studying the Dreamspell Calendar since July 2017, after she experienced a profound synchronicity right at the time of the Mayan New Year, which made her understand the power behind this magical system. After some incredible synchronicities and following the codes of the calendar, she arrived on the footsteps of the Mayan Pyramids in Mexico, she bathed in the ancient energy of the lands to gain the inspiration and the motivation needed to dedicate her time and work to presenting the Dreamspell Calendar to the world. She offers individual galactic signature decoding sessions, online and offline workshops, and posts educational videos about the codes, structure and philosophy of the calendar on her Youtube Channel.


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Align With Your Highest Vision (Powerful Guided Meditation)

✨ To join our movement and community of Awakened Leaders serving Collective Ascension: Your Highest Vision exists as a potential in the quantum field. By combining a clear intention and elevated emotions, you may attune yourself to the frequency of this potential as to magnetize it’s experience. This guided meditation was led live at the Ascend Academy Activated Members session on February 19th, 2023. From it, our members were able to invoke a power shift into alignment with the frequency of their Highest Vision. With how well the experience went for those that was there with us live, we decided this was one that needed to be shared. In this meditation you'll be guided in first entering the Zero-Point Field (a.k.a. the field of all possibilities), so that you can then begin to connect to your intended on experience of reality (i.e. Your Highest Vision). Next, you will teach your body to feel the feelings of your vision ahead of its experience, so that you become a match to it's energetic frequency. Then by law of resonance (or attraction), resonating with the frequency of your Highest Vision will attract to you its experience. You will come out of this meditation having transformed your body, mind, and, state, to all be in alignment with your Highest Vision.


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Accessing Your Galactic Memories with Becca Bee | AWB #80

Becca Bee is an Ascension Guide and Evolutionary Galactic Astrology. She brings together an expertise in an impressive array of different tools, including Human Design, QHHT, and Galactic Astrology; to support others towards health and awakening. In this episode, she shares some of the depth of her knowledge with these tools, and experience in her own exploration of our galactic histories. This is a profound conversation in which we touch on how we can remember our galactic memories and why we might want to, what light codes are and how to access them, and how we are connected to and influenced by planetary bodies, and how to use this knowledge to better navigate ourselves. We also find out that we might just have an owners manual that some of us have misplaced. So stick around if you’re ready to discover it and so much more, this is my conversation with Becca Bee. IN THIS EPISODE BECCA AND BRYAN EXPLORE: CONNECT WITH BECCA: Becca’s WebsiteBook a session with Becca 🌎 ✨The Ascend Academy is Uniting & Activating Awakened Leaders, and we’ve just begun to offer a FREE membership to our platform ►Activate your membership:


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How to Discover Your Purpose with Bryan M. Henry | AWB #79

🌎 ✨The Ascend Academy is Uniting & Activating Awakened Leaders. Activate a free 30-day enrolment trial to get access to our community of lightworkers, 3x live classes/month, and our entire masterclass library (50+ hrs worth of ascension-related content) ▶ It’s one of life’s big questions, one that unites us all. Because, we all arrive at a point in our journey where we begin to ask the question: “what is my purpose?” In this Awaken with Bryan solo episode, I share with you 5 tips that have supported me in my journey of coming into alignment with my purpose. Whether you’re still trying to discover your purpose, or are ready to discover a new level to it, these tips are here to support you. IN THIS EPISODE BRYAN EXPLORE:


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The Science of Becoming SUPERHUMAN with Lee Davy | AWB #78

🌎 ✨The Ascend Academy is Uniting & Activating Awakened Leaders. Activate a free 30-day enrolment trial to get access to 3x live classes/month, and our entire masterclass library (50+ hrs worth of ascension-related content) -> Lee Davy is a bridge. A bridge to expanded health, consciousness, and understanding. He’s also a self-mastery guide, an author, the creator of the 5D Breathwork Method, co-founder of Connected Community, co-steward of the Unified Alliance, and co-owner of Imiloa Institute; and an allround Superhuman. IN THIS EPISODE LEE AND BRYAN EXPLORE: CONNECT WITH Lee: Lee's 5D Breathwork Teacher TrainingLee's 6-Month Sacred Self-Mastery ProgramLee's InstagramLee's Facebook


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Embodying Your Greatness with Amanda Pham | AWB #77

There's a greatness within you. When you discover it, and when you let it radiate into the world, so much will come from this for you and all those around you. Here's how you will embody your greatness. ✨Book in for a 1:1 Breakthrough Session with Bryan: ✨Book in for a 1:1 Radiance Discovery Session with Amanda; Connect with Amanda IG: Connect with Bryan FB: IG:


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The 3 Decisions That Shape Your Life | AWB #76

There are 3 decisions that you are ALWAYS making, that shape the experience of your life. Discovering out what they are, and beginning to consciously make these decisions is the means by which you will create the experience you desire. 🌎✨Have you heard? The Ascend Academy is Uniting & Activating Awakened Leaders. Our membership-platforms is bringing together like-minded individuals pursing personal growth and ascension, and we're bringing in some powerful spiritual teachers to assist ► Activate your free membership trial:


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Authentic Nutrition: What They Didn’t Teach You About Nourishing Your Soul with John Depass | AWB #75

Could it be that the way that most are thinking about food and their health is actually the thing that is preventing them from experiencing a greater sense of well-being and their potential? Could we be looking in the wrong place for authentic nutrition? John Depass seems to believe so. An ex-bodybuilder turned holistic health well-being advocate, Coach John teaches a way of living and thinking about our food and health that largely flies in the face of what most others are sharing. So be prepared, because he's here and about to challenge a lot of what is still being taught by the mainstream health industry, and possibly some of what you held as the truth. But maybe this isn’t the full truth, and as you're about to hear him passionately share, you have to be willing to at least for a moment let go of what you thought you knew to discover something new. IN THIS EPISODE WE EXPLORE: OUR GUEST: COACH JOHN DEPASS John Depass has been in the personal training and health industry for 30 years. He was a bodybuilder and Mr. Universe contestant 25 of those years ago. Through a series of injuries and health complications during this time, he had to find himself to a better way to health. He is now a holistic wellness advocate. With a passion for helping people unleash their potential, John lives as a role model for self healing and self-love, that entails practices that might seem unconventional to most. He’s here to speak of a new way to love and health. CONNECT WITH JOHN: John’s FacebookHi-End Fitness (John’s Website)Change Your Health to Change Your Life with John Depass (John’s Ascend Academy Masterclass)