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Seeking the Kingdom with Others; Serving the King and Others.

Seeking the Kingdom with Others; Serving the King and Others.
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Seeking the Kingdom with Others; Serving the King and Others.




Hope: Embracing the Silence (Advent 2018)

The first week of Advent is the week of hope. In this sermon Marnie beautifully examines the connection between hope and silence, taking us from the empty manger of Bethlehem to the broken people of small town Manitoba, piercing us with the words of favourite carols along the way. And fear not: that 60 second quiet you hear is no audio malfunction! It's a crucial reminder of the power and beauty of expectant silence.


The End (is not the end): Acts 28:11-31

Our two year journey through the Book of Acts has come to an end. However, though the book has ended, the story hasn't. Find out what it might mean for us that Luke ends his great narrative so abruptly. Where the stories of Paul and the Apostles end, our story begins. As an added bonus, hear a special trailer for Luke's never-before-seen third masterpiece! (Note: it's totally fictional. And totally stupid.)


The Adventure of a Lifetime (Acts 27:1-28:10)

Sure it's a cliche, but that's only because it's a truth that fits so perfectly: life is an adventure. In the case of Paul in Acts 27, that adventure takes him to the high seas, where he faces storms, shipwrecks, and serpents. Through it all, God is in control, and Paul himself is a light of hope, wisdom, witness, service and leadership to those around him. Hopefully we can hop aboard with Paul on his adventure and let it lead us to reflect on our own lifetime adventures.


In the Name of Remembrance

Remembrance Day used to be known as Armistice Day. But as with many Biblical name changes, the change in name for November 11th resulted in greater power and purpose. Why is it better to Remember than to celebrate an armistice? What is worthy of Remembering, in the church and culture at large, about national involvement in war? Why does Chris insist on insulting the farmers of Alberta? Find out in this brief call to action on Remembrance Day.


Crucial Symbols (Acts 25 & 26)

Symbols are everywhere in our world, and the most important ones are designed to keep us healthy and sustain life. This is true in the Church as well. In this sermon we will examine the two most crucial symbols of the church, after seeing how these symbols empower and embolden Paul as he remains in legal limbo. We will also be blessed with the incredible dramatic vocal talents of Nick, Barb, Angie, and Andrew (some more dramatic than others)! Also: apologies for the terrible audio...


Mammon: Combating the Enemy (Acts 24:24-27)

Mammon. It's an ugly word to say. And for followers of Jesus, it's an even uglier word to be influenced by. In this sermon, we examine the response of Felix and Drusilla to the Gospel of Jesus, and expose the twisted, selfish, and violent nature of the idol Mammon (which means "wealth"). We also kick a few rocks at a prominent Christian media mogul and a famous country music singer. Apologies to Toby Keith fans everywhere!


Too Legit to Quit

Now here's a little story I've got to tell / about three white rappers you know so well (or perhaps don't), and the issues of legitimacy that faced the Beastie Boys in 1989 and MC Hammer in 1990. Were they real hip hop? Or posers and phonies? How do you measure legitimacy anyway? For the Apostle Paul, the question of legitimacy was life or death as he faced trial before Felix, the Roman ruler. Would the Church be validated and legitimized by the worldly powers of the day? And is there an...


A Good Story. And That's a Promise. (Acts 23:11-35)

Are you ready for a dramatic thrill ride of assassination attempts, family reconciliation, and political backroom dealings? Then have we got a story for you! But although we learn smaller lessons from the assassins and the young nephew, it's one tiny verse of Paul that serves as the main course for this Thanksgiving sermon. And that's a promise. By the way, apologies for those of you who can't or won't eat turkey. Chris mentions eating turkey a lot in this sermon. We love you too,...


To Whom Do You Belong? (Acts 22:22-23:10)

"It is not he or she or them or it that you belong to." These lyrics from Bob Dylan encapsulate the heroism of Paul as he defends himself against Romans and Jews alike. We examine the third way of Jesus, where we don't pledge allegiance to flags or denominations or nations or anything else human and fallible. Instead, we are devoted to Christ and His Kingdom, turning outsiders into neighbors through His love and grace. For bonus fun, imagine Chris preaching this sermon with a creaky 1965...


Beyond Mere Tradition (Acts 21:27-22:24a)

We're back in Acts, baby! After a quick twenty dollar summary, we examine how Paul's abuse in Jerusalem can inform us about our own tendency to cling to tradition (at the expense of outsiders around us). May or may not feature talk of NHL MVP Taylor Hall, and an ongoing spat in the Lantz residence regarding Christmas presents.


Fear and Death on a Friday Afternoon

Chris shares a personal experience with fear and death, extending from his childhood to a recent funeral he performed. The central question, What's the Point?, is explored in light of the resurrection. "A sincere thank you to the family who welcomed me into their home, into their grief, and into their lives. May your mourning be turned into joy in light of the hope of resurrection made possible by Jesus." -Chris


Jasper Camp Recap 2018

The mountains are stunning, but they wouldn't be the same without water. In this sermon, Chris recaps the five lessons he taught the 30-some young people who attended Clyde Christian Bible Church's annual Jasper Camp. Each lesson is a journey through the salvation story, with water as the common ingredient. From Genesis to the Gospels, see how water can teach us about Who God is and who we are in His story. (Best if listened to while driving through Jasper National Park, if you can!)


Determination for the Journey (Acts 21:1-16)

This sermon is like a roadtrip. It starts off weird, with talk of cows and goose statues. There are detours into feminist theology. And eventually we arrive at our destination: an examination of what fueled Paul's determination to face suffering and imprisonment in Jerusalem despite the pleas of friends old and new. Buckle up. And try not to think too much about what the farm animals are pondering.


Encouragement (Acts 20:13-38)

Today's passage is a beautiful and emotional portrait of Biblical encouragement. In this sermon, we explore the principles and powerful effects of encouragement on the hearts of followers of Jesus. You may get so encouraged that you find yourself on the floor, sobbing and being kissed by many people. But probably not. PS- please don't call this sermon "nice".


"He's Alive!" (Acts 20:1-12)

There are a surprising number of resurrections in the Bible. As we examine the last of these resurrection stories, the account of Paul healing a young man who plummeted from a window, we will see how God has the power and compassion to bring life back to small, unimportant, broken people. But whatever you do, don't fall asleep during this sermon. It may be fatal, as Eutychus reminds us.


The World's Rage (Acts 19:23-41)

One thing that's hard to understand: sports riots. They represent the worst of the sports world, and demonstrate the ugly core of society. Why does the world rage? And where does the Church fit in the midst of all that tumultuous chaos? In this, the last story of Paul among the Ephesians, we see how Christ offers a new way of living away from rage, as well as the consequences of this new life. BEWARE: there is a lot of sports talk ahead. Buckle up.


Contrasting Powers (Acts 19:8-20)

By contrasting Paul's actions in Acts 19 with Hitler's Nazi Germany, we get a powerful demonstration of the difference between how humans use power and how God uses power. Several remarkable stories come together to show the powerful love of God and the powerful faith of His people. Warning: may make you want to perform magic after taking a nap in a sweaty apron.


The Crucial Ingredient (Acts 18:18-19:7)

Paul has the ingredient in abundance. Apollos just needs to tweak his ingredients slightly. Twelve men in Ephesus are missing the ingredient altogether. In each of these stories we see what all believers need to be proper followers: The Crucial Ingredient. Featuring Barry, the first (and last) contestant on "Bake Mistakes with Pastor Lantz".


Small Decisions, Huge Consequences (Acts 18:9-17)

Sometimes, the smallest events have the most enormous consequences. This was true with the Black Plague, the Titanic, and the death of Rock and Roll stars... not to mention the spread of the Gospel by the Apostle Paul and others. Find out how a seemingly ho-hum trial in Corinth led to enormously beneficial consequences for the Church. And bring your clean underwear.


Adventures in Sin City (Acts 18:1-17)

"Bright light city, gonna set my soul, gonna set my soul on fire." This is Paul's fear as he enters Corinth, the Roman Empire's version of Vegas' Sin City. What light could he shine in such a dark place? Where would he find encouragement in such a corrupt world? And how many goat hides has Chris Lantz touched in his life? Find out right here. Viva Las Corinth indeed.