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Seeking the Kingdom with Others; Serving the King and Others.

Seeking the Kingdom with Others; Serving the King and Others.
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Seeking the Kingdom with Others; Serving the King and Others.




Determination for the Journey (Acts 21:1-16)

This sermon is like a roadtrip. It starts off weird, with talk of cows and goose statues. There are detours into feminist theology. And eventually we arrive at our destination: an examination of what fueled Paul's determination to face suffering and imprisonment in Jerusalem despite the pleas of friends old and new. Buckle up. And try not to think too much about what the farm animals are pondering.


Encouragement (Acts 20:13-38)

Today's passage is a beautiful and emotional portrait of Biblical encouragement. In this sermon, we explore the principles and powerful effects of encouragement on the hearts of followers of Jesus. You may get so encouraged that you find yourself on the floor, sobbing and being kissed by many people. But probably not. PS- please don't call this sermon "nice".


"He's Alive!" (Acts 20:1-12)

There are a surprising number of resurrections in the Bible. As we examine the last of these resurrection stories, the account of Paul healing a young man who plummeted from a window, we will see how God has the power and compassion to bring life back to small, unimportant, broken people. But whatever you do, don't fall asleep during this sermon. It may be fatal, as Eutychus reminds us.


Cornelius: Unexpected Hero (Acts 10:1-8)

He may not have been the hero we'd expect for the monumental task of initiating the process of welcoming the Gentiles into the Church, but Cornelius reminds us that God chooses unexpected people who have a heart for Him and for their neighbors. Cornelius also reminds us to set aside our assumptions about who God is willing to use and include in His plans. Apologies in advance to any American friends who may be listening to this. I'm sure you'll never invade Alberta looking for freshwater....


Healing the Holy Ones (Acts 9:32-43)

As Peter visits the "Holy Ones", we read about healing acts done for humble people with unfortunate names. What can we learn about the nature of God's people? What can we learn about receiving, reflecting and being redeemed by His love? How can Chris mistake the metric system for the imperial system so frequently? All these answers and more as we journey with Peter as the Holy Spirit prepares him to blow the doors open among the "Hagios".


Saul: Thankfulness in Ups & Downs (Acts 9:19-31)

Saul's early efforts in ministry don't inspire much thankfulness at first glance. He endures suffering, death threats, loneliness and rejection. However, in exploring the story (as well as sections of Paul's later writings) we will see how, even in the most difficult of times, we should always be like Saul and demonstrate contentment, praise, and thankfulness. Even inside a fish basket. Plus, we get to meet the Big Map o' Missions, and Chris uses food metaphors an awful lot.


Ananias' Life, in His Own Words (Acts 9:10-19)

This is not a sermon either! It's part 2 in a mini-series of historical fictional biographies (liberties were definitely taken) exploring some fascinating characters in the Book of Acts. Last week it was Saul's conversion, this week it's the story of the man who played a central role in that conversion: Ananias of Damascus. Step into his world and find the story of a faithful servant, suffering for Christ, who heard the words of Jesus and helped turn an enemy into a brother. Still working on...


Saul's Conversion, in His Own Words (Acts 9:1-9)

This morning, we examine the conversion of Saul through the eyes of Saul himself. It's not a sermon, but hopefully it results in some encouragement and exploration of the effect that an encounter with the Light of Jesus can have on our entire being. (Disclaimer: the recording at church was of exceedingly poor quality, and I suffered several major coughing attacks, so I re-recorded this at my house after church)


Philip: Evangelism to the Ends of the Earth

The story of Philip's one-on-one evangelism is given the same space and theological weight as his earlier conversion of an entire people group, the Samaritans. Why is that? Because micro-evangelism is just as important as macro-evangelism. In this sermon, we examine some of the keys to effective evangelism, using Philip as a template. It is a convicting sermon for our church and our pastor, who has much to learn in this area! As a bonus: see if you can pinpoint the exact moment where every...


POWER, Part II: Peter, John & Simon (Acts 8:9-25)

Contrasting the Forbes list of the most powerful people in 2016 with the Biblical heroes like Philip, Peter, John and Jesus, we further examine a Biblical understanding of power. God uses His power to invite and save (even Samaritans!); Simon covets power for personal gain. Careful: things get political. Also, apologies for the audio quality. Still trying to work that out.


POWER, Part I: Philip & Simon (Acts 8:4-13)

Power in the Kingdom of God looks nothing like power in the world. In this, the first of a two-part sermon exploring the spread of the Gospel to Samaria (and in particular Simon the Magician), we examine how God uses power to make enemies into family, and how we have the power to change our community. That is, as long as we're willing to lay our own power down. Make sure you're listening like a bunch of men (yes dear, okay) and don't get your Simons mixed up when you fight with your...


Jasper Camp 2017 Recap

Chris describes the lessons offered to the Youth Group, and then examines how the leaders were fortunate to watch those lessons come to life in the campers through the course of the week. From the Mountains of God (Sinai, Carmel, Transfiguration, Mt of Olives, Calvary) to the mountains of Jasper (Pyramid, Tekarra, Bald Hills, Parker Ridge), God is given glory! Featuring new musical intro/outro: "Measure Your Best (Instrumental)" by Styrofoam Apache (Stephen Robinson, Jackson O'Brien, Ian...


Lisa's Testimony

After dealing with a severe medical issue, our dear friend Lisa shares with us the refreshing perspective she's gained on pain, life, and God's faithful provision.


Suffering: Storms & Seeds (Acts 8:1-4)

Using a profound encounter on an airplane as the main illustration, along with a portrait of scattered seeds, we journey through the end of Stephen's life and the beginning of Saul's persecution of the Church to examine how we can respond to suffering, and see God in the midst of the storm. Stick around for a poorly recorded (but beautifully sung) version of "It Is Well With My Soul", with Stephanie, Trish, Angie and Chris.


Stephen's Speech Part 8: Tabernacle, Temple, and You

Well, we've finally wrapped up all the loose ends on Stephen's speech in Acts 7, and this last loose end was a BIG one. By exploring New Testament Temple theology, we will see how the new thing God is doing (which is actually an old thing) has ramifications for our faith today. A Greater Tabernacle, and a Lesser Temple, and YOU. Yes, you. Now excuse me, but I have fireworks to watch on TV. I've heard that's spectacular.


Stephen's Speech Part 7: A Lasting Impact

WARNING: CONTROVERSIAL STATEMENTS AHEAD! Well, maybe not. It's just the words of Jesus and Stephen. But they might shake us up. In this sermon, we examine three of the minor lessons we can apply to our own faith from the speech Stephen makes in defense of his faith. 1) We are unbound to any nation; 2) We should avoid looking back with longing at our former lives; 3) Watch out for the things you get stubborn about. Also, listen as Shane nearly plummets through the front doors of the church to...


Stephen's Speech, Part 6: The Death (Acts 7:51-60)

Stephen's speech (and his life) have come to an end. As he points out the blasphemy of his accusers (who had themselves accused Stephenof blasphemy), Stephen also points out the glory and power of Jesus. See what his last words have to say to us, and how they connect Stephen to Jesus. Also, hear Chris discuss a bizarre tattoo, offer a whistle interlude, and forget the name of Ajith Fernando. Sorry, Ajith. Your commentary is really good. You deserve better.


Stephen's Speech Part 5: Tabernacle (Acts 7:44-50)

If I make a birdhouse, am I confined to that birdhouse? No, I am sovereign over that birdhouse. Starting with some basic theologies about the power of our Creator God, we examine why Stephen depreciated the Temple (and was condemned for it). God could not be contained. So why did the enemies of the Gospel attempt to do so? It's a mistake we have to learn from. Another mistake? Chris' astronomy facts. For the record, Darcey is right, it takes 8 minutes for light to go from the sun to Earth....


Stephen's Speech Part 4: Moses (Acts 7:20-43)

After using the Patriarchs to emphasize his point, Stephen then turns his attention to Moses. In all three eras of Moses' life we see God at work in foreign places, creating holiness out of common places (and people), and truth being rejected from even the most powerful truth-tellers. History repeats itself, from the exodus to the martyrdom of Stephen and even through to today. Will we be doomed along with those who fail to learn over and over again? Or will we break the cycle and find life?...


Stephen's Speech Part 3: The Patriarchs (Acts 7:1-19)

In his great defense of the new work God is doing through Jesus, immediately before his martyrdom, Stephen takes the Sanhedrin all the way back to the roots of their faith. The Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and his sons) are full of many familiar, powerful stories. But Stephen ignores many of these stories in favour of details that highlight his three apologetic thesis statements: a) A God Who is not confined to a specific location; b) a worship of God not confined to a specific...