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This is a podcast of sermons from the Progressive Christian voice in Colville, WA - Colville United Church of Christ and Pastor Jim CastroLang.

This is a podcast of sermons from the Progressive Christian voice in Colville, WA - Colville United Church of Christ and Pastor Jim CastroLang.
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This is a podcast of sermons from the Progressive Christian voice in Colville, WA - Colville United Church of Christ and Pastor Jim CastroLang.








18-0617 If You Were God

There are three parts to this audio: 1) Sacred Texts read in worship - I Samuel 15:34-16:13 and Mark 4:26-34; 2) Pairing and Sharing Time in Church - a new feature in our worship of breaking into pairs to share on a question for the day - today's question: If you were God what are the first three things you would do; and 3) Pastor Jim sermon related to the sacred texts and the question.


18-0603 What We Are Made For-- Mike Denton

Rev. Mike Denton is not our boss as Conference Minister in the Pacific Northwest Conference of the UCC. Instead he is our mutual partner in ministry working relationship to deepen our relationships of mutuality across our Church and within our churches. Today, he helps build an understanding of this using the Micah 6:6-8 text. As part of this, we had some relational time together as we paired up to discuss "Ways we have experienced being included, being held in our Church life and our...


18-0527 Building Your Spiritual Toolkit - Rev Judith Rinehart - Nelson

Rev. Judith Rinehart-Nelson discusses the need to be aware of the spiritual tools we use to help us thrive in life situations. Sometimes we learn these tools from others. The spiritual toolkit comes in handy when we learn to manage mental health challenges. These spiritual tools can help us be born again as Jesus discusses in John 3:1-17 with Nicodemus.


18-0520 Mortal Can These Bones Live

For each sacred text, we 1) read it, 2) had an invitation to dialogue, 3) paired up for an encounter with invited questions, 4) came back together and shared connections we made. Note that on this audio you don't get to hear #3 and I hope you hear the sharings in #4. Sacred Texts: Valley of the Dry Bones Ezekiel 37:1-14, and Filled with the Holy Spirit (Pentecost) Acts 2:1-21.


18-0513 The People We Know The Stories We Tell

The sacred texts today cause us to want more. Jesus knows he will be leaving the disciples soon and so he prays for their protection and understanding. Jesus shows us how much he cares almost like a parent for this small group he has been with everyday. We also see the disciples coming together after Jesus is gone choosing a new disciple. Makes me wonder about all the interpersonal relationships they have developed -- now reconfigured without Jesus there everyday. The People We Know and...


18-0506 Love Is Really The Answer

In some ways this was a very personal sermon. I suppose a sermon about Love is personal by nature. We were a small group today sitting in a circle around the Communion Table which supported the intimacy. I was not thinking about this going out on the podcast as I spoke. Oh well, here it is. I hope it is of benefit to others. In these times, making the hard choices to advance the cause of Love is our best way to navigate through and actually succeed. I really believe that. Think Jesus...


18-0415 Peace Through Touch

This appearance of Jesus in Luke's Gospel (24:36-48)bridges the binary distinction between heaven and earth, between the body and spirit, between human and divine. The resurrected Jesus can be touched, can eat food, and the wounds on the hand and feet are still there. I find this such a hopeful vision that offers sacredness of our body, our touch, and even our wounds. Listen here and see how this relates to Jesus words "Peace by with You." Also read Psalm 4


18-0408 Resurrection Results

What is the evidence of the Resurrection? The common reading for this Sunday is the "doubting Thomas" story. Jesus invites Thomas to overcome his doubts by touching his wounds. Yet, the best evidence of the Resurrection is the way the early Christianity Community is acting. This passage (Acts 4:32-35)shows these Resurrection Results. Can we emulate this in today's churches and faith communities?


18-0401 Writing Your Own Ending

The Resurrection Story from Mark is first written. Later Mark readers felt compelled to clarify or add to the story. Today we look at the Resurrection story where it first ended at 16:8 and then the extended version and the more embellished Matthew, Luke, and John. In this we are encouraged to tell our own story of life and death understandings and our own answer to what the resurrection is and what it means. In this process the Joy comes not from the right answer but a broader and deeper...


18-0325 Looking Around At Everything

Jesus enters Jerusalem to a crowd laying palms and cloaks before him. He heads right to the Temple to check things out and Mark tells us, he "looks around at everything." In this sermon, I consider what that means for Jesus and for us s we enter this holiest week of the Christian year.


18 - 0318 God In The 21st Century

So much of the Lenten story comes through in today's sacred texts from Jeremiah 31:31-34 - God renews the covenant and it is adjusted to what we need at the time and place in history and John 12:20-33 where the core purpose for Jesus culminating in this significant holy week. In this Jesus shows us the difficult but fruitful path we must walk for all of life to be fulfilled. Then, there will be so much to celebrate at Easter.


18-0311 What God Has Made - Sermon Discussion

(Ephesians 2:10) "For we are what God has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand to be our way of life." As an alternative to a sermon talk, the congregation broke into small groups to discuss this version and the full passage verses 1-10 using this discussion guide - . The open and close is with the whole group with one small group discussion recorded in the middle.


18-0304 Hey Jesus - Is It Time To Overturn The Tables

There is Soft Christianity and Hard Christianity. Soft Christianity begins with gentle baby Jesus. It has expectations of his followers that they be kind, gentle, compassionate and offer service to those in need. Then thee is Hard Christianity that teaches that we must fight for what is right and yes, event upset the applecart at times to square things back on track as God intended. Today's Gospel is about Hard Christianity so let;s dive in. Sacred Texts: Exodus 20:1-17, John 2:13-22


18-0225 Promises Promises Promises

At some point in life, most of us believe some of the promises we are told about life. Then we experience broken promises and our own doubts sneak in. This leads us to not living into the promises and then things go astray and we lose our way. Today, we look at this process for Abraham and Sarah. Today, we receive the promise of what it means to follow Jesus - we must lose our life to save it. Can you live into that promise? Sacred Texts: Genesis 17:1-7, 15-26 and Mark 8:31-38


18-0218 After The Devastation

This is the first Sunday following the horrific and devastating school shooting in Parkland, Florida. As we begin Lent, what do we do with the 18th School shooting of 2018. God renews the Covenant with humanity with Noah following the devastation of the flood. What is God doing now? What would Jesus do about all these school shootings. This sermon considers how we can use Lent to follow the wisdom of Jesus to respond in new ways. Mark 1:9-15, Genesis 9:8-17


18-0211 The gods Of This World

The story of the Transfiguration was transformative for Peter, James, and John. As followers of Jesus, what have been our transformative experience. What is it that loosens our allegiance to the gods of this world -- the things we make gods in out need for power and control? This is the way of the spiritual journey -- to see the new and bigger realities and possibilities in God's infinite love. Mark 9:2-9, 2 Corinthians 4:3-6


18-0204 Do You Believe In Healing?

Have you ever watched those Healing Preachers on TV? Instant healing - Do you believe it happens? In this sermon, we explore Jesus healing as portrayed in Mark. It seems to be instant but there is so much more to say. Today we look at the reality of the healing process straight in the eyes.


18-0128 Finding The 'Right' Way

Paul says, "Knowledge Puffs Up, Love Builds Up" -- what does this mean? We explore this in the context of this raging Information Age and a time that seems chaotic. How do we get it right in these times? Paul's instruction to the Corinthians - how does it apply to us today? Sacred Text: Mark 8:1-13.


18-0121 Out Of My Mind

We sat in a circle and had an intimate worship today. We had many people gone either flu sick or at the Women's March in Spokane. My message focused on "Stubborn Minds" such as the ones who have closed the Government done in Washington D.C. But really we can't escape it...we too often have stubborn minds that close others out. We notice today that the scripture tells us that even God changes her mind. This may be the fundamental issue of our day. How can we bridge the divide if no one...


18-0114 Dangerous Road To Beloved Community

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr - pastor, theologian, activist, and worker for God's Justice deserves more attention in our Churches. As a follower of Jesus called to attack the structural injustices of our world, he has much to teach us about living the faith. This sermon relies on the Good Samaritan story -- an important story to MLK and also on the speech he gave 8/31/67 on the "Three Evils of Society."