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Ep.60-“The 9 Guys Who Skipped Thanksgiving”

In this unique 10 minute discussion, Paul & Tabitha unpack a lesson of gratitude, learned from an unlikely source – a Samaritan leper.


Ep. 59-“3 Habits of the Hope-Filled Christian”

Paul and Tabitha update their audience and prayer warriors on their lives since moving to North Idaho. They outline the confident expectation believers have in Christ, no matter what the events of life may be, and 3 practices for believers to build that hope in Him. Referenced in this episode: Top 5 Habits of Hopeful… Continue reading Ep. 59-“3 Habits of the Hope-Filled Christian”


Ep.58-“Elisabeth: My Hero”

featuring Ken Yates & Kathryn Wright with Grace Evangelical Society. A conversation based on the article and upcoming book Elisabeth: My Hero. Ken & Kathryn share the remarkable story of Elisabeth Yates who, though physically weak from cerebral palsy, lived a life of strong, unwavering faith in Jesus Christ. Referenced in this interview: Elisabeth: My Hero… Continue reading Ep.58-“Elisabeth: My Hero”


Ep.57-“Balancing Caregiving & Marriage”

What makes spousal caregiving unique? Is it possible to maintain a healthy balance between caregiving duties and marriage, without losing the spark? Drawing from their own story of learning to cope with the increasing changes and demands of muscular dystrophy, Paul and Tabitha address potential ways caregiving can impact relationships and how, through Christ, their… Continue reading Ep.57-“Balancing Caregiving & Marriage”


Ep.56-“Life Changing Cross-Cultural Friendship”

featuring Dr. Gary Chapman & Dr. Clarence Shuler. Gary and Clarence share their fascinating story of an unlikely yet special friendship built on faith in Jesus Christ. They discuss their new book and answer questions on cultivating healthy, long-lasting relationships across ethnic and racial barriers. Purchase Life Changing Cross-Cultural Friendships: How You Can Help Heal Racial… Continue reading Ep.56-“Life Changing Cross-Cultural Friendship”


Ep.55-“A Testament of Friendship”

Paul & Tabitha focus in on Ruth’s friendship with Naomi and discuss the importance of loyalty, acceptance, and empathy in building relationships. Article referenced in this episode: Empathy: A Key to Inclusive Ministry


Ep.54-“The Truth and Beauty”

featuring Andrew Klavan. Andrew Klavan opens up on how literature played a part in leading him from being a secular Jew to faith in Christ. He answers questions on his latest book, The Truth & Beauty, and provides insight into knowing Christ. Purchase Andrew Klavan’s The Truth & Beauty: How the Lives and Works of England’s Greatest Poets… Continue reading Ep.54-“The Truth and Beauty”


Ep.53-“Flourish Like a Palm Tree”

Paul & Tabitha answer questions from their audience on muscular dystrophy and talk about how Christians can thrive, regardless of circumstances. Based on Psalm 92.


Ep.52-“The God Who Sees”

Paul & Tabitha share an update on their move to north Idaho and how their ‘wilderness experience’ has turned their attention to The God Who Sees. Referenced in this episode: Hagar Does Not Deserve Her Bad Rap by Marcia Hornok


Ep.51-“Always,Only Good”

featuring Shelly Hamilton. Shelly discusses her book, Always, Only Good — the story of her son’s lengthy trial with schizophrenia and the goodness of God through it all. We highly recommend Shelly’s book, Always, Only Good. Purchase can be made through Majesty Music’s website. Songs referenced within the interview: You Are Always Good & Higher… Continue reading Ep.51-“Always,Only Good”


Ep.50-“The Case for Heaven”

featuring Lee Strobel. Season 3 Final. Paul and Tabitha interview speaker and author Lee Strobel on how his near-death experience impacted his life. Separating myths from biblical truths, Lee answers questions about the glorious home that awaits believers in Christ after the grave. Download a Free Sample of The Case for Heaven or Pre-Order the… Continue reading Ep.50-“The Case for Heaven”


Ep.49-“Rising Above”

featuring Becky Davidson with Rising Above Ministries.With raw yet refreshing honesty, Becky tells the story God wrote for her becoming a special needs mom and later a widow. She shares how her grief led her to trust Christ more and offers practical advice on ministering to the special needs community.


Ep. 48-“More Than Conquerors”

Paul and Tabitha cover the remarkable promises from Romans 8 that give them confidence and courage through hardships in life. If God Is for Us. Words from Romans 8:31, 35, 37-39. Music by Pepper Choplin “Strength in Weakness (Part 2)” – Paul & Tabitha’s love story


Ep.47-“Passport to Heaven”

featuring Micah Wilder. Paul and Tabitha welcome back ‘returning guest, Micah Wilder’, and interview him on his book Passport to Heaven: The True Story of a Zealous Mormon Missionary Who Discovers the Jesus He Never Knew. Micah gives a glimpse into the life of Latter-Day Saint missionaries and shares what it means to be beloved… Continue reading Ep.47-“Passport to Heaven”


Ep. 46 – “The Dynamic Encourager”

Taking a stroll through 1 Timothy, Paul and Tabitha put the spotlight on a “help-bringer,” and patterns he left to follow in developing the ministry of refreshing others.


Ep.45 “Abundant Life: Help & Grace for Hidden Afflictions”

featuring Catherine Boyle with Key Ministry. Catherine talks about the help and grace Jesus has given her through her struggles with depression. She shares valuable insight on becoming more effective in ministry with individuals impacted by mental illnesses. Resources mentioned within the interview: An Overview & Statistics on Mental Illness Coronavirus Ministry Resources Simple Gestures… Continue reading Ep.45 “Abundant Life: Help & Grace for Hidden Afflictions”


Ep.44 “Jesus is Enough”

featuring Dr. Lynn Wilder. Former Brigham Young University professor discusses how the Lord led her and her family out of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and answers questions on the differences between Christianity and Mormonism. We recommend Dr. Lynn Wilder’s book “Unveiling Grace” Learn more about ministering to Mormon’s through Dr.… Continue reading Ep.44 “Jesus is Enough”


Ep.43-“Even If”

The Lord supplies hope and courage, not only through His Word, but also through the examples of brothers and sisters in Christ. Tabitha shares how bold believers in Myanmar impacted her walk with Christ. Paul explores the faith-filled, resolute lives of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Still. Performed by Amen Quartet from Heartland Baptist Bible College.


Ep. 42- “Unstoppable”

Drawing inspiration from the life of Moses, Paul & Tabitha talk about the benefits of modeling faith and proactive love for others that is truly compelling. Make Me a Blessing. Lyrics: Ira B. Wilson, 1909. Tune: Schuler. Performed by: Kaleb Brasee.


Ep.41- “Have No Fear!”

Paul and Tabitha expound on a particular passage from Scripture that gives them hope and courage in uncertain times – Matthew 10: 29-31. His Eye is on the Sparrow. Performed by Fountainview Academy