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In Portland as it is in Heaven. All teachings are available to stream and download at

In Portland as it is in Heaven. All teachings are available to stream and download at
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In Portland as it is in Heaven. All teachings are available to stream and download at




Becoming People of Love

“Love is the acid test of spiritual formation.” If the telos of the spiritual journey is to become the kind of people who receive and give the love of God, the question is, How do we become people who are pervaded by love? In this annual update to our learnings around spiritual formation, we explore a very simple idea and practice that has the potential to transform us into people of love.


How to Pray: A Simple Guide for Normal People

Even when we're asking God for what we want, we're giving him what he wants: our heats. In this teaching, we learn practical steps on a lifelong, and life-giving practice; Prayer Taught by Pete Greig (Emmaus Rd. & 24-7 Prayer)


Telling Others in this Cultural Moment

How do we tell others about Jesus with confidence and without fear in an increasingly hostile culture? Taught by Ger Jones of Vintage Church


Special Announcement: Building Campaign Update

We are over half way into our building campaign and continue to be so encouraged by your generosity. Since the campaign began, our church has given more than ever before. We are confident that God is at work in the hearts of our church family. Our goal is to raise $3 million by December, 2019 for the purchase of Holladay Park Church of God, in Northeast Portland. And with $1 million already in savings from previous years of giving, our hope was to pay for all the needed renovations within...


Vision Sunday

In our annual vision series, we lay out a paradigm for what it means to apprentice under Jesus. To follow Jesus is to organize your entire life around three goals: to be with Jesus, to become like Jesus, and do what Jesus would do if he were you. This is our vision of practicing the way of Jesus, together.


The Heart of a Disciple

What does the heart of a disciple look like? It is the heart to die to self and leave the resurrection up to God. Jesus not only lives this lifestyle but teaches us to have it by giving us the metaphor of pruning and producing fruit in John 15. It is God's desire that we bear fruit, as he is glorified by it and heaven comes through it. Taught by Alex Rhettmann of Saints Hill Church


Jesus on Becoming a Non-Anxious Presence

In this well known, but often missed-out-on story of Jesus walking on the water, we notice the writer Matthew’s key insights from Jesus life and teaching about to become a “non-anxious presence” in a world caught in a vicious cycle of anxiety. We have faith and release control.


Jesus and the Five Thousand

Facing rejection and grief Jesus retreats from the busyness of his work to find a quiet place to be alone. When he gets there he's faced, not by silence, but by need. What can we as modern disciples of Jesus learn from one strange story of how Jesus turns a little bit of food into a lot more?


Severed Heads & Phony Kings

In the middle of Matthew's biography of Jesus, we learn the awful fate of John the Baptist. If this is what happens to the one who prepares the way for the Messiah, what will happen to the Messiah himself? This haunting story acts as an enduring reminder that the way of Jesus will always be an affront to the powers that be.


The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Part 5 from the series "Community", as part of Practicing the Way. Dave Lomas teaches from the life of Mary, the wisdom of Proverbs, and the 9th Commandment: “Do not give false testimony.” In this we learn one of the foundational practices for emotionally healthy relationships - the need to stop mind reading and start clarifying expectations.


Trinity & Hospitality

Part 4 from the series "Community", as part of Practicing the Way. We are relational beings because we are created in the image of a relational God. As we look at how God Father, Son, and Spirit relate to one another we learn about how true community is marked by hospitality.


A Community of Honor in a Culture of Contempt

Part 3 from the series "Community", as part of Practicing the Way. For most Westerners, honor is a foreign concept. Ours is a culture of sarcasm, irreverence, ungrateful entitlement, of “othering” – a culture of contempt. In this teaching we explore Paul’s command to “honor one another above yourselves,” and just how life-changing (and life-bringing) it could be for our community.


One of Jesus’ Most Radical Ideas: Family

Part 2 from the series "Community", as part of Practicing the Way. Jesus likened his community to a family. At first this sounds nice and even sentimental, but this was actually one of Jesus’ most radical ideas, one that got him killed. It was radical in the first century, and it’s just as radical in the 21st century. In this teaching we discover why.


Jesus' Call to Community

Part 1 from the series "Community", as part of Practicing the Way. We kick off our summer practice with a teaching on the fallout of individualism in the Western world – loneliness, and its dark twin: tribalism. Is there a practice from the way of Jesus that would set us up to live in a rich web of relationships where we grow and mature into Christlikeness? Yes, it’s community, Jesus’ school of love.


The Inevitability of Rejection

When Jesus returns to the familiarity of his home and his family he is met not with a celebratory welcome, but with skepticism and rejection. The divisive nature of Jesus’ person and teachings serves as both warning and encouragement for all who would follow in his footsteps: Rejection is inevitable.


The Wheat & the Weed Wackers

Throngs of people crowded around Jesus on a lakeshore. The question on their minds was, “what is the coming Kingdom going to be like?” Jesus’ answer is surprising, frustrating, and seemingly foolish: God’s rule is like good people and bad people growing together.


The Four Soils

Matthew 13 begins a series of teachings of parables. These common stories are meant to surprise us and invite us to re-evaluate our lives from the ground up. Jesus begins his parabolic teachings with a story about a farmer sowing seed, encouraging his audience to think and re-think whether or not they have truly heard the message of the kingdom.


Case Study: Rachel & Leah

Part 10 from the series "Naming Your Stage of Apprenticeship" as part of Practicing the Way. We end our spring practice on stage theory with a case study from the story of Rachel and Leah. At first glance, it’s just a story about patriarchy and sex and power dynamics in family, but upon closer inspection, we realize it’s actually story about the ideas from the last two months of teaching – first and second half of life, the wall, the dark night, and the tragedy of what happens when people...


The Dark Night of the Soul Pt. 2

Part 9 from the series, "Naming Your Stage of Apprenticeship", as part of Practicing the Way. In this follow up teaching on the dark night of the soul, we explore St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila’s paradigm of the “dark night of the senses” and the “dark night of the spirit,” and they fit into the ancient stage theory paradigm of the “three ways.” Whether you agree with their view or not, and regardless of whether you’re in a dark night, or a season of the felt-presence of God,...


The Dark Night of the Soul

Part 8 from the series, "Naming Your Stage of Apprenticeship", as part of Practicing the Way. At some point in the spiritual journey, we come to what St. John of the Cross called “the dark night of the soul” – a season in which our experience of God feels more like absence than presence. God intentionally withdraws the felt-sense of his presence to do a work of purgation and preparation for a deeper intimacy. But few of us have a category of this, so we misdiagnosis the phenomena and often...