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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson streams live via YouTube on Sundays 11am PT from Jesse's nonprofit organization, BOND ( Edited audio podcasts (and video) go up Friday evenings.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson streams live via YouTube on Sundays 11am PT from Jesse's nonprofit organization, BOND ( Edited audio podcasts (and video) go up Friday evenings.
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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson streams live via YouTube on Sundays 11am PT from Jesse's nonprofit organization, BOND ( Edited audio podcasts (and video) go up Friday evenings.








Stop Sinning (Church, Jan 6, 2019, New Year in Los Angeles)

First Jesse talked with a young woman about her problems with her mother. Her mother would worry that she died in some accident she saw on the news. This young lady's been coming to church but only recently started doing the Silent Prayer. Shameful! Jesse's going to deal with her at the upcoming Women's Forum, third Thursday of the month at BOND in Los Angeles. VIDEO: (Toward the end of the conversation we had to restart the stream due to technical issues, so...


Stop Judging! Do Right (Church, Dec 30, 2018)

One woman forgave her stepfather, and should move out from her live-in boyfriend. A mother of two is distressed, years into her arranged marriage. A third woman is upset after judging her husband. Jesse showed off his "watermelon" socks, which he received as a gift from a lady from New Zealand. He asked the people to rate their year. One woman visiting from out-of-state rated her year a 9 out of 10. She graduated from medical school and started her residency. Also this year, she discovered...


Why Do Women Want to "Save" People?

At Church, we asked why women always try to "save" somebody! In the new year, we want to get men not to be weak with people. Don't be in a comfort zone! READ MORE: VIDEO: live Sunday 11am PT


"A Reprobate Mind" (Church, Dec 3, 2017)

Sunday, Dec 3, 2017: VIDEO: Remember the assignment from last Sunday? Pay attention to yourself, what the devils telling you, what you’re feeling and thinking. Watch that without any opinion, even though Satan tries to make you have an opinion. We started out discussing several news stories and what they mean: about the illegal alien who was found "not guilty" for killing Kate Steinle in San Francisco (President Trump WILL Build the...


What Is Sin? (Church, Dec 16)

Christians are to stop sinning and be perfect. What is sin? Sin is anger, judgment, playing God. Fake Christians quote the Bible to excuse sin! At Church, people asked their questions for Jesse, and then Jesse made the point that you are not your thoughts. He asked his own questions: What is your comfort zone? What’s the difference between a liberal and a conservative? READ MORE: VIDEO:


Don't Live Together Unmarried (Church, Dec 9)

Kevin Hart apologized to the children of the lie. Christians set a bad example, living together outside marriage, divorcing and remarrying. Have faith and be right, for your children. VIDEO: READ MORE: Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday 11am PT (1pm CT / 2pm ET)


Do Good People Do Bad Things? (Church, Dec 2)

We discussed questions: Do good people do bad things? Do you have faith? People talked about relationship troubles, sex and marriage. Where do you get the love with which you love yourself? READ MORE: SILENT PRAYER: | AUDIO CHURCH Sunday 11am PT (1pm CT / 2pm ET)


Don't Get Too Into Knowledge (Church, Nov 25)

Biblical Question: How do you see black people? Be honest with people. Don't get into knowledge and education. Just be! Mothers, let adult sons and daughters go! (A married couple makes an appearance too.) READ MORE: ‎ VIDEO OF THIS SERVICE:


Can You Love But "Not Like" a Person? (Church, Nov 18)

At Church, we discussed marriage and relationship issues, thoughts versus prayer, “like” versus “love,” and Biblical Questions about holiness and blacks. Read more: VIDEO


Life Without Fear (Church, Nov 11)

We discussed a letter about black people, speaking up, fear of confrontation, parents who don’t teach their children to work, not having sex, Jesse’s Biblical Question, and temptation. VIDEO: Related links: "Pot head" mama's previous Church discussion Radio segment: You do not have a free will At Church, we discussed an anonymous letter listing complaints about black people. Jesse talked about...


Overcome Being a "Selfish Millennial" (Church, Nov 4)

At Church, we talked about men who wear hats indoors (which is inappropriate), selfish millennials who rebel and want to overcome anger, how to get over the past and remain in the present, and how an alpha male or alpha female should act. We also touched on a story of a white man at a Dunkin' Donuts who called a black female employee a "F—ing N-word" after she said something that angered him. At the end we talked about how Christ is our brother. Read more:...


Women Are Not Strong; Men Are Weak. (Church, Oct 28)

At Church, Jesse answers questions about reading the Bible, knowing the truth, overcoming bad habits, and dealing with relationship issues: boyfriend and girlfriend living together, having sex and making babies before marriage, "nurturing" women who become "mothers" to their boyfriends and husbands. The notion that women can be "strong" comes from the reality that men have become morally weak. READ MORE: SILENT PRAYER:...


Don't Put Anyone Above You (Church, Oct 14)

At Church, we talked about the order of God, the man being the head of his wife. A man and his girlfriend are in hell living together. We also talked about Kanye West, and evil people in “authority” trying to control others. We discussed the reality that “racism” does not exist. In order to see clearly and overcome fear, you must drop anger. READ MORE ABOUT TODAY'S CHURCH SERVICE: VIDEO:


Return to Fathers to Save the Country (Church, Oct 7)

At Church, we discussed the need to forgive parents, especially mothers. Take every thought into captivity, so that you don't fall to Satan's lies. We talked about the Amber Rose Slut Walk, the Me Too movement, and the need to return to fathers. VIDEO: BOND writeup: SILENT PRAYER: | AUDIO CHURCH Sunday...


Does God Love You As You Are? (Church Sep 30)

At Church, we discussed: Does God love you as you are? What is love? Have you been born of the Spirit? Can you be perfect in this life? Also, a woman forgave her mother, and her life changed. VIDEO: BLOG POST: Silent Prayer VIDEO: | AUDIO: DONATE or COUNSELING | Call: 323-782-1980


Be Happy to See Evil Revealed (Church Sep 23)

At Church, we dealt with the attack on good men like Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Be glad to see evil revealed! Another point: Love and hate are both responses to evil — both wrong. Do the Silent Prayer. EVIL ATTACK ON MEN At the very beginning of Church, a man yelled and cursed at Jesse. (In a previous service, he said that he struggled with demons.) He shouted that Jesse "insulted" this man's Hispanic mother (which was not true). BOND security escorted him out while he continued his nasty...


"Nobody Loves Nobody" (Church Sep 16)

At Church, Jesse made the point that "nobody loves nobody," whether parents with children, preachers or politicians with the people, or in relationships! We also talked about hypocrisy, the Kingdom of Heaven within, forgiveness, and the Silent Prayer. READ MORE: VIDEO: He told of a boy killed in Chicago a couple of years ago. The boy refused to join a gang, so they set him on fire alive in a trash...


Can You Return to God on Your Own? (Church, Sep 9)

At Church, a military man realized he was a “beta male.” We asked: Can you return to God on your own? People talked about fear of dealing with their mothers. VIDEO: SILENT PRAYER First, people shared some of their issues and stories about emotional attachment, grudges, and doubting every thought. Some still feel anger after forgiving their parents, and Satan messes with their...


Lies at Funerals — and Weddings... (Church, Sep 2)

At Church, we talked about lies at funerals (& weddings), the fact that many Christians live like the world, why it's good to admit when you're wrong, whether women believe they sin, and that children of God overcome all things. VIDEO: Breakdown: LIES AT FUNERALS LIES AT WEDDINGS & CHRISTIANS LIVING LIKE THE WORLD DO WOMEN BELIEVE THAT THEY DON’T SIN? PEOPLE SHARE THEIR STORIES CHILDREN OF GOD OVERCOME ALL THINGS A MAN WHO’S ANGRY AT HIS ABSENT FATHER, BUT...


The Purpose of Forgiveness (Church, Aug 26)

At Church August 26th, Jesse talks with several people about forgiving their mothers, and returning to their fathers. He also warns women not to date married men — and men and women not to remarry after divorce! VIDEO: SHORT CUT: What is the purpose of forgiveness? (video) Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, live Sunday 9am PT (11am CT / noon ET)