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Discipleship Podcast - Dakota Smith, Kyle R. Morris and David Glavin walk through the Bible for the purpose of equipping their listeners to disciple others. To live as a disciple of Jesus Christ, all followers of Jesus are commanded to proclaim the gospel and teach people the word of God (Matt 28:18-20).


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Discipleship Podcast - Dakota Smith, Kyle R. Morris and David Glavin walk through the Bible for the purpose of equipping their listeners to disciple others. To live as a disciple of Jesus Christ, all followers of Jesus are commanded to proclaim the gospel and teach people the word of God (Matt 28:18-20).




Acts: Reaching the Next Generation

Join us in the Book of Acts as we unwrap the profound impact of Paul and Silas's imprisonment and the jailer's transformative conversion. Feel the warmth of fellowship and discover the potent truths hidden within biblical prophecies, from the book of Daniel to Genesis 49. As we unpack these scriptures, you'll find yourself fortified with a renewed understanding of Jesus as the Messiah and gain insights into our commitment to nurturing personal and communal faith at Ottawa Bible Church. Our conversations don't stop at the church door; they extend into the bustling intersections of modern culture, where discernment and influence become the currency of youth ministry. Together, we tackle the tough questions of pop culture's sway over the hearts of our youth, while offering strategies grounded in scripture to shepherd them through the tumultuous seas of misinformation. Learn from our candid dialogues on leading by example in today's world, whether it's through sidewalk ministry or navigating the complex debates surrounding moral absolutes. But the journey doesn't end there. We reach out to college students standing at the crossroads of faith and secular ideologies, sharing personal stories and practical advice to embolden them in their witness. Tune in as we suggest invaluable resources like Greg Koukl's "Tactics" to equip the next generation for the challenging but rewarding task of defending biblical truth amidst academia's skeptical landscape. By fostering Christ-centered connections and emphasizing the importance of scripture over social scrolling, this session is crafted to inspire and engage believers in all walks of life.


Acts: Unshackled Faith - Paul, Silas, and the Birth of the Church in Philippi

Imagine being bound in chains, confined to a dank, dark cell with no hope of escape. Now picture yourself singing praises to God in that same hopeless situation. That's exactly what Paul and Silas did, and we had a riveting discussion with Chance Hollern about this powerful scripture from Acts chapter 16. Chance shares his own spiritual odyssey, from Spring Hill, Kansas to his impactful ministry at Baker University. Our conversation spans from the spiritual fortitude of these Biblical heroes to the modern-day implications of living out a faith that transcends the walls of a prison or the boundaries of adversity. Our guest Chance Hollern, alongside Kyle Morris, Dakota Smith, and David Glavin, remind us of the extraordinary resilience and joy that can be found in the most unexpected places. Through the lens of Paul and Silas's story, we uncover the profound impact of worship during trials and how their experiences echo the transformative power of faith in our lives today. As we dissect the seismic events that shook the foundations of the prison — and the jailer's heart — we're left pondering the divine authority that not only freed these apostles but also left an indelible mark on the early church and its future. Wrapping up this spiritually enriching dialogue, we delve into the beautiful interplay of evangelism, baptism, and the birth of the church in Philippi. Paul's dedication to justice and fair treatment sets the stage for the nurturing of the fledgling church, a sentiment as vital today as it was then. Through Chance's narrative and our collective exploration, this episode is a testament to the power of faith to guide, protect, and inspire — a truly inspiring journey through scripture that resonates with every step we take in our own walks of faith. Join us in this discussion that promises to enrich your spiritual understanding and encourage your heart. #gospel #jesus #discipleship #christianpodcast #christianpodcaster #bible #acts #biblechurch #expositorypreaching #bibleinterpretation #howtoreadthebible #evangelism #apostlepaul #god #holyspirit #faith #faithingod #faithinhardtimes #truth #apologetics #bookofacts #biblepodcaster #biblia #sonofgod


Acts: The Gospel Message for All

Kyle Morris and Dakota Smith wrestle with the intricacies of scriptural authenticity versus societal perceptions, dissecting the theological tensions that arise when Jesus is co-opted for pop culture messaging. Striking a balance between relevance and reverence, we address the potential for confusion when biblical stories are adapted for modern tastes, all while maintaining a focus on the integrity of the message. Continuing in Acts 16, our conversation transitions to the story of Lydia in the Acts of the Apostles, shining a light on her crucial role in the early church and what it signifies about the inclusive nature of the Gospel. The narrative of Lydia's conversion not only reflects the breaking of conventional boundaries but also paints a vivid picture of a movement that fervently believed in the value of every soul. Navigating deeper into the Acts, we grapple with the themes of divine involvement in salvation, spiritual warfare, and the resilience of faith under persecution. The episode reaches its crescendo as we reflect on Paul and Silas's unwavering faith amidst imprisonment, drawing parallels with our personal missionary experiences. As we dissect these ancient narratives, they emerge not as distant tales but as relevant touchstones for the modern believer, challenging us to consider the depth of our own faith and the impact it has on confronting worldly values with Gospel truth. Join us for a compelling exploration of how these timeless events from Acts continue to resonate and inspire the faithful in today's world.


Acts: Timothy Joins the Mission

Join us, your hosts Kyle Morris, Dakota Smith, and David Glavin, as we unveil the new visual dimension of the Be Disciples podcast. We're stepping into the world of video podcasting to bring the Word to you with greater impact, responding to the pulse of contemporary culture with the wisdom of the Scriptures. Witness the delicate dance of upholding doctrine while gracefully navigating diverse cultural practices as we unpack the story of Timothy's circumcision. This narrative invites you to consider the art of compromise for the greater good of the Gospel, and how we too have learned to adjust our practices to connect more deeply with our congregations. Join us in exploring the nuances of leading with humility, the significance of local traditions, and the importance of being sensitive to the unique dynamics within each community we serve. Finally, we delve into the stirring account of Paul's missionary excursions, a testament to the power of discerning and embracing God's will. Through personal anecdotes and shared wisdom, you'll glean insights on the challenges of shepherding a flock, the patience required to witness the fruition of one's ministry, and the joy of seeing God’s hand at work in places we never expected. Tune in for an episode that not only aims to guide you in spiritual growth but also celebrates the unexpected harvest that awaits when we follow the lead of the Holy Spirit.


Mexico Missions in Chiapas 2024

Embark with us on a transformative expedition to the heart of Chiapas, Mexico, where the road less traveled led us through a tapestry of spiritual encounters and cultural awakenings. Our recent mission trip found us weaving through bustling cityscapes and serene villages, embracing the warmth of newfound friendships and the resilience that comes from unwavering faith. Alongside friends from i6Eight Ministries and immersed in the richness of local life, we witnessed first-hand the stark societal dichotomies and the enduring spirit of communities navigating the complexities of modernity and the Zapatista movement. Our narrative takes a heartfelt turn as we recount the profound connections made within remote villages, where the simplicity of life echoes with the purity of joy found in faith. The unique opportunity to share laughter with local children, preach in humble chapels, and witness the eagerness for biblical understanding left an indelible mark on our souls. Accompanied by Wesley Baker and Pastor Jaime, we traversed language barriers and cultural nuances, celebrating the triumphs of local churches and the significance of equipping local leaders for a future flourishing with spiritual guidance. Concluding with a poignant reflection, we share a powerful sermon on leadership from Second Timothy that resonated deeply with the local pastors, emphasizing the necessity of nurturing the seeds of faith. Join us , and let the stories of Chiapas stir you to engage in the mission of the Gospel.


A Christmas Special - Luke 1:26-38

As the Christmas season wraps its festive arms around us, our church family recently had a children’s Christmas program that truly embodied the reason for the season. The little ones, dressed as shepherds, took us back to the miraculous night of Jesus' birth with a performance that warmed every heart in the room. Special thanks go out to Terry, Kathy, and Lori, whose tireless efforts made this event possible. Peering through the lens of Luke 1:26-38, we uncovered insights about the moment Gabriel delivered the life-altering news to Mary. We traveled back in time to decipher the complex political and social landscape of the era, marveling at Mary's faith in contrast to Zechariah's doubt, and reflecting on the themes of fear, favor, and faith that permeate Luke's Gospel. As we pondered Mary's lineage and her understanding of Messianic prophecies, it became clear that her humility and unexpected role in the grand narrative spotlight the power of trust and obedience to God's promises. With the holiday season often stirring a mix of emotions, we extend an open-hearted invitation to anyone seeking a place of worship or spiritual kinship. The doors of Bible-believing churches are open wide, ready to envelop you in a community that finds strength and hope in Jesus. As the episode draws to a close, we share a heartfelt prayer and blessings for the week, acknowledging the unique challenges this time of year brings, and reminding you that within the family of faith, you are never alone.


Acts: The Paths of Paul and Barnabas

Would you believe me if I told you that disagreements and separations can lead to growth, especially in ministry? Brace yourselves as we revisit the complexities of the discord that occurred between Paul and Barnabas during their planning for the second missionary journey. We dissect the contentious debate about revisiting the churches versus including John Mark, an issue that ultimately led them to embark on separate journeys. Ever been curious about how to handle ministry separations maturely? We've got you covered as we delve into the dynamics of Paul and Barnabas' sharp disagreement. We highlight Barnabas' persistent advocacy for John Mark and how this divergent viewpoint led both parties onto different paths of service. Our candid conversation challenges you, our beloved listener, to reflect on your own experiences with ministry separations, emphasizing the significance of addressing these situations with respect and maturity. The final note of our discourse zeroes in on the intriguing issue of managing disagreements and conflicts within the church. By drawing insights from the Paul and Barnabas scenario, we underline the importance of humility and respect amidst strife. This engaging discourse culminates in the reconciliation between Paul and John Mark, hence showcasing the essence of forgiveness and mutual respect. As we wrap up, we introduce Timothy, a crucial figure in Paul's discipleship efforts. So, buckle up for a soul-stirring exploration of God's word together, packed with enlightening insights that challenge us all to grow in faith.


Acts: Faith, Conflict, and Resolution

Join us through Acts 15, as we gather to break bread over the contentious issue of Gentile believers' need for circumcision. What if we told you that the unity between Jewish and Gentile believers could be bridged by moral guidelines? As we traverse this path, we'll lean on James's wisdom, recount Peter's account of God's concern for the Gentiles, and discuss the warnings against idolatry, sexual immorality, and dietary restrictions. We'll then turn our attention to the apostles, elders, and brethren's decision to send an affirming letter to the Gentile believers in Antioch, Syria, and Cilicia. As we emphasize the importance of trusted men like Barnabas and Paul in delivering this message, we'll underscore the pivotal role of the Holy Spirit in guiding these decisions. In our closing segments, we'll tackle the tension between Paul and John Mark, revealing not a doctrinal disagreement, but a clash of personalities. We'll explore how God uses even these conflicts for His glory, presenting an unmatched perspective on complex biblical characters. All this, while addressing false teachings and reaffirming the Gentile believers as brethren. We assure you, this is not just another Bible study, but a lively, deep, and thought-provoking exploration of the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15. So tune in, engage, and let the teachings amplify your discipleship journey.


Acts: The Jerusalem Council

In this episode, The Jerusalem Council in Acts 15 comes into focus. The crew discusses the issues prompting the council meeting and seeing the leaders of the early church adhere to the Scriptures. Join us as we continue our journey through Acts.


100th Episode Special: Delving into the Essence of Christian Discipleship w/ C.L. Mitchell

Get ready to join us for a milestone celebration on the Be Disciples podcast - our big 100th episode! We have a special guest, C.L. Mitchell. Starting with the questions, "Can you be a Christian without being a disciple?" A question that's often pondered, and we discuss it right here. Highlighting the concept of discipleship, we explore its essence through a biblical lenses. We reflect on the Old and New Testament interpretations of discipleship, brushing upon its holistic approach and the Greek grammar behind the Great Commission. Finally, we contemplate the significant concept of accountability in the life of a Christian, backed by implications of Second Corinthians 5. Gain insights from David, our co-host, as he shares the importance of service and the unique perspective gained from his experiences. Join us as we celebrate this milestone, reminisce, and enrich our understanding of discipleship.


Acts: Examining the Teachings of Paul, Facing Trials and Understanding Contemporary Church Movements

Imagine facing relentless opposition, yet pressing on with courage and resilience to share the Gospel. This is the story of Acts 14, as Paul and Barnabas journey through trials, tribulations, and fierce resistance to spread the Word. We will take you through their inspiring narrative, shedding light on their faith, their teachings, and their unwavering conviction in the face of adversity. Ever wondered how the teachings of Paul relate to modern church movements? Get ready to unravel a whole new layer of understanding about the Prosperity Gospel and the Progressive Gospel movement or the Emergent Church. We'll be drawing bold comparisons, contrasting the true essence of the Gospel with these movements, and extracting valuable insights that will encourage you to fortify your faith and find joy in the Gospel rather than personal prosperity. Lastly, let’s reexamine the significance of Paul's ministry and the crucial role of eldership. Prepare to embark on a journey that takes us back to the roots of the church, exploring how Paul strengthened faith through tribulation and the grace of God. Together, we'll reflect on the importance of surrendering control to God, prioritizing the gospel in our lives and the essential role of discipleship and fellowship in advancing the Gospel. So, join us on this empowering exploration, and let's redefine our faith together.


Acts: Diving into Paul's First Missionary Journey

Join us as we recount our recent mission trip to Puerto Penasco, Mexico! We had the privilege of working with i68 Missions, where we helped train over 70 ministry leaders to enhance their preaching and biblical interpretation skills. Our teaching approach blended lectures with breakout groups, fostering an environment of active learning and collaboration. Hear how the pastors' newfound skills will not only benefit them, but also have a ripple effect on their respective congregations. We'll also share a glimpse into our upcoming trips and teachings, so stay tuned! Shifting gears, we'll take you on a journey through the book of Acts, specifically focusing on Paul's First Missionary Journey. We'll discuss why the Jews were the first to receive the Gospel's message and the challenges the apostles faced in spreading their faith. From disbelief among the Gentiles to divisions caused by the Gospel's message, we'll trace the apostles' path as they navigated these hurdles while spreading God's grace. Finally, we unpack a significant event from the scriptures - the healing of a man lame from birth. We delve into the varied responses this miracle received and the misattribution of power, exploring the notion of God's common grace and its accessibility to all. Whether you're looking to disciple others, evangelize, or simply deepen your faith, this episode offers a wealth of insights and lessons to aid in your walk with Christ.


An Interview w/ Robby Lashua on Biblical Inerrancy

Discover the profound intricacies of biblical inerrancy with our guest, Robbie Lashua, an established apologist at Stand to Reason. Robbie's wide-ranging experience in sharing theological insights across the country, coupled with his compelling anecdotes, will leave you longing for more. One such story revolves around an atheist who found solace in Jesus through Robbie's podcast, underlining the transformative of the Holy Spirit. This episode ventures into the labyrinth of New Testament Greek manuscripts as Robby explains text criticism and why the church needs to be equipped with the process. The conversation further stresses the significance of context in biblical interpretation and the potential risks when scripture is misconstrued. It's a fascinating journey into the differences between Absolute Inerrancy and Full Inerrancy, and the potential dangers if we allow Scripture to err. As we round off our discussion, we delve into the influence of the Bible throughout history. We underscore the importance of adhering to God's Word and its lasting impact on humanity. Listen in, find some answers, and share this captivating episode with friends and family. The takeaways from this discussion could usher in a new understanding of biblical inerrancy.


Acts: Evangelism and the Disciple's Responsibility to the Great Commission

Get ready to dive deep into the teachings of Paul in the book of Acts on this episode of the Be Disciples podcast. Join us as we explore the urgency of the people to hear more, the transformation from a works-based life to a grace-filled life, and the rejection of Paul's teachings by the Jews. We discuss the shift in Paul and Barnabas' efforts towards the Gentiles, aiming to bring salvation to the ends of the earth. Discover the significance of discipleship and the role of both mature and less experienced believers in the faith. In this thought-provoking conversation, we delve into how believers can actively participate in the Great Commission. Discover the importance of speaking truth to those straying from biblical teachings and using the Bible as a powerful tool for evangelism. Reflect on the role of discipleship and how it can strengthen believers in their faith journey. Don't miss out on this discussion that will inspire you to live out the call to share the Gospel. Join us as we reflect on the impact of Paul and Barnabas' preaching on those around them. Explore the rejoicing of the Gentiles and the Jews' retaliation, highlighting the power of the Word and its ability to prepare hearts. Discover the joy that comes from ministry and the imperative for believers to actively participate in the Great Commission. Get ready to be encouraged and inspired to boldly proclaim the Gospel and make a difference in the world. Tune in to this engaging episode of the Be Disciples podcast!


Acts: Paul Preaches the Resurrection

Our conversation this week steers into the intriguing exploration of the Book of Acts, where Paul preaches to the Jewish community's rejection of Jesus as the prophesied Messiah. We stride through faith, understanding, and God's sovereignty. If that sounds appealing, then this episode is for you!


Acts: Exploring Paul's Sermon, John Mark's Struggles, and God's Promises

Get ready for a heart-warming celebration as we begin our episode by marking a special day for our beloved co-host, David. We share some delightful anecdotes about our growing families, igniting the same sense of joy and community that we hope to inspire through our discussions on the Scriptures. Join us as we explore the intriguing journey of Paul’s sermon in the Book of Acts, Chapter 13, verses 13 to 25. His words carry a profound resonance, even in the context of our lives today. As our conversation unfolds, we shine a spotlight on the trials and tribulations of John Mark. Do you ever feel like you're falling short? Well, here's a story of a man who knows that feeling all too well. John had moments of despair, but the apostles saw his potential and believed in him despite his setbacks. We also delve into the courage and determination of Paul, who fearlessly proclaimed the Gospel, his past history of persecuting Christians notwithstanding. Imagine standing up in the very synagogue you once used to oppress believers. Paul's audacity is truly inspiring. Finally, we venture into the powerful exploration of God's promises and the salvation we receive through Jesus Christ, as Paul eloquently expounds in his sermon in Acts 13. Can you picture it? Paul reminding his audience of how God chose Israel, raised David as their king, and gifted them a savior in Jesus. Paul’s narrative is a poignant reminder that salvation stems from God alone. We end this episode by expressing our gratitude to you, our listeners, and urging you to make this podcast a cornerstone of your exploration of God's Word. A huge thank you for sharing this journey with us. Let's continue to unravel the joys of Scripture together.


Acts: Spiritual Disciplines and the Calling of the Holy Spirit

Imagine the power of being guided by the Holy Spirit, of seeking divine direction before taking any step. Acts 13 is a divine exploration of just that. We navigate through the scattering of Christ’s disciples, their proclamation of Jesus despite fear, and their church-building efforts in Antioch, led by, Barnabas, and Saul. As they bow their heads in prayer and fast, the Holy Spirit reveals a mission for Barnabas and Saul. As we follow Saul and Barnabas, we learn the importance of waiting for the Lord's confirmation before rushing into ministry, and how prayer and fasting bring the Lord's direction. Spiritual disciplines are key to hearing the Lord's call and being empowered to walk the path He has carved out for us. The Holy spirit is not just a historical phenomenon; the Holy Spirit is God.


Acts: Early Church Responsiveness and the Sovereignty of God

Have you ever wondered how the early disciples responded to the prophesied famine? Looking through the lens of Acts 11 and 12, we unpack the fortitude of the early church, tackling accounts of determination, martyrdom, and remarkable gospel centered response. Tune in as we explore the actions of Saul, Barnabas, and others, painting a vivid picture of a church that grows stronger amidst challenges. Ever pondered on the possibility of guardian angels? Drawing upon Peter's escape story in Acts 12, we delve into the intriguing concept of guardian angels, their role in protecting and serving God's people. Join us on this fascinating journey, as we consider how divine beings could be at work in our lives, implementing God's will. In the face of adversity, how does God's sovereignty prevail? Hear us discuss His omnipotence, control over all things, and how His word multiplies regardless of the circumstances. We explore how even in death, God's glory is magnified, referencing the martyrdom of James and the downfall of Herod. As we close, we ponder on the importance of discipleship, encouraging everyone to read the Word of God together, fostering spiritual growth in the process. Join us, as we navigate through these transformative scriptures, shedding light on the unwavering sovereignty of God and the resilience of His church.


Acts: The Mission and Ministry of Paul, Barnabas, and the Holy Spirit

We take an invigorating journey through Acts 11, where we unwrap Peter's experience with Cornelius and the Apostles' reaction to Gentiles receiving the word of God. We confront the challenging divisions that arose among the circumcised believers and invite you to engage with us as we turn verses 1-18 inside out. Imagine the power of the Holy Spirit actively reshaping the New Testament Church. This episode takes you on a deep contemplation on how Jewish believers grappled with the salvation of the uncircumcised, and how the Holy Spirit became the evidence of believers across all nations. From Jesus' teachings to Nicodemus about spiritual rebirth and baptism, to reflections on how the Holy Spirit propels the growth of the New Testament Church, we explore it all. Finally, we take a profound look at how Jesus fulfills the Old Testament law, cutting through the cultural identity of the Jews, and the implications of His perfect and sinless death on the cross and resurrection. Learn how to apply principles from the Levitical Law to our lives and how living set-apart lives is at the heart of our worshipful obedience to Him. As we examine the mission of Paul and Barnabas in Antioch, we challenge you to think about the role of Christian missions in your life and the importance of dispelling myths and misconceptions in our churches. Enjoy this stimulating conversation and let the inspiring journey of learning and growth of Paul and Barnabas ignite a fresh perspective in your own ministry.


Acts: Peter Proclaims the Good News

This week on the Be Disciples podcast, Dakota and Kyle bring these biblical events to life for you! We kick-start our discussion with an exploration of the second Pentecost - a powerful testament of God's impartiality. We dissect the events that ensued in Galilee post John's proclamation of Jesus as the Messiah. Imagine the divine moment when Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit and power! This episode promises to enrich your understanding and appreciation of these pivotal biblical events. Ever wondered why Jesus didn't reveal himself to everyone in Israel and Jerusalem? Join us as we delve into Peter's acknowledgement of this intriguing fact, and the implications it holds for faith and forgiveness. This episode takes an enlightening turn as we unravel the significance of the Holy Spirit, its role in salvation and sanctification, and the importance of baptism as a public profession of faith. There's so much to learn and ponder - you wouldn't want to miss it! We conclude with a heartwarming reminder of the Great Commission and the Christian mission to go and make disciples. We invite you, our cherished listeners, to share this podcast with others, so they too can cultivate their faith and deepen their understanding of God's Word. Feel inspired ready to share and disciple. Get ready for a spiritual rollercoaster ride that leaves you feeling enriched and empowered. Catch you in our next episode of the Be Disciples podcast, until then, have a blessed week!