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Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 2nd October 2022

Today’s is a weird parable. A farmer has his harvest plans sabotaged by an enemy who sneaks in and sows weeds among his wheat when no-one’s looking. Instead of wading in and trying to haul out the weeds then and there, the farmer chooses to wait ‘til they’re fully grown before finally sorting things out. This little story is flagging up some big truths. The world’s not as we’d like it to be. It’s beautiful and broken at one and the same time. The weeds and the wheat spring up in the same...


Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 25th September 2022

Just past Newburgh, over the Ythan and a couple of miles down through the dunes, lies Forvie Kirk – a 12th century church that, along with the whole of the village, was buried by sand in a storm in the middle ages. Forvie’s old lichen-crusted stones spoke to me the day I first went to see them, more than 15 years ago. They had a few things to say about faithfulness; and that’s what we found ourselves thinking about in this morning’s service.


Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 18th September 2022

In this Sunday's all age service we're reflecting on Her Late Majesty's reign, hearing some moving and funny stories about her life, but also thinking about what the foundation of that exceptional life was.


Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 11th September 2022

Today, and next Sunday, we’re going to be reflecting on the Queen’s life together as we worship. This morning, the first half of the service will be given over to remembrance, and we’ll have some of Her late Majesty’s favourite hymns as well as videos and prayers to help us reflect on her reign and the foundation of faith it was built upon.


Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 4th September 2022

It’s often said that life’s a journey, not a destination, and what’s true of life is equally true of the life of faith. Discipleship isn’t a destination, it’s a road we choose to travel, whatever stage of the journey we’re on – whether we’re ‘just looking’, beginning to scope out what all of this means for us, or taking steps to grow our faith and work out how we can support the life of a congregation and not just receive from it. Today, Jesus challenges his hearers not to be hangers on...


Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 28th August 2022

1200 miles over two and a half months on foot. That’s what our friend John Gibson, supported by his wife Isobel and other family and friends, has accomplished – walking from Land’s End to John o’ Groats to raise awareness of issues around suicide, after his son Cameron took his own life in October of 2019. Last Saturday we joined John, and many others whose lives have been touched by suicide, for the Black Isle stretch of his journey. Today’s sermon reflects on that experience and what we...


Belhelvie Church All Age Service - Sunday 21st August 2022

It isn’t only bodies that can be crippled. Hearts, souls and minds can be crippled too. Crippled by stress, loneliness, doubt, loss, sadness, fear…. The list goes on. In today’s gospel reading Jesus heals a woman who had a crippled back, but the intriguing thing is that he proclaims her healed before there’s any sign that it had actually happened. It’s like he knew what was going to happen to this woman (healing), and was proclaiming as a reality it in the present. What if that little...


Belhelvie Church Service

A cat kept wandering into the temple as the guru taught his disciples, so he had it tied up so as to avoid distracting everyone. Over time, people forgot the origins of this practice and by the time a century had passed, learned scholars were writing essays on the religious and theological significance of having a cat tethered to a pillar during worship. Today we’re looking at an argument Jesus had with the religious leaders over handwashing rituals and using that story to think about our...


Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 24th July 2022

She was powerless. He was powerful and held her fate in his hands, but didn’t care one thing about her situation. There was nothing in it for him. The only thing she had going for her was her persistence. So she kept getting in his face – at his work, on the golf course, even at his home. Day after day after day, she finally wore him down to the point where he cracked and promised to give her what she wanted – the justice she deserved. God isn’t like that, says Jesus in today’s...


Belhelvie Church - All Age Worship Sunday 17th July 2022

Two sisters welcome an important guest and his entourage into their home. One of them thinks the most important thing she can do is sit with him and hear what he’s got to say. The other feels caught up in the business providing hospitality and is soon feeling hassled and harassed in the kitchen. ‘It’s not fair’ she complains to her guest and her sister – and she was probably right! - but the answer she got back wasn’t at all what she was expecting. This is the story of Mary and Martha as we...


Belhelvie Church Service Sunday 10th July 2022

We know the story of the Good Samaritan and what it teaches, but today we’re going a little deeper and seeing the story in a new way. This isn’t just a story about the need for people to get on and help even those who are their enemies; it’s a story that teaches the amazing truth that God, in Christ, has reached out to the whole human family to bring our ultimate healing and restoration.


Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 3rd July 2022

A desperate father whose young daughter is dying on the cusp of womanhood. A chronically ill woman whose life has been overshadowed by her condition. Jesus brings healing into both situations in this morning’s reading, but how do we read and understand these stories in the light of our own experiences with illness and death? Does God not heal today, or does our understanding of what makes for healing need to grow? A word that touches all our lives from the gospel this morning.


Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 26th June 2022

She was childless. And in the culture of her day, a childless wife was no wife at all. Hannah was her name and she was in serious danger of letting her infertility have the last word on her identity. Today we’re thinking about the tendency we all know to let our hardest, most personal struggles overtake us and become the place we live out of. Grief, loss, illness, sadness. All of us have difficult times and experiences, but it’s never a good idea to pitch our tents there and make them our...


All Age Worship - Sunday 19th June 2022

Today at Father’s Day All Age worship we spent some time thinking about what makes for a good dad and realised just how many of those things apply to God as well. It’s no accident that when Jesus teaches us about God, his main metaphor is that of a good Father. And in terms of his relationship with us, God’s Fatherhood comes first and modifies everything else: “He creates as a loving Father, he exercises his power as a loving Father, he oversees and manages things as a loving Father. He...


Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 12th June 2022

This morning was our annual memorial service where we remember the folk who’ve passed on within our church community over the past year. As part of that service we light candles in their memory and we remember the scripture promise that the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never overcome it.


Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 5th June 2022

This morning we had our annual elders’ service, led by Francois, Mark and Laura, and the group looked at three themes that coalesced on this particular Sunday – Pentecost, Jubilee and our Presbytery Mission Plan discussions. Thanks to everyone who took part, and to the Welcome team and the bakers for a very special Jubilee spread afterwards.


Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 29th May 2022

What are you wrestling with at the minute? Relationships; jobs; getting back to normal after the pandemic; money worries; inner demons; an unknown future? Today’s story from the Old Testament is about a man who finds himself wrestling with God, as he faces up to the harsh reality of what he’s done and who he’s become. The struggle is a real one, and it almost breaks him, but he ends up with a new name and a better path to follow in life. Tune in today so see how ‘Jacob’, the grasper,...


Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 15th May 2022

Today we're thinking about the fact that we are remembered by God, but also that we have to work at remembering God in the midst of our busy lives. We talk a little about some of the ways that we do that, and we also take leave of the Mackenzie family who are moving away to Australia to be with family after a long involvement with our congregation.


Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 8th May 2022

What makes for a hero? Muscles? Smarts? Superpowers? Today I’m suggesting that the real heart of heroism is, in fact, the heart! When we see selflessness, courage and purpose in someone, that’s what true heroism is about, regardless of who they are or what they happen to look like. The anointing of David illustrates that point well. He was the smallest and youngest of his brothers, yet David was the one Samuel was told to anoint as King. Remember, God said, people look at the outside, but...


Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 1st May 2022

This Sunday, John the gospel writer chooses to focus on Peter in the last chapter of his telling of Jesus’ story. Peter got at least as much wrong as he got right in following Jesus. He was the kind of guy who’d act first and think later. Who’d open his mouth to speak and end up putting his foot in it. Nobody’s kind of role model. And yet, John ends his gospel spelling out what resurrection life – life lived with the risen Christ – looks like, using Peter as his example. Together life,...