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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson streams live via YouTube on Sundays 11am PT from Jesse's nonprofit organization, BOND (rebuildingtheman.com/church). Edited audio podcasts (and video) go up Friday evenings.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson streams live via YouTube on Sundays 11am PT from Jesse's nonprofit organization, BOND (rebuildingtheman.com/church). Edited audio podcasts (and video) go up Friday evenings.
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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson streams live via YouTube on Sundays 11am PT from Jesse's nonprofit organization, BOND (rebuildingtheman.com/church). Edited audio podcasts (and video) go up Friday evenings.








Why Are Women Drawn to Weak Men? (Church, May 20)

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/dgDS3Q8_E8M Jesse asked his new Biblical Question of the Week: Why are women drawn to weak men? He also answered last week's Biblical Question: How do you see women? He used to see women the way men generally see them — as sex objects, and he'd pretend to be interested in their minds as guys do in order to get with them. A newcomer who found Jesse via YouTube spoke about the relationship between men and women, with many biblical references. Jesse asked him some direct...


Honor Your Mother by Forgiving Her (Mother's Day Church, May 13)

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/26paaanqdtM Happy Mother's Day! Find out how to love and forgive your mother as you should, even if she's dead now. Jesse tells a couple of stories in the news: A black woman from North Carolina was pulled over in Virginia, allegedly for speeding 70mph on a 55mph speed limit road. She gave the cop some attitude, but turned around and called the cop racist and said she was traumatized. The white officer's body cam shows a completely different story. In another story,...


What Do You Want in Life? (Church, May 6)

Jesse addressed the destruction of the Boy Scouts, the attack on masculinity. Then he asked: What do you want in life? He talked about gossip and silent prayer as well. For the first few minutes, we discussed that the 100-year-old organization Boy Scouts now allows girls. Why don't men stand up and speak out? Jesse also shared the example of the filthy "comedian" at the White House Correspondents' Dinner — nobody stopped her vulgar performance! We then heard from a young lady who joined us...


Is Your House Divided, Or Is It in Order? (Church, Apr 29)

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/QFfy9nj8BaI At Church, Jesse asked his Biblical Question of the Week: Is your house in order, or divided? A newcomer asked about the Silent Prayer, and a man asked about anger. READ: http://rebuildingtheman.com/is-your-house-divided-church-apr-29/ People didn’t seem to know what Jesse meant in asking, “Is your house divided,” or “in order?” Most people answering — Christians familiar with the Bible — felt unclear about the question. People admitted that they want to...


Were We Created to Die? (Church, Apr 22)

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/E-7LPlwAYo0 At Church, we talked about whether human beings were created to die, whether we have to die. We also talked with several people living with boyfriend or girlfriend before marriage. http://rebuildingtheman.com/created-die-church-apr-22/ | http://rebuildingtheman.com/church At Church we talked about whether human beings were created to die. Most people believe that they will die someday, although some do not think much about it. We don’t see evidence of...


Where Is the Trust? (Church, Apr 15)

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/lPnIOBWg7tg We dealt with a suicidal young man, fear of God, reaction to President Trump's bombing of Syria, the concepts of trust and freedom lacking today. Read below or here: http://rebuildingtheman.com/church-jesse-lee-peterson-apr-15/ A man watching online gave us a Super Chat donation on YouTube, and asked whether we should fear God. So Jesse asked people what they thought. We dealt with this in a prior service, but fearing God simply means reflecting on what...


Do You Give "Spiritual Advice"? (Church, Apr 8)

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/KcChEXh_d_s Jesse asks if you have anger, why do you give "spiritual advice"? Should men be "best friends" with women? Don't gossip at or about Church! Know yourself. READ MORE: http://rebuildingtheman.com/give-spiritual-advice-church-apr-8/ Jesse started out asking how many people have anger. Some raised their hands, while others were unclear. He then asked how many give “spiritual advice.” If you have anger, you are spiritually blind. If you have not overcome, how...


Are You Doing Greater Works Than Jesus? (Easter Church, Apr 1)

Are you doing greater works than Jesus? At Church on Easter, a number of new people joined us. One man forgave his parents and thanked Jesse, saying, "It worked!" Christ came to put everything back to order, making a way to return to the Father. Jesse suggested that it's more difficult for educated people to return to God. People with degrees, even those in the Bible, are nutcases! Jesse asked his Biblical Question from John 14:12 — Are you doing greater works than Jesus? Jesus said: Most...


Can You Serve Two Masters? (Church, Mar 18)

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/Hl53r7QsD08 Sunday, March 18, Jesse asks the question: Can you serve two masters? Some think they do, in that they want to serve God, but they often chase after material things such as money or pleasure, husband, wife, parents, or kids. The Bible, in Matthew, says that no slave can serve two masters — either he'll hate the one and love the other, or be attracted to the one and despise the other. Jesus said this. Jesse also said that there is only one way to please...


Alpha Males, Sex, Dating, and the Christian Life (Church, Mar 11)

At church, Jesse talked with newcomers about anger, forgiveness of parents and of self, alpha males versus beta males, and dealing with unreasonable people. VIDEO: https://youtu.be/SOijxtz1Pfw One man in his mid-fifties said his father told him he'd never amount to anything. He didn't talk with him for years, but reconnected and feels they have a good relationship now. But he does not talk to his divorced mother who abandoned them. He said he'd like a wife and kids, but never married....


Were You Born in Sin? (Church, Mar 4)

Sunday, March 4, We talked about the question: Were you born in sin? We also discussed with a man and his wife about anger, forgiveness, mothers, fathers, and marriage. We also talked a little about how preachers and others quote the scriptures rather than communicating normally — such as in an interview Jesse did on Apologia Studios with Pastor Jeff Durbin of Arizona. VIDEO: https://youtu.be/TwnnBKZef3s Jesse urged the regulars, and everyone, not to preach at people after service,...


Not Guns, Drugs, or Mental Illness: A Spiritual Battle (Church, Feb 18)

At Church, Jesse talked about the Florida school shooting and the spiritual issues affecting all people. He also discussed forgiving mothers with newcomers. At the beginning of the service, Jesse asked people if they ever felt depressed, shy, and other emotions. Everyone answered “yes.” Jesse connected these emotions to 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, who shot and killed at least 17 people at a school in Florida, injuring dozens more. Cruz reportedly said voices in his head told him to commit...


#MeToo Movement Is Evil Revenge That Can Destroy Society (Church Feb 11)

Sun, Feb 11: At Church, a woman told about a murder in her family the other week. Her nephew killed his wife, cut her up, put her in a suitcase, and tried to burn her body! He was caught and is in jail, headed for prison. She thought of sending him money, but won’t. Jesse told her to let him find Jesus, and stay out of his way. Don't be mama and "help" him. She feels guilty because she took her younger sister, the killer's mother, out to drink at bars when he was a child. She cheated on...


Is the Bible the Inspired Word of God? (Church Feb 4)

Sunday, Feb 4, Jesse talked about that February marks his nonprofit BOND's 28th anniversary. We've been around 28 years rebuilding the family by rebuilding the man. Jesse Lee Peterson started the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny after he realized that it wasn't "racism" that holds blacks back, but the lack of moral character — brought on at root by unforgiveness toward mothers and a separation from fathers. Before all this, Jesse prayed to God to let him see himself. He listened...


Judging Others Hurts YOU (Church, Jan 28)

Sunday, Jan 28: At Church, a man talked about having turned down a good business opportunity because he'd judged the people involved. This reminded Jesse of a caller on his radio show who had judged Donald Trump for his past, not realizing he too had sin in his past, and did not want to be judged for it. Many people relate in that they judge and don't realize it — they think they're being smart. Intellectuals who are puffed up on their knowledge look down on and obsess over people like...


What Is Faith? (Jan 21)

Sun, Jan 21, we discussed the Biblical Question from Matthew: What is faith? Jesse addressed a couple of YouTube comments about not thinking about your life — living without doubt. We talked about evil, about the need to forgive your mother and father. You cannot be born again or know God unless you forgive — especially the father, who represents Christ on earth. Simply saying, "I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior" means nothing if you do not forgive — Christ said that we should pray,...


What Cornerstone Have You Rejected in Your Life? (Jan 14)

Sunday, January 14, 2018: We talk about President Trump's alleged "s—hole countries" comment, the fact that people can't handle truth. We read from the parable of the wicked tenants of a vineyard who beat the landlord's servants who came to collect, then killed his son. Do you know the difference when something is revealed to you, versus coming from intellectual knowledge? We talked about the quote, "The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone." What cornerstone have you...


Self-Knowledge and Doubting Every Thought (Jan 7, 2018)

Sunday, Jan 7, Jesse talked about the reality that we should doubt every thought that enters our minds. Don’t listen to them, don’t engage with them. Our thoughts are not from God, but are lies from Satan. Doubt the lies of your father the devil, so that you can believe the truth and become a child of God. Adam doubted the truth believed the lie. Thanks to Christ, we can doubt the lie and believe the truth. Not everybody was able to see that every thought we get is a lie. So we discussed...



Silent Prayer, originally recorded in Church with Jesse Lee Peterson at BOND on Sunday, Dec 31, 2017 (rebuildingtheman.com/church) | FULL VIDEO of church service: youtu.be/FJeFt2Afq98 | EXCERPT with the prayer: youtu.be/zjwvbidPcIk | DIRECT DOWNLOAD (Dropbox, 19.3 MB)https://www.dropbox.com/s/6lk14raxv0l70up/SILENT-PRAYER-Church-Dec-31-2017.mp3?dl=1 Call Jesse's nonprofit, BOND: 800-411-2663, or send mail to BOND, PO Box 35090, Los Angeles, CA 90035. Also known as the Brotherhood...


How Do You Know You're Born Again? + Silent Prayer (New Year's Eve, Dec 31, 2017)

Sunday, Dec 31, 2017: As we did last New Year, Jesse led the church in a Silent Prayer, which he urges people commit to do. We also talked about the previous Biblical Question of the Week: How do you know when you're born again? Jesse talked about his experience (which he also discussed during his radio show on Friday, Dec 29, Hour 3). Jesse pointed out ways people don't see life or human nature correctly, due to blindness to spiritual principles. Jesse referenced a point James made on The...


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