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30: Lokeshvara - Around the World in 80 Days

The first in an occasional series this year of unreleased archive episodes from Buddhist Voices. Here's Lokeshvara, one of our two International Order Conveners in Triratna, talking in 2015 at the end of his voyage around the world achieved in exactly 80 days. No hot-air balloons or steam trains or packet ships, alas, just lots of economy flights and time zone surfing! What we do hear coming through is why it's worth such an effort. Lokeshvara gives a great impressionistic sense of the...


29: Abhaya On Beauty and The Imagination as Ways to Liberation

A deep-dive of a conversation between Abhaya and Satyalila, framing the practice of the Dharma as a path towards beauty, letting go, and liberation of the heart and mind. Abhaya speaks frankly about the very early days of the FWBO (now Triratna) and how his understanding of Urgyen Sangharakshita's systematic approach has evolved alongside his personal connection to his teacher and friend. We also hear how his early inspiration around the Tibetan text translated as 'Self Liberation Through...


28: Maitripala - Buddhas In My Pocket

A gem of a conversation with Maitripala, from Melbourne (via Emerald City) in Australia, describing her beautiful practice of Metta Walks across the continent and the Buddhas In My Pocket project that has grown up around it. Her evocation of a modern day pilgrimage, engaging with strangers and sharing moments of deep connection and mutual kindness, is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. A shining example of living out the image of Indra's Net, where every being in the universe reflects...


27: Jnanadakini - Bringing The Dharma To Latin America

Jnanadakini was the first Mexican woman to be ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order and joins us to talk about her work bringing the Dharma to other Latin American women. We hear about the recent ordination, broadcast live on The Buddhist Centre Online, and about Jnanadakini's mythic connection to building sangha at home in Mexico, in Venezuela, and across the continent. Her quiet joy in this is apparent as she evokes the strength of practical faith in the face of great political and...


26: Upeksamati In Mexico - How To Start A Buddhist Centre

Continuing our series of in-depth conversations with Buddhists in Mexico, here is the irrepressible Upeksamati: Dharma pioneer in his homeland and founder of the Mexico City Buddhist Center. We hear of his own Buddhist training in England in the 1980s and '90s and how that influenced his approach to bringing what he learned back home again. We get, in effect, a crash course in the essentials of starting a new Buddhist Center - at scale, and with ambition! Always engaging, always in love with...


25: Buddhist Voices From Mexico - Aurea, Pablo & Alejandra

First in a series of occasional episodes featuring Triratna voices from Mexico. Here we meet the wonderful Aurea and her family in Mexico City and hear their story of what it's like to be a Buddhist (or have a Buddhist in your life) in a country where that's still fairly unusual. An inspiring, warm conversation that shows the tremendous difference love and support from friends and family can make to anyone practising Buddhism. More at www.thebuddhistcentre.com/features #Mexico #Buddhism...


24: Buddhist Voices: Karunadevi - From Heartland to Heart-Mind

Karunadevi has been a practicing Buddhist since the 1980s after finding her way to California from the heartland of Iowa. The first American to be ordained in the U.S. into the Triratna Buddhist Order she is now a member of the College of Public Preceptors, helping maintain the spiritual wellbeing of the community worldwide. We hear about Karunadevi's journey to the Dharma via family, friends, and brushes with mystic religion (via Christianity, Joan Baez and Lama Govinda). And how it was as...


23: Subhuti on the Bodhicitta

Subhuti talks about his reasons for leading study on the Bodhicitta for the College meeting #Subhuti #Bodhicitta #Preceptors' College


22: Anādi (Without Origin) - An Interview with Binisa Colmenero Lira & David Prats Mira

A conversation wth the artist and poet behind the new eBook from The Buddhist Centre Online: Anādi - Without Origin (in English and Spanish editions). We hear about the origins of the book and about Binisa's meditative inspiration that underpins her work as a Dharma painter and illustrator, looking to the classic Tibetan tradition of thangka painting. Anādi is a beautifully illustrated art and poetry book interpreting the “Bardo Thödol” – known as “The Tibetan Book of the Dead” – derived...


21: Buddhist Voices - Lokamitra on the Nagaloka Institute, India

Lokamitra has spent most of his adult life working in India to support the Dalit Buddhist community in their struggle against Hindu caste prejudice and its regard of them as literally "untouchable". Inspired by the life and work of the great Dalit leader, India's first Justice Minister Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, the Nagaloka Institute provides an invaluable chance to thousands of young Dalits, educating them in how Buddhism can help support their democratic rights to liberty, equality, and...


20: Buddhist Voices - Subhuti On Doctor Ambedkar

A special edition of Buddhist Voices, from India at the height of celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of the mass conversion to Buddhism in 1956 of hundreds of thousands of Dalit (ex-Untouchable caste) Indians, inspired by their great leader Doctor Bhimrao Ambedkar to escape the horrors of the Hindu caste system and work towards a more just society in India. Subhuti, a longstanding champion of Doctor Ambedkar as an exemplar of democratic principles for the whole world gives us a...


19: Buddhist Voices - Ratnashri and Vijaya from India

Ratnashri from Mumbai and Vijaya from Nagpur talk to Dassini about their perspectives on the Triratna International Council; being outside of India for the first time, and being inspired by the example of Dr Ambedkar to see learning and developing skills as having no age limit. Vijaya shares her top 3 highlights from the meeting, the first being an approach to conflict resolution that builds confidence and supports individuals to see their own shortcomings in the light of the Buddha's...


18: Buddhist Voices - Vidyatara Returns From Melbourne

Vidyatara was one of the forces behind the development of the Triratna International Council after its foundation in 2011. We get a chance to catch up with her on her first return visit to the UK after moving back to Melbourne, Australia. She still carries a fierce passion for the vision of a genuinely international Buddhist movement and that comes through as we hear about aspects of her life and practice at home, back in national political work, carrying the torch of the Dharma. + Bonus: If...


17: Kamalamani - Other Than Mother, Choosing Childlessness With Life In Mind

Satyalila interviews Kamalamani about a strong decision in her life as a Buddhist - to forego having children - and her subsequent decision to write a book about it. A great conversation between two good friends about a long, challenging, ultimately affirming personal process and choice. Get more information on Kamalamani's book and where to buy it: https://thebuddhistcentre.com/news/birth-book-choosing-childlessness #motherhood #children #child #kids #Buddhism #Buddhist #Dharma #compassion...


16: Dhammarati on Sikkha - a new project to review and develop training in the system of practice

Dhammarati talks here about a new project on the system of training in Triratna. He is one of the most experienced members of the Triratna Community, having been chair of the College of Public Preceptors for a decade. He lives and works at Adhisthana, and is now the convenor of the International Council. Dhammarati reflects on what is essential in Buddhist practice: a growth of awareness which leads to positive and rich emotion and a move away from self-referential emotion. As joy and...


15: Gender Diverse Community As Buddhists

Parami interviews Kamalanandi and Padmavyuha about gender diversity in Triratna on the occasion of the first residential retreat for gender diverse people in our community. A timely and topical discussion about the issues raised in society generally by changes in awareness around gender – and in a particular Buddhist culture as it expands its sense of itself to be more inclusive and more forward thinking about a crucial area of personal identity. The implications for ideas of practice as a...


14: Buddhist Voices - Making A 'Complete Works' Happen

Satyalila reporting from an inspiring retreat at Adhisthana in the UK for a group of volunteers who came together to help Vidyadevi and Kalyanaprabha with editorial work on the first two of the twenty-seven volumes that will make up the entire Complete Works of Sangharakshita. And to to collectively dedicate their efforts - spiritual and practical. We hear about some of what's involved - from the intricacies of critical diacritics in Pali and Sanskrit terms, to the considerable detective...


13: Bodhichitta Mantra

Members of the Triratna Buddhist Order on their Pan-American Convention join with women training for ordination to chant the Bodhichitta mantra for the benefit of all beings. The 'Bodhichitta' is sometimes rendered as the 'will to Enlightenment' or the 'heart-mind of Enlightenment' - signifying the complete dedication of our efforts to cultivate wisdom and compassion, in line with the Buddha's teachings, making no distinction between our own well-being and that of others. In that sense the...


12: Buddhist Voices - Saddhajoti On Co-Creating Chintamani Retreat Centre in Mexico

Viriyalila in conversation with the wonderful Saddhajoti, whose vision of a Buddhist retreat centre rising out of barren sugar cane plantation land has been fully realized here at Chintamani, near Cuernavaca in Mexico. It's a truly extraordinary achievement, and the great beauty and elegance of the place has been hugely enjoyed by all lucky enough o be attending the Triratna Buddhist Order's 2015 Pan-American Convention. We hear how Chintamani - named after the mythical wish-fulfilling jewel...


11: Kalyana Mitrata Mantra In The Rain

As part of a meditation evoking the path of friendship and lineage, members of the Triratna Buddhist Order chant the 'kalyana mitrata' mantra in a rainstorm at Chintamani Retreat Centre in Mexico. Recorded as part of the 2015 Triratna Buddhist Order Pan-American Convention: https://thebuddhistcentre.com/tags/pan-american-2015 #mantra #chanting #harmonies #friendship #chant #singing #Buddhist #Buddhism #rain


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