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This is a podcast of sermons from the Progressive Christian voice in Colville, WA - Colville United Church of Christ and Pastor Jim CastroLang.

This is a podcast of sermons from the Progressive Christian voice in Colville, WA - Colville United Church of Christ and Pastor Jim CastroLang.
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This is a podcast of sermons from the Progressive Christian voice in Colville, WA - Colville United Church of Christ and Pastor Jim CastroLang.








18-0812 Good Behavior

This was my "un-sermon_ of the year! If followers of Jesus can work on the guidelines from Paul to the Church in Ephesus, we can be a model for the world. Usually we are as reluctant as most people to do the heard work on ourselves with support from the community. There is nothing flashy here - which makes for a better sermon -- yet maybe nothing more important that committing ourselves for this model of attitude and behavior. In this, we can transform the world.


18-0805 Do We Need The Bible Anymore?

As I looked at the sacred texts this week, all I could think about was that Franklin Graham is in the Pacific Northwest and coming to nearby Spokane in a few days. I am usually polite and in the UCC we a taught to be tolerant of difference but I am sorry -- the Franklin Graham Christianity is doing damage and in my mind is fantasy religion. In a culture that is more and more blurring the boundaries of reality and fantasy, it is time to speak out. The Bible does not support this and the...


18-0729 Rita Stoess On Organ

Rita Stoess was the long time Organist (1972-1996)among other things for the Colville UCC. Since moving away she has remained close to the Church. Visiting today, Rita shared her great musical skills on our Organ. Here are some excerpts. Prelude: This is My Father's World, M Burkhardt Offering: Allegretto, H Purcell Postlude: They'll Know We are Christians By Our Love, arr W Held


18-0729 Jesus Follower Attitude

Five Loaves and Two Fish and 5,000 people. An impossible situation it would seem. Unless you adopt and Jesus Follower Attitude. Our pairing and sharing time was conversation about which type of person you are - glass half full or half empty. This self understanding is important as we explorer our journey in having a Jesus Follower Attitude. Sacred Text: John 6:1-21 or audio


18-0722 The Days Are Surely Coming - Liz Gill

Church Leader Liz Gill led the sermon reflection time. She begins with a wonderful reflection about spiders. Yes, spiders! You have to hear it. This leads into our Church pairing and sharing time with great questions for reflection. Engage these questions as you hear them wherever you are. My favorite: What are your spiders? The sermon reflection time concludes with some words from Pastor Jim. Sacred Texts: Psalm 23 and Jeremiah 23:1-6


18-0715 Our Belonging

A great day in Church as we had one baptism and 3 new members to the Church. It got me to thinking about "Belonging>" We belong to God and God belongs to us in our Church Community. What is the purpose of the Church other than a place to belong - to celebrate our belonging. This is what I spoke to on this day Sacred Texts: Amos 7:7-15, Ephesians 1:3-14


18-0708 But I Don't Like Change

There is some basic logic in this message. Being a follower of Jesus leads to the invitation to Change. First, we must make changes. Second, we must be part of changing the world in ways of God's imagining at Creation. Yet, I don't like change and I am not alone. On this podcast, we hear from Mark 6:1-13. Then you will hear the Pairing and Sharing time. If you have someone with you - pause the audio and discuss these questions. Or write in your journal. 1) Tell a story of a big change you...


18-0701 The Truth About Healing

Today''s focus was Healing as we looked at some healing stories of Jesus. How does physical healing happen? During our paring and sharing we were invited to address two things: *Tell a healing of the body story? *What would a community health care system look like that was consistent with the ways of Jesus? Listening to this might give you some insight into the spiritual nature of physical healing. Sacred Texts: 2 Corinthians 8:7-15, Mark 5:21-43


18-0624 ONA Covenant Renewal

On June 24, 2018, the Colville UCC renewed its 6 year covenant as an Open and Affirming Church in the United Church of Christ. We did the in conjunction with ONA Sunday in the UCC. The renewal ceremony includes the reading of our 2012 Statement that was voted on by the Congregation.


18-0624 No Obstacles

Listen in and first you will hear the two Sacred Texts for today: 2 Corinthians 6:1-13 and Mark 4:35-43. Then comes the introduction to our "Pairing & Sharing" time with the question - What are some of the obstacles you confront in seeking to live a peaceful life?" It is tied together with Pastor Jim's reflections on "No Obstacles" - an effort that is central to the identity of the United Church of Christ. All this as we celebrated Open and Affirming Sunday & the 61st Birthday of the UCC.


18-0617 If You Were God

There are three parts to this audio: 1) Sacred Texts read in worship - I Samuel 15:34-16:13 and Mark 4:26-34; 2) Pairing and Sharing Time in Church - a new feature in our worship of breaking into pairs to share on a question for the day - today's question: If you were God what are the first three things you would do; and 3) Pastor Jim sermon related to the sacred texts and the question.


18-0603 What We Are Made For-- Mike Denton

Rev. Mike Denton is not our boss as Conference Minister in the Pacific Northwest Conference of the UCC. Instead he is our mutual partner in ministry working relationship to deepen our relationships of mutuality across our Church and within our churches. Today, he helps build an understanding of this using the Micah 6:6-8 text. As part of this, we had some relational time together as we paired up to discuss "Ways we have experienced being included, being held in our Church life and our...


18-0527 Building Your Spiritual Toolkit - Rev Judith Rinehart - Nelson

Rev. Judith Rinehart-Nelson discusses the need to be aware of the spiritual tools we use to help us thrive in life situations. Sometimes we learn these tools from others. The spiritual toolkit comes in handy when we learn to manage mental health challenges. These spiritual tools can help us be born again as Jesus discusses in John 3:1-17 with Nicodemus.


18-0520 Mortal Can These Bones Live

For each sacred text, we 1) read it, 2) had an invitation to dialogue, 3) paired up for an encounter with invited questions, 4) came back together and shared connections we made. Note that on this audio you don't get to hear #3 and I hope you hear the sharings in #4. Sacred Texts: Valley of the Dry Bones Ezekiel 37:1-14, and Filled with the Holy Spirit (Pentecost) Acts 2:1-21.


18-0513 The People We Know The Stories We Tell

The sacred texts today cause us to want more. Jesus knows he will be leaving the disciples soon and so he prays for their protection and understanding. Jesus shows us how much he cares almost like a parent for this small group he has been with everyday. We also see the disciples coming together after Jesus is gone choosing a new disciple. Makes me wonder about all the interpersonal relationships they have developed -- now reconfigured without Jesus there everyday. The People We Know and...


18-0506 Love Is Really The Answer

In some ways this was a very personal sermon. I suppose a sermon about Love is personal by nature. We were a small group today sitting in a circle around the Communion Table which supported the intimacy. I was not thinking about this going out on the podcast as I spoke. Oh well, here it is. I hope it is of benefit to others. In these times, making the hard choices to advance the cause of Love is our best way to navigate through and actually succeed. I really believe that. Think Jesus...


18-0415 Peace Through Touch

This appearance of Jesus in Luke's Gospel (24:36-48)bridges the binary distinction between heaven and earth, between the body and spirit, between human and divine. The resurrected Jesus can be touched, can eat food, and the wounds on the hand and feet are still there. I find this such a hopeful vision that offers sacredness of our body, our touch, and even our wounds. Listen here and see how this relates to Jesus words "Peace by with You." Also read Psalm 4


18-0408 Resurrection Results

What is the evidence of the Resurrection? The common reading for this Sunday is the "doubting Thomas" story. Jesus invites Thomas to overcome his doubts by touching his wounds. Yet, the best evidence of the Resurrection is the way the early Christianity Community is acting. This passage (Acts 4:32-35)shows these Resurrection Results. Can we emulate this in today's churches and faith communities?


18-0401 Writing Your Own Ending

The Resurrection Story from Mark is first written. Later Mark readers felt compelled to clarify or add to the story. Today we look at the Resurrection story where it first ended at 16:8 and then the extended version and the more embellished Matthew, Luke, and John. In this we are encouraged to tell our own story of life and death understandings and our own answer to what the resurrection is and what it means. In this process the Joy comes not from the right answer but a broader and deeper...


18-0325 Looking Around At Everything

Jesus enters Jerusalem to a crowd laying palms and cloaks before him. He heads right to the Temple to check things out and Mark tells us, he "looks around at everything." In this sermon, I consider what that means for Jesus and for us s we enter this holiest week of the Christian year.